ST09 CelebWatch: New Previews w/ Yelchin, Urban & Pegg + Cho & Quinto To SDCC + Pine Rumor Update + Zoe w/ Royals

This week the new Star Trek crew have been making news. There is a new TV spot for Fright Night featuring Anton Yelchin, a new trailer for Tintin with Simon Pegg, and a new image of Karl Urban as Dredd. Also John Cho and Zachary Quinto are headed to Comic Con next week and there is also an update on that Chris Pine RoboCop rumor And rounding it out we have some lovely pictures of Zoe Saldana at a recent polo match (attended by Royals).


New TV Spot For Fright Night with Anton Yelchin

Anton Yelchin, Star Trek’s new Chekov, stars opposite Colin Farell in a remake of the 1985 vampire movie Fright Night. The movie opens on August 19, here is a brand new TV spot.

New trailer for Tintin with Simon Pegg

The second trailer for Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn was released this week (via Empire). Star Trek’s Simon Pegg along with his friend Nick Frost play Inspectors Thompson and Thomson in the motion capture animation film. Tintin will be released December 23rd. 

New Image of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd

Here is the new image of Karl (via BleedingCool) as Judge Dredd. Dredd is expected to be released in 3-D in 2012.

New image of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd

Cho Attending Total Recall Comic Con Panel – First image of Farrell

Anton Yelchin is not the only Star Trek alumni to be appearing in an upcoming genre remake with Colin Farrell. John Cho, the new Sulu, will appear with Farrell in Total Recall, due in theaters next year. Cho has been confirmed to be on a panel for the film at next week’s San Diego Comic Con (Friday Hall H – Sony presentation 4:00-6:30pm). The first images from Total Recall appeared this week in Entertainment Weekly, showing Farell as Doug Quaid. Cho plays McClane, the guy who runs Rekal and implants Quaid (Farrell) with memories of an adventure – before things go all haywire.

Colin Farrell in first image from "Total Recall" – currently shooting with John Cho

Zachary Quinto Doing Special SDCC Event + Release Date For Margin Call

Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto does not have any panels planned at Comic Con, but this week he announced that will be doing a special event offsite. Here are the details for "A Coversation with Zachary Quinto":

Before the Door and Archaia Entertainment Present: A Graphic Partnership—The Debut of the Lucid and Mr. Murder Is Dead Graphic Novels
At Comic-Con International in San Diego, Zachary Quinto, Before the Door and Archaia Entertainment are supporting Zachary Levi’s (“Chuck”) Nerd HQ “Conversations for a Cause” to benefit Operation Smile, a foundation dedicated to helping children born with cleft palates. For a minimum donation of $20, join Zachary Quinto (Margin Call, Star Trek) and his Before the Door partners Neal Dodson and Corey Moosa for a spirited discussion about their two, new graphic novels published by Archaia: Mr. Murder Is Dead, a “who didn’t do it” mystery set in the fading world of Golden Age comic strips, with writer Victor Quinaz (Chinese Dream) and artist Brent Schoonover (Astronaut Dad); and Lucid, about a combat mage assigned to protect the nation from evil forces, with writer Michael McMillian (True Blood). Moderated by Archaia editor-in-chief Stephen Christy. The panel will be followed by a signing of the Lucid and/or Mr. Murder Is Deadgraphic novels ONLY. Jolt’N Joe’s, 379 4th Ave., San Diego,
92101. For information on how to buy tickets,  visit

And in other news, Quinto’s new film Margin Call (which he co-produced and co-stars) now has a release date: October 21st (via Box Office Mojo).

Zachary Quinto in "Margin Call" – Release date just announced for October 21st

Zoe at Polo Match With Wills and Kate

The next project for Zoe Saldana is the revenge flick Colombiana, which comes out September 2nd. TrekMovie reported on the first trailer for that film in May. There is nothing new from Zoe on that project, but last weekend she attended a polo match in Santa Barbara attended by Prince William and his new bride Kate Middleton. Here are some shots from that event.

Zoe Saldana arrives at The Foundation Polo Challenge sponsored by Audi at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club on July 9, 2011 in Santa Barbara, California.

Zoe Saldana arrives at The Foundation Polo Challenge sponsored by Audi at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club on July 9, 2011 in Santa Barbara, California.

Zoe Saldana arrives at The Foundation Polo Challenge sponsored by Audi at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club on July 9, 2011 in Santa Barbara, California.

Chris Pine Not Up For RoboCop?

Last but not least and update on the latest Chris Pine news. Earlier this week TrekMovie reported on a rumor that Star Trek’s new Kirk is up for the title role in MGM’s new RoboCop remake. Now the site movie-moron says that the Pine rumor is all wrong and the real front-runner to play Alex Murphy/RoboCop is Michael C. Hall, star of the serial-killer show Dexter.

And of course the Star Trek sequel

Of course all the stars of the 2009 Star Trek movie are lined up to reprise their roles for the 2012 sequel. Latest news is that the sequel will shoot this fall, but we (and the actors) are still waiting for official word from Paramount on what’s next.

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Woah… Chris Pine or Michael C Hall for Robocop? I’d be happy with either choice. Hall is fantastic as Dexter!

The Dredd image is another bad one. IMO.
1st impressions mean alot! They should impress.

Wow! This is really great for them,they have a lot of stuff going on,I’m glad for them,I’m glad for them;but what I’d really like to see is something from JJ or Bob about doing something,ANY thing with Trek 12!!!! But it is cool to hear that about ZQ’s movie,I’m looking forward to it;and I don’t know #2,I kinda like that pic,but then,I just like to see Karl Urban,even if you only get to see the lower part of his face! :)

I think Karl is a great choice for Dredd, but that helmet is horrible. It looks ten sizes too big for him. The design is fine, but needs to look like it fits!

Hopefully, all quiet on the western front means—everyone is finally, finally, FINALLY working on this f@#$ing movie.

Pine as Robocop and now Urban as Dread? Aren’t they going to become typecast as The Rebooters?

“Fright Night:” No thank you. (Even the trailer has feeble jokes and cliches.)

“Tin Tin:” Loved the cartoon as a child. The animation looks a little creepy and disturbing, but better than that in “The Polar Express.” Will definitely try to see it.

“Total Recall:” Been there, done that. Pass.

Judge Dredd: The helmet says it all. Karl looks like Rick Moranis in “Spaceballs” I dread the puns that are going to be hurled at this one!

“Margin Call:” Cant wait!!! I love movies about MONEY (especially since I don’t have any) and if it’s got Quinto in it as well, a slam dunk.

Just saw the trailer for “Columbiana.” Looks like a killer! Can’t wait for this one either.

As beautiful as Zoe Saldana’s looks, she looks much lighter skinned than usual. I hope someone hasn’t photoshopped her to look lighter toned, like they did with Beyonce.

8. That album cover freaked me out a bit, when I first saw it. Bleached blonde hair. Bleached face. Maybe I need glasses, but I mistook it for a Britney Spears comeback…

I’m happy to reserve judgement over “Judge Dredd”, because one bad photograph of an ill-fitting helmet doesn’t make a movie good or bad.

I felt the same way when I saw the first photo of Captain America from the set all those months ago ………… now that I’ve seen the trailer a few times and it’s only a couple of weeks away, I’m eager! The look of Cap’s movie uniform has grown on me.

As for Zoey, she’s gorgeous no matter how much they de-saturate her natural colour ………… and of course we all loved her in blue!

Personally, I’m glad that they didn’t go with CP for Robocop ………… because Paul Verhoven movies shouldn’t be redone, period!

On that point, Colin Farrell as Quaid? I loved him as Bullseye in Daredevil (Director’s Cut – Nobody liked the theatrical version) but I will be giving this attempt to redo Verhoven’s Total Recall a bit berth!

In fact the only redo or reboot I think worth looking at is Rise of the Planet of the Apes. ROTPOTA may have a long name but it does look good and I grew up with the original, under-budgeted ape movies and loved the first 4.

10 Aussie Ian. We’ll I’ll give Mr. Urban the benefit of the doubt because he is a really good actor. I hope he can give us a performance from behind this ridiculous helmet that rivals that of Hugo Weaving behind-a-mask-all-the-time in “V for Vendetta,” but a second look at Dredd isn’t inspiring me at all:

I just can’t understand why they picked the actor with the smallest possible chin to play a man whose chin is the only part of his face that you see (and thus his defining feature). They should have picked someone with a stronger jaw and chin…that’s why the costume looks so ridiculous.


“Judge Dredd: The helmet says it all. Karl looks like Rick Moranis in “Spaceballs” I dread the puns that are going to be hurled at this one.”

Don’t you mean “I DREDD the puns that are going to be hurled at this one.”?

And let’s try not to “pre-JUDGDE” “Judge Dredd! You may all live to DREDD it someday!

13. Red Dead Ryan. Yes, exactly. I wanted to be the first one to hurl a pun.



i’m gonna see Fright night only for Anton yelchin. I’m waiting to see him in “Like Crazy” this fall. I’m glad for him.

@16: Same for me, only add in David Tennant (who they inexplicably omit in all the trailers!!). Chekov and the Doctor? I figure that’s gotta be worth at least a cheapie Tuesday ticket. ;)

Tintin would look awesome if it were done in a more stylized art style, like The Incredibles or something. This just screams Uncanny Valley. Too bad, too, cause it’s got a great cast.

“Fright Night” has the potential (as does “Total Recall”) to be one of the rare remakes that surpasses the original. Although Roddy McDowell will be missed…

As for “Total Recall”, despite using the 1990 movie’s title, it sounds like this one might be a little bit closer to the late Philip K Dick’s “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale” novella. If that’s true? I welcome it. As PKD is the master of the mind-frak. I always thought the Mars locale of the 1990 movie might’ve been a tip of the hat to PKD’s classic, “Martian Time Slip”, but who knows?

At any rate, Colin Farrell might’ve really lucked out and got himself a couple of winning projects. Good for him. ;-)

And as I really disliked the original Judge Dredd (concept AND movie), I can’t see myself lining up for this one; despite the presence of the talented Karl Urban (who not only rocked as ST09’s McCoy, but also was good in the movie “Red”). Best of luck to him, though…

Eh gads! DARK HELMET RETURNS! The outfit looks way too big and silly.
Is Zoe Saldana doing a Michael Jackson? Every picture I see of her, she has lighter and lighter skin tone.
The rest………………………………. not caring so much.

17. CarlG “Uncanny Valley” indeed! So I’m not the only one who finds this style of animation weird: mostly real but artificial enough to be disturbing at the same time. Yikes!

Tintin looks pretty dreadful. Dead Eyes ahoy!

The Fright Night trailer actually makes the film look watchable (I love the original) although I can’t for the life of me fathom why it’s been made in 3D. And I’m not fan of David Tennant, so colour me dubious about the movie.

I think Urban looks pretty cool as Dredd. The costume seems more realistic than Stallone’s. The helmet follows that realism by looking more like motorcycle helmet.