Star Trek: The Exhibition Opens At Kennedy Space Center

Star Trek: The Exhibition opens Saturday at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The traveling show of Star Trek props, costumes, exhibits and replicas joins the already running Star Trek Live stage show and more events as part of KSC’s "Sci-Fi Summer." More details below.


press release

Go Boldly to Sci-Fi Summer at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
First Southeast Appearance of Star Trek®: The Exhibition

Kennedy Space Center, Fla. (June 10, 2011) – Experience the maiden voyage of Sci-Fi Summer: Where Science Fiction Meets Science Fact. NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex will launch Sci-Fi Summer on June 11, 2011, a celebration of the last 50 years of human spaceflight and science fiction during this limited-time exhibition. Sci-Fi Summer blends the technology, innovation and exploration of NASA with the adventures of Star Trek, one of the most popular science fiction television programs worldwide.

Sci-Fi Summer, sponsored by Mad Science®, and XCOR Aerospace, features STAR TREK: THE EXHIBITION, STAR TREK LIVE, Star Trek Shuttlecraft Simulator Adventure and more than $300,000 in prizes June 11 through September 5. Guests will have the opportunity to win a trip to space in the Launch of a Lifetime Sweepstakes. Also appearing at Sci-Fi Summer is B9, known as the “Robot” from the 1965 television series “Lost in Space” and Max Q, a talking robot who introduces guests to groundbreaking achievements of robots in the exploration of the universe.

“Sci-Fi Summer weaves science fiction elements with powerful stories of real-life space exploration for a dynamic experience,” said John Stine, Director of Sales and Marketing at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. “By coupling the awe-inspiring reality of human spaceflight as presented by the Visitor Complex with STAR TREK: THE EXHIBITION, the future possibilities of traveling among the stars are presented to inspire the young and young at heart to support the exploration of space.”

Original Star Trek bridge replica at Star Trek: The Exhibition opening at Kennedy Space Center

Appearing for the first time in the southeast, STAR TREK: THE EXHIBITION, from EMS Exhibits, Inc., is an interactive exhibit of authentic Star Trek artifacts from the past 45 years, featuring one-of-a-kind costumes, props and filming models from every Star Trek television series and feature film. Together these components offer Star Trek fans and novices alike an opportunity to experience first-hand the imagination, artistry, technology and meticulous craftsmanship that have made Star Trek the most enduring science fiction franchise in history. Go deep within the Star Trek universe to discover the history of this ground-breaking series and a recreation of the U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge from the original series, where visitors may sit in the command chair of Star Trek’s most famous captain: James T. Kirk. Sit in the Captain’s chair, see the actual props and costumes used in the TV series’ and films, and enjoy one-of-a-kind displays, including Engineering and Sick Bay replica
sets from Star Trek: The Next Generation, interactive kiosks, rare photo opportunities and unique adventures.

Mad Scien­ce’s STAR TREK LIVE, based on the popular science-fiction franchise, is a thrilling journey for audiences of all ages. Special effects, audience interaction and an exploration of real space-age technology take everyone on an unforgettable journey through the Star Trek universe. STAR TREK LIVE introduces a world of discovery by combining science with entertainment to teach and encourage scientific literacy. In the show, the audience portrays new Starfleet cadets assembled for the first day at the Starfleet Academy led by its best and brightest. The new cadets will have to learn quickly the intricacies of living and working in space, modern space travel and the latest in communication and technology.

Star Trek Live performing all summer at Kennedy Space Center

Resistance is futile onboard the Star Trek Shuttlecraft Adventure Simulator. The Borg are back and they are after mankind. The adventure begins onboard the Starfleet Shuttlecraft Hawking on a mission to save Earth from Borg assimilation. The mission: deliver a captured data node to Tranquility Base on the moon.

Visitors can enter the Launch of a Lifetime Sweepstakes to win a trip to space, sponsored by and XCOR Aerospace. Two individual tickets will be drawn for a suborbital trip aboard the XCOR Aerospace Lynx Mark 1 with space shuttle astronaut Colonel Rick Searfoss as the pilot, including space flight training. Each package includes round trip airline tickets for each grand prize winner and a guest, five night hotel accommodations, six day rental car, select meals and special activities. Prize drawings of merchandise from The Space Shop, admission tickets, Special Interest Tours and Lunch With an Astronaut tickets will be held daily for registered guests. To register for the trip to space and daily prize drawings, guests may complete a Sci-Fi Summer Mission Log. The Mission Log serves as a Sci-Fi Summer keepsake and highlights key moments in science fiction and science fact, and an area map of Sci-Fi Summer displays and activity locations. Eight trivia questions about
Star Trek and NASA/Kennedy Space Center must be answered to be eligible for daily prizes and the trip to space drawing.

For more information about Sci-Fi Summer, visit  or call 877-313-2610.

About Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex opens at 9 a.m. Closing times vary by season. The Visitor Complex is open daily except December 25 and certain launch days. Admission includes the Kennedy Space Center Tour, Shuttle Launch Experience, 3D IMAX® space films, Astronaut Encounter, STAR TREKTM LIVE, Exploration Space: Explorers Wanted and all exhibits. Admission also includes the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame®, featuring historic spacecraft and the world’s largest collection of personal astronaut memorabilia, open from noon until 6:00 p.m. daily. Parking, wheelchairs, strollers and pet kennels are free of charge. Admission is $43 + tax for adults and $33 + tax for children ages 3-11. The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Commander’s Club Annual Pass is $56 + tax for adults and $46 + tax for children ages 3-11. For more information, call 877-313-2610 or visit

Shuttle Launch Experience – one of the many things to do at The Kennedy Space Center

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Great Replica!

Looks like a wonderful experiance!!

Real spacemen, meet fake spacemen….

Chief Scientist: I agree with those who say we could launch a pod.

Lyndon Johnson: A pot?

Chief Scientist: A POD – a, uh, capsule. Now, we would be in full control of zis pod. It vill go up like a cannonball, and come down like, uh, a cannonball, splashing down into ze water, the ocean, vith a parachute to spare the life of the specimen inside.

Lyndon Johnson: Spaceman?

Chief Scientist: SPE-CI-MEN.

Lyndon Johnson: Well, what kind of spe-ci-men?

Chief Scientist: A tough one. Responsive to orders. I had in mind a jimp.

Lyndon Johnson: JIMP? Well what the HELL is a jimp?

Chief Scientist: A jimp. A-a-a jimpanzee, Senator. An ape.

I want those guys who built that set to design my living room like that!

I saw the one in Philly that had the Next Gen bridge– REALLY want to see TOS one!!!

And you can take all the photos you want!!! Just no flash on the uniforms because it could damage the old material.


Are you sure about that? I’ve heard that, at the other locations, they had security people looking for people taking photos. The only ones you could get was to pay them to take your pic in the Captain’s chair. If you’re right, I’m SOOO going.

Hm, weird, I thought it’s in Berlin, Germany right now according to the website. Do they have two expos travelling concurrently, or have they split up the expo only halves are in each place?

saw that exibit in kentucky was ok needed repairs it was better in detroit mich. was just at kennedy they didnt have it all assembled yet so missed it the place is great to see they were playing music from star trek 3 out on the obsevasion deck out by the last shuttle platform goodtime also did the astronaut training alot of fun you should check it out

#10–I agree…Kentucky was good for the space they had to work with and the location but Detroit was better as it had the TOS bridge and more room to display the exhibit but we enjoyed both except for the photo prohibitions. As for the “professional” photos the Kentucky one was more reasonably priced even though they had to green screen you into the bridge/transporter whereas Detroit did take the photos on the actual set replicas for each.

Had I known the Exhibition was going to be at KSC we might have delayed our Florida trip by a year and half! Although I am still mad at NASA for distributing the shuttle fleet so unevenly and not giving us a good midwest/central location instead only east/west coast.

Mad Scien­ce’s STAR TREK LIVE is embarrassingly bad, embarrassing for NASA and for Star Trek. Even my 9 and 12 year kids thought it was bad and that is the target audience!


I was lucky enough to see this exhibit in San Diego several years ago while on a business trip. It was an unexpected thrill for me. To be able to walk onto that realistic bridge set was thrilling.

The best surprise was the reaction of the young woman waiting to greet me and my wife. I didnt realize how my emotional response affected others around me. Both my wife and this young woman were actually moved to tears by the look on my face of amazement and body language.

I look at the $20.00 color framed photograph of me sitting in James T. Kirk’s chair every time I need a pick me up. My father was a Grummanite and employee of NASA for the Apollo 11 mission back in 1969. I can not think of a more appropriate place for this exhibition than at Cape Canaveral! If you are a real fan of the Star Trek original TV series, this is an exhibition that is well worth the price of admission.



You can bet your behind I’ll be there. I’m a life-long fan of Trek and space exploration in general. I live in Orlando, FL (about 50 miles from the Cape) and I get out to KSC about once a year, but this is gonna be a really special one.

And a big congratulations and thank you to your father for being a part of one of the most momentous events in human history. People like those who worked for NASA in the 60s are a dying American breed.

=/\= Jimmy

I agree with Dave R- Star Trek Live was terrible. It was so bad it was funny for the first few minutes but after that it was awfull. We felt embarrased for the actors having to make fools of themselves with such a stupid script. There wa snothing educational about it either

Went to KSC but did not see this! Where was this located?