More Live Star Trek: “This Side Of Paradise” in Seattle Park + “Who Killed Captain Kirk” at DC Fringe

A couple of weeks ago TrekMovie reported on live and improv Star Trek shows this summer around the country, but we missed a couple so today we update with news on shows in Washington DC and Seattle, WA, along with summarizing the other summer shows.



Weekends from July 23 – August 7 – Seattle, WA
"This Side of Paradise" in the park

Hello Earth Productions – Blanche Lavizzo Park Amphitheater – weekends of July 23-24, July 30-31, and August 6-7 (Sat: 7 PM, Sun: 2pm)

Hello Earth Productions is doing their second “Outdoor Star Trek” performance this year with the classic episode "This Side of Paradise." Hello Earth has a gender-bending take on casting with Kris Hambrick as Captain James T. Kirk, Helen Parson as Mr. Spock. The show will also feature live music and it is free and open to the public.

You can learn more or on Twitter @hello_earth.

July 16,17, 20, 22nd – Washington DC  –
Who Killed Captain Kirk?

Capital Fringe Festival – Jul 16th 2:45 pm, Jul 17th 9 pm, Jul 20th 10 pm, Jul 22nd 8:15 pm

ClassiqueNouveau’s Who Killed Captain Kirk? seeks to answer this question in a stage play that combines Star Trek fandom with murder mystery hijinks. Who Killed Captain Kirk? is a raucous comedy that takes place at a Star Trek convention.

More info at



If you missed it, here are other live Star Trek shows for the summer.

Fridays & Saturdays in July – Portland, OR
USS Improvise: The Musical

The Unscriptables Theater – July 15 & 16 (8pm)

Improvised musical episodes based the original Star Trek with costumes, music and sound effects. See your favorite characters as you have never seen them before. Want to see Captain Kirk sing a love duet with an alien princess or Scotty sing a song about the joys of transporter travel?

Saturdays in July & August – Minneapolis, MN
Star Trek: The Next Improvisation

Huge Theater – July 23, 30 – August 6, 13, 20, 27 (8:00 PM)

Saturdays at 8 PM, the crew sets off on a brand-new improvised voyage through the universe of Star Trek: TNG. The same crew and new adventures each week! More details at official Facebook Page.

Saturdays & Sundays in July  – Portland, OR
Trek in the Park "Mirror, Mirror"

Atomic Arts – Woodland Park – July 16, 17, 23, 24, 30, 31 (5:00 PM)

Portland’s Atomic Art’s Theater Group returns with their live performances of Star Trek episodes held at Woodland Park. This year they will be doing "Mirror, Mirror."  (see report on last weekend’s performance). More info at the official site.  

Did we miss a live Star Trek improv or stage show in your home town? Let us know via


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A lot of fun.

I just love how Star Trek is getting a lot of attention.

Interesting phaser in the Who Killed Captain Kirk header. Sort of a ST III/TOS combo thing…

I’m a lifelong Trek fan, but some of this is just a little strange.

Lesbians in the park!

(I think I’ll pass)

Agreed #5 – I’ll pass as well….I’d prefer to watch 60s masculine Kirk kick a$$ and take names any day of the week than some kind of John Waters version.

Star Trek is getting a lot of good attention, but sometimes anything needs a “dial-down”. Musicals?

Why do all of these things happen everywhere except where I live? Trek fans seem to avoid California for some reason…


That’s funny, because everybody else complains about the “Star Trek Exhibit” hardly ever leaving California… ;-)

BTW, Rick Berman killed Captain Kirk, with William Shatner collecting the paycheck…cha-ching!

@9. Yea, for years all those ST exhibits were here in California and we made jokes about it. I guess “Let Them East Plomeek Soup” must have just recently moved here?

@5 “Lesbians in the park! (I think I’ll pass)”

Unless they are really hot ones, holding hands and wearing halter tops! ;-)

4-7. way to show the idic, guys.

Obviously lesbian trekkies are obviously lesbians.

It is known that in Shakespeare’s time, females were not allowed to appear on stage at all so all the female roles were played by young boys before they broke their voices or by male castrates. I don’t know when women and girls were allowed to play themselves but it was a while later. So I guess everyone was going to see a lot of “gay boys” playing Hamlet etc? Wrong – they were watching a play where all the characters (male and female) were played by males.

And people here seem to be bothered by girls playing the parts of Kirk and Spock. What makes you think that these females are lesbians anyway? Beyond stupid!


No, I’m just new to this stuff, that’s all. Actually, I’ve been here for a really long time.