Watch George Takei Lecture Tom Hanks In Trailer For “Larry Crowne”

The resurgence of Star Trek’s George Takei continues in July when he appears in the Tom Hanks-directed romcom Larry Crowne. A new trailer was released today where you can see Takei lecturing Hanks    


George Takei joins Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts in "Larry Crowne"

Larry Crowne is about a guy (played by Tom Hanks) who loses his job and goes to community college to restart his life, where he falls for a professor played by Julia Roberts. George Takei is along for the ride, also playing a professor. Check out the brand new trailer.

Larry Crowne opens July 1st.

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I would like to see this movie

I would not like to see this movie

…its because of julia roberts

three actors who havent had a hit in a loooooong time…hanks, roberts and takei

someone actually gave george a job that didnt evolve howard stern or a chance to bash the Shat?!?!?

Takei had a great part on Heroes. Too bad the show tanked…

Julia Roberts stinks as an actress! Very overrated!

Tom Hanks, on the other hand, is great! “Saving Private Ryan”, “Apollo 13”, “Forrest Gump” all featured great performances from him. Did awesome voice work in the “Toy Story” films as well.


Cant get enough of George. Quite a comeback he is enjoying of late.

@3 “three actors who havent had a hit in a loooooong time…hanks, roberts and takei’

Yea, just (Hanks) that minor Angels and Demons film that made half a billion worldwide. And the last time I checked, Julia Roberts most recent film rolled in 200 Million (Eat Pray Love). Now Takei has never had a hit where he was instrumental in making it a hit — so you are 1/3 right at least. LOL

@2 I would not like to see you post.

it’s because it’s your post.

@5. Sheesh RDR, this reminds me of your hate for Tom Cruise. Erin Brockovich, The Pelican Brief and Sleeping with the Enemy are three of her best.

This looks fun…

i think i gunna see that one


MJ, just like Tom Cruise who you just mentioned, Julia Roberts happens to always be in well-written movies that could just as easily have gone to another (better) actress!

Also like Cruise, Hollywood seems to have this strange obsession with Julia Roberts when there are BETTER actors and actresses. She’s been deemed “America’s Sweetheart” for no good reason!

I seem to recall that Hanks has pulled off a couple of romantic comedies, so it might be a good show to take the wife to. Not a huge fan of Julia Roberts, but her being a redhead (natural or otherwise) means I can overlook a lot…. :-)

Oh, Toy Story 3 grossed well over a billion worldwide, and Eat Pray Love made plenty, too. If you don’t happen to like the actors, fine, but Hanks and Roberts are both personable, and they make money.


Yeah, how dare these second rate washed up actors be in a movie.

Sarborgcasm, there.


oooooo, Hanks directs, too. That could solve a couple of problems in Trek 2012.

I respect Tom Hanks as an actor, but ever since I heard that he is planning on producing a Kennedy assassination miniseries where its depicted that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone killer, I’ve lost complete respect for Hanks as a person. What a sadly misguided, and irresponsible, pursuit.


Is that you, Bob Orci?

So Hanks isn’t a conspiracy theorist! So what!
Neither am I… though I never have been into new wave religions. ;)

It’s nice to see Hanks going back to his comedic roots for a change. Anyone else remember “Bosom Buddies”?

Hmm… maybe it’s best not to remember that show…

@18. A lot of people, including me, feel the same way about Oliver Stone for the opposite reasons. You Kennedy conspiracy folks got your bit movie, now its the turn for the rest of us who are not buying into the conspiracy. I just wonder why the fear? I don’t buy the conspiracy, but I wasn’t against the Stone movie, and I actually paid money to see it, fictitious scenes and all. :-)


I know everyone has a busy life, but I would strongly encourage anyone doubting a conspiracy in the murder of JFK to simply read ONE book, JFK And The Unspeakable by James W. Douglass. The detailed research in this book is staggering in it’s scope.

I sincerely wish someone could compel Tom Hanks to read this one book before he wastes his time and money in painting a false picture of Oswald acting alone.

22. Harry, I did pick up the Douglas book a couple months back at your recommendation. It was a compelling and interesting read, but I did come away with the major impression that it is basically a Point-of-View book, whereas this well-meaning Catholic Peace Activist developed a storyline full of selective pieces of disparate data to fullfill a vision he incorrectly believes in that Kennedy was not a cold warrior, but was in fact a secret peace activist, and was killed for that reason. Sorry, just not buying what Douglas is selling, my friend. But again, it was a dynamite read, and I appreciate the recommendation.

MJ, I appreciate you taking the time to read it. Myself, after reading countless books on the assassination over the last forty years…..I found the Douglass book filled in some of the missing pieces. It certainly makes for a compelling tapestry when all the best books are put together in a comprehensive overview.

@24. Well Harry, I do think there is room for many viewpoints on the Kennedy assassination. The problem is that with so much information out there, and with so many people like yourself and others coming to radically different conclusions on it, it really comes down to an open question still in my opinion. That’s why I’d like to see the Hanks movie made, and that’s why I also paid to the see the Stone movie. The whole topic is interesting to me and I’d like to be exposed to different points of view, whether I believe in them or not.

I think you should welcome the Hank’s movie — it will again provide for a public discussion of all sides of the issue, and that is important, as I sense this new generation is not all that interested in Kennedy and the 60’s these days.


after reading that the Oswald double was seen in the Texas Theatre being ushered out the back AND on a military plane leaving Dallas after the assassination, you still believe Oswald acted alone?

George Takei is awesome…however, I won’t be going to see this movie.

Not going to hang Tom Hanks because he dosen’t subscribe to conspiriacy theory. He’d be an asset for Trek 2012, either in front of the camera or behind it.

oh yeah..dang, i forgot! so glad of mj and adam to remind me that ‘eat, pray, love’ was panned by the critics and only made most of its money over-sees where they still worship her AND ppv

oh, and, lets see..what did critics and movie-goers say bout ‘angles and demons’..’goin to the well too often’

neither of these lasted 5 mins in US theaters and as for TS3..same thing, most of its money is from ppv and dvd…