Jim Beam Me Up! Trekkie asks Jim Beam to Send Him to the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention

Jim Beam Me Up! One Trekkie has taken to Twitter to launch a campaign to get Jim Beam to sponsor him as the "first Official Unofficial Trekkie of Jim Beam" and send him to the big Creation Star Trek convention in Las Vegas this August. The Seattle-based graphics designer has been posting flyers and trek-themed drink recipes (all using Jim Beam, of course) and the official Jim Beam Twitter account has even taken notice!


Get him to the Khan in Vegas!
David Taylor (aka @SciFi_Core), a Trekkie and graphics designer from Seattle, WA has taken to Twitter to garner support for his Jim Beam Me Up campaign. His goal? Get Jim Beam to send him to the biggest annual Star Trek convention around, Creation Entertainment’s big Las Vegas convention happening at the Rio Hotel & Casino this August 11th.

He has even made a promotion for his campaign.

Promo from @SciFi_Core to get the attention of @JimBeamOfficial to send him to Las Vegas con this August! 

A Trek-themed Jim Beam recipe each day
To really get Jim Beam’s attention, David is tweeting one Trek-themed Jim Beam drink recipe per day (often with graphics to go with!). David is creating one Jim Beam recipe for each episode of the original Star Trek series. So far, he’s created: The Man Trap (Jim Beam Rye, Syrup, Lemon, and Orange Juice), Devil in the Dark (Jim Beam Devil’s Cut and Cola), the Charlie X Baffle Plate (Jim Beam, OJ, and grenadine), and the Jim Beam Me Up (Jim Beam Bourbon and Ice).


Jim Beam takes notice: Will they sponsor the first official unofficial Trekkie of Jim Beam?
The official Jim Beam Twitter account has been retweeting some of @SciFi_Core’s tweets, and they’ve even commented on his campaign. They say that sponsorship is “doubtful”, but not impossible. David was excited to see that they’d taken notice. “He said ‘doubtful’, so I wanted to try and really get their attention,” David explained, and said that the tweet from Jim Beam sparked the idea to do daily cocktail recipes. “Seemed fun. Combining two of my passions.”

Can @SciFi_Core pull it off?

And if they send him, David is already working on a special custom costume for the event.


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I’ll drink to that. Black label, please

Quark would be proud of this guy! Commercialism at its finest!

Kudos and Qapla’

I love this new area of science you’ve delved into, Kayla.

Has anyone noticed that Star Trek / Nerdiness in general is cool these days? What a wonderful world we live in :)

Jim Beam. The choice of beverage for Mr. Scott after a long, hard day of maintaining the Budweiser beer-powered engines of the Enterprise.

Because ALL superheroes have Codpieces!

It’s the drink of choice for me when im in Vegas, good luck.

Cool idea-a most enterprising man–hes in seattle–hey if they say yes can i go too im in tacoma 1 hr south of seattle–hmm this guy has a job he should be able to afford to go-i dont have a job so i cant go–id drink jim b a lot to go ahh haa

This is a man after Scotty’s own hart. Or Liver Way to go.

Much as I enjoy bourbon, I gotta point out that Scotty only drinks Scotch. This is more in Dr. McCoy’s wheelhouse. Can’t make a mint julep without bourbon, after all.

There’s a lot of underage kids at those conventions. I wonder how they’d pull sponsorship off.

Didn’t Bones bring a bottle of Jim Beam on the camping trip in Star Trek 5?

I’ve been Googling in hopes I could find picture proof that it was indeed Jim Beam that McCoy brought to Yosemite, and so far, this is the best I can find.


The label: “it’s green,” of course.

Methinks, Jim has Beamed plenty of people to Cloud 9
and to Sickbay.

Ferengi rule of aqusition no: 9: Opportunity plus instinct equals profit.

Who’s to say Comander Balock’s Tronya is not made with Jim Beam?
Captian Pikes doctor / bartender was the first of several doctors to recomend liquid sedative ( in moderation)!

#13, It was a bottle of Jack. They even acknowledge so in the end credits.

#13 (follow up) also while I think of it, Bones describes the beverage as “Tennessee Whiskey”. Jim Beam is Kentucky.

Wow. Am I a geek or an alcoholic? ;-)

#19. You are both. But that is not a bad thing though.

Will they be promoting the syntherol version of JIM BEAM?

Hey Kayla! Speaking of “beams”, you didn’t mention in your recent column the beam of light pointed toward Earth that astronomers recently determined to be from a GIANT black hole swallowing a star.

“Bourbon and beans. An explosive combination” – Capt. Kirk

Well,this is something you don’t hear of every day!! I hope you get it dude!! :)

Wishing him luck. He’s putting in the effort.

Good luck!

I prefer a proper Whisky…
Macallan 10 year old for me….

Cheers from Edinburgh

Thanks for the support everyone! It’s been lots of fun, but TrekMovie.com writing about me; that’s the icing on the cake… well, Jim Beam sending me to Vegas would be the icing, but this is still pretty awesome.

Anyone who can come up with this idea deserves to go!

My wife and I love bourbon drinks, so I can appreciate the recipes to try out soon. Although I prefer a simple highball (bourbon & gingle ale) it is best when made with Jim Beam Rye for the flavor variety. However, I still enjoy a vodka, gin, rum and scotch drink with a Romulan Ale or Tranya thrown in for good measure.

I wonder if Adam and Gary at Creations can work out a deal with Beam???

and if Jim Beam had wheels he’d be… DUI

#30,good one!! :)

Why doesn’t he just set up a paypal account and everyone here can give him ten bucks. That ought to get him there. I mean, everyone seems to be enjoying his recipes.

In V McCoy had an actual bottle of Jack Daniel’s. I should know, I’ve seen plenty of them!


27. You know it!

Yeah, it was Kirk who called it “bourbon and beans” even though McCoy said Tennessee whiskey and handed him the bottle.

I’m sorry, but if all you have is the Playmates version of the TOS Communicator to put in the pictures, I’m not sure you’re enough of a Trekkie to deserve the trip. Good luck, though.

Give me some of that secret ingrediant, Bones

OK, as a hardcore bourbon fan and a card-carrying Maker’s Mark ambassador (had my name on my own barrel, ya know), I gotta give this guy a thumbs-up. Beam ought to give it up for this guy just based on his angle. He’s gotta tweak that costume, though.

And I’ll bet that Beam Devil’s Cut is some smoooooooth fire water.

Good God, haven’t we had enough product placement in Star Trek?!!!!
It started with the marketing of the Vulcan IDIC and reached a zenith in the 2009 movie. When will it end?


One of us has found an inventive way to turn that ad dollar revenue into his own path to geek nirvana. I for one applaud his gumption. Turning the Establishments own rules in on itself, feels very Kirkian to me.

#37 Just because you don’t own any of the *junk* Trek merchandise does not make you less of a trekkie. I have none and don’t really have any desire for any, except perhaps a book or two. If I ever got to meet my “captains” (WS and/or CP) in person, that would be just fine. What I like are the television programmes and the movies. That is what Star Trek is to me – audio/visual entertainment.

40. This has nothing to do with Jim Beam (officially) . This is just me trying to have some fun and get to a convention. Actually, now that I think about it, it’s kind of the opposite of product placement.

37. Haha! I know what you mean. I do have a communicator from New Eye Studio that I got in 1983, but it looks even worse than the Playmates version. Believe me, I’m a die-hard TOS fan… even if I do have crummy toys.


At least he’s not an arrogant ass about it.


At least he’s not an arrogant jerk about it.

Or should I have begun my nasty comment with “I’m sorry, but” like everyone in the history of the world does when making a jerky comment.

Seriously though… that just put me off. Thanks for the bad mood I’ll be in for about an hour or so.

As for David the Bourbon Drinking Trekker — YOU ROCK!!!!!!

apologies for the double post… too much “secret ingredient”

“There always liabiliites…. Jim Beam is uable to respond or unwilling to respond”

Jim Beam should take this opportunity to sponsor a pre-convention party in Vegas. I think everyone should send the Jim Beam people an email suggesting this. :)

48. I can’t disagree with that!!! Tell @jimbeamofficial on Twitter!

Now why didn’t I think of this??

Good luck to ya, David Taylor! Hope to see you in Vegas…in your custom costume sponsored by Jim Beam, of course!