New Webseries “Transolar Galactica” Spoofs Star Trek Movie

The new webseries "Transolar Galactica" sounds like it is related to Battlestar Galactica, but it is actually more of a spoof of the new Star Trek movie, right down to the copious use of lens flares. So far two short episodes have been released, and you can watch them both below.


"Transolar Galactica" Spoofs "Star Trek"

It’s always nice to see a fan production that doesn’t take itself too seriously and has some fun. Such is the case with "Transolar Galactica" which pokes fun at "Star Trek," with some of its own impressive production quality for a fan film.

NOTE: Contains adult language

Episode 1 "Second Star"

Episode 2 "Beam Them Aboard"

More on the series at

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Still waiting for a sequel to JJ’s The Attic.

Is JJ taking notes?

Good stuff.

Is Bob Orci taking Notes.

This made my day! These are actually a few friends of mine. They’ve done some excellent work over the past few years, including this one. Nice to see they’re getting recognition.


Two words: Lens flares!!!!

Wow…good stuff! lol

Is Damon Lindeloff taking notes?

I dunno. I felt like we needed the full deck.

This stuff was spot on and FUN-NEE

Oh, dear god that’s funny. Things are always a bit more interesting when you at least try to pay attentions to physics.

These are so funny! I love it! More please!

They are too busy writing a real movie! Leave them alone :)

The captain-guy is really giving his best Zap Brannigan-impersonation. Looks really good!

Is Alex Kurtzman taking notes? Alright #8,now we have a full deck!

,,is the captain doin’ the Skipper from “The Penguins of Madagascar”? who is an off-shoot voice between Charlton Heston and Robert Stack as Eliot Ness….????

The transporter thing was funny!

OMG – that’s awesome stuff!

Good stuff!

Is this a family website? The F word was used more than once for anyone who cares.


Yeah, there’s a real Chuck Heston/Zap Brannigan quality to the Captain’s voice.

hooooooly ____! that was funny.

Pretty funny.

Whooooa! A fan-based production where the actors can actually act!
Gee, I wonder how long it took them to write the script?

nah I bailed out at 1:43 in the first clip.
I’m with #20. Not for me either.

Het #21 Great to se another Neumann here!

These have to be the first fan-productions I have ever laughed out loud at, and multiple times at that. And better acting in these shorts than in some of the better known fan-made episodes.

Want more.

This Deserve an Entire Series, brilliant work guys, nice to put two awesome, series in one ! greetings waiting for more xD

No amount of lens flares can that haircut look good! :-}

^ make

Funny, but seems very Futurama inspired. The captain does sound more like Zap Brannigan to me

This has “Weekly Series” written all over it.

Where is Sci-fi (or, sci-fy for that matter)?

That’s not a lens flare, that’s a lens smudge! :)

Great FX with the “touch” screens.



Stop trying to pigeon hole the damned show!! Just enjoy it for what it is. DAMNED FUNNY!!!

That was a blast, look forward to more. The only show where a dead character coming back to life without an explanation -wouldn’t- be out of place!