New Promos For The Captains & Shatnerpalooza + Long Khan + TrekMovie/Epix Star Trek Trivia Contest

Next Friday William Shatner’s documentary The Captains will premier on Epix HD, joined by a "Shatnerpalooza" of programming. Today Epix provided TrekMovie with new promos for both. They have also put their first "Long Khan" fan video compilation online. And finally, TrekMovie and Epix are starting a new Twitter trivia contest with prizes. Check out all the Shatner-ific fun below.


New promos for The Captains and Shatnerpalooza

Here are the new promos for The Captains and Shatnerpalooza, coming to Epix HD next weekend.

The Captains


Remember if you don’t get Epix but live in the USA, you will be able to watch The Captains, Shatnerpalooza and all the Epix content by signing up for a 2-week free trial at  

The Long Khan Video released + can still submit your Khaaan yell video

As we reported two weeks ago, EPIX HD have been compiling fan-submitted videos of "Khaaaaan" yells into a single "The Long Khan" video. EPIX has now released the first compilation Long Khan video featuring dozens of fans and their "Khaaaann!" yells. Watch the compilation at

Click to see "The Long Khan" compilation

And The Long Khan is still growing. All month long they will continue to add contributions so upload your own "Khaaaan" yell at EPIX The Captains Twitter Trivia T-Shirt contest

TrekMovie and Epix are doing another Star Trek trivia contest running for 10 days starting Wednesday July 13th and ending on the premiere date of The Captains (Friday July 22nd). Each day we will be asking a trivia question about a Star Trek captain. Twitter followers (in USA) can get a chance to win by submitting the right answer within 30 minutes. We will select a winner (at random) from the correctly submitted answers each day. Winners will receive one of five special THE CAPTAINS T-Shirts (Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, or Archer). To get a chance to win, follow @TrekMovie and @EpixHD on Twitter and stay tuned for trivia questions. & Epix are giving away 10 "The Captains" T-shirts on Twitter

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It would only be Shatnerpalooza to me if JJ would announce that Bill is in the sequel. That’s Shatnerpalooza!!!!!!!!!!!!

You’re darn right, his” imprint on the character will stand the test of time”, Pine!

AWESOME!!! …definitely!!!

:-) :-)

Too bad its exclusive to only U.S Epix subscribers. International fans will just have to do without, I guess. :-(

Nice! I like the shout-out to Capt. Sully.

That’s why even the Prophets call him the Sisko. First name: Don’t f*** with.

Okay, I’m near the end of The Long Khan clip.

someone please tell me if there is going to be a dvd of THE CAPTAINS….I mean who ever profits from that thing would be dumb to not put out a DVD of that documentary. I would buy it in a heart beat.

Woweee…that IS the longest Khan I’ve ever…encountered.

Who would have known that one two-second scream could have become so…legendary?


They should at least get the Shat to do the classic titles monologue for the next movie. No one has done it so brilliantly as the Man, and it would be a fitting tribute.

#10 Harry Mudd

They should do that. Would have preferred the cameo but having Shat do the monologue would be nice. Maybe Shat could begin it with Pine closing it out

I’m not from the US, but if they end up with a few of those Archer t-shirts left over… I’d really like one! I’ll give Epix something for the postage.

Who’s the Captain on horseback with Bill? Was that Scott? :)

Love that Shatnerpalooza promo! Hilarious!

I so can’t wait!!! Khannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! :)

Man, I could only take that Long Khan videofor five seconds before it went off. Whoa. Talk about annoying and hard to watch!

If EPIX showed up at the Vegas ST CON in Aug to promote the show, they would sell a bunch if these T-shirts!

Wow! Just, wow!

16: Okay, Frederick. I’ll just have to come over and re-enact my “KHANNN!”

#13 Yes, I think the guy on horseback could be Scott Bakula.

Those promos look sooo good!

Is there a Chance for None US residents to get a View of “The Captains” ?

The BBC (in Britain) ought to buy the rights to show this and put together a Star Trek themed evening, for BBC2 or Three. Similar to those nights they once did back in 1996 and 2001.

It’s the 45th Anniversary in September.

Probably long enough time passed now for JJ Abrams’ film to be shown on terrestrial television.

CBS Action have shown Remastered TOS, but it’s about time one of the main freeview channels had it.

The BBC missed out on ENT back in 2002, when the last Trek series got snapped up by Channel 4. They could finally show it back-to-back with TOS-R maybe?

The daddy of all trekkies. Shatner rules.

#22 Yes. If only they would do that here. Star Trek 09 is being advertised here (on NZ TV3) to screen at some point on their new Monday nights Movie timeslot (8.30 -10.30ishpm or whenever the movie finishes). Next Monday they show Transformers:ROTF, free to air! See, MJ, don’t you miss not being downunder right now…:-)?

I think it would be great if our broadcasters could get hold of the Captains documentary and screen it around the time they show the latest Star Trek, even if it is only Shatner’s interview with Chris Pine, which would have relevance to the movie.

OK, perhaps I had better email TV3 to see if it is at all possible.

Shatnerpalooza looks funny, great promo vid!

Well there’s a surprise! Just checked “The Long Khan” and my clip is NOT on it! Typical! I make it to the cutting room floor again!

Why is there an article on Captain Picard Day, which we can’t clearly date due to stardate inconsistencies, but not on Captain Picard’s birthday, which was confirmed in “Conundrum” as July 13 (same as Patrick Stewart’s birthday)?

The only question is, which year should be considered “now”? How old is Captain Picard “now”?

When is the long Khan vid suppost to launch ? I excited now that I did the Khan yell during comic con :) I’m suppost to be number 300 in the vid :D