First Trailer For Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol – Produced By JJ Abrams & Featuring Simon Pegg

Star Trek director JJ Abrams first feature film was Mission: Impossible: III in 2006. For the sequel Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol (due in December) Abrams is back as a producer and he again brought along Simon Pegg as Benji the IMF tech. And Paramount has just released the first trailer — watch it below.



Trailer: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol is a co-production of Tom Cruise and JJ Abrams Bad Robot Productions, for Paramount Pictures.  The film is the first live-action feature for director Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Ratatouille). The script by Andre Nemec and Josh Apelbaum is based on a story by Tom Cruise and JJ Abrams. In addition to Abrams and Pegg, other Star Trek (2009) vets worked on Ghost Protocol including producer Bryan Burk, executive producer Jeffrey Chernov, costumer Michael Kaplan and composer Michael Giacchino. 

Simon Pegg in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol comes out in December. More info at the official website:

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I’ll watch it


That was the first trailer in a LONG time that made me curse out loud in awe. I will DEFINITELY see this.

Is Ving Rhames gonna reprise his role for the 4th movie? My favorite from the previous M:I movies.

Looks awesome.


Congrats to Brad Bird; that’s a well crafted production for a director whose CV has been primarily animated films and TV. Talk about good talent scouting in hiring Bird and the potential of what he can deliver.

As for Rhames – I thought he was sitting this movie out because the budget was reduced. I could be wrong. It explains why we see more of Pegg in the trailer.

I’m sure the movie will be good, and I will try to see it in the theatre, but I doubt it will make a lot of money. Tom Cruise is simply not the bankable star he once was. He has become a parody of himself, and no amount of “coolness-factor” in a new movie will save him. That, and the fact that the MI franchise is not as interesting as the Bourne or even the new Bond movies to the general audience.

But, I, at least will enjoy it. Brad Bird is a legend in the making. The Iron Giant is my favorite movie and I am sure this new MI will be no slouch, even though it’s low box office might kill Bird’s chances of making another. Too bad.

Paula Patton is Gorgeous.

Amazing trailer ! But wheres Ving Rhames ?!?

AGAIN they got disavowed!?!


Looks GOOD!!! .. :-) :-)

Brad Bird has yet to make a bad film. Fingers crossed.


Well, PIXAR has finally come out with a dud (“Cars 2”, apparently to critics, I still haven’t seen it myself) so I guess that leaves Brad Bird as well as Christopher Nolan to continue their winning streaks.

Still can’t buy Tom Cruise as a secret agent. “Mission Impossible III” could have gone down as a great movie, but we ended up with Tom Cruise acting as himself in it as usual. I’ll check out “Ghost Protocol” though.

Am I the only one sick and tired of seeing trailer after trailer for films involving the Supreme Court while Star Trek is put on the back burner again, and again, and again……

Geez, no wonder these guys have no time for Trek. It’s funny that most of them also involve Paramount. Guess Trek isn’t the priority we thought it was.

My personal goodwill after the last film is slowly turning to resentment and anger. Super 8 or MI 4 couldn’t wait a year or two? Not like anyone was clamoring for either of them. Just sayin……..

We are expected to believe that a 5’7″ runt could win a fight against anyone?

Uh, no.

Looks like Hangover 3:(


Uh, yes… sometimes.

Bruce Lee was 5’7″ and 160 lbs.
I’m not saying Cruise is in the same league as Lee with the coolness factor (not even close, actually), but a little man can sometimes make a big fight.


Yes, but what I was really getting at is that Tom Cruise is such a horrible actor, he doesn’t make me believe he could win a fight.

Well, maybe against my elderly Aunt Ruth.

And that’s a BIG maybe.

I burned out on Tom Cruise a long time ago. He brings the same character to every movie he does. He goes through the motions of “good” acting – he hits his cues, can cry on demand, he does everything a good actor does, but somehow it just isn’t believable with him. The only time I ever felt he was truly acting was in Magnolia, and ironically that was probably really him.

So when you take his unbelievable earnestness and saddle it with his annoying public personality, I find Tom Cruise to be one of the most boorish, insufferable oafs in the film business. I don’t know what he’s trying to prove to us, but I ain’t buying it, and I certainly won’t have any part in making this narcissistic douchebag any more wealthy than he already is.

But that’s just my OPINION!!!!!


I agree. Every time you watch Tom Cruise on screen, you can SEE that he’s ACTING.

Or at least trying to

21. Remember, Harry, that was just my OPINION!

Canon Schmanon

I’ve been a film buff my whole life. I know good acting when I see it. Edward Norton, Johnny Depp, Leonardo Dicaprio, Sean Penn are all good actors.

Tom Cruise is a sad joke. I’ve seen better acting in high school plays!

That’s just your OPINION, Harry!

One that I mostly agree with, however.

I wish Edward Norton would pick some better films. He’s often above the material.

I’ll wait for the reviews. the first three MI movies did not do that much for me, and I thought this trailer was just so-so. I’ve got nothing against Cruse. I thought he was great in War of the Worlds.

Guess I will be going against the majority here, but I love Cruise and most of his movies. His acting is pretty good to me, thats all I can say. I love the MI series except the second one but will definitely check this one out! Cant wait! And to sort of keep it ‘on topic’, it will probably be that movie we will get our first trailer of the Star Trek sequel…now I REALLY can’t wait! ;)

Tiger, that’s fine. We are all welcome to have conflicting opinions here.

Wouldn’t it be boring if we ALL felt the same way?

Love all the “horrible actor” statements.

Cruise is a fine actor and nobody here has had an milliounce of the success he’s had. Sure his personal life has been somewhat messy but you can’t fault the career choices he’s made. FAR FAR more successes than failures.

I liked the Tom Cruise of the 80s—the cocky, smiling dude in a F-14 or the cocky, smiling dude behind the wheel of a classic Buick (A persona that fit perfectly into the Reagan years). But I can’t say I’ve been that crazy about his work since then, with maybe the exception of the first Mission: Impossible and War of the Worlds.

Maybe one reason he rubs so many people wrong nowadays is that he’s still pretty much that cocky, smiling dude from way back, and the odd time when he’s trying to act serious, you can almost see that cocky, smiling dude underneath trying to break free and slide a cocktail down the bar or hop into his flight suit. We haven’t watched him “grow” as an actor—like Tom Hanks (Bosom Buddies—say no more!).

But I still prefer Hanks from Batchelor Party though, Vults. Ok, really push me and i’d say he was good in BIG too. :-D

J.J., what about that Star Trek thing? Saw Cruise again in “Knight and Day” on HBO. Kind of goofy and at times stupid. But the film is like him, it was charming. Good time waster and rom-com action flick! So sit down with your ladies at home, stick some popcorn in the microwave and just let it wash over your brain.


Oh, don’t misunderstand, Cruise always “packages” himself in a good movie. Good cast (other than him), good sets, direction, costumes, script, production details….too bad he’s in it!


No need to push, Buzz. I love “Big.” It’s one those goofy, lovable fantasies that they really don’t make anymore. Again, it fit perfectly within the whole spirit of the 80s thing… man.

Tom Cruise is a fine actor. Unfortunately, each time I see him now, Oprahs’ sofa is in my head being jumped on by Mr. Cruise. I don’t have much opportunity to get to the movies lately, so I’ll probably wait for the Blu Ray. But, I do want to see this new movie.

As Nicholas Meyer explains on the director’s commentary for Khan, there are actors and there are movie stars. Tom’s a movie star, as is Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts in her heyday. You see THEM on the screen, not necessarily the role they are portraying. Shatner was like this too.

An actor gets inside their role, usually with lots of makeup, wardrobe, accents, body language like Johnny Depp, Merrill Streep etc. I would say Brad Pitt does this as well.

So some people are just tired of SEEING Tom Cruise. However, I think there was lots of acting chops needed for A Few Good Men, The Firm and Jerry Maguire.

“You’re not gonna make it!” / “You’re not helping”

Yawn. ZZzzzzzz….

I like Tom Cruise, he’s actually a decent actor and a pretty nice guy (I worked with him a couple of times). But, I can see why people don’t buy him as the action star..he’s a bit on the small side and ‘pretty’. But, his acting skill wins over for the most part.

I’ve seen all the MI movies and really enjoyed the first one the most..yeah, I know, most people didn’t like to see the Phelps character as being the villain but, I thought the writing was pretty good in that one as well as the movie as a whole. I really didn’t care for the John Woo directed sequel all that much…too much ‘eye candy’ for me…the same goes for the third one by JJ…I have yet to like anything that Abrams has touched…but, that’s just me. MI III was better than II, but, I think that final scene in the movie just seemed really corny to me.

I’m sure I will see the new one…I hardly go to the movies these days..maybe about 2-3 times a year as opposed to 20 plus times as I did in the past.

Great trailer. I thought Mission Impossible 3 was awesome, So I’m really looking forward to this one.

Move the new Star Trek back another 6 months, perhaps a year.

It wouldn´t be a M:I movie if there was no skyscraper in it

I really enjoy the Mission: Impossible films. Looking forward to this new one!
From this trailer, the story seems very familiar haha:
– Cruise is double-crossed, left to rot by his superiors, & goes on the run to steal a MacGuffin
– IMF disavowed / filled with baddies / villain is an IMF agent(s)
– Cruise hangs from a great height
– Hot female team member infiltrates a party & arrives in a sports car
and so on.

I really like the IMF team aspect, the action looks awesome, have a lot of faith in Brad Bird.

Looks cool,I might just give it a go!

Tom Cruise might have left a sour taste with some of the public, but I don’t think he’s as bad off as, say, Mel Gibson. And Cruise is not necessarily a bad actor — he’s been nominated for an Oscar 3 times, which counts for something. And, don’t forget, the media has a lot to do with how celebrities are seen by the public. If they had called his “couch-jumping” wild and kooky, instead of saying he was having a breakdown, people would have seen it differently.
It seems to me that celebrities are always being hounded, aren’t they? Sometimes they’ve had enough and let it be known. It also seems to me that when an actor/actress is promoting a new film, they are apt to put up with a little more because they’re putting themselves out there to be seen. But there is probably some part of them that values peace and quiet, and privacy to some degree…

Tom Cruise is terrific. Ever seen Last Samurai, it was awesome. He has done many great films. Jumping on a couch when he was in love is somehow a big problem. Why? Give me a break. If I was with Katie I would jump on a couch too! Learn to think on your own and not just think what you have been told to think. Because some idiot on TV decides that jumping on a couch is the way to attack him you don’t have to buy in to that crap.

He got attacked because he was speaking out against drugging kids. The Freud lovers decided their pocket book was being attacked and that they would lose too much money if they couldn’t drug kids. So they attacked Tom. By they way, they were right, his speaking out against the drugging of kids cost them like 4 billion. Of course is saved a lot of kids but they are not interested in that.

I’ve never had an issue with separating the artist from the art, so Tom Cruise’s extremely bizarre personal behaviors have never bothered me all that much when it came to his movies. That being said, I still think the best thing he ever did was Interview With A Vampire. He couldn’t simply skate by on his Days of Thunder/Top Gun charms, and was forced to actually act. The MI movies are silly fun, but I always thought the supporting cast outshone him each and every time. I’ll see this because of JJ’s involvement, mostly because MI3 was easily the best of the series.

So Ethan and crew were to meet the president to answer some questions but are told they are about to be framed so when they escape it looks like they did it.

Gee I wonder who the bad guys are.

Tom Cruise does cartwheels for his girlfriend and is looked down upon by all those who would not do that for theirs.

Guess what? Tom’s not the Ahole in that picture.

Attention Anthony. not sure if this is worth pointing out or not but something in the sci fi tuesday thread is causing safari and firefox to crash. Done it several times now. Not sure if others are experiencing the same.

Tom Cruise in M:I is irrelevant. The trailer was good, the pedigree is great (Abrams/Bird) but they should have recast the lead and done a true reboot.