Happy Birthday, JJ Abrams

Today is the 45th birthday of the man (currently) in charge of Star Trek’s future. While we all wait to hear what JJ Abrams has to say about what is next for Star Trek and the planned 2012 feature film sequel, we also wish JJ a big happy birthday.  


Happy Birthday, JJ Abrams

In 2005 to early 2006 most people were writing off the Star Trek franchise as being done following the cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise and the disappointment of Star Trek: Nemesis. But one person saw that as a challenge, and so when JJ Abrams had the chance to do any project he wanted following Mission: Impossible: III, he chose Star Trek, moving Trek back up to the front burner for Paramount. The result was the hit 2009 Star Trek movie, which has already spawned a planned 2012 sequel. Here is one of Abrams first interviews after the Australian premiere of Star Trek where he talks about his approach to reinvigorating Trek.

Super 8 still performing well + JJ on Charlie Rose & w/ First Lady

JJ Abrams latest project Super 8 just finished its third weekend in theaters and came in fourth, showing that the film has good word of mouth. It is poised to pass $100M this week and Box Office Mojo notes that it is tracking ahead of other similar films, including District 9. JJ has been doing a lot of media to promote the film over the last couple of weeks (some of which we have already shown), here is an extensive chat on PBS’ Charlie Rose show (via Hulu), you can also watch at CharlieRose.com.

Abrams also recently had a chance to moderate a panel with First Lady Michelle Obama who was in Hollywood to discuss her Joining Forces initiative to support military families. Visit HitFix for a full report on the event.

JJ Abrams with Michelle Obama at the Writers Guild Theatre on June 13, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California.

Waiting on JJ

While Super 8 is in theaters and his promotional work is mostly done, JJ Abrams still has lots of projects on his plate. He is currently in post-production (as producer) on Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and if you catch Transformers: Dark of the Moon this weekend you will see the first trailer for that Paramount tentpole (due in December). Abrams’ production company is also overseeing two new TV series (Person of Interest for CBS and Alcatraz for FOX) as well as the fourth season of Fringe and more films in development (including a sequel to Cloverfield). 

However, in the run up to the Super 8 movie JJ Abrams made it clear that his next priority as a producer was the Star Trek sequel, currently planned to be released in one year and two days (June 29, 2012). Abrams has admitted that the film is behind schedule. He has also said that it is still possible to deliver it on time, but he wont rush the film just to meet its release date. It is expected that sometime soon Paramount will officially announce their plans (and potential new date) for the Star Trek sequel, along with confirmation of Abrams decision to direct (or not).

So today JJ, have a great birthday. But please don’t make all the Trekkies wait too long to find out what’s next for Trek.

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we’ll see a huge press release about Star Trek at SDCC i think and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see “Star Trek: Phase II” releasing on August 10th 2012

Happy birthday, J.J. My Bday is tomorrow!!! cancers rule

Happy Birthday, my Liege! You are the king of the geeks!

Happy 45th Birthday JJ! And to many more. :]

Happy Birthday, Mr. Abrams !

Now, about that special “announcement”……Right… Now, is not the time to discuss it .

Happy Birthday, sir!


Happy Birthday J.J and may you have all the Lens Flares you want.
Chris Doohan. Early Happy B Day to you sir.

You are a lucky man JJ.
You’ve got Hollwood at your door to make movies and TV shows that for the most part everybody wants to watch.
You are living the ultimate fan boy dream.
Congrats and Happy Birthday

Yes… Happy Birthday JJ Abrams… and congratulations for good box office of Super 8… and you know I’m waiting for news about Trek 2! … SOON!

:-) :-)

Hmm, I’ll be 45 next month.


bad luck :P

All the best and many happy returns! As a birthday present to both yourself and to “Trek”, announce that you will direct the 2012 sequel please (lens flares or no lens flares)!

Happy Birthday, JJ. Live Long, and Prosper. Keep what’s good in life in proper perspective, and then make THE BEST TREK FILM EVER.

Happy birthday, JJ! :)

Happy Birthday JJ
May each candle on the cake represent another successful project.
My early birthday wish is for you to get Shatner in the $%^* movie already. Even if it is just a birthday hologram pendant

I share my birthday with George Lucas. Meh.

Hey, at least 05/14 is JJ’s grandfather’s birthday, which was used on the USS Kelvin.

All’s well that ends well. Happy birthday, JJ.

Happy Birthday to JJ Abrams. May you have a great birthday and awesome new year with Star Trek and family bringing you the greatest fulfillment and happiness!

I did warn you *guys* here (on this site)…:-)



Happy birthday JJ, mines was also a few days ago, go cancers!

Happy Birthday !! Hope you’ll be back for the Star trek sequel :)

Happy Birthday JJ!! :) #5,Aurore,I agree he can take today off for his birthday,but he can sure as heck tell us something ‘Soon’ I should think! JJ,can’t you see I’ve been begin’?!

Happy Birthday good sir!

Oh well
Now I am going to eat crow
I admit that I was mad with JJ last week for being so damn busy that he hasn’t had a microsecond to give to Trek for over 2 years!
Then this week, what do I find but that we actually share a birthday!
So how can I stay mad at him, awesome as he is.
So, happy birthday, JJ, may you have as great a day as I am having and may the future bring you all you wish for (and perhaps all we wish for, too……..)

Happy Birthday J.J. Abrams many more 45 it only a number man ,want to let you know that both of bill shatner twilight zone episolds is on this weekend on the syfy channel, we know that’s your fave show.

Happy Birthday, JJ. Have a great day!

Super 8 was awesome and I know the Trek sequel will be too.

Happy Birthday! You still look 12. We’re all enjoying your childhood.

Happy Birthday JJ. Thanks for making Trek relevant again.

Happy Birthday, J.J. I’m so excited about ‘Star Trek XII’.

I wonder how much lens flare the candles on his cake produced… Kidding!


I am happy to share my Birthday with this man, being born 20 years after him. Live Long and Prosper, Peace and Long Life.

Happy Birthday J.J. Abrams! Remeber to tell the guy filming your birthday party to shine a light into the lens. And from this Trekker, live long and prosper.

And before I forget, happy birthday Chris Doohan! Have a green drink in celebration.

J.J. You’re 45? I am 8 months older then you and I have grey, how come no grey? Just sayin. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday to JJ.

Even though you made changes I was not totally thrilled or happy with, I do salute you for making Star Trek big again and hope you do a good job with Star Trek XII.

Abrams is 45? Damn that’s old. I thought this was supposed to be the younger, cooler Star Trek. On the next reboot, we need to set a rule that no one over 30 can be involved with Trek, then it will ROCK!

Then it definitely will become Trek 90210.

Happy Birthday JJ.

Looking forward to the Star Trek sequel—and Pike!

Happy Birthday to the guy.

45 is not old,

Gosh, Shatner and Nimoy were in their 50s for the bulk of the Trek movies. Doohan and Kelley were 46 when TOS started, Roddenberry was 45. Patrick Stewart was 46 or 47 when TNG hit the air (all ages approximate because I’m bad with math). Heck, Trek’s Kim Cattrall was 40 when Sex and the City started.

There, I feel better (40)..

Star Trek’s future is in Abrams hands, ugh.

Enough of this alternate timeline crap, bring back our original Trek universe!

Message that I am conscious of: Happy Birthday.

*double fist bump, high five, hand shake*