Videos From Star Trek: The Exhibition At Kennedy Space Center and Filmpark Germany

Last weekend Star Trek: The Exhibition opened at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Another engagement also opened in May at Filmpark in Germany. To give you a better look at these latest engagements of the touring exhibit of Star Trek memorabilia, we have compiled some video reports, check them all out below.  


Videos from Star Trek: The Exhibition at Kennedy Space Center

From Orlando Attractions Magazines The Show

[Star Trek section starts at 14:00]

From Channel 13 News

From Florida Leisure

For more information about Star Trek: The Exhibition and KSC’s Sci-Fi Summer, visit  or call 877-313-2610.

Videos from Star Trek: The Exhibition at Filmpark

Star Trek: The Exhibition is also open at Filmpark in Baselberg Germany, here are some video tours. 

From EFE

From InselVideo

For more information about Star Trek: The Exhibition at Filmpark, visit

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can someone explain the nexus to me? couldnt trek 8 9 and 10 have taken place in the nexus? i mean i know time has no meaning there but once you’re there, can you actually leave feely? i just mean, okay, picard was sucked into the nexus because he physically came in contact with the ribbon, but the ribbon is in constant movement. its not like you’d just leap out of it like with the guardian…unless you wanted to end up in space. kirk moved around within the nexus to earlier times in his life. couldnt picard have just…moved backwards…i mean forward (from the point he was at with kirk) to the moment on the veridian III while all along remaining in the nexus? or was the whole point to the damn thing that you could leave anytime you wanted but it was something that nobody ever did? i dont even know if i made much sense and i know it was an abstract thought (the nexus) but can someone explain that to me, it’s really been bugging me lately with trek 7 playing on syfy.

p.s. always enjoyed the recreation of the D bridge

I have video of me at the Star Trek Exhibit in Los Angeles. They had a Enterprise-D bridge, where I did the “Lifeforms” routine on the ops console.

Rockin great time!!!

I have video footage of myself at the Star Trek Exhibit in Los Angeles. They had an Enterprise-D bridge replica there and I did the “Lifeforms” routine on the ops console.

#1, PEB —

I’m sorry, but no one can explain The Nexus to you. It’s not your fault; the reason no one can explain The Nexus to you is that it doesn’t make any sense. It’s just the plot device they came up with for the movie, without bothering to have it conform to any science, logic, rules, or good storytelling.

No offense to anyone who likes the movie. It’s just the truth.

@1. The Nexus is sci-fi movie script play dough, which can be modeled in anyway to allow a scriptwriter to tell a story without worrying about the consequences of his work. A galactic reset button, if you will.

@1. Seriously, guy, I hope you are not losing any sleep over this.

thank you, for the photo ban in Babelsberg.
Danke, für das Fotoverbot in Babelsberg.

Attended this opening day in San Diego in 2008 – pre ST-XI. Well worth it!

So I plan on going to this but can anyone clarify on whether or not you can actually take pictures or videos at the exhibit? The website says NO but their are pix and vids everywhere… so I’m confused…

i couldnt take pics or video but could buy pics at 30.00 each indifferent parts like sitting in capt chair and on transporter when i saw it in detroit

Yes, someone who’s been there or is involved needs to tell us whether or not we’re gonna be allowed to take pics. I’m gonna be at KSC this summer anyway, so I’ll definitely be going to the exhibition, but it’s a load of $#!t if they don’t let you take pictures… I can understand charging for a pic of you in the captain’s chair or something, but not forbidding you from taking pictures at ALL.

@6 & 7 yeah, i guess you’re right. it’s what i had basically thought the entire time, i guess i was just hoping there was something i’d missed. small plot holes are fine, i mean it’s star trek for cryin out loud. after all these years, i’d expect plot holes. but not a giant one like that, if it’s going to be the reason for kirk to “die,” resurface, then die again (…seriously berman, did you hate kirk THAT much to kill off the most iconic captain twice in one film…).

and phil (funny, we share the same name) nope, i’m definitely not losing sleep over it. as a writer & more importantly an aspiring screenwriter, it pisses me off when i’m watching a film especially from a series i love, have so many plot holes. thats all. thanks dudes!

#13 warp10
I was at the ST Exhibition in Riverside,CA this past Dec. and they will not allow you to take pix inside….but will charge to have you pix in both the TOS & NG captains’ chairs…I had mine in both chairs….had a great time too & also went for a ride in the shuttle of Enterprisd D…it was worth it….

Germany Exhibition: Very funny to hear, it is the biggest exhibition of its type.The World Tour was bigger, I assume. It takes just 15 – 20 minutes to go through it, if you take yourself time! Star Trek – The Exhibition is much larger in other citys, where you can see the “Guardian of Forever” or Crewmens rooms or Crushers medical room etc. In germany the highlights are the D Bridge and the “11”- transporter, what is very, very nice, but certainly not the “largest exhibition”. Photos are possible. They take it for 10 Euro per photo and you take it with you, not in a format you can use, but as a plain photo.


Yeah, the Nexus always bothered me too. Why didn’t Picard just go back to the beginning and arrest Soran there, and storm the observatory, take the torpedos and stop the Duras Sisters……plus, I hated the way they wrote Kirk. He was wayyyy bitter about all that he had done and wanted a normal life. Plus he retired between TMP and WoK? What? Please. That man was obsessed about being the Captain of the Enterprise. He would not have just gone and retired.

I guess they hated Kirk soooo bad that they had to kill him 3 times…getting shot in the back was his original 2nd death but it was too harsh. So lets do a bad joke by having him die on “the bridge.” That flick still pisses me off to this day.

Just went to the KSC exhibit. They did allow photos. I think it may be due in part that they are not offering any kind of photo packages of their own. Due to the lighting it’s difficult to get good photos though, a flash will just wash out all the lighting on the bridge so the best option is to take a small tripod or use the bridge railings to get a long exposure. One big downside though is there are some clearance issues on the location they used for the TOS bridge and there is a support beam directly behind the captains chair. You’ll have to shoot around this to get a good photo in the chair which means no straight on shots.

Awesome, Thank you!

Dear Channel 13 News,

Star Trek premiered on NBC in the fall of 1966.
I count six decades, not four, as you said in your report. Also, “warp in some space enthusiasts”? If you are trying to get the kids’ lingo right, try “beam down some space enthusiasts.” Or to really impress the TOS fans, try “my hair is made of neutronium.” Or… “Greg Pallone, on Brevard like a tribble on quadrotriticale.” Or… “Central Florida News 13. 4,200 viewers who’d rather be watching Trek.”

That Enterprise D bridge is so sexy. It looks like they got every detail right. However, the original design always bothered me how it made everyone in the back stand up. They couldn’t have given Worf a chair or something? XD

Awesome videos. I wish the ST: Experience in Las Vegas was still around…

Wish I could go there but nay, I don’t have the money. Now if this thing would make its way closer to…say…NY as was promised 3 years ago, THEN we’d be talking!

@14. If it makes you feel any better, at the end of The Phantom Menace, where Yoda and Obi-Wan are standing there, scratching their heads, and commenting on not quite being able to put their collective finger on the great disturbance in The Force, I was just about standing in my seat screaming “IT’S STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU!!! LIGHT SABERS, BLASTERS ON FULL, BLOW THE DISTURBACE TO BITS!!!” Spare us more Jar-Jar…pleeeeeeeaaaaaasssseeeeeee……oooooooooooooooo

Sadly, Trek isn’t the only franchise that is sucptible to scripting brain farts..


Yes, you are correct. Picard is actually still in the Nexus. Saving the planet was his heart’s desire, so the Nexus gave it to him. All the resulting movies are just a figment of his imagination.

#20: You have an odd way of doing math. Star Trek did not start at the beginning of the 1960’s and we’re just barely into the 2010’s. According to my calculator, 2011 – 1966 = 45 years, so I would say that 4 decades is about right.

Pictures are totally allowed at KSC’s exhibit, except for the costumes where it is best to use the ambient lighting from the cases so as not to damage the 40+ year old fabrics (flashes have a tendency to do harm sometimes). For the bridge, I have had success with a flash, you just have to do it right, and a straight-on shot was not the primary way of psoing Kirk anyway, so a slight angle with the turbolift in the background works fine.

Excellent!! Thank you, s8film40 and KMKProd! Glad to hear KSC is doing the right thing.

One of the major advantages to living were I do (Orlando, FL) is that I’m only 50 miles from the world hub of space exploration. I’ll definitely be going there soon for this one.

and #20: Don’t knock News 13, they’re my hometown crew! lol. :)

And I also count only 4 decades. when someone colloquially says that something has been around for 4 decades they mean that it has been here for 4 sets of 10 year increments, not literally only IN 4 different decades. For example, right now, if someone were 12 years old that’d mean they were born in 1999. By your math, that’d mean they were 3 decades old (90s, 00s, 10s) and not just 1 decade, as they actually are. They have been alive IN 3 decades, however.

1. PEB – June 16, 2011

—-can someone explain the nexus to me? i mean i know time has no meaning there but once you’re there, can you actually leave feely? couldnt trek 8 9 and 10 have taken place in the nexus?or was the whole point to the damn thing that you could leave anytime you wanted but it was something that nobody ever did?—-

The film never directly addressed the issue of whether it’s possible to leave freely or the mechanics of how it would be done. The most likely inference to be drawn is that one is physically able to leave the nexus, but the psychological and emotional motives to stay in it are very great—as analogous with an addictive drug or the feeling of emotional security of “living in the past,” that is, living in nostalgic memories.

As for the logical problems of the film and whether the ins and outs of the nexus were adequately addressed, keep in mind that we’re talking about Generations, widely regarded as the worst Star Trek movie of all time. Though, Nemesis may be worst in terms of logical problems with the story.

The Kennedy Space Center exhibit is awesome.

It’d be great fun to have a Trekkie meet-up there.

I am most jealous of the fact that photos are allowed for the KSC’s ST:E!

I went to Detroit and Louisville where we could not take photos which was most disappointing–I thought (trying to give them the benefit of the doubt) that photos were not being allowed to preserve the condition of the original artifacts. If only they had known I probably would have taken my own photos and bought some of the “professional” poses if I knew it was being used to help the science centers as well.

Maybe I can get my family fired up to go back to Florida (we went a year ago in February) and revisit KSC! We will start throwing the loose change into the jar. ;-)

ST spans 6 decades, just as someone born in 1999 would straddle two milennia. Typically, a decade refers to a defined period of time, The Sixties, or The Me Decade. Had he wanted to say 45 years, he could have.

But, whatever…

@1. Read post 29. This is as implausible an explaination as anyone else could offer up, and illustrates the point – the Nexus was a plot device, nothing more. There are a core of Trekkies who desperately want to believe that the franchise is scientifically plausable, so you get really wordy explainations that say nothing – 90% of the “science” in Star Trek is fantasy. So, no Nexus, warp drive, transporters, time travel, sub space radio. Most of the physics are impossible, too. Trek, done well, is character driven and good storytelling, done poorly, you get some load of crap built around a plot device that leaves you walking out of the theater feeling like someone just picked your pocket for twelve bucks. This is the main reason I don’t want to see any guest characters get any screen time in the next movie, all they will be are plot devices.

#32 – No, a decade is any period of ten years.

from Wikipedia:
“A decade is a period of 10 years. The word is derived (via French) from the Ancient Greek dekas which means ten. This etymology is sometime confused with the Latin decas (ten) and dies (days), which is not correct. The other words for spans of years come from Latin: lustrum (5 years), century (100 years), millennium (1000 years).
Although any period of 10 years is a decade, a convenient and frequently referenced interval is based on the tens digit of the calendar year, as in using “1960s” to represent the decade from 1960 to 1969. (…)

…to clarify, any TOS guest characters. Of what possible interest could creating a backstory around Gary Mitchel be to 99.9% of the audience?

that looks like the refit enterprise model that cristie auctioned of a few years back, from TMP through TUC in that last german video!

I swear that looks like the 8 footer refit filming model from TMP! Does any one know if it is in Germany at the ST exhibition?

I wonder why they always cut corners on the Bridge mock-ups. Spend the extra 50 bucks and make an exact replica LOL

Yes, I know it’s for cost and so forth, but I’m sure they could make an identical version that they could move around. It’s not like they don’t have the blueprints.