Exclusive Previews Of 2012 Star Trek Calendars

One way to make counting the days going by a big more fun is to do it with a Star Trek calendar. In 2012 there will again be two choices: an original series calendar, and a "Ships of the Line" calendar. Today TrekMovie has exclusive previews for both.  


Ships of the Line 2012 Preview

The 2012 Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendar is also a big fan favorite. As with each year, the calendar includes brand new artwork featuring Star Trek ships. The 2012 calendar kicks off with a cover featuring reflecting USS Enterprises, a CG reinvention of a classic painting by Andrew Probert.

Front cover for 2012 Ships of the Line [click to enlarge]

The calendar itself includes some interesting firsts, such as June’s "Ambassador Class Sea Trials." The artwork done by Tobias Richter, in conjunction with Andrew Probert, has the first fully realized version of the Ambassador class.

Ambassador Class June by Tobias Richter (w/ Andrew Probert) [click to enlarge]

Here are three more exclusive shots from the 2012 Ships of the Line calendar.

 here are exclusive looks at four months from the calendar:

April’s "Terminal Descent of the Starship Allegiance" by DM. Phoenix [click to enlarge]

August – USS Enterprise E "Call the Ball" for August by John Eaves (original designer of the E) [click to enlarge]

November – original NCC 1701 (from "Tomorrow is Yesterday") by Douglas E. Graves  [click to enlarge]

You can get a look at the rest of the months by zooming in on the back cover of the Ships of the Line calendar below.

Back cover for 2012 Ships of the Line [click to enlarge]

The Star Trek: Ships of the Line: 2012 Wall Calendar comes out on July 15th. You can pre-order yours now at Amazon (note: Amazon shows wrong cover, the final version will have the one from above).

2012 Star Trek: TOS Calendar

2012 will also have a classic Star Trek calendar, featuring images from the original Star Trek series. Here are the front and back covers and an exclusive look at a couple of months. 

Front cover for 2012 Star Trek calendar [click to enlarge]

Back cover for 2012 Star Trek calendar [click to enlarge]

Closer looks at April and December.

April with "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky"

December with "The Immunity Syndrome"

The 2012 Star Trek: The Original Series Wall Calendar will be released on July 15th. You can pre-order now on Amazon.




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Beautiful images. Love the Tomorrow is Yesterday entry!

Love the TOS calendar!! (Great,now I’ll have to have one!) :)

The link for the back cover of the Ships of the Line Calendar is børked, unfortunately. But they look quality, as always!

I miss the daily tear-off calendar. Always a nice treat to start the day with a new classic Trek moment. I’m sad they don’t make them anymore.


wish the New E was in there, though I love the Enterprise E from Next Gen in there:)

No love for the intrepid?

re: “Tomorrow is Yesterday”

OMG! That is exactly what I wanted to see on TOS-R for that episode. A shot showing the relative hugeness of the Connie. What a beauty!

re: Ambassador class

Um….I think they have taken artistic license with the nacelle pylons and the nacelles. They are a little more aerodynamic than in the show. I like ’em though, as part of a re-fit.

@ DJT–

There actually is a shot of Christopher’s F-16 approaching from behind the Enterprise, though due to the difference in scale you’d have to look pretty close to see it.

Sooner or later, I always end up getting a Ships of the Line calendar each year.

Miss June – the Abramsverse Enterprise, she’s on the wall in my hallway right now.

Decloaking . . .
Now that’s a frakking set of REAL Star Trek calanders!!!
Recloaking . . . .}:-D>

An odd thing about the name/registry number of that Planck-class ship on the back of the SOL calendar: it seems upside-down to me.

Otherwise, great stuff.

November, Ships of the Line cal. Still the best looking starship ever!

The November “Tomorrow Is Yesterday” shot is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Immunity Syndrome (December) is reversed…WTF???

9. Michael Hall – June 27, 2011

Lockheed F104 Starfighter. A real beauty.

OK: So it looks like the “Call the Ball” one is from the view of a shuttlecraft window, but why? And why is it titled “call the ball”?

8: JDT ”re: Ambassador class

Um….I think they have taken artistic license with the nacelle pylons and the nacelles. They are a little more aerodynamic than in the show. I like ‘em though, as part of a re-fit.”

Because this ”Ambassador” is based on the ORIGINAL Andy Probert Concept Art that was not used on the series.

@17: “And why is it titled “call the ball”?”

Call the Ball: (When landing on US aircraft carriers) Is a request to sight the lights from the multi-colored optical landing system that shows a pilot to be on the correct approach path or how to correct his/her approach path.


The Ambassador Class pictured is based on Andrew Probert’s original design not the one that ended up being the Enterprise-C. It was done by Tobias Richter of The Light Works.

Love Ships of the Line and 2012 will be no different. Some great shots in there, love the one of the -D. Am looking at the ‘Terminal Descent of the Starship Allegiance’ and wondering if she rammed through the Borg ship in that shot?

The ‘unrealised’ Ambassador looks great although there’s no shots from ENT, DS9 or VOY.

dmduncan –

Totally agree. The original Enterprise has NEVER been outdone. The design is balanced, graceful, powerful all at the same time. A true capital ship of the line. Gorgeous.

I always loved the Ship of the Line calendars, Always great artwork. The original series calendars are generally good, but they seem to be overdone anymore. We get one every year and it starts to seem they are getting repetitious. I’d almost like to see a calendar covering scenes from all the shows at this point, maybe in addition to the 2 that are already out there.

“9. Michael Hall – June 27, 2011

Lockheed F104 Starfighter. A real beauty.”

I stand corrected, thanks. :-)

As a CGI-dabbler myself I have a great deal of regard for the artists who contribute to the SOTL calendars and who rarely disappoint. It would be a dream of mine to join their ranks, someday. *sigh*

I always loved Andy Probert’s concept artwork of the two Enterprises (originally released around the time of TMP if memory serves), and would have been glad to buy a poster of it if one had been available. Looks like someone did a very nice job translating it to the digital realm.

Tobias Richter, if you are reading this I just want to say you do great work.

Oops, forgot to mention that SOTL fans should check out Doug Drexler’s site at drexfiles.wordpress.com, which occasionally features animated versions of scenes from the calendars, along with some other very cool stuff.

Lovely work, deg!

Love the SOTL images. The Planck class is called something different in the new Voyager novel “Childern of the Storm” but one ship carries that name.

Great … I loved it …

:-) :-)

PLEASE make a 6″ edition!!! I love it, but only own my bathroom for displaying Trekaphernalia.

Ships Of The Line is great! Beautiful images. And what a great cover!

I really hope Pocket Books publishes another Ships Of The Line book.

#31 – I think we need another couple of years, and then there’ll be enough images for Volume 2. Does anybody know, though, how well the first one did?

#28 – The actual class name is the Merian-class. There’s more info on it in the centerspread. Mark R. seems to be having ton of fun designing all the new designs of the Voyager fleet as featured in the current books.

I’m so getting this calendar. :D


The book came out in 2006, five years ago. So I think we’re almost due. Plus, if I’m not mistaken, some of the images from the first book were not previously published.

On the Ships of the Line calendar, Is the cover shot the only one that actuially shows the FRONT of the ship???

Weird that all the ships seem to be moving away – not exactly the most dramatic compositions.

image link to embiggen the front cover is not functioning…page not found error

looking forward to getting this calendar

#9- Michael Hall
Where is this shot? Do you mean in the opening, after the teaser, of the remastered Tomorrow is Yesterday episode?

Love the landing party stance as well. Bad ass.

@ GarySeven–

The shot is in TOS-R, shortly after Christopher sights the Enterprise for the first time,with the fighter jet rising into the frame from below. It doesn’t appear on the YouTube fx reel, btw, probably because it got cut for syndication.

Love the shots especialy the tomorrow is yesterday shot but its been used before in the claenders- 12 new images please lol

Anthony, fix the front cover link, pretty please!

Ok, you’re the man.

For the Love of The Prophets, why can’t these people include the newer ST: Online ships in this? I mean ST: Online is considered official canon, so why not? :S

And they can’t mix in some ships from NuTrek? :S

The pic in “The Immunity Syndrome” page (December) is backwards. As many times as these folks at Simon & Schuster have seen these pics, and as often as the CBS/Paramount people have had to review and approve them, you’d think they’d get it right.

@38 – No, that particular shot was never in the episode. It is inferred, however, by the EFX shots that show Capt. Christopher looking up at the Big E through his canopy (from the pilot’s POV). In the original episode, we never saw the canopy rail or the bowframe, but in the remastered edition we do. (Too bad the F-104 didn’t have a HUD – heads-up display – then we could better gauge the size of the E.)

Tomorrow is Yesterday is one of my Favs. To see an Air Force Jet going after the Enterprise is just so Kool. I love the Pic in the Calender of the Air Force Jet and the Enterprise.
(Black Jack this is Blue Jay 4. What ever this things is it’s big. 2 Cylindercle Projections on Top and one below. Purpose Undetermaned.)
Brings chills to me when ever I see that Ep.

Funny how no one mentions the live models that we’re used back in the 2010 SOTL Calender.

For those that are interested, Andrew Probert is working on a concept kit for the “original” ambassador class. The soapbox shuttle is already out, with the sphinx workpod and concept Romulan warbird in development.

Check out Andrew Probert’s Site. (you’ll have to Google it, I can’t remember the URL.)

Looks like a nice ST calendar but I would be interested in a 2012 calendar that features the new crew and,of course, Pike. Like the one they had for 2010.

I always thought it a shame that they never made the format of these calendars as one large calendar without the fold. Some of these images would make excellent posters, but with a crease down the center, what’s the point?

@ 24 (Michael Hall):

“… and would have been glad to buy a poster of it if one had been available.”

Check this page:

Hmmm, looks like links aren’t allowed here. Try Probert’s site at probertdesigns dot com and visit the ‘store’.

Regarding the “Tomorrow is Yesterday” image. I would think the E would be a bit more in focus. Is this suggesting shield distortion?