New Star Trek: TNG Music Collection Debuting At Comic Con

Good news for lovers of Star Trek music.  La La Land is planning on releasing a new 3-CD collection of music from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The new set will premiere at Comic Con in two weeks, and then be available online in August. More details on the new set below.  


Star Trek: TNG Music Set Debuting At Comic Con

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(July 8, 2011- Los Angeles, CA) – La-La Land Records announces the premiere of their limited edition 3CD set Star Trek: The Next Generation Collection, Volume 1. The recording will debut at the La-La Land Records Booth at the San Diego Comic-Con, July 20-24, (housed in the Toy Hungry booth #429).

Featuring more than 3 full hours of previously unreleased music, Star Trek: The Next Generation Collection, Volume 1 showcases some of the most dynamic pieces of score ever composed for this beloved and acclaimed series.

Renowned composers Dennis McCarthy, Jay Chattaway, Don Davis, John Debney and Fred Steiner are all represented on this limited edition set of 3000 Units, which complies many of the very best musical contributions to the most famous and celebrated sci-fi franchise in television history. Produced by Ford Thaxton, Mark Banning, James Nelson and Lukas Kendall, this release, mastered by James Nelson, includes a 32-Page Booklet featuring liner notes from film/TV music writer Jeff Bond.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Collection, Volume 1 will be available for purchase exclusively at Comic-Con at the La-La Land Booth (#429). It will later be made available on the La-La Land website –, as well as other soundtrack online outlets, beginning August 2, 2011 (suggested retail price $34.98).

In addition to this exclusive Star Trek premiere, the La-La Land crew will be offering all kinds of special sale offers on some of their most exciting titles past and present, as well as discussing several major releases planned for the future. Drop by and spend some time with the only independent soundtrack label at the big show!

Follow La-La Land on Twitter for breaking news at Comic Con: La-La Land Records will be housed at the Toy Hungry booth (number 429), during Comic-Con from July 20-24 (including preview night).

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I hope it does not have any of those terrible A-Team like “oh no-danger” musical cues from the first season.

I am sure it will be awesome!


Unfortunately, most of the music on TNG was lackluster and boring, no doubt due in no small part to the producers telling the composers to keep the scores subdued so as to not “overpower” the scenes/shows. Sad. They obviously completely overlooked the fact that the scores on the Original Series were exciting and fun, did NOT overpower the scenes and in fact became very much a part of that series’ appeal. To this day, many of the cues from that series are fondly remembered. Eddie Murphy centered one of his jokes around Kirk and his womanizing while humming one of the most famous cues from the show. It’s a shame we couldn’t have the same with TNG. It might have made it even more memorable than it already is.

James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK

A Polka version of the main theme?!?

Me thinks only Arnold J Rimmer would like that….


I LOVED the Ron Jones Collection, and will be snapping this one up in a hurry as soon as I can pre-order it as well. Highlights for me include Fred Steiner’s “Code of Honor,” Dennis McCarthy’s “Haven” and “Conspiracy,” among others.

Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire.

Not a lot of music on Tng that was any good. Exceptions were best of both worlds and The inner light along with very few others.


I wish they would release more music from the original series


2 Yep.

chain of command

YES! Now can listen to meandering atonal music with no theme all day long!


Cool, let’s just hope this is better than many of the other albums on iTunes.


How about TNG on blu-ray in HD?


You know, every time I watch a new sci-fi show, whether its Babylon 5, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Fringe, whatever, I’m always amazed and surprised at how good the music is and how it’s as good if not better than feature film scores. I think back and wonder at why I am so surprised by this and realize that most of my TV watching in the 90’s consisted of Star Trek series produced by Rick Berman, from TNG to Enterprise, and throughout Berman’s entire run they just used the same exact chord over and over again. So thank you Rick for giving me and many others such a bad impression of music on TV shows. I remember thinking to myself over and over “the movies had such great music! How could the movies have such great music and the TV shows have hardly any music at all?”

Imagine if we had proper action music, themes for the characters or ships and as the series progressed that music would be built on and would mature. You would see Picard and be able to identify a theme with him, or you would watch an action scene and would be able to hum the music that went along with it.

To this day I cannot for the life of me understand why Rick Berman wanted to handicap the shows the way he did with the music. Joel Goldsmith’s amazing scores for the different Stargate shows has only enhanced the experience! Each Stargate show has its own music and Universe was so different musically from the previous two (but in a good way!) Then there’s Battlestar and the great operatic-style music behind that series…just so disappointing that Berman is apparently musically challenged.


Yes, unfortunately, from TNG onwards, there is very little memorable soundtrack music from the TV shows, “Farpoint” and “BOBW” excluded (anyone who mentions ‘Inner Light’ gets thrashed).

Strangely enough, Dennis McCarthy actually pulled his finger out for the abominable “Generations.” and produced something worth listening to on CD without the film ruining it.

Daniel Shock

I know it won’t happen – but if they remaster TNG for blu ray – I would totally support the original composers being given the opportunity to re-score their episodes.


Actually, for the first four seasons–before Ron Jones was sacked–Star Trek
: TNG had some great music–action cues, fairly liberal use of the Goldsmith and/or Courage fanfare in Seasons 1 & 2, etc. After that, however, TNG music was mostly bland. It really came roaring back in Enterprise–just listen to the scores for episodes like “Silent Enemy,” “Canamar,” and many others.


Chattaway did some great work in TNG’s “Tin Man” and an impressive ‘evil’ Empire Strikes Back kind of march for the Dominion in the DS9 episode “Call to Arms.”

Bob Tompkins

I own a 3 disc set that includes Best of Both Worlds, Farpoint and another episode I do not recall. I’ll have to look that up and fire it up…


Berman-Trek music is for the most part, very blah. You watch any random TNG, DS9, Voyager or Enterprise episode and it’s basically the same dull music. I would never waste my money on that.


#2 – TOS music may have been more “exciting” but they composed VERY little and used the same cues over and over and over again. Just like the starship shots. TNG had an original score for *every* episode.

#4 – No disrespect to the late Fred Steiner but the score for “Code of Honor” was terrible (and so was the episode). That is why Steiner was never invited back, keeping only McCarthy and Jones.

Berman may have muted the scores when he had complete control but Roddenberry and Justman were fans of having full, rich scores for their tenure. The first 3 seasons of TNG had some terrific material and I look forward to this set. I snapped up the Ron Jones collection as soon as it went up for preorder.


#15 – Agreed on “Call To Arms”, one of my favorite cues of all-time is the final one where Dukat receives Sisko’s “message” and the Defiant/Rotarran join the fleet.

chain of command

The music on the spinoff Star Trek shows post TNG season 4 just flat-out sucked. It provided no atmosphere nor did it enhance what was on-screen. It was like Sci-Fi soap opera music crossed with white wallpaper. BORING

Bermans’ big hatred for theme’s was stupid. Sorry, Rick, you did some good things but your music choices sucked.


It’s ironic that TNG had one of the greatest opening themes for a tv show ever, so grandiose and uplifiting, then as an episode progresses all we get are the same 5 to six measure chords until the last cutaway scene and ending credits an hour later.



Ron Jones FTW. After Rick dumped him it was all downhill.


During Trek’s 30th anniversary TV special, they used at commercial breaks a version of TNG’s theme that was slow and played on a single piano. It was beautiful. I’ve never been able to find it. Any chance it’s on here??


Most of the music in TNG was boring… was never a huge fan of BOBW…. Tin Man was my favourite from the series.


M.V. Gerhard of La-La Land posted the track listing on the Film Score Monthyl forum: Disc One: Dennis McCarthy 1. Star Trek: The Next Generation Main Title (3rd Season) Narration: Patrick Stewart (1:49) Music by Alexander Courage and Jerry Goldsmith, Arr. Dennis McCarthy Recorded September 18, 1989, at 20th Century Fox Scoring Stage, Los Angeles, California. • Debuted September 25, 1989. Airdates varied in local markets, due to syndication. HAVEN #105 2. Haven M11* / Harpies M12 / Gifts M13 (2:06) 3. Starship M14* / Lost Love M15 / Wyatt & Troi M16 / Mom Arrives M17 (3:26) 4. In Practice M21 / Tradition M22 / Cuestosity M23 (Not Used) / Mental Flame M24* / Leper Colony M25 (4:44) 5. Petty M37 (0:54) 6. Desert Panorama M41 / Proposal M42 / Tractor Beam M43 (2:51) 7. Ariana M51* / Plan to Die M52 / Preparation M53 / Alien Vessel M54 / Departure M55 / Next Adventure M56* (7:54) *Contains “Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)” by Alexander Courage Recorded October 1, 1987, at Paramount Pictures Scoring Stage M, Hollywood, California. • Original airdate: November 30, 1987 Hide and Q #111 8. Miracle Worker M51 / Lights Out M51A / Time Lapse M52* (5:24) *Contains “Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)” by Alexander Courage Recorded November 16, 1987, at Paramount Pictures Scoring Stage M, Hollywood, California. • Original airdate: November 23, 1987 The Big Goodbye #113 9. (You Came Along From) Out of Nowhere M53 / M12 (3:24) Composed by John Green and Edward Heyman, Arr. Dennis McCarthy Published by Sony/ATV Harmony (ASCAP). Additional Orchestrations by James Hill. Recorded December 10, 1987, at Paramount Pictures Scoring Stage M, Hollywood, California. • Original airdate: January 11, 1988 Conspiracy #125 10. Worf Down M51 / Invader M52 / Dinner Treats M53 / Retching… Read more »


Well there you go. They can probably find a lot more than 4 hours of good music out of 178 episodes, no matter what the rules were.


That’s a brilliant track list. I’ve wanted Dennis McCarthy’s Entrerprise theme from the opening of The Child from when the episode first aired and it’s in there. Good work La-La Land, can’t wait to pre-order.

Yep. Trust a guy like Rick Berman to get rid of something that actually worked like Ron Jones. His choices in Star Trek are about as convoluted as the TR-116 Rifle. If it works, don’t use it.

chain of command

Cool, they included the season 2 main title. I always thought that was the most adventurous sounding version…..which is probably why Berman got rid of it.