Netflix Begins Streaming Star Trek TOS, TNG, Voyager & Enterprise

Just as TrekMovie scooped, this morning Netflix began streaming hundreds of Star Trek episodes. As of now all of the original Star Trek series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek Voyager, and Star Trek Enterprise are available for commercial-free streaming to Netflix subscribers.      


Netflix Begins Streaming Every Star Trek Episode

Netflix has just made it easier to watch Star Trek. Right now TOS, TNG, Voyager and Enterprise are streaming (Deep Space Nine will be available on October 1st). Each series gets its own page at, with tabs for the seasons. You can add the series to your instant queue (which will make it available on all your Netflix-ready devices) and/or you can just click the little play button next to any episode. Each episode streams commercial-free and is available to Netflix subscribers in the USA (sorry Canada).

Star Trek: The Next Generation page at Netflix

As noted before, this is the first time that Star Trek: The Next Generation has been available digitally, as that series is not even on iTunes. It is also the first time that Voyager is available via streaming. Both the original Star Trek and Star Trek: Enterprise are already available for streaming on, but with commercials. Both the original Star Trek and Star Trek Enterprise are being shown in HD (720P).  This means that even if you have DVD sets for Enterprise, you can get a better picture if you watch the Netflix streaming. And if you were wondering, the original Star Trek episodes on Netflix are the "remastered" versions, with the new CGI effects (see below).

Remastered Star Trek "Amok Time" streaming on Netflix

Netflix currently has over 20 million subscribers in the US, and the list continues to grow. Now it will be easy for any of these subscribers to check out an episode or review an entire Star Trek series. This will be great for building new (and renewed) fans of Star Trek. And even for hardcore fans who already have every Star Trek DVD set, Netflix streaming means you can watch any Star Trek episode wherever you go via your mobile device (iPhones, iPads, Android phones & tablets, and Windows 7 phones).   

Star Trek: The Next Generation "Encounter at Farpoint" playing on iPhone

It should be noted that as today is the first day, there may a few kinks to iron out with the addition of hundreds of new episodes. I noticed some episodes could not yet come up on mobile devices.  And the closed-caption subtitles have not yet been implemented across every Star Trek series yet. But Netflix is aware of the issues and should have them sorted out soon.

Star Trek Voyager on Netflix – showing closed caption subtitles (note "Subtitles" button)

You can watch all of these streaming Star Trek episodes (along with thousands of other movies and TV shows) with a computer or with a Netflix-ready TV, XBox360, PS3, Wii, mobile device or other Netflix-ready devices. All streaming video on Netflix is show commercial free. Streaming-only subscriptions to Netflix cost $7.99/month (DVD/Blu-ray+streaming subscriptions start at $9.99/month). More info at


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This is such bad news for my sleep schedule hahaha

Need a quick Trek fix? Get Netflix!

Another reason for me to ditch cable. :-)

Great, I will watch “Relics” tonight. Love my dad in that one.

2. H.B.

Love that catch phrase.

Oh yeah I can’t wait to catch up on all the series!!!

4 – Chris your Dad was GREAT in that! It was a tremendous send off for his character. Not just great because he was in it – but very well written … could have been a movie. So many unexplored ideas about the Dyson sphere.

Chris, your dad was great in every one. Especially “Wolf in the Fold”

Thank You Netflix! Now if they could just start a new series run exclusively on NetFlix there would be no more need for the networks.

I knew this was coming but somehow never thought about the fact that via my iPhone & 3G, I pretty much have all Star Trek in my pocket. Excuse me while I vomit with joy.

I am so freakin happy!!

Chris – that is one of my all time favorites. Got to meet your dad once too, what a great guy!

You can tell NetFlix is a sponsor of TrekMovie.

Chris, what a great thing to have… and to share with your dad’s many fans.
I figure online is the future of all entertainment, so once again, Trek is in the forefront.

Damn Canadian server. This is an intentional dig isn’t it, releasing Star Trek on Canada Day in the States.

Total change of subject, but if you hit YouTube for Trek actors in other roles, eventually after 5 or 6 weeks, you’ll find Jimmy playing a nasty on Gunsmoke. Burt, channelling Lewis, shows up and zaps him pretty quick.

Just a couple of comments.

While nearly every television episode of Star Trek are now available, some notable exceptions remain. For TOS, only Seasons 2 & 3 are available for Instant Viewing at the moment. Within those seasons, episodes of the Cage are listed as being a part of Season 3 but they are not available for Instant viewing.

As noted, Deep Space 9 is currently not available but should be available October 1. Personally, I cannot wait for October because DS9 is the one series that I’ve never really watched. I lost interest in it after the 2nd or 3rd season and then moved to Japan. I’ve only ever seen a few episodes.

How’s the viewing experience?

I’ve watched an episode of TOS (“The Enterprise Incident”) and the quality is truly amazing! It was, of course, the Remastered episode and streamed in HD. I was very impressed by the clarity and color of the image on my iPad. In fact, I would say that this HD episode via streaming looked better than the SD episodes I’ve downloaded from iTunes.The next test will be to connect my iPad to my 50″ plasma display via HDMI to see how it looks on the big screen so to speak.

Next I tried a couple of episode of TNG (“Conspiracy Theory” and “Heart of Glory.”). Wow, what a difference—and not for the better. It was barely SD quality and I’d almost want say VHS quality. The clarity and color of the image on my iPad were less than stellar. Colors were somewhat dark and muted. Edges of text were soft and blurry (heck, all edges were soft and blurry.) I also noticed a bright, blurry line along the left side of the image reminiscent of the artifacting that occurs when dubbing a VHS tape or importing a VHS in video editing software. How much of this is due to quality of the video Netflix has or due to bandwidth, I cannot say.

Oddly, not one of the Star Trek movies is currently available for Instant Viewing. I know that I have watched both, “Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” and, “Star Trek (2009,”) via Netflix Instant Viewing in the past.

Is DS9 more expensive to syndicate than the other series?

Pushing its availability to October 1 allows Netflix to avoid incurring the expense for the 3rd fiscal quarter.

It’s weird that season 1 of TOS isn’t up. I wonder why.

Looks like its 2 episodes of something a night from here on out.. thanks netflix!

Number 3. –

My family ditched cable a couple of months ago and opted for Netflix for $10 a month! We have not missed a thing and there are tons of TV shows to watch as well. It may not be completely perfect right now, but they keep adding stuff all the time.

Re: #4. Chris Doohan

“Great, I will watch “Relics” tonight. Love my dad in that one.”

That episode made me cry. Reminded me of my dad and how sometimes we make the older ones feel so unwanted or unneeded.

He did such a good job, Chris. In all the episodes, even with the tension between actors, you’d never know. What a professional. Seemed like a nice man. You must be so proud — wish I could have met him.

Loved the episode “Friday’s Child” where Scotty gets to command. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Priceless. Of course he shone in “The Trouble With Tribbles”. And he was a good sport — “I know this ship like the back of my hand”.

Wonderful memories.


Personally, I watched a bit of one episode of the original series just to check it out, and found the video quality disapointing. The CGI shots looked fine, but all the live action footage seemed somewhat too bright and washed out… Also, call me a purist, but even though I think they did a good job on the cgi I still prefer my original effects. So I’m just glad I have the series on amazing looking blu-ray!

On the other hand, I haven’t watched much TNG in years… Watching Encounter at Farpoint right now, and I think it looks fine. Mind you, knowing how TNG was produced I wasn’t expecting the sharpest picture, thus I didn’t have high expectations to have dashed.

Can’t wait for DS9 in October! I was never a huge fan of Voyager or Enterprise, but who knows, maybe I’ll give them another chance. No Animated Series, which I have on DVD so I’m fine, but sucks for anyone who doesn’t have it.

But… well… I am happy. I’ve long been debating buying TNG and DS9 (well, I have season one of DS9, but nothing more) but now can enjoy them through Netflix. My old fashioned collector’s urdge would still like to own them eventually, but now I can be patient and wait until I have an excess of funds at the same time that there happens to be an amazing sale somewhere.

What? No Deep Space?

Loved TNG & DS9….but I’ll always prefer the classic over anything.

No bloody A, B, C, or D…….or E, or NX…..

I am not sure if there was an issue earlier, and that’s why people above were saying that all the seasons are not on Netflix. If that was the case, it’s been fixed because all three seasons are available to stream. I am going to enjoy watching my favs again in HD!

Hey Chris Doohan, good of you to come by. I met your dad several times on the convention circuit, and while I got the idea that Jimmy was not always happy to have taken the role of Scotty, we are certainly lucky that he did. His contribution to this great series will not be forgotten.


Watching “The Corbomite Manuever ” from season 1 now. If there was a problem, it’s been fixed.


great news. i only wish DS9 and the Animated series were on streaming. Those seem to be some of the ones (along with season 4 of Enterprise) folks missed the most and I think are some of the best.

5. Chris Doohan

Chris, thank you so much! I appreciate the compliment!

I am a HUGE fan of your Father!

And you, too, by the way. After all, you WERE in ST:TMP AND Star Trek 09!

Only YOU and NIMOY can lay claim to THAT one!

Best. News. EVER!!

As others have said, Season 1 of TOS is now available.

Good bye, life. I knew thee well.

#4 Chris Doohan
Your Dad was great. He was the only one on the show who could cry convincingly (Wrath of Khan) “thanks doctor, I know you tried”
Brings a tear to my eye every time.


Okay, so I just signed up for Netflix because of your article, Anthony, and I can’t get ANY Star Trek stuff!!!


That’s the only reason I signed up!!

Anyone getting any Star Trek movies/series eps?


@35 — Yep, no problems here. What’s wrong?


Pretty sad news to get, especially ON Canada Day!

I am very excited! Woo HOO. can’t for October 1st as well!

Where is Deep Space Nine??!?!?!?! And don’t tell me “October 1st”. Unacceptable, dagummit!!!!

Thanks to my local library I have been rewatching 24th Century Trek. DS9 Seasons 3-7 are some of the best trek out there!

I’ve been on the fence bout NetFlix for awhile, but with my new job, Star Trek convinced me to get it and I luv it.

My big disappointments should be fixed in time but right now my issues are

1) No DS9 till Oct
2) TNG does not look good at all
3) The Cage is not remastered
4) Limited to no subtitles

Ok. I may be siging up for Netflix. Anthony. You have sold me on it. Lol.
Chris. Relics is one of the bst of the Tbg Eps. Your Dad gave us a great send off of Scotty. His last words on the Ep still want to bring a tear to my eyes. EYE.

Excuse me everyone, but until we get it on Netflix Canada, I won’t be celebrating with you all (angry emotion).

No Trek in Canada..yet again. Can we petition someone to make it happen? :)

This may be the final nail in my Time Warner Cable subscription.

I haven’t had cable for years. with Netflix and Hulu, who needs it?

I’m having some trouble getting Enterprise to add to my queue, but TOS works like a charm.

TOS looks fantastic! The clarity of image is astounding!

Can someone please tell me why DS9 is the lone omission?

At the moment on Enterprise they have Shockwave Pt. 2 and Carbon Creek mixed up. I wanted to catch CC since that wasn’t available on CBS for some reason

40- Think about this, when DS9 comes out, you’ll have no reason to focus on the other series. We can ALL watch DS9 at the same time, while bow we divide our attention on the other series.

42- Netflix is terrible with subtitles… they’re being sued because of it by deaf advocacy groups

47- I agree! My TV is almost exclusively Roku input these days