Preview of “Voyage Trekkers” – Comedy Web Series Coming July 18

Today we have news on another Star Trek parody web series. Launching later in July, Voyage Trekkers answers the question: what are the adventures of the worst starship and crew like? Find out more below plus watch the trailer. 


Voyage Trekkers – the adventures of the galaxy’s worst Starship crew

The upcoming new web series "Voyage Trekkers" is a comedy set on board what is the "worst" Starship in the galaxy, with a crew to match. Show creator Nathan Blackwell tells TrekMovie Voyage Trekkies is a love-letter to Star Trek, along the lines of Galaxy Quest.  The show dispenses with with the usual exposition and resolution and just drop viewers into the middle of the adventures of the hapless crew and their mishaps. The show’s tagline is "These are the voyages that don’t make the Captain’s log."

The show premiers on Monday July 18th on YouTube. There are a total of ten 2-3 minute episodes planned, with new episodes coming out each Monday.  Episodes plotlines include having the crew dealing with getting bad directions  and having the Captain trying to issue orders during a battle from his quarters while he tries to seduce a space babe.

Here is a trailer…

Voyage Trekkies is produced by Phoenix-based Squishy Studios and Inside Creative Minds Media. Blackwell is the head writer, director, and show-runner. Visual effects are being done by students from the Art Institute of Phoenix. AIP’s David Stipes, who did effects for Star Trek TNG and DS9, is also acting as consultant. The show stars Adam Rini (Captain Sunstrike) of the comedy group Bully Mammoth and Gabrielle Van Buren (Doctor Rena), and Logan Blackwell (Commander Powell). All are part of the "stock Squishy Studios players" that have been in several previous short films.

Here is a behind the scenes featurette for Voyage Trekkers

For more info visit the official site at

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YAY !, new Star Trek


I’ll stick with Galaxy Quest!

I. Montoya

Fan films always get a lot a crap but do your thing guys!

trekker 5

I’ll watch.but I’m not so sure I’ll like it. But because this seems to be all I’m gonna get for a while,I might as well try to enjoy it.


What are you talking about? This looks awesome!


Can’t wait!


The trailer made me laugh. Good job! :)

El Chup

Looks terrible.

The problem with fan films is the awful acting…..I can’t think of anything worse than awful acting from people who also have no comedic talent whatsoever.


I can’t wait!! Trailers look hysterical and having seen some other stuff by Squishy Studios, I have high hopes that Voyage Trekkers is gonna rock!


It’s hillarious comedy from award-winning actors, actresses, and crew. I look forward to watching it!

Jo Jo

Wow that was as funny as a brain tumor. Waste of time.


Another bad parody.


Anybody remember Quark w/ Richard Benjamin? If it’s half as good as that, it might get cancelled twice as — Wait, I mean, I think this should have a shot.


Also, Nice Hottie. (I mean the blonde.)

It’s a space comedy… but I don’t see that it’s Trek.


It would be nice to see just one thread without bitchin’ and moanin’ negativity in it.

Oh, wait, my own comment was kind of whiny, wasn’t it?


Do You Wanna Dance

Most of you freaked when you saw the Enterprise being built on Earth instead of outer space in the teaser trailer of Star Trek 2009, and most of you now loved the movie.

That being said, I’ll keep my feelings reserved until I watch the first episode of this web series.


I admit the teaser didn’t do anything for me, but I’ll give it a shot.


‘Star Trek meets Animal House’ gone wacko! It’s got some promise and I’ll keep an eye out for it. I’m curious what their ship looks like. Does it have a flag w/a tomato on it, or the Delta Tau Chi fraternity symbols?

Elena G

Seriously some of the most hilarious stuff I’ve seen. You gotta watch! There are two episodes and two trailers. Here are links to the episodes.

Episode 1:

Episode 2: