Report: Paramount Already Working Around Star Trek Sequel Delay

More indications are emerging that the Star Trek sequel officially slated for June 29, 2012 is not going to make its date. While we await an announcement on how JJ Abrams and Paramount will proceed with their next Trek, there are indications a delay decision has already been made based on activity surrounding other Paramount Summer 2012 movies.


Paramount already at work on their Summer 2012 movies (except Star Trek)

Today Deadline has a report on the latest casting for Paramount’s G.I. Joe 2: Cobra Strikes (Adrianne Palicki has joined as female lead), but they also threw in this little tidbit:

The studio’s casting quickly; they need the film for next summer because the Star Trek sequel won’t be ready and this rebooted film and World War Z are prime candidates to fill summer slots.

As noted on the one-year countdown date, the conventional wisdom now that the Star Trek sequel will be delayed. And the recent report of Zoe Saldana considering taking a job shooting in September was another hint that Star Trek wont be shooting (as planned) in September. This latest activity on GI Joe 2 is just the latest indication that this film officially slated to be released six weeks after the Star Trek sequel is actually farther along in development.

To put things in context, here is a rundown of Paramount’s summer 2012 projects with release dates noted and the latest status.

May 11 – The Dictator [filming]
A comedy starring Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat). The film started shooting in May and Paramount has even already released a promotional image.

Official promo image from "The Dictator"

June 29 – Untitled Star Trek Sequel [scripting]
The sequel to Paramount’s successful 2009 Star Trek film is still officially in the development stage. Some prep work is being done based on extensive outline, but there is no announced start to pre-production or director (expected to be producer JJ Abrams). 

License Magazine Cover (from October 2010) – so far licensing for the sequel only official activity outside of scripting

August 10 – G.I. Joe 2: Cobra Strikes [pre-production/casting]
Sequel (and semi-reboot) to 2009’s G.I. Joe. Script finished and currently casting.  Director Jon Chu expected to start filming in August.

Dwayne Johnson, Adrianne Palicki, Rapper RZA, and DJ Cotrona – all cast in GI Joe 2 in June

Summer TBA – World War Z [filling/casting]
Zombie movie (adapted from book by Max Brooks) is being produced and stars Brad Pitt. Filming  began two weeks ago. Today ET posted video of location shooting in Malta with Pitt battling a horde of zombies. While production has started, the film is also still in the process of casting.

"World War Z" location shooting in Malta

Looking at the above it is entirely plausible that Paramount will be able to shuffle things around and move the Star Trek movie without losing one of their pre-selected release dates for Summer 2012. However for now none of this is official.

Mainstream sharing fan pain

Of course most Star Trek fans are already feeling the pain of not getting a Star Trek sequel out for this summer, and we are even gearing up for another delay. But it isn’t just Trek fans. Today E Online posted their top 5 Biggest Letdowns of Summer 2011, and coming in at #5 was…

5. No Star Trek 2! As much as Super 8 has been loved, and as much as J.J. Abrams no doubt had to get his Steven Spielberg movie out of his head, and onto a screen, the throwback sci-fi movie is a big reason why Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk hasn’t taken a victory lap yet for 2009’s success. Call it the ultimate letdown: Hollywood makes a movie that you want to see sequelized, and then it doesn’t make it.

So it looks like it isn’t just the hardcore that are jonesing for more Star Trek.

POLL: Push for release or wait?

Even with all the above, the Star Trek team contend they could make the Star Trek sequel on time for the June 29, 2012 release date. So should they push it? 



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Guess that can wait couple more months, as long as they will make a good Star Trek movie.


dissapointed but I’d rather they do it right than rush it and do halfaz job.

So, this sucker’s up against “The Hobbit?”

We must…join with it, Gandalf….

yes i agree don’t rush it, do a great job, but stop making other movies & concentrate on star trek first. you know if its delayed until after summer i would love to see it come out September 8Th.2012

the theme from star trek lyrics that was written by gene roddenbery in the music.

Dec. 21 2012

December 21’st , 2012 is one of those dates people are predicting as the ‘End of the world” or a turning point.

1) “If it is the end of the world…I’d rather be watching a Star Trek movie.”

2) We are at that turning point with regards to technology. Star Trek technology is coming to be now. MHD is now a buzzword. The future is now.

3) That will be the date on people’s minds most in 2012.

4) ST 2012 could speak on 2012, show how important Star Trek has been for the world & deliver hope for tomorrow, not one hundred or more years from now?

Once again the world craps on Trekkers

This isn’t about “pushing for a release or not” this is about some people who shall remain nameless have taken their own sweet time on other projects and THAT’s why Trek 2 got delayed!

It would be an ultimate F U to the fans if JJ Abrams doesn’t even direct the next Trek movie.

$&#@*^#!*%>}s**T!!! Can’t say I wasn’t ready for it,but it still don’t make me happy!!! I do want ’em to take time and make it right,but I think they could use a little fire under their feet every now and again too!

I’m getting sick to death of Hollywood releasing sequels to things we don’t want to see, yet Paramount can’t get on board with a sequel we do want to see. Why is this so difficult? The sequel has been in the works since ST 2009 opened. Thanks JJ Abrahms and crew. This is, indeed an F U to fans. It seems that they just don’t care. Paramount is set to make millions and millions off of this sequel. I’d think they could use the money. But, hey, GI Joe was sooooo good that it definitely deserves a sequel.

#9… J.J. doesn’t care about the fans. He wouldn’t have made that abomination that came out in 2009 with the Star Trek name on it!

Fellow Trekkers, I’ll say this again. Since Star Trek will not make it for summer 2012, it’s logical for the film to be released in May of 2013. There’s no point for Paramount to release it in the holiday period of 2012. The Enterprise would do battle with the Hobbit, James Bond and that teenage vampire flick. There’s no reason for this no win scenario.

May of 2013 looks better. If you’re Paramount and got no blockbusters set for May, 2013, then put a delayed Star Trek there. Yeah, we’re disappointed. But better to do it right then do a rush job. If released in May, 2013, I also expect 3D. And if you’ve seen the craptastic Transformers:Dark of the Moon, a movie filmed in 3D can be impressive. Star Trek filmed in 3D might be really cool. So let the filmmakers prepare for that type of shooting.

Holy Groucho Marx. Take a look at Sacha Cohen’s beard! And Brad Pitt is in a zombie flick? Fascinating.

All in all, I would prefer they just mothball the Trek movies for now and concentrate on putting another series on television. That’s where Trek has done (most consistently) its best work. Sure, the budget would be smaller, but there would be much more room to get to know the characters (hopefully a NEW ship and crew) and tell meaningful sci-fi stories—because that’s what it’s all about, people! Remember?

i need to ask this how long of a fan are you? …. i’ve been a fan for nearly 45 years.
now that i read this artical again i must say that I’m very disapointed that the movie wount be out june of 2012 & I also feel the same as some of you do, that j.j. & crew are craping on us because of what. … paramount want them to do other projects before our beloved trek .
so what can we do nothing but wait until they decide to get off their lazy butts & start working on trekfull time ,personally i think it will be worth the wait

I sure hope it is not Dec 2012. I’d rather Oct/Nov or even sometime early 2013. Did Paramount not LEARN the last time a Trek movie tried to go head to head with a Lord of the Rings film. Nothing but bad can come from it.

I say delay until the Holidays. Any longer and it’ll be just plain irritating.

“Did Paramount not LEARN the last time a Trek movie tried to go head to head with a Lord of the Rings film”

They learned it couldn’t be done by a director no one cared about with a crew no one cared about anymore. This isn’t Trek of the old-guard folks.

“The sequel has been in the works since ST 2009 opened. Thanks JJ Abrahms and crew. This is, indeed an F U to fans.”

Yes.. a big F.U. to the fans because they want to do it right. Something Trek fans are not used to from the Roddenberry/Berman era.

Yes … do it …do it … do it! …well, that does not depend on me, right?… so I just say what I want …what I hope!!!

A statement about it would be nice… I’m already irritated by so much speculation!

:-( :-)

Boy, it was hard to click “No” on that poll.

They are taking so long to make the sequel… it will be reboot of reboot… they will have to convince many people again…

:-) :-)

I figure it will be only a few months Delay if any that is done, not into 2013, Trek will be out in 2012 just Depends on when and I don’t see it coming out any later then September 2012

I have to say that tell Paramount says something I don’t Belive these Romumors , I know it will come out in 2012 it just when that is the big deal, I don’t see Paramount backing away from the 2012 date because 2 1/2 in between Films is a good time, I see it coming out before Oct 2012

@ 20 Devon

Yeah, that Gene Roddenberrry really messed up Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan; Star Trek III: The Search for Spock; Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. And damn Rick Berman for TNG, DS9 and Voyager; twenty one years of successful televsion. And damn him for “The Best of Both Worlds” “Yesterday’s Enterpirse”, “The Inner Light”, “The Nth Degree”, “Tapestry” “The Chase” DS9’s “The Visitor” and on and on. Yeah, damn Rick Berman for all the excellent Star Trek he produced.. And damn you Rick Berman for global warming, while I’m at it.

Look, I agree with you it should be done right. J.J. Abrams is an excellent director. But I’m not going to worship him. If he doesn’t want to direct or wants to direct the movie, he should make a statement. Super 8 has been out for three weeks. Abrams could come off the Mountain with the Burning Bush and deliver the message. The fans have a right to be unhappy.

And I forgot one more thing, to curse Rick Berman. Damn you Rick Berman for the 2008 financial crisis.

I’ll bet fresh baked donuts that all the fan feedback and criticism really got Bob thinking abut ways to address some of the things that were brought up.

It took Stanley Kubrick 400 DAYS to SHOOT Eyes Wide Shut. That’s doesn’t include the years and years of preparatory work he did before starting to shoot.

I.e., If you want your steak well done, you’re gonna have to wait a little longer for it.

The extra time is not a promise of quality, but I think the odds increase heavily in favor of that possibility with the extra mental effort that goes into the story’s design.

@ 15 Vultan

I agree that Star Trek belongs on TV. Unfortunately, Star Trek’s hope for TV lies with CBS. Unless they can put some reality element in the show, or give a role for CBS head Les Moonves’ wife, Julie Chen; there is no sign that CBS is interested in doing anything with Star Trek other than riding Paramount’s coattails.

I’ll let Anthony Pascale say it for us. “I do believe that Star Trek is at its best on TV, a medium that allows for more complex storytelling and character development.” Link below..

Anthony’s statements on where Star Trek belongs and comments on the Bryan Singer Star Trek proposal.

Happy to wait as long as it means we can the best Star Trek film possible!! :)

Yeah, I have no doubt that however long we wait they will produce a quality product. My biggest fear though is that they will take too long and it will have been so long since the 2009 movie that people will begin to forget it. Then again, The Dark Knight came out in 2008 and it will be 2012 before we see the sequel and conclusion to the Batman trilogy so you never know, perhaps people will see the trailers and go “yeah, that Star Trek movie was awesome! Gotta go see it!” My only other fear too is that they will release it at Christmas which in general is a more sandwiched release period and will have a repeat of Nemesis’ situation, where you had a LotR, Harry Potter and Bond all competing. Now you’ll have The Hobbit, and a new Bond movie, which I believe is also the first Bond film since 2008-09, can’t remember how long.

Still, I am not surprised that its being delayed at this point. I was kind of wondering when Paramount announces a new comic book series set in the new universe for fall and a new video game which as recently reported is supposedly “canon” so I have a feeling they were prepping us for a delay and giving us something to hold us over. Not as good as a DVD movie, miniseries or even an animated series but better than nothing.

I understand that some people may thing waiting until summer 2013 is “taking time to do it right”. However that still does not change the fact that Mr. Abrams and crew have chosen a myriad of other projects over the Star Trek sequel.

I admit I have NO idea what is going on with the production. However my anticipation for the movie dwindles with every non “announcement”. I can only imagine how the average movie viewer will perceive this delay.

I would not go so far as saying Mr. Abrams and crew is “crapping” on us, but I cannot help but feel they are being disrespectful.


As an original fan I am disappointed.

Commence your whining, fat guys! God knows there is simply not enough opportunity to whine on the internet.

I’ve every faith in the Supreme Court that they will deliver another great Trek film. As far as I’m concerned, they can take all the time they need to make sure everything is right.

By all means, don’t rush it. Take your time. Do a sequel to Super 8, call it Super 9. And maybe slate another G.I. Joe movie, part 3. Then maybe they will have had enough years to write a really, really, really good Star Trek script, and it might even be in time for the 23rd century! Maybe they will make it a hologram movie by then.

I fully expect this movie to slip to May 2013, but not because Fall 2012 looks impregnible: it doesn’t. Hobbit is Christmas, the last Bond blew chunks, and the Twilight flicks are not the same audience at all. There’s room if Paramount wants it in the Fall. I just don’t think they will. They’ll aim for May and this time put their foot down on Bad Robot to make sure they don’t take their eyes off the ball again. Super 8 is not the Summer 2011 blockbuster they wanted and now they’ve lost their biggest movie of Summer 2012. Paramount is probably not a fun place to be around these days.

#26 – “Yeah, that Gene Roddenberrry really messed up Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan; Star Trek III: The Search for Spock; Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.”

Those were not Roddenberry productions.

“And damn Rick Berman for TNG, DS9 and Voyager;”


“The fans have a right to be unhappy. ”

They also have a right to wait. Fans with their conspiracy theories are not speeding things up one single bit, so reason to complain at this point.

#31 – “However that still does not change the fact that Mr. Abrams and crew have chosen a myriad of other projects over the Star Trek sequel.”

Because they came first and to their avail before anything with Star Trek. And that is their right, their priority, and their BUSINESS. Some of you are forgetting you are trying to dictate people’s ways of life, which should not be for anyone here to discuss.

“but I cannot help but feel they are being disrespectful.”

They aren’t. However, if you want to see “disrespectful” just look at some of the comments from people and their self entitlement.

Scrap the movie and bring back the t.v. series.

3 years between movies is such a long time. Hope there is only two years break between the second and third.

Despite expectations of the new transformers being crap it was crap. No effort to surprise viewers.

X Men first class on the other hand, written by the same writer as the worst x men film stands as the most powerful lesson of lessons learnt in hollywood history.

For this reason i want gold. I want a film that i want to go and see again as soon as i’m walking out of the theatre. A film with spectacle but not reliant on it for it’s emotional core. A film that will make all those twats at school who thought i was a geek for loving Star Trek think that maybe i was actually the coolest kid in school.

Ok i was kind of kidding about that last sentence but for many trekkies that may be true. The next Star Trek film not only needs to be awesome but it needs to give the geek brigade that are trekkies a sense that some of the wrongs in their own lives have been righted too.

With so much hanging on this i say “do it ducimo, do it slowly”.


Yes, unfortunately CBS doesn’t seem to care about Trek at the moment, but—just a thought—since Paramount also does television, would it be out of the question for them to do a Trek series or direct-to-DVD movies? Or is it just CBS that has the rights to any and all Trek that doesn’t have its title appearing on a theater marquee?

Well… the lament is heard not only here… I found this at EOnline.. was an article titled…”Five Biggest Movie Letdowns of the Summer”

“5. No Star Trek 2! As much as Super 8 has been loved, and as much as J.J. Abrams no doubt had to get his Steven Spielberg movie out of his head, and onto a screen, the throwback sci-fi movie is a big reason why Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk hasn’t taken a victory lap yet for 2009’s success. Call it the ultimate letdown: Hollywood makes a movie that you want to see sequelized, and then it doesn’t make it.”

:-) :-)

#40 – Paramount is no longer involved in television that I’m aware of.

#41 – That was in the previous news article here.

This dissing stuff is scary. They don’t owe fans anything, other than, maybe, a good movie. The same thing they owe the general public. I’d hope they respect the source material (which doesn’t mean following canon slavishly), which they have so far — and some of us may be handy (less so now thanks to wikieverything) for keeping track of Trek minutia, and our enthusiasm is probably welcome to a working writer… but I suspect Trek 2009 (and most of the previous successful Treks) would have done fine if every hard-core fan had stayed home.

Yeah, a delay sucks. Heck, maybe there ARE problems behind the scenes, but, really, who (here) knows?

Although, all that having been said, the whole game announcement (with a promise of payoff in the next flick) reminds me a little of all the crap that tied into the Matrix sequels.

Anyone Notice the lack of Bob Orci being here ???? I think they will not disappointing us, we will have a Movie in 2012 now if it is July or August 2012 and not June 29th we’ll I can wait and see what comes and know it will be good.

Now this is an interesting turn of events: bad publicity.
Pushing back ‘Star Trek” in favor of weaker fare is a really, really bad business decision.

Dear Paramount, if creating a new “Star Trek” movie is such a CHORE, then give the project to someone who actually likes the franchise and would consider it an honor to be involved with it.

It’s a production delay from an in-demand production team. It’s a bit of a bummer, but it’s hardly a middle-finger to Trek fans. Know why Rick Berman lived and breathed Star Trek? Because no one else wanted him. It’s not a slight to Berman, it’s simply reality. He was not a hot property. He was ‘the Star Trek guy’. JJ, Bob, Alex, Bryan, etc., are not just ‘The Star Trek guys’. That’s part of why it’s great we managed to get them. There’s no need to read every little thing as some kind of slight to fans. These guys have engaged with the fanbase more than any previous production team (Ron Moore’s AOL chats aside). They’ve done nothing to indicate they’re taking their responsibilities for granted.

I know that the hearts of the Bad Robot team may be in the right place, but good feelings do not cut it in the entertainment business…and it IS a business.
Treat it as such.

I too would like to do a good job at work, too, but I can’t just take my sweet time, because I am such a sensitive artiste. Deadlines are deadlines.

How would you like it if you hired a contractor to re-do your kitchen and he said, I have a couple of other jobs which are really important to me and I have to finish them first, and I want to do a really good job for you, so I’m going to push back the start date on your project a couple of months?

Well, isn’t that the same thing?

@47. I agree completely. I am getting very frustrated myself with the continual delays.

That being said, if when the contractor finally got to you kitchen, he did such a great job that your neighbors and family complemented it for years to come, the memories of the initial delays would quickly fade, and you would go back to that same procrastinator contractor to sign him up to redo your living room.

Big Mistake people will move on by Dec. 2012. Those who watched the first one will be gone. It will come out in the midst of 2002 Nemesis syndrome (10 years later!). It will get beat up by Bond, and the other films coming out at that time (just like 2002 Nemesis)… It will fall short, then, we will have another 10 years without Trek. These guys are making a huge mistake, Trek at it’s best came out every 2-2.5 years 1982, 1984, 1986, then a screw up in 1989 and greatness in 1991, screw up in 1994, greatness in 1996 and 1998 and failure in 2002. Long waits are bad for the franchise especially when using the same cast (Trek ’09 does not count, because it was a reboot and TMP was a comeback).

Big sigh.