Check Out Quirky Campaign For Star Trek TNG Reruns In UK

On July 20th the UK Channel CBS Action (which already shows the original Star Trek) will begin airing reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation. And to promote this, they have started a quirky campaign featuring regular people showing their inner Trekkie. Check out some of the images below. 


CBS Action "Live Boldly. Love Your Fan Side" TNG Campaign

UK cable/satellite channel CBS Action has launched a new campaign to promote Star Trek: The Next Generation which will begin to air nightly (M-F) on July 20th at 8pm. The campaign, by Studio Hansa, is designed to show Star Trek fans showing both their real life selves and their inner Trekkie. Here are a couple of the bus shelter ads from the campaign.

UK TNG campaign bus shelter ads with fans showing their inner Picard and Data

And here is a shot of one of the ads at a train station.

Train station TNG ad with fan showing his inner Geordi

According to Studio Hansa, the effect for the ads was done with fans wearing specially tailored suits. They even have a development blog with behind the scenes pictures and video.

Behind the scenes for new CBS Action TNG campaign

You can also learn more and watch a video with CBS Action’s resident Trek Expert Raules Davies at (or watch it below).

Thanks to Andy Britton for spotting this campaign

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It does look quirky, but who knows what will sell something in England except other Brits?

Awesome work. I never thought I’d see a street ad campaign for TNG again :).

Clever. I dig it.
Taking me right back to 1990 and the summer of Locutus…

By the way, Captain Clark Terrell hasn’t aged a day! Guess being vaporized does wonders for the skin.


Very Original…Great Work.

A very warmly welcomed article by this English Trek fan. All the Trek shows are shown on digital/satelite TV in the UK. I’m glad I now know where to go for TNG: they already show remastered TOS.

I just wish that the powers that be would remaster TNG: one of my most favourite shows.

I thinks the ads are great – very imaginative and cool!

Not seen the print ads as yet here in the Scotland where I live but have nseen the tv ads on cbs action – but great to know we can dip into TNG again now and then.

Have these people been in a time capsule for 25 years and not seen TNG? LOL! You would have thought that TNG would have been shown over and over and over like in the US!

Shame Trek isn’t on the BBC on Wednesdays at 6pm where it belongs.

Yes it has been shown over and over and over and over and people still watch it here :-)

#11 Thats cos, Top Gear re-runs on Dave aside, there’s bugger all else worth watching!

and in case you Johnny Foreigners are wondering, yes, there is a tv station called Dave in the UK!

Love the ads! Typically British (i.e. cool). ;-)

#10 with you on that… Rushing home to set the video in the early 90’s…

and pissed off when Tennis ran over forcing me to wait 2 weeks to see the next episode….

#13 not to mention Dave’s +1 station called Dave ja vu the best name for a station ever

Grrrr remember the days on BBC, summer was a disaster for schedule changes, “and now instead of star trek tng here are two people grunting and hitting a ball back and forth with a stick for the next month”

The worst thing was Channel 4 poching Star Trek from BBC2, when Enterprise began here in 2002. Would’ve done a lot better on weeknights at 6pm, than generally treated with distain by T4 presenters on a Sunday lunchtime. WTF were they thinking? Those college boys with a degree in TV scheduling?

And yet BSG has never been shown on terrestrial tv

19. I’ve never even seen most of BSG (partly out of choice, I could buy it on Blu ray). I saw the opening mini-series and a couple of episodes on what used to be Sky Three.

The big TV channels just don’t know what to do with Space Opera.

Heroes sank without trace on the BBC. Went back to Sky.

Lost didn’t last on Channel 4 and did likewise.

You want quality and just have to pay Rupert Murdoch to see it!

Not a name most of here in Britain want to hear right now…

#16 lol yes, Dave ja vu is a genius name! :-D

Nice guy and a worthy campaign but I have a question………

One of the uniforms he is wearing has the insignia of Captain but also the gold braid of an Admiral, is is just a mistake?

@ 20 Christopher Roberts

BBC knows exactly what to do with Sci-fi.
It was the home of All the Star Trek on BBC 2 every Wednesday at 6pm until a few years ago and the Flag ship show of the BBC is Doctor Who and don’t forget about Torchwood Miracle day coming next week and final series of The Sarah Jane adventure…RIP Liz Sladen.

He said, “The Offspring,” but I think he means LOL. Lord, I’m a geek.

24. “It was the home of All the Star Trek on BBC 2 every Wednesday at 6pm until a few years ago.”

Yes, it was. 10 years ago.

@ 26. Christopher Roberts

Nope, it was far later than than, but thats ok, ignore my point about BBC being a friend to Sci- Fi

^ I remember they had a special night on BBC2 to celebrate 35 years. Jonathan Ross (pre-chat show, pre-Russell Brand) hosted it. They showed a couple of documentaries, had a phone-in for Captain’s favourite episode which Janeway’s won and ended with Star Trek IV The Voyage Home.

Ah, happy days… but as Richard Ashcroft of the Verve once put it:

“Nothing ever lasts forever… Nothing ever lasts forever…errrr”.

How weird. I saw a few of these billboards when I went to London today. I never expected to see TNG ads (and a rerun, no less) show up at train stations.

I can’t believe I don’t get this on Virgin Media.


Bittersweet Symphony!

Doh…..that’s supposed to be #28.

“The Offspring” was the title of the episode with Lol, Data’s curious and doomed daughter.

I wonder if younger folks nowadays think that the name Lol is a confusing texting reference?

So THAT’s why they’re on BBC-America! A-ha!


I think you will find Data’s daughters name was “Lal” which if I remember correctly was explained as being the Hindi word for “beloved”

Although the check I just made shows it does not just mean “beloved” (it can also mean “to caress, to play” ) but the interesting thing is that it is, traditionally, a male Hindi name.

Sorry, my comment above should have been directed at 33…..

Lol, guys it’s actually Lal, lol

Interesting thing about CBS Action is their cropping of TOS to widescreen.

While that’s occasionally badly done, you do see more of the new CG.

Comparison shots for anybody with trekbbs account.

DS9 was shown in its original 4:3 ratio.

TNG has been 16:9 cropped for the trailer being run, but that’s no indication about the run. Hopefully they won’t because there’s not much point in seeing less and the quality of footage in the advert looks terrible ‘zoomed in’.

Adam West Batman and Star Trek. He might as well be me.

Just back from London and saw the Geordi one on the Underground adverts.

Looked fun and quirky

Part of the campaign to get people back into Trek in the UK methinks – especially after the success of the latest film. Its popularity has peaks and troughs just like Thunderbirds (who’s popularity exploded once again in the mid 90s with the re-runs on the BBC)

How i hark back to the days when on the BBC they would show the two part episodes such as encounter at farpoint and best of both worlds back to back (BBC got the episodes months after Sky TV did)

This is awesome. Enough said.