One Year To Go For Star Trek Sequel…Or Is It?

We are exactly one year away from June 29, 2012, which is the officially scheduled release date for the the sequel to JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek. So should we all start our countdown clocks? As the film has yet to get into official pre-production, most seem to expect that the next Star Trek will require a bit more waiting.  


June 29, 2012 – The Day Star Trek returns?

Before the Star Trek movie premiered on May 8, 2009, word had already come out that Paramount Pictures was ready for more from the same creative team. Star Trek producer/director JJ Abrams, made it clear that he was happy to return, but he wanted to write and direct another film project first. So on January 8th, 2010 Paramount Pictures set down a marker, picking June 29, 2012 as the release date for the Star Trek sequel, hoping to take advantage of the July 4th holiday weekend.

While JJ Abrams was shooting his Super 8 project with Steven Spielberg in the fall of 2010, the writing team of Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof started working on the Star Trek sequel script. The goal was to have a first draft done by spring 2011 leading to production starting in the summer. Clearly that hasn’t happened and Abrams himself admits that his busy schedule has put a delay into kicking off the Star Trek sequel production. 

The question is, will this delay in the production schedule result in a delay for the film’s release? There is still time for the Star Trek sequel to be made for its June 29, 2012 release date. While it usually takes around a year or more from production start to release on big budget effects movies, they can be done quicker. Director Matthew Vaughn started shooting X:Men First Class at the end of last August, and that film came out in early May. And while there isn’t a singed off Star Trek sequel script for pre-production, prep work did start in April based on an "extensive outline." This is all why JJ Abrams and his writing team have all been saying that they could still make the release date one year from today, but they have all also said that they will not allow quality to be compromised in order to just meet that date.

It may be counter-intuitive, but there is some good news in all of this. Paramount could have easily cobbled together some kind of team to get a sequel out by this summer, but they wanted to stick with Abrams, Orci, Kurtzman, Lindelof and Burke. The 2009 Star Trek film threaded the needle – garnering fan, critic and mainstream success – and a brand new team risked the just-revived franchise. And in the spring Abrams could have phoned it in on Star Trek, allowing pre-production to start without his giving it the proper attention.

So we wait. The conventional wisdom in the entertainment media is that the Star Trek sequel will be delayed to the Holiday season of 2012. Such a move would also probably mean that production would move to a start of November of this year, which would fall in line with the production schedule for the Abrams first Star Trek movie. Of course that film was originally planned for Christmas 2008 before its released date was moved (after production started) to May 8, 2009. And by the look of things, history may be repeating itself. Let’s hope, like with that film, in the end it will be worth the wait.

June 29, 2012 is the scheduled date for the return of Star Trek – but it wouldn’t be surprising if there was a delay getting out of spacedock

What is worth waiting for?

Sound off in the comments below. What would you like to see in the Star Trek sequel? And what would make it worth waiting for?

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I just hope they get is right, take the time (not too much tho!).
If its as good as Trek 09, i’ll be happy.

Hard to imagine they’d really do a holiday release. The first film was pushed back for a few reasons, but one major reason was to turn it into a summer tentpole: they were that excited about it.

Nothing is certain, but I’d guess a summer ’13 release is more likely if it does get pushed back.

I think it’ll be pushed back, but weirder things have happened.

Heck, Ghostbusters took less than a year, start to finish.

awesome cant wait and please try and cut back on the lense flares this time, i liked them but i think you had too many last time :)

One of the problem with success is you become popular and very busy…i mean the last Transformer movies came out the same summer movie season as Star Trek, and now here we go with a new Transformer movie this summer season, a complete year, optimistically thinking, before Star Trek…It seems Star Trek is a victim to the success of Abrams and his writers…they have all been so busy. Oh well, it will all be moot point if the next Star Trek knocks our socks off. I hope it all works out, I have faith in the Star Trek team that brought us the last one to do the right thing and bring us another awesome movie.

take your time guys and just make it right. Star Trek ’09 was great so we have complete faith in you.

How awesome would it be to have it in 3D too?

I want to see myself in the sequel. It did not work out with my schedule for the first one but with any luck it will this time.

I’m not sure if the “take your time” approach always works for the best. X-Men First Class, referenced in the above article, was considered by many to be a “rushed” production, and I couldn’t help but think while watching it in the theater, ‘So, this is what a rushed production looks like?—then by all means, rush them all!’

Anyway, I hope the next Trek will do as well—with the script, that is.

Time for the sequel to shift from thrusters to warp speed! Go where no Star Trek has gone before! As Picard would say, “Make it so!”

What is worth waiting for?… I guess at this time they already have done the story of the film… I mean Bob Orci said they already knew what they wanted to do when he said they were in “soft” preparation… then, what may look different than they already have done?… if we wait more?… best pre -production?… best post-production?… well, whatever it is… I want a great movie in the end!..

And it seems that the script is never really done until the movie premiere… as Bob Orci said… by the way, they filmed additional scenes for Welcome to People, last week… and, they supposedly had already entered in the post-production of the film in March.

:-) :-)

Since you’ve asked the question. Here’s what I want to see in a Star Trek sequel. STAR TREK. I want see adventure, heart and INTTELLIGENCE.

As far as release date, there’s no script, except an extensive outline. I can’t see them making the June deadline unless the whole team goes into warp drive. If they don’t make it for June, that leaves the holiday period where it will face The Hobbit (production photos already out) the new Twilight movie, and James Bond.

It’s logical for the movie to be released in May of 2013. There’s less competition. And from a financial basis only, I reccommend they film it in 3D. No conversion from 2D. Why? I think it’s clear the 3D component makes the studio more money. The more money Star Trek makes the more Star Trek. And by the way, I’m not a fan of 3D but the thought of Star Trek filmed in 3D with proper preproduction intrigues me.

Well I suppose this is the price you pay for having A listers on board! :]

But these guys have put themselves on the hot seat with the possible delay and talk of “We want to take our time so we can make something really good and not rushed”. (Gotta watch what ya say IMO)

Cause if it doesnt track with fans and the general audience…well you know whats gonna happen.

But I have faith in these talented writers to pull this off!

Summer 2013 it will be. Paramount regards the new Trek movies as summer tentpole films. Plus, even though the sequel could hold its own against mainstream favorites such as “Breaking Dawn”, “The Hobbit” and “James Bond 23”, it would make even more money releasing it in the summer of 2013 which probably won’t be as croweded as next year will be.

Also, I would assume (and hope) that the upcoming Trek video game is released around the same time as the sequel. Having the game come out next year and the sequel come out in 2013 makes no sense at all.

Forget about 2012. Make 2013 the year of “Star Trek”.

Finally, the extra year should provide ample time for the Supreme Court to work on the sequel as well as their other projects. If this thing does go into late 2012 with little progress made, then I think there would be reason to be concerned. But I think they just needed more time to craft a great script.

Crikey, 2012 is too long. 2013? Sheesh.

Why don’t they film these things back to back? A la Harry Potter?

Oh my God. I had forgotten the one year mark was today!! I guess I forgot because I just don’t have the excitement like I did;but then,waiting does that to person sometimes. I wonder if Bones could give me a stimulant to keep me going? Anyway,I would very much love some good news on Trek12,I mean,anything that would give me a little hope that it will be in 2012.


Because they want to keep up the suspense of it all.

I’m counting on next year. Besides, how many times do you get the chance to release a twelfth film in the twelfth year of the century?

Come on, J.J.! Bring on the lens flares!

“ was launched July 15, 2006 (as The Trek XI Report), the same day it was announced that JJ Abrams had finalized a 5-year deal with Paramount Pictures which included a new Star Trek film as his first project. ”

This is a quote from Wikipedia. If you do the maths, 2006 + 5 = 2011. What year are we now? The reason for the delay now – JJ Abrams is in negotiations with Paramount about renewal of contract…and whether he will do a 3D movie.
There is nothing new, apart from this tiny but pertinent bit of information.

For years Trek was pretty much dead to the world. JJ Abrams was tasked with not only bringing it back, but also bringing it into mainstream popularity. Like the movie or not, he did it. But audiences are fickle and forget far sooner then later. not striking wie the iron was hot is shear MADNESS.

The wait is taking so long that soon, no one will give a crap. And to all those saying that its better to wait and allow them time to make a great sequel. well, that would be great if indeed all this time was spent doing so. unfortunatley, they still do not even have a final story, by the time they start filming, it will just be as rushed and half assed as any other sequel made nowadays.


Hurry the fu*k up, this is getting ridiculous!

It’s going to be so rushed…

#21 Asterix or not, if you can’t express yourself without being vulgar, you really shouldn’t be contributing to a public forum


I’m expecting great things from the sequel, whenever it comes out.


#19 Yes, there is and a nice little pic of you as well, Anthony.


Still a year to go…maybe a year and a half, for Trek, yet today, the special effects extravaganza Transformers…a franchise with a little less substance,but at least as much ambition, opens in theaters everywhere. This, a follow-up to the second Transformers film that opened 1 month after Trek, in 6 of 2009. Something very wrong here.

What would make it worth waiting for is that its a good, quality sequel. I want a sequel that improves on the first the same way Empire Strikes Back, Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan and The Dark Knight improved on their predecessors. I also don’t want just a retread of existing plots like Khan. I want lots of new but some familiar like we had with Trek 2009.

My biggest fear with it coming out next Christmas is that that’s also when the next James Bond film and the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is due out. This would create an almost identical situation to when Star Trek: Nemesis came out, facing stiff competition from Bond, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. And maybe its a good thing Trek might not make the original release date, because once again that’s going to be a pretty heavy period. Maybe Paramount should do something new and release the movie in September or October? A period when there isn’t much aside from sappy romances to go see.

Sorry but honestly at this point in time ive lost intrest in what or when the new trek movie will come out.
thanks alot JJ, Bob, and Alex. I really dont understand why JJ couldnt have simply did what he did with Mission: Impossible ghost protocol and let someone else direct the thing.(the trailer for M:IGP looks awesome by the way) fine you wanna make other movies, like super 8 but if you dont think you can have enough focus to work on something that has a 40 plus year fan base, step aside as a director and pass the reigns on to someone else you can handpick and trust to do just as good of a job as what you did with the first one. using MI4 as a great example again, Brad Bird was an excellent choice by JJ to take on directing the next MI movie.

Ive said it before and Ill say it again Nicholas Meyer would be a great choice, hes allready written the best trek movie ever made, as well as another great trek film as well, and JJ knows him. If not Nicholas Meyer then why not someone like Brian Singer or Matt Reeves or even Alex .

At the very least let everyone know once and for all, when to expect it. at this point it seems unlikely to be 1 year from today, but atleast tell us that dont say “Oh youll have a answer soon” or “once super 8 is released ill make a decision” Not only that but these actors have other commitments especially Zoe and Chris and Simon but Zoe in particular. the longer the wait the more likely there is to run into a situation where Zoe is not free to shoot because she’ll be busy shooting Avatar II or chris cause he will be shooting Jack Ryan or any one of the many projects he has lined up. not to mention he had to miss doing live theatre this summer cause it looked like Trek was going to start shooting in the summer.
(by the way chris is an incredible theatrical actor)

#20 you are right, i mean if they arent careful it might be the same situation that happend with the Zorro series where they waited 7 years to make the sequal and by that point the any love the audience had for the reboot was non exsistant for the sequal.
( i only mention this movie since alex and bob wrote the sequal for zorro, figuring using another movie that they worked on from what was a once popular film franchise brought back to life only to have it snuffed out again for taking to long to get back into theatres might give some prespective)

9.- X-Men: First Class has been revealed as the most error-strewn movie of the year so far.

Its going to be late.
I don’t buy into this whole ‘we would rather get it right than on time’ stuff. They’ve had more than enough time!
This script seems to have taken forever! I’m not quite sure what their problem has been. Too many other projects i’m assuming.

How about some string theory or quantum mechanics for a plot? Or the possible nature of time.


I really couldn’t care less how many technical and historical “errors” X-Men had. It was engaging, well-directed and well-acted. One of the few superhero movies to actually make me FEEL something for the characters.

I look forward to the next one.


Yea. Take my mother as an example. She was never a Trek fan. But she loved the new one. A year and a half ago she asked me when there was ever gonna be a sequel. Today, she doesnt even remember the film or care about a sequel. She represents the mainstreme crowd. The same mainstream crowd they have now lost because of taking so long. They did what seemed impossable. They brought Trek to the mainstream. Why leave them hanging in the dust. Your Zorro comparison is a fine example. I know that Trek fans and the people of this site will not lose interest, but you know, Trek fans alone cannot support this franchise, if they could, that last mess of a movie would not have been necessary to begin with.

It seems at this point, that JJ came in long enough to destroy the Trek universe as we always knew and loved it, and now is showing no interest in doing anything with it. THANKS ALOT.


There’s one big difference with the Zorro and Star Trek productions—Orci and Kurtzman didn’t write the first Zorro movie. The two movies had the same director (Martin Campbell), but for some odd reason they went with different screenwriters for the sequel… and sadly it shows.

Another popcorn flick aimed at the Hasbro crowd [shudder].
Another lost opportunity.

I wonder if Nick Meyer is busy….

I want to see it after the End of the World in 2012. Could you make this possible? Maybe we could join on mars or so? I will bring some popcorn. Who will bring the rest?

maybe they should just give the movie to someone who actually wants to make it

Even if they were ready to start filming right now, there is no way this film could be in the cinemas in a year. We know the script is not even finished, casting has not yet begun, nor has any location scouting or set building. Editing and Special effects alone take months upon months.

We will be lucky to see this film by December 2012. If Paramount wasnt a “tentpole” (hate this term) movie then consider June 2013 the landing date.

It feels as if everyone has better things to do than get Star Trek going again.

You don’t need inside information to see this, just a dash of common sense.

wasnt = want (damn typos!)

I don’t care how long it takes, just make a film that is better than the previous offering.

And no romance between Spock and Uhura, or an engineering room that looks like a brewery

Better to release the film later, you don’t want to be releasing your film in between the new Spiderman and Batman films, if you did then the film wont make as much money and they would slash the budget for the third movie.

36 being a big fan of the first zorro movie, I ofcourse know that they didnt write the first one. I was just using zorro as an example because it perfectly shows what happens when to much time is allowed to pass, and i thought it was all the more relevant considering it was a sequal the two trek writers also worked on, even though they had nothing to do with Mask of Zorro.

42 as TWOK showed us a smaller budget doesnt necessiarly mean the movie would be lesser.

JJ give the movie to nicholas meyer allready.

Well, how often anymore do you see a big budget director who is more concerned with the quality of the product then with getting it out on time? Remember the LAST time Star Trek did that? What did we get? An unfinished film that wasn’t properly edited and took over 20 years for a definitive version to be released. Provided I’m not dead before it happens, I’m willing to wait an extra 6 months to a year to get a sequel. Good things come to those who wait. Be patient, my fellow nerds!

Star Trek, 3D and Transformers: Dark of the Moon

I just saw Transformers; Dark of the Moon. The 3D effects were spectacular, probably becuase most of the movie was shot in 3D. We should not fear a well shot, well lit Star Trek movie filmed in 3D. The effects in T:DOTM popped and there were money shots where things were hurled at you. Hey, I like that. Use it or lose it.

As for the Star Trek referrences and connections in T:DOTM here they are. At Sam’s apartment, two Autobots are watching an episode of Star Trek. They say it’s the one where Spock goes mad. I’m guessing “Amok Time’ since we don’t see the screen. Plus at the end of the movie, there’s a music credit for the episode. At Carly’s workplace, Sam comments on the clean and high tech office by comparing it to the bridge of the Enterprise. Of course, Sentinel Prime is voiced by Leonard Nimoy. Later he quotes the “The needs of the many…” line from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan much to the dismay of this Trekker since Dark of the Moon is terrible.

Did i say terrible? Yeah. I complained about Trek 2009’s pacing and when I saw this movie, maybe I shouldn’t complain. Non-stop pound you in your seats action and that’s bad. I had a headache after watching T;DOTM. Stupid too. Wild swings of comedy and drama. Movie was worse than Michael Bay’s other masterpiece “”Armageedon.” Instead of waterboarding terror suspects, we should show them this movie.

to be or not to be that date june 29th?

I hope the character development is as good as X Men first class.

All else can bow to that one wish.


After the pain of Revenge of the Fallen I have no interest in seeing Dark of the Moon.

I know I did complain that I felt Abrams ‘dumbed down’ parts of Star Trek to get the mainstream on board but there is is one thing Abrams got right and that was getting good actors and making the characters work, unlike Michael Bay who just like to incinerate everything with explosions.

As long as they deliver a good script that works well and keeps faithful to the TOS crew I love and a strong script both on character and plot then I believe Star Trek XII will be a great film.

I am happy to wait longer to gurantee a good film, if Star Trek goes fully to Michael Bay mode then I will feel sad.

4 years between movies is way too long for my taste… Three years is the max. If the creative team can’t do things on time because they have so many other things to do, then leave it be and give the franchise to someone who sees it as their top priority and who can do things on time.

Yes, I want quality. But that doesn’t mean I would have to wait 4 years to see a damn movie.

There is talent out there who can write 26 fabulous stories in one year (DS9). Of course TV is different compared to film, but this is getting ludicurous.

Get your act together or don’t do it at all!

If it turns out to be 2013, that’s an important year for another long-term love of mine – Doctor Who. Their 50th Anniversary to be precise. If they suddenly decided to put out a film… I think might just end having to go live in my local cinema!