William Shatner: I’m Not In Star Trek Sequel

The question of whether or not William Shatner will appear in a new Star Trek movie has been a hot topic since the first JJ Abrams Trek film was announced in 2006. Much of that speculation has come from Shatner himself, but it appears that today he is also putting the talk to an end. Details below.


Shatner:  I will not be in Star Trek 2 – "Captains" is Trek farewell

William Shatner appeared today at the Calgary Expo in Calgary, Canada. According to a report sent in by TrekMovie reader Ryszard Gold, Bill was asked by a fan if he will be in the next Star Trek movie, and Shatner replied:

I’ve become an acquaintance of J.J. [Abrams] of late…But, I’m afraid no, no I will not be in Star Trek 2.

Shatner then segued into talking about his upcoming The Captains documentary, which he described as his "final farewell to Star Trek."

This news will come as a blow to fans who were hoping to see Shatner as Captain Kirk one more time. There was much discussion about Bill appearing in the 2009 Star Trek film and there was even a scene written for him, but in the end JJ Abrams decided that it just didn’t fit with the film, although he later told TrekMovie that it was a very difficult decision. Even with all of that, speculation Shatner just moved on to the sequel.

Such a definitive declaration is a big change for the man behind the original Kirk, who as recently as April of this year was still expressing home that he would appear in the 2012 Star Trek sequel. It is not clear why Bill has changed his tune. It is possible he has been told there is no role for him, but as the script is still not finalized, it is also possible he is just assuming there is no role for him. Bill also stated that he thought the sequel would be shooting this summer. As shooting is now planned for the fall, this may also indicate that Bill is not privy to the latest inside details. 

UPDATE: Video & Photo of Shatner getting his white hat

A tradition at the Calgary Expo is to bestow the main guest with a special white cowboy hat, making them an honorary Calgarian. Yesterday Shatner got his hat and Ryszard caught the moment on video.

And here is a good photo from the hat event (via Zpork on Flickr):

William Shatner & Major Nenshi
Mayor  Nenshi makes Shatner honorary Calgarian
(photo: Andrew of Zombie Darkroom)


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Photo & Video: Ryszard Gold

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