VIDEO & AUDIO: JJ Abrams Interviews With Daily Show, JKL, & NPR

Director JJ Abrams has been doing the rounds of media interviews in the last few days to promote his film Super 8. He hasn’t revealed anything new about the Star Trek sequel, but has talked about his process, how he got to know Spielberg, fan feedback and more. Full video (and audio) interviews from The Daily Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live and Fresh Air below.


JJ Abrams on Daily Show (via Hulu, USA Only)

Abrams on Jimmy Kimmel Live (via JKL on YouTube)

Abrams on FreshAir (via NPR)

Abrams talks Super 8 Creature (via MTV)


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The NPR interview was really great!

Watching the 1:00pm showing on Comedy Central now. So, shhhhh!

This guy’s a genius! Gotta love him! “Super 8” is an instant classic and must see!

Next up: STAR TREK! Pleez, JJ!

OK. Awesome. But, no talkie on the Trekkie? Whuh???

It really is a good movie, folks. The kids are terrific, and the alien’s ok, too.

Hulu… does not work on the moon… then… if he did not talk about Star Trek sequel… I do not care anyway… LOL… I ‘ll see the comments here…

:-) :-)

I’m wondering… until when he will be busy with “Super 8”? …

:-( :-)

Ugh, Super 8 was just ET mashed together with the X-Files. Ohh, the big evil Air Force is at fault… puhleaze….


Did you even bother watching the movie?



What do you want, a plaque?

Getting bored with Super 8 now!
And yes I only came in here to say that too.


We used to get plaques before the economic downturn.

Of course, JJ is talking about Super 8 because that is the happening movie and they want to get as many people to see it at cinemas as they can. Why would he talking about something that has not happened yet, like the next Star Trek, even if there were no delays in its production?


I know Obama ran on a campaign promise of ‘A plaque for every first comment on the internet!’ but I think he realized it was unrealistic.

I very much enjoyed the NPR interview . Good stuff.

#14- Keachick …

Want to know… right now, I prefer that he did not say anything about the sequel if he had nothing relevant to talk about! … just saw the “6 months behind” thing… LOL

:-) :-)

TrekMovie, you might want to embed any video from Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert from their particular websites. That’s because Hulu’ s Daily Show videos don’t last long and I’ve still got videos from their particular websites which are at least two years old still available on my blog. Oh, the Daily Show interview was kind of worthless for Star Trek news. . Too short. And surprising questions since Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert show that they are fans. Watch the shows, and you get Star Trek shout outs constantly.

Yup, the NPR interveiw was great. Terri Gross is a talented host. Listen every single day.

Just saw “Super 8” this week, and I really enjoyed MOST of it.
The production affectionately recalls the by-gone days of “Close Encounters” and “Goonies” but it lost me with the rather standard ‘monster on the rampage’ finale (didn’t help that the creature looked rather ‘generic’ to me; just a CGI mess). Even attempts to make the monster sympathetic fell flat. But up to that point? I was really enjoying this one, as it rather expertly recalled 1979 for me as well (I was also about the age of the boys in the movie that year). With the best youthful ensemble cast since “Stand By Me” 25 years ago.

But the last half hour the movie just lied down and died for me.
Reminded me of “Sunshine” (2007). Great, ambitious scifi premise sabotaged by a “Freddie Krueger In Space” finale. Too bad….

Aliens might be a real letdown. They could all look the same and be as boring as hell…

Super 8 didn’t do much for me. It felt like Cloverfield meets ET. It was interesting but the final act was just terrible. TERRIBLE.

Exactly. It’s as though the movie had more ambition than ideas.

A real shame too, because the rich character stuff and the wonderful young cast were a genuine pleasure; that sure was a talented bunch of kids. My wife and I were talking half-jokingly at dinner afterward that we wish we could do a “phantom cut” of the movie where we just chuck ALL of the creature stuff (and most of the final act) and put something less ‘monster-ish’ and more intriguing and thought-provoking in it’s place….