Simon Pegg Still Planning On Star Trek Sequel Shooting In Fall

Now that Super 8 is out, Star Trek fans are waiting to hear from director JJ Abrams on plans for the Star Trek sequel, which he promises is his next project. And as far as Simon Pegg is concerned, things are still on for shooting to start in the fall, see him talk Star Trek secrecy below and the "quantum attraction" in the Star Trek movie. Watch videos below.


Simon Pegg on Star Trek secrecy and fall shoot

Here is video of Simon Pegg speaking briefly to Digital Spy about the Star Trek sequel saying he expects shooting to start in the autumn. He also talks about JJ Abrams famed secrecy.

Of course we have heard this before, so the news here is that the actor’s have not yet been told anything different about the schedule, which is reported to call for shooting on the sequel to start around September.

Pegg talks "quantum attraction" in Star Trek + more nerdy stuff

Here is a new interview with Pegg from AP where he talks about his memoir "Nerd Do Well," which is now available in the USA. He also talks about Star Wars, how geek culture has been assimilated "like the Borg," and bit more about the "quantum attraction" in the Star Trek movie.


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Dee posted this one already.

I don’t think the date will change. Still plenty of time to get quality filming done. Summer is still the best slot for this film. That gives them over two months to finish the script.

Yay! My birthday’s in september! Guess this will be my present.

How long does it typically take for a blockbuster film to film? principal photography ?

Shooting to commence later this year? Hmm, sounds like Pegg has some “faith of the heart.”


Yeah, I went there.

Let’s hope this is confirmed :):)

#2,Tom,I agree with you,summer is the best time for a Trek film,for me it just feels like a summer thing. But yeah,its like Anthony said,this is nothing new,with the actors its always the same old same old,but it makes me feel kinda cool to know that,(more than likely) we know more about Trek12 than they do! :)

Keep this a Summer Release. Please!!!!!

Another article about nothing. Jerry Seinfeld would be proud! :-)

Frank Drebin:

(fireworks factory exploding behind him, setting fire to an orphanage next doors, blazing Nuns running in all directions)

“Nothing to see here folks. Move along. Back to businesses please.”

The first one spent 9 months in post production alone. Add on four or five months to shoot the actual movie, that’s 14-15 months, and it seems they haven’t started pre-production yet (no budget, no director officially signed on)…If shooting starts in September, there’s no way they can make that summer date just because the post production alone probably won’t be done. I don’t know if it will take another 9 months but it WILL have to spend time in post-production, so. Unless they rush every single bit of filming and cut corners everywhere…I don’t see how they can make that date.

I think of it this way: if the movie is bad when it comes out, then “at least it came out on time!” isn’t gonna do much to make me like it. I’d much rather wait. Other Trek movies have come out during the holiday season and even the first of the reboots was set for that time. I think it’d be fine in that season.

“Simon Pegg Still Planning On Star Trek Sequel Shooting In Fall”

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+ A Few True Fans Say Sequel Will Be Released In 2013

Bonus: Roberto Orci Says “Maybe” .

Good evening, Olivia!

#1- Iva… I do not do it to get credit… believe me! … anyway, thanks for paying attention to my comments!

:-) :-)

JJ Abrams started filming “Super 8” in September last year. . . .Most of the sets (physical and digital) are built, they have the principal actors under contract., and they have been in “soft pre-production” (meaning scouting locations, looking at actors for new parts, etc.) based off their outline since at least May. . . I’m betting that the movie is not going to take as long to film as nay-sayers seem to believe. . .


Well… I think its great that nobody told the actors, on changes in scheduling them for filming… My fingers are crossed now! … in FALL!!! …..LOL

:-) :-)

hope it september 8th we see the new movie come out ,that would be a blast!

Does Paramount really want to schedule TREK for Christmas ’12 or should we all think about May ,13 ?

september 8th? That would be a nice belated birthday present :P

People forget that Trek09 was actually finished, not just, in post-production, by Christmas of 2008, only just though. It was originally meant for a 2008 Holiday Release but was bumped to 2009’s Summer, add into that the fact that less casting needs be done, less set building and things like The Enterprise have already been created by ILM, the fact that the whole group has “done this before” is a massive advantage. I’ve spent a good portion of my adult life on and off film sets, I know for a fact that sequels take less time to get going simply due to familiarity.

#13,Aurore,I hope your eveing is good as well!! I love your #12 post! :) LOL! I would add that J.J. knows what hes doing about not really doing anything! (And you know,I love J.J.,but I get antsy sometimes!)

After this latest nothing from Simon Pegg and reading that Chris Pine is (very) shy, I am beginning to wonder if Pine is not just shy but is also smarter, as in better not to speak than to speak and say nothing.

Hi , Olivia !

It’s morning ,for me, now .
Keep the faith, colleague!


@20. Petros.


I would go see a movie just because Simon Pegg was in it. His movies are almost always great.

Having said that i hope they sobre his Scotty up for the next movie. Scotty had a sense of humor but never came off as too goofy.

Outside of the Kirk, Spock, McCoy triangle Scotty was closest to being the other main character. Lets also give him some dignity.

#23,Aurore,hi!! It’s moring for me as well,about 9:13. Keeping the faith is easier said than done my friend! But I am giving it a shot! :)

25: I agree what you said about Scotty, but instead of going more sober, I hope they make him drink more. The Scotty I remember liked his scotch, women, to brawl, the Enterprise, and reading technical journals. This new Scotty did come off as too goofy.

But, we barely saw Scotty in the 2009 film, so maybe the next one will explore the character a bit more and we will see some more classic Scotty.


I wrote my previous comments, hours ago . It’s 3:40 PM now.

“Keeping the faith is easier said than done my friend! But I am giving it a shot! :)”

Think of the “announcement” . It’s coming. When? “Soon” , of course.


#28,Aurore,God it’s late there!! It’s not even noon here! Anyway,:) so the ‘announcement’ which will be ‘Soon’ has me wondering. Is this big ‘announcement’ going to have anything to do with Trek12 or are they going to tell us Bob and Damon broke a planking record or something?!

“…or are they going to tell us Bob and Damon broke a planking record or something?!”

Now, THAT would be hysterical ! Granted, only to me. But, still…

#30,Aurore,:) I don’t know,I think I would find it kinda funny. Oh,and as a side note,I just saw Super 8 again;it was even more awesome the 2nd time around!! :)

u know,l liked the first Star Trek movie and i kinda wish they would lean that direction on the next film.Not v,ger but the idea that the threat originates from some past human technology or device that lands on a far away world and interferes with the natives of that world by influenceing their beliefs, thereby influenceing and changing their technological advances by the catastrophe it causes which makes them a new and formidable race that wants to destroy the human menace.

^Well that would pander to all those who love to think humans are truly evil except for themselves who see the evil done by others and would defend the underdogs.

Those kind tend to see the world in black and white and would have us all poor and perfect with an endless supply of free drugs and will use any modern technology without thought to push their demonized view of others.

Greenies, socialist etc who make up a part of the Star Trek fan base but nowhere near in large enough part to make it worth while pandering to them.

I might be wrong though, didn’t stop James Cameron from making a greenie poor is perfect sermon via the most expensive film ever made. Worked for him, perhaps other capitalist need to get on board that gravy train after all.

#33 Geez – what the hell are you talking about? Caring about the environment and life in general doesn’t make anyone “green”. It could help me them more human(e) though. Who’s talking “poor and perfect with an endless supply of free drugs…”? Whaaat?

Edit: “help me them…” should be “help MAKE them…”