Happy Captain Picard Day

Like First Contact Day (April 5) and Anniversary Day (September 8), today is a special Star Trek holiday. In future history June 16th will be celebrated on the USS Enterprise(s) commanded by Captain Jean Luc Picard. Find out more below, plus see how some fans are celebrating Picard Day 2011.


Captain Picard Day

The day celebrating Captain Picard was first seen in the 7th season Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Pegasus" (see video below). And apparently 47457.1 translates to June 16th, 2370, making today "Captain Picard Day."

Trekkies celebrate Picard Day 2011

Some Trek fans have already sent in links to their celebrations of Picard Day via the @trekmovie on the Twitter.

Dani Jones was inspired by Picard’s favorite beverage

John Hazard of Frankenstein Superstar blog sends in this custom image

SilverStreak47 made a Picard/French-themed meal

And there are more celebrations at at picardday.wordpress.com, here are a couple of the more creative entries.

Art from Picard Day website

See more at picardday.wordpress.com.

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