Celeb Honors: Quinto Wins Theater Award + Stewart To Get Doctorate + Video From Shatner’s Doctorate

There is news this week with three Star Trek celebrities being honored. First up is Zachary Quinto picking up a theater award, we have details and pictures from the event below. Plus we have behind the scenes video of William Shatner picking up his honorary doctorate, and news that Patrick Stewart is also becoming an honorary doctor.    


Zachary Quinto Wins Theater Award

On Tuesday Zachary Quinto (Star Trek 2009: Spock) was in New York to pick up a Theatre World Award for Outstanding Debut Performance for his role in Angels in America. Quinto shared the award with a number of other first-timers on (and off) Broadway, more details at Playbill. And here are some pics of Zach on the red carpet from the event.

Actor Zachary Quinto attends the 67th annual Theatre World Awards Ceremony at the August Wilson Theatre on June 7, 2011 in New York City.
67th Annual Theatre World Awards Ceremony

Actor Zachary Quinto attends the 67th annual Theatre World Awards Ceremony at the August Wilson Theatre on June 7, 2011 in New York City.
67th Annual Theatre World Awards Ceremony

Dr. William Shatner Behind The Scenes  

Last week TrekMovie showed video from William Shatner’s (Star Trek: Kirk) convocation address at McGill University. Earlier this week McGill has put up a video with behind the scenes on the day they awarded Shatner his honorary doctorate.

Patrick Stewart To Get Honorary Doctorate  

And William Shatner is not the only Star Trek captain who getting a doctorate. Sir Patrick Stewart, already a knight of the realm, will be honored by the University of East Anglia with an Honorary Doctor of Letters. Sir Patrick will receive his new degree at East Anglia’s graduation ceremonies, taking place between July 19 to 22. 

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Damn it Jim, your a Doctor!

Congratulations on your award, Mr. Quinto!

Congrats on the award Zachary!! (That man is sexy!!) :)

Congratulations to all… ZQ, Mr. Shatner and Sir Patrick Stewart!

:-) :-)

Way to go Quinto.
Way to go Dr. Shat.
Way to go Sir Dr. Patrick Stewart.

I love Shatner.

I had the pleasure of attending Angels last December and I can tell you that it was the most outstanding thing i’ve ever seen on stage! The whole cast was fabulous but Quinto was on fire. He made me cry, dammit!

Quinto is just…so…nice to look at :-)

I saw the Signature Theater Production of “Angels in America” last Winter and I was just blown away. The TV version was kind of boring but this production was just non-stop flat out amazing! Even now that AIDS is considered to be nothing more than “a chronic disease,” the play has lost none of its power.
In all fairness, Zachary Quinto is not really the star and he is surrounded by a dynamite cast, especially the actors playing Ethyl Rosenberg and Roy Cohn. But he definitely deserves to be acknowledged.
I was surprised that his role, Louis Ironson, was kind of catty and a bit of a villain, but he really was able to make us feel for this character.
At one point there is a rather risque scene of Ironson having anonymous sex in the park with a really tough looking leather boy (who lives with his mother.)
Usually this kind of scene would be staged behind a bush or some other obstacle to one’s line of sight, but let’s just say, this production left nothing to the imagination. It was very brave of Zachary Quinto to do a scene like this. I kept wondering, though, what did Leonard Nimoy think when he saw it. (Leonard tweeted that he was going a few weeks before I got to see it.)
I guess to Mr. Nimoy (no stranger to nudity) it was just part of an actor’s tool kit but I was just a little bit shocked to see more about the next Mr. Spock, than I ever thought I’d care to know.

“And the honorary Doctorate in the field of the Reproductive Anatomy of Green Skinned alien babes goes to….”

Quinto has gained a little, huh? Another thing we two share. Maybe I should play his funny brother in the next Star Trek V.

@11. Agreed. ZQ, mix in a trip to Supercuts and an a shave next time you go out in public, would you? :-)

ZQ has shaven off his rather full beard. It’s just that combed back hair. It appears to be something that ZQ and CP are into doing.

Actually, I think the best hairstyle for Zachary Quinto is the Spock type style. That really suits him. I don’t suppose he will have his hair like that though (other than for Star Trek). Shame really.

Happy belated birthday Zach! Way to go! Looking forward to seeing you again as Spock next year (I hope it’s next year)!