Happy Birthday, Zoe Saldana

Today is the birthday of Zoe Saldana, the fourth June birthday for members of the new Star Trek crew (following Zach Quinto, Karl Urban and John Cho). The new Uhura is turning 33 years old. We here at TrekMovie want to wish Zoe a big happy birthday.  


The New Uhura has a birthday

Zoe Saldana brought sexy and stylish sassiness to her new Uhura. In this first scene, we see that she can stand up to even the cockiest part of young Kirk’s arc.

Of course Zoe also broke new ground in Star Trek as half of the pairing of Uhura and Spock, a romance that is still controversial. But Saldana is ready for more, recently saying she wants to see Spock and Uhura "hook up" in the Star Trek sequel. She is also hoping (and says JJ Abrams has agreed) to get an action or "butt kicking" scene in the film. Perhaps she can kick Spock’s butt and kill two birds with one boot.

By the way, while there are detractors, there are also many fans of the Spock/Uhura pairing. YouTube is full of tribute videos to the couple, such as this one by zhuchok.

Zoe gets revenge this fall

Zoe has gotten her wish to star in an action movie. In September look for Saldana in the action revenge film Colombiana, written and produced by Luc Besson and directed by Oliver Megaton (Transporter 3). Here is the teaser trailer.


Another cover for Zoe

Zoe is featured on the cover of the summer issue of California Style Magazine, which hit newsstands last week.

Zoe in California style

More images of Zoe from C magazine available at andwepresent.com.

Click to see images of Zoe



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I remember first seeing her in “Center Stage”…and before you laugh, the girlfriend was a ballet dancer and so naturally that movie was a priority :D She was great, of course. Also in “Drumline.” Happy birthday, Zoe!!

Happy Birthday, Zoe and may you have many more. Have a great new year. Looking forward to see more of Lt Uhura, sooner rather than later.

Happy B-Day Zoe!! :)

She was absolutely wonderful as Uhura. Hoping she has a great birthday!
Lots of June birthdays in the new cast; Spock (Quinto), Bones (Urban) and Uhura (Saldana)! Interesting…

In TOS, it was March birthdays; Spock (Nimoy), Kirk (Shatner), Scotty (the late, great Jimmy Doohan).

Weird, I never knew I shared a birthday with her.

The June birthday people are Zachary Quinto (2 June), Karl Urban (7 June), John Cho (16 June) and Zoe Saldana (19 June) – all Geminis!

Many Happy Returns to all you Geminis, one and all!

The others (of the new cast) are Simon Pegg (14 February) – Aquarius; Anton Yelchin (11 March) – Pisces and Bruce Greenwood (12 August) – Leo, and last, but definitely not least, Chris Pine (26 August) – Virgo!

Happy Birthday, Zoe Saldana! …..I’m a fan of Zoe/Uhura! …

:-) :-)

Happy Birthday! A fellow Bronx native and Gemini, the best :)

Happy birthday gorgeous.

Happy Birthday, Zoe! Love you as Uhura.

Happy Birthday, Zoe!


Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

Matthias from Germany

Feliz Cumpleaños, Zoe!

Happy Birthday.
Please eat some birthday cake. You look like the candle. (Meant in a nice way.)

Happy Birthday!!!

Joyeux Anniversaire, Zoë Saldaña!

Don’t listen to CmdrR. He’s fat. ( Meant in a very , very, very, nice way.).


Rock on, Empress! Happy Birthday and many more!

If sexiness is a gift it looks like everyone keeps giving her the same present. She has way too much of it.

16 – Taken anyway you want to give it, A.

@19. CmdrR.

It is so touching to see you take it in the (nice) spirit in which it was offered.

You’re FAT. And, that’s a fact , CmdrR.


happy birthday from denmark, to zoe.

she did a great uhura.

Feliz Cumpleaños Zoe ;)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Zoe–with many more to come! You rocked as Uhura! You and Zach are great separately and together! Can’t wait to see what happens with your character in the sequel!

Happy Birthday Zoe!

These birthday “news stories” are just so lame. Barf!

MJ – I was I who wondered why some Trek actors’ birthdays were mentioned and not others. It was also me who wrote that it was nice idea to make note of the birthdays (if known) of people connected with Star Trek, past and present. I am sure you don’t see your birth day(date) as lame, so why consider others to be lame.

Please – how about some goodwill… this is really what this is about. Given the state of so much of the world, goodwill is definitely in short supply, but it does not have to be the case here.

Happy birthday, Zoe!

@26. Keachick, you really do need to take me less seriously at times. ;-)

PS: I just think these stories are really, really silly. Like Zoe would need to log onto this site to feel good about her birthday?

PS2: Well, I guess I just just be thankful that their wasn’t also a bunch of birthday Twitter messages included the article. :-))

I think, MJ, it is just a nice way for trekkies to acknowledge the people involved in the making of Star Trek – that’s all.

@8 Zoe is actually a jersey girl, born in Passaic

hmmm…the video given as an example of spock/uhura support is actually a breakup vid titled, “over you”. it’s the one and only video from this youtube poster that features spock and uhura and it’s a BREAKUP video. hmm….

@8, @30
i’ve seen a few zoe interviews. more than once i’ve heard her refer to herself as a bronx broad.

I would love to give her the birthday gift she deserves….very hard.