Photos & Video Of Trek In The Park “Mirror, Mirror” + Portland Mayor Declares July Star Trek Month

Over the weekend Portland’s Atomic Arts Theater Group held their third annual "Trek in the Park" event with free performances of the classic Star Trek episode "Mirror, Mirror." At the event Portland’s Mayor declared July as "Star Trek Month." See below for a photo slideshow of the event plus video.


Photos & Video of Portland’s Trek in the Park "Mirror, Mirror"

Atomic Arts’ Trek in the Park returned on Saturday and Sunday to Woodland Park in Portland, Oregon. For their third year they chose to perform the Star Trek episode "Mirror, Mirror."

Here is a photo slideshow of the event (photos by  Rio Hugo-Rios).

And here is some video from the event (via 4stag).

Portland Mayor Declares July Star Trek Month + more video

On hand for the event was Portland’s Mayor Sam Adams. Before the event started the Mayor made a suprise announcement, declaring July as "Star Trek (In the Park) Month. Here is video of the mayor’s declaration, along with 5 minutes of the opening of the show (via Overheard in PDX).

UPDATE: The mayor’s office has supplied us with the official declaration (click image below to get the PDF file):

Click to download PDF of official declaration

Here is the text of the official declaration text:

Whereas, Trek in the Park, over the last 3 years has recruited and gathered the most enthusiastic artisans, musicians, and actors to produce an annual intergalactic journey for their audience, in their own backyard.

Whereas, Trek in the Park is more than willing to passionately, and unapologetically, express their love for the stories they tell and are proud to do perform in a city where the people are just as diverse as the characters in they play (Mirror Universe included) and attempt to share the same messages of unity and understanding that Star Trek conveys.

Whereas, Trek in the Park has broken new ground not only in theatre, but in the celebration of pop culture and made it’s home, Portland, Oregon, an Enterprise for entertainment in the Northwest and across the country.

Whereas, Trek in the Park encourages the people of Portland to not only look to the stars, but to also celebrate and explore the city around them and all she has to offer.

Whereas, Trek in the Park, along with its parent, Atomic Arts, will continue to serve the fine city they call home and will energize audiences for the years to come, and wherever they go next, they will Boldly Go.

Now, therefore, I, Sam Adams, Mayor of the City of Portland, Oregon, the “City of Roses,” do hereby proclaim the month of July to be Star Trek (in the Park) Month in Portland. I am, and always shall be, your friend. And I encourage you to observe this month as you see fit. Live Long, and Prosper.

Trek in the Park 2011
Mayor Sam Adams gives a "live long and prosper" salute and declares July as Star Trek Month in Portland (photo by Anina Bennett)

More Performances in July + Coming Next Year: Journey To Babel

Atomic Arts Trek in the Park performances of "Mirror, Mirror" will continue ever weekend in July, with performances at Woodland Park every Saturday and Sunday at 5:00 PM. More info at Atomic Arts website. And they have also announced that next summer they will be doing "Journey to Babel," and they even gave a little preview at the event.

Trek in the Park 2011
Kirk with an Andorian from the "trailer" for next year’s Trek in the
Park, "Journey To Babel" (photo by Rio Hugo-Rios)


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Wow. Just wow. Gives me a reason to visit some friends up in Portland!

Sometimes I really do love living in Oregon.

Portland is truly apart of the Empire. On Behalf of the Terran Empire. I Salute you.
Long Live The Terran Empire.


What fun! Great choreography on the fight scene! I wonder if they served micro beers?

This is all great and I know I’m going to catch hell for this, but damn, is this all there is for Star Trek? I know it’s not Anthony’s fault, but you would think Paramount with one of it’s all time money makers would be pushing Star Trek shows,product, etc. more than they are. God forbid anyone say anything about the ” Supreme Court ” Yeah, IMHO, ST2009 was OK but it wasn’t the greatest. And now we are waiting how long for anything new? Take “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World” and put it in the 23rd century. That has been the best Star Trek movie of the last decade. I”ll go back into my closet now.

The state motto is the embarrassing, ‘we love dreamers.’ Given the love for FIREFLY up here, I think it should be ‘we love Reavers.’

I guess we have it here in Seattle as well

That looks like it sould be such fun.

I am tired of TPTB pushing product on people. All this commercialism is tiresome. Not everybody has easy access to it or can afford it. Anyway, it is not Star Trek, not for me at least.

COLOR BALANCE!!!! Too much blue in the last pic!

I would love to attend one of these somewhere. I give these guys a big round of applause! I think that’s great, taking their love and passion for the show and (literally) putting it out there for all to see! Way to go….

Next time I’m up in Portland or Seattle, I think I’d like to time it to coincide with one of these! ;-D

I love my city.

I’m going this weekend. Went last year and it was awesome. Very well acted, fun set changes, and a great outdoor theater setting. Can’t wait!

This is simply delightful. I love the idea of Trek in the park, in the vein of Shakespeare in the park. Trek is truly a classic.

As for whether the next movie is late, I’m not sure I care. As long as it comes out relatively soon, and is amazing, then I will be a happy camper.

Great work on recreating that fight scene. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to use the original, memorable music for that scene and others. I wonder why they don’t?

Who knew Spock — even Goatee Spock — was such a bad-ass? Great work!

Fun reenactment of the sickbay scuffle in “Mirror ….”

16 – Frederick, use of the original score is probably copyright infringement without paying for it. Just my best guess …


Quit your bitching already! This is a fan production….for fans! Get it? Just because they aren’t holding it in your neck of the woods is no reason to get upset. They obviously can’t do this outside of Portland because of the logistics and expenses involved. TPTB have nothing to do with this, except for possibly giving their permission to have this group perform in the park….for free.

The mayor is smart, any festivities are welcome for a city, and trekkies are not drugged hippies, just harmless fun loving geeks.

Atomic Arts inspired a group in Seattle to make their own live Star Trek show. Hello Earth Productions (, @hello_earth) is putting on This Side of Paradise. We open on July 23rd. Hope you can make it.

So cool! Love that they do this… Wonder if anybody will ever do a STNG version?


#6 – “but you would think Paramount with one of it’s all time money makers would be pushing Star Trek shows,product, etc. more than they are.”

@20 Sorry. I did not make myself clear here. I was responding to the above comment on this thread.

I have no problem whatsoever with what is happening in Portland, Oregon. I think it is super cool.

It disturbs me that I am the only one who is mentioning how hot the brunette in the blue Mirror-Verse uniform is.

Carry on, men.


Thanks for clearing it up!

Love Trek view from the otherside!!!.Terran Empire stories and costumes always fasinated me…To this Mayor…live long and prosper ! or in Romulan Jolantru….great story!!

This show is awesome. I watched the entire thing on YouTube…other than for Sulu having a bald spot, it was great.

I found it very amusing that when they did the teaser for “Journey To Babel” in the end, and “Kirk” announced the stardate, half the people in the audience recognized the date and cheered. :P

Reminds me of how me and some trekker friends used to play on a cassette tape of scenes from the show and re-enact them in the back yard. We used to do the fight scene from “Amok Time” all the time and we had it down! It was fun. It’s great that such scenes are still being re-enacted so many years after the show!

Can anyone who has been to this performance tell me about how long it is? We are planning our anniversary around this and I need to know when to make the (late) dinner reservations! Thanks!