Comic Con Guide To Star Trek Merchandise Exclusives & First Looks

The big San Diego Comic Con kicks off this week. In addition to the  Star Trek celebrities appearing on various panels (see previous article), Comic Con will also feature a number of Star Trek licensees offering sneak peaks at upcoming Star Trek products and exclusive Comic Con Star Trek items. Some will even be offering signings with Star Trek celebs including William Shatner and Roberto Orci. See below for the full breakdown.



CBS (Booth #4129): will offer free Enterprise Bottle Opener Keychains and wristbands to fans. The keychains are made of stainless steel and only 1701 will be available. There will also be a series of red, blue and yellow wristbands with Star Trek phrases on them. Collectors will find the wristbands at the CBS booth as well as the booths of Star Trek partners throughout the show. Be sure to watch the official Star Trek Facebook ( and Twitter ( pages for updates during Comic-Con for information on finding each wristband.

Abrams (Booth #1216):
Fans can get the first glance at the publisher’s new Star Trek Vault book from author Scott Tipton.

Anovos (Booth #2913-E):
Anovos Productions will offer an exclusive three badge pin set for the price of $20. Fans will also have a chance to get their picture taken with the Orion Slave Girls and Star Trek uniform models.
Bandai (Booth #mez 15B): The toy company will be unveiling a Jean Luc Picard Trading Card at the convention. Additionally, Bandai is showing off its Star Trek-inspired deck building games — based on The Next Generation — so fans will get a chance at a hands-on trial.
Chronicle Books (Booth #1506): The publisher will have their new trivia book, Obsessed with Star Trek, based on all Star Trek series and the first ten movies. Author Chip Carter will be there to sign autographs on Thursday, July 21st from 2pm-3pm and Saturday, July 23rd from 10am-11am.
Diamond Comics (Booth 2607): Fans will have a chance to check out Star Trek Mr. Potato Heads from PPW featuring characters from The Original Series.

Hallmark (Booth #2343): The greeting card company will continue to create Star Trek-themed holiday ornaments and will be offering sneak peeks of its 2012 designs at Comic-Con. They will also show off new Star Trek greeting cards.
IDW Publishing (Booth #2643): The award-winning publisher will host fan-favorite Star Trek comic book writer Mike Johnson, who will hold a signing. This follows the announcement that a new movie comic book series will begin in September. IDW will also offer a variety of new movie, TOS and TNG Star Trek comics series.
NOTE: According to IDW the Star Trek signing will take place Friday 4:00 – 5:00 with Mike Johnson, Tim Bradstreet, Roberto Orci (signing a free limited Star Trek signing card.
Lightspeed Fine Art (Booth #3745):  The company will be unveiling five brand new limited edition lithographs featuring the Captains from all five Star Trek series. The lithographs will be titled “Trading Places” and will depict all five in one of their alter ego roles shown from the shows. Lightspeed will also hold a number of signings at its booth, including Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Robert Picardo, Garrett Wang, other guests (more details at
Quantum Mechanix (Booth #2994):  New replicas will be on display in the booth, including the (ST2009) Enterprise Artisan Replica, the Kirk Animated Maquette and the Enterprise “Refit” Artisan Replica. New phaser replicas will be available for purchase.
Quirk Books (Booth #1636): The publisher will be showing off its upcoming title Star Trek: Book of Opposites which will hit shelves in September.

Simon and Schuster Kids (Booth #1128):
 The publishing giant will have Starfleet Academy Titles #1 – #3 available at the show.

La La Land (at Toy Hungry Booth #429): La-La Land Records will premiere of their limited edition 3CD set Star Trek: The Next Generation Collection, Volume 1 – available for purchase exclusively at Comic-Con. It will later be made available on the La-La Land website –, as well as other soundtrack online outlets, beginning August 2, 2011 (suggested retail price $34.98).


Bif Bang Pow! (At Entertainment Earth, Booth #2343): Television legend William Shatner will introduce a limited edition black-and-white Signature Edition version of the Mystic Seer Replica from The Twilight Zone. The authentic, functioning replica is featured in iconic episode #43 “Nick of Time” starring the famous actor. This exclusive version is limited to only 150 pieces and is signed by Shatner himself! Additionally, he is scheduled to be on hand to introduce the piece on Friday, July 22.

The exclusive black-and-white Signature Edition is available for $499.99, while a red limited edition with a cream colored head and not bearing Shatner’s signature is $249.99. Both items are completely authentic, arriving with napkin and menu holders, a working coin mechanism, can act as a bank, and dispense “fortunes”. These life-size Mystic Seer Replicas measure 13 ½ inches tall, 7 ½ inches wide and 6 inches long, and come with a certificate of authenticity. Both items are available for pre-order at  and will ship in late 2011.


Information provided by CBS and Star Trek licensees

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Awesome! This should be a hellagood time! Hope QMX is getting back in gear with the ship replicas after going silent for a while… Where’s my Khaaaaan cologne!?!? :P

To each his/her/”one’s” own…

For me, give me the very best, yet affordable ship miniatures, some excellent props and costumes, and a few pictures.

Looks like fun.

I look forward to seeing pictures!

And I’m with you, CmdrR, give me the very best, yet affordable ship miniatures!

Please don’t forget the new 3-CD STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION soundtrack box set from La-La Land Records, which will be available at Comic-Con before it’s available on the website!

They’ll be at the Toy Hungry booth (#429).

Ohhh looks cool! I hope QMX has some sweet stuff! By “New Phaser Replica” do they just mean the Stunt one? Or is it a new thing?

Spell check please. Someone is typing too fast!

Grammatical typos aside, thanks for updating the article with the La-La Land Records info!

You all know that I am not a big fan of Shat and his antics. But I must give the guy kudos, as he alone is carrying the Trek fire at this years ComiCon, as Abrams, Orci and company metaphorically “hide under the table” due to their embarrassing lack of progress on the new movie.

Well done, Shat!

Shame on you, Supreme Court!

Enterprise “refit” replica? Yes!

Would someone please mention to Quantum Mechanix that the Kelvin Phaser and Communicator would be great prop reproductions!

Damn, I would love to watch some new Star Trek. I’m having withdrawals..

No new Diamond Select/Art Asylum ships? What happened to the Excelsior and Enterprise-B?


They’ve been cancelled. Diamond Select/Art Asylum will be re-releasing the Enterprise E and “All Good Things…” Enterprise D. After that, no more Trek stuff.

Lame thing is….The Dark Knight Rises just had a trailer released. Trek 12 should have a trailer about this time too…nothing. No word even a month or so after there was word that word was coming soon….sigh. Oh well.


That’s too bad. People claim they support the old universe but it isn’t selling at all. Well, at least the new one is and I plan to be in the IDW line if it’s not 4 miles long. And no, my autographs will not be for sale. ;-)

Red Dead… is that really true about the the Enterprise ships being cancelled?

@13, DST haven’t technically canceled anything. What was shown sometime ago is still in development and has not been released for buyers to purchase to sell to consumers (fans) yet.

Will they ever release the Excelsior, Enterprise B, Klingon bird of prey or the Klingon disruptor? who knows… that’s a different topic.

@14, It’s so lame I agree. I’d never thought I’d loose interest in Star Trek but recently my attention has been on other cooler things already out or coming soon like The Dark Knight Rises and Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Transformers: Prime. I thought that Paramount would at least put together a teaser trailer for SDCC to announce Star Trek 2 but nothing – I feel that they’ve missed their biggest opportunity to spread some light on the status of the next movie.

@15, The old universe does sell but to a very small, targeted group of people. The majority of whom don’t buy toys but more so replicas, books and gifts. DST’s Star Trek line has long been floundering with no clear cut direction.

All of this sounds pretty lame compared to other big name franchises, as said before, The Dark Knight Rises already has a teaser trailer out and that movie is meant to come out AFTER Star Trek 2 is still slated to coming out.

It just seems a little messy for a franchise that the studio wanted to be reborn and revived for a younger generation. Nothing on the new console game, nothing on the new movie, nothing on the new universe at all besides QMx and whilst the Star Trek vault book interests me, I gotta say, my interest in current Trek is disappearing with nothing NEW coming. CBS, stop marketing the old classics and do something with Abrams universe!!!

The Artisan refit Enterprise? Does this mean QMx have a license for classic Trek or does this mean that the sequel is further along in development than we are being led to believe and the Enterprise has somehow been refitted for the next movie?

…does this mean that the sequel is further along in development than we are being led to believe and the Enterprise has somehow been refitted for the next movie?

God, I really hope so!

Its a conspiracy – Paramount, CBS and Bad Robot are all being told not to say a thing because come SDCC 2011, everything will be revealed in a huge mass-media event using that huge Enterprise (seen at the Japan premiere) with everyone in attendance….

JJ Abrams walks in through a cloud of smoke amidst a ocean of flashing lights as the Enterprise fly’s overhead… a huge roar from the crowd fills the room with flashes going off everywhere… JJ Abrams takes to the mic and utters the words every Star Trek fan has longed to hear….

ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you…. “STAR TREK: PHASE II”

a thunderous applause fills the room, fan boys and girls fall to their knees in tears as the 1 minute 30 second teaser trailer begins to play…. Shatner narrating… fans fainting

and then, once the trailer goes dark, the laser lights begin to flash once again and the immortal Star Trek theme begins to sound as the entire cast walks out on stage joining Abrams. Greenwood, Pine, Quinto, Saldana, Pegg, Yelchen and Cho….

Coming 2012….

Artisan Replica of the refit Enterprise? Time to start saving…

@19. I hate to disappoint you, but all we will hear this week is some platitudes from Orci and Lindelof that will give us the impression they are making progress while still being vague and non-committal. More likely we will hear about the new video game that most of us aren’t really going to buy.

As David Marcus told Captain Kirk: “This is just to give us something to do, isn’t it?”


I think the video game is gonna be VERY good – from the guys who have brought us Bioshock and Transformers: Prime animated TV series. At least it’s something.

I know this might not go down well but CBS should really stop plugging the old Star Trek TV series. I love them without CBS forcing TOS on us and new fans alike. Their focus should be on the future, Pine’s Kirk and Quinto’s Spock along with the rest. How about an animated series set on the Kelvin? Or new Star Trek inspired wallets and Ships of the Line calendars not 45 year old TV shows that mean very little to anyone who got into Star Trek watching JJ Abrams movie.

the whole point of bringing Abrams in was to revive the franchise, why then are CBS fucking around in it’s past?

Get rid of DST, get rid of much of the merchandise from old Trek and bring in Hasbro and market it to kids – the kids are our future and so is Star Trek, the two go hand in hand.

DST isnt announcing anything at SDCC. We are working with them to do a preview on their 2011/2012 Star Trek plans so stay tuned for that…might not be until august

DST has plans for Star Trek? Ha. I say that with disappointment, because I love their work…but it seems their production has slowed to a crawl lately. Wheres the Excelsior/Enterprise-B…or the Bird of Prey? Shame they can’t seem to get enough sales.

OK. Perhaps I am thick but what do DST and SDCC mean? Thanks.

DST=Diamond Select Toys

SDCC=San Diego Comic Convention

By the way, a SDCC book was recently published. I bought a copy. Great to see all the people dressing up as their favorite tv/movie/comic book characters.

Mr. Potato Head? Really? Who the hell do they think is going to play with Mr. Potato Heads based on characters in the original series? The old baby boomer fans or their grandchildren?
Maybe what the public really needs is a set of official Star Trek steak knives based on the daggers seen in “Mirror, Mirror.” They could also be used to carve up the baked Mr. Potato heads.
What I want to know is, where’s the booth selling the Spican flame gems and the Antarean glow water?

Thank you, RDR. I realised after I wrote the post what SDCC meant. Doh

#17 – “The Artisan refit Enterprise? Does this mean QMx have a license for classic Trek or does this mean that the sequel is further along in development than we are being led to believe and the Enterprise has somehow been refitted for the next movie?”

Possibly. Hopefully. Bob Orci has mentioned “soft prep” going on in relation to the movie sequel, so who knows?

Did everyone else notice that there’s not only the ST2009 Enterprise replica, but the REFIT?! God, Quantum Mechanix is making it hard to be a frugal Trekkie.

@28 “Bob Orci has mentioned “soft prep” going on in relation to the movie sequel..”

“Soft Prep” = No fracking progress given Super 8, Cowboys and Aliens plus the 10 other projects these guys have now signed up for.

^^ Calm down. Soft Prep means that they can start working on stuff based on the outline, which means things have happened.

@31. You can choose to believe that if you want.

We were told by Orci in January that they had an 80-page outline done, and were going to complete the first draft script based on the outline by March. Then, we received a follow-up report from Orci in mid-February that they were having a weekend marathon in an LA hotel to make progress on the script.

Following these reported events by Orci above, JJ, in an early June interview, tells us that all that has been completed from the writing side is the 80-page detailed outline….so basically, very little progress, if any, has been made on the script since January, and the Supreme Court can’t even agree on the cover story for public consumption on what progress has been made. When we now see that their is nothing schedule for the sequel at ComiCon, well…do I really have to spell it out for you further here?

No, I’m not happy about this, and you shouldn’t be as well. So like I said, you can choose to believe the “soft prep” comment if you want. Personally, I think it is phoney baloney. I mean “soft prep” is a conveinant statement that is uncomfirmable, which helps to pacifcy us hardcore fans without them having to report the real details on how far behind they are on the sequel.


You already know how far behind it is. It was a headline here. For some reason you’re pretending you missed that story. Talk about choosing what to believe.

Actually, the making of the sequel is only three months behind schedule if we are to believe what has been posted to this site since 2010. We were told that filming/production would start from May/June 2011, however Damon Lindelof confirmed that it is possible to start production in September 2011 – a 3 – 4 month delay. The actors are also expecting to be on set sometime in the Fall (September onwards). I am also going by what Roberto Orci wrote on this very site – ie “soft prep”, as he described it, has begun. The 80+ page outline was not mentioned by any of the writers until about June 2011, not January.

Yes, MJ (and some others here), we can choose what we want to believe. So why should we choose to believe what you say (who is neither a writer, a producer, actor, director, stage manager, Paramount suit…) over someone who is one of the actual writers? Honestly, the arrogance of some people…

Orci and co may be jerking us around, but rest assured, they are not the only ones around here.

Anyway, I am fantasizing that the reason they don’t/can’t start filming is because they are waiting for the NZ Spring (September) so they can come and film some glorious scenery that will become part of that magnificent planetary system in a far off section of the galaxy…

Here we will see the gratuitously sexy scene with Pine/Kirk, Quinto/Spock and Urban/McCoy in their torn off uniforms hanging precariously from vines. Quinto should have no problem with vertigo as he did a bungy-jump from Auckland’s Skytower in April 2009. Not sure about Pine and Urban though. Oh the fun of action filming…:)

NB: I’d be more than happy to help with the direction…or um…perhaps I should be careful what I wish for? Hmmm

@34 “So why should we choose to believe what you say”

Because, as I reported earlier (and these are reported facts, not my opinion):

“We were told by Orci in January that they had an 80-page outline done, and were going to complete the first draft script based on the outline by March. Then, we received a follow-up report from Orci in mid-February that they were having a weekend marathon in an LA hotel to make progress on the script. Following these reported events by Orci above, JJ, in an early June interview, tells us that all that has been completed from the writing side is the 80-page detailed outline….so basically, very little progress, if any, has been made on the script since January.”

If you must take potshots at me, go for it. But while calling me arrogant may make you feel better, it is not going to change this situation any. And I am being more realistic and consistent here than the Supreme Court has recently been on the sequel news.

@35 “Here we will see the gratuitously sexy scene with Pine/Kirk, Quinto/Spock and Urban/McCoy in their torn off uniforms hanging precariously from vines.”

A threesome scene with Kirk, Spock and McCoy? Shesh, yuk, no thanks…Scotty, please beam me out of this post.

So this years hallmark ornaments should be out by now are they good? also watched trek on my nintendo 3ds(not in 3d) which is awesome as i downloaded the netflix app n it works great–brand new netflx app-

“well…do I really have to spell it out for you further here?”

This is what I find arrogant. You make me and those like me out as being stupid because we refuse to believe your suspicions over what Bob Orci has actually written on this site.

“No, I’m not happy about this, and you shouldn’t be as well. So like I said, you can choose to believe the “soft prep” comment if you want. Personally, I think it is phoney baloney. I mean “soft prep” is a convenient statement that is uncomfirmable, which helps to pacify us hardcore fans without them having to report the real details on how far behind they are on the sequel.”

No, I am not happy about not hearing any news nor about the delay. If you had read my previous posts on other threads, you would know that. MJ, you can’t any more UNconfirm what Bob Orci wrote than I can confirm what he wrote. Essentially you are calling him a liar and I do not like it.

“Soft prep” is quite possible, in terms of (re)designing Federation ships, Enterprise engineering (you know, that place everybody has complained about, even though nobody has an effin’ clue what a 23rd warp core engine room would look like), alien vessels, crew quarters, recreation areas and arboretum, alien planet landscapes and architecture etc. There is heaps that a “soft prep” team could be getting on with, while the nuts and bolts of the actual script are worked out. Then there is work for Wardrobe designing and making “alien” clothes, 23rd century off-duty clothing etc. They can be doing all this and more because the basic outline of the story has been approved of by Paramount. At least, that is my understanding. Am I correct, Anthony Pascale, Bob Orci?


JJ himself has stated (as reported on this site) that the sequel is 6 months behind schedule, not 3 or 4. It won’t start shooting i9n sept. and it won’t be released June, 2012. That’s been clear (to most) since this past March.

I think the best thing we should do is to have patience

Hey Guys! The omnipotent and mercurial Q himself, Mr. John de Lancie, will appear in one of the projects that Beth Roose is lining up in a couple of months. Betty Roose Productions is holding auditions for voice talents at the Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows in Houston. The event will also feature a few Hollywood celebrities this year and opportunities for children to audition for speaking roles in a series of animated films. For more information, check out our sites,


The QMX Refit Enterprise is exactly that, the Refit NCC-1701 from TMP and Wrath of Khan. It does not represent a new version of the JJ Enterprise. It also runs for $5,000! Pictures are up on the QMx website.

Even As a big fan of the refit, I think I will pass. The kit looks beautiful, with a great paint job and fantastic lighting, but $5,000 for essentially a professionally built and lit Polar Lights refit model kit (which retails for a little under $100, depending upon where ya get it)…not worth $5,000. There are sites out there that will build you a accuratly painted and lit refit for around $500. Beautiful, still, but way too pricey.

The sequel is too far behind to begin shooting this year. Plus the actors have a number of projects lined up. I don’t see shooting beginning until early next year at the earliest. Even making the Nov./Dec. 2012 timeframe would be too tight a schedule. Everybody would have to rush everything, the actors would have to postpone or cancel their other projects, and Paramount would not have the time to set up their merchandising and marketing strategies.

It’s why I can pretty much guarantee that we’ll see this movie in the summer of 2013.

And I know what some of you are going to say….that I am not in the room with Bob Orci writing the script, or that I am not privy to how studios and filmmakers operate which is true, but I’m just using common sense and logic, not wishful thinking.

Wishful thinking is being demonstrated by some fans here who are still hanging on to the faint hopes that a great sequel will land next year despite the short time frame. Realistically, if the sequel comes out next year, it’ll be crap and won’t come with a whole lot of merchandise.

Here’s what the supreme court should do: Work on the script. Bob Orci should just keep quiet and stop chatting with fans until the script is done and shooting is set to begin. When that happens, J.J Abrams should announce that he is directing.

But first of all, I hope Paramount announces very soon that it plans to move the sequel to summer 2013. That would at least settle the major point of contention of many fans on this site.

@ all those who remain positive this film will be delayed until 2013… It won’t. CBS and Paramount are clearly gearing up for a big 2012 for Star Trek. I’m very disappointed that nothing seems to be going on for this years SDCC which would make me believe that, unless we see a big surprise (it could happen) and they announce JJ Abrams as Director and give the movie a title and the tag line “Coming 2012” then I would expect this movie to begin shooting in November for a Christmas/Autumn(fall) 2012 release. As long as they don’t fluff it and release it a week before or a week after The Hobbit then it should be a well-recieved Christmas movie. Of late it doesn’t seem to matter when you release a movie as long as it’s a good movie. Avatar, The Lord of the Rings, James Bond, Twilight, have all had big openings during the holiday season. The one word of caution I would suggest to the powers that be, is that this movie has to be BIG if it’s going to be released in the winter months. I mean Lord of the Rings, Avatar BIG. It’s clear that if Star Trek is done right then it can be a success with a wider audience. The one area the first movie could improve on and must improve on if it is to be a financial success is it’s global reputation – an established A-lister like Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise (distinct possibility), Tom Hanks (perhaps) would be the way to go and it doesn’t hurt to have your current stars (Pine, Saldana and Pegg in particular) flexing their potential to become A-list celebrities. With the next James Bond, Twilight, Superman, Hobbit films all coming out next winter, Star Trek has a tough time of it but it’s no tougher than it would have had in the summer of 2012 – The Dark Knight Rises is going to wipe the floor with everything, The Amazing Spider-Man is another film that has picked up in momentum in recent months plus GI-Joe 2 and many others. Star Trek 2 has the potential to perhaps upset a few major blockbusters – despite the rumblings on the internet, there’s no harm being done to the brand as of yet – my advice however would be to go all out for the sequel and do something this SDCC – a teaser poster would be something at least but certainly the next few months are critical – Abrams needs to have chosen to direct or found a suitable replacement, it needs to have a firm title and by Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, there needs to be a teaser trailer that lets people know the much anticipated sequel is coming out (I’m assuming it will be attached to MI:4). @23, Its great to hear they are finally engaging yourselves (and perhaps others within the fan-base) on how to move forward with Star Trek however it just might be too little too late…. DST in general suffers from a lack of a good reputation among collector’s, especially Star Trek fans. The inexcusable delays on sub-standard product and the lack of any kind of targeted advertising on their product has all but put the Trek line on hold They need to take Star Trek as seriously as they do Marvel Select by going forward and relaunching it at SDCC and Toy Fair next year with an entirely new range of product never seen before as well as a strategy on how best to advertise and sell it. I say scrap what was meant to be coming out for this year and just end it with the aim of relaunching it next year. When we look at Art Asylum’s Star Trek toy range of the early 00’s we remind ourselves of just how good that product was. The level of detail and care put into each product was staggering and hasn’t been the same since. For me to part my cash on DST products again they need to: 1) Improve 100% on their delivery times – from factory to store 2) Improve drastically on their quality control 3) Improve on detail and accuracy to bring it back to the level of detail seen on Art Asylum’s Star Trek range in 2001 – 2005 4) launch an online Star Trek store and ADVERTISE it on sites and forums like,,, 5) purchase ad space on the likes of and in an attempt to reach a larger audience. 6) Tie it all in extensively with social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google+ 7) Get their name out there – Diamond Select Toys just isn’t as recognisable as NECA, Mezco and McFarlane. Scrap that dated and tired… Read more »

RDR – You are guessing. I am going by what I have been told by people like Damon Lindelof and Bob Orci. Simon Pegg, Karl Urban and Anton Yelchin are all talking about a film start in September. Karl Urban did mention November, but it is quite likely that he was referring to his own schedule rather than Paramount/Bad Robot’s filming schedule.

No, you are NOT in the room with Bob Orci…

Paramount hope to have the Jack Ryan movie script ready to go early next year and that will be where they will want Chris Pine to be. It is also likely that some of the Jack Ryan could be filmed in a foreign location – possibly Eastern Europe – depending on the story. Chris, magical though he is, cannot be in two places at once.

#44 – “The sequel is too far behind to begin shooting this year.”

No it isn’t.

“Plus the actors have a number of projects lined up. ”

No they don’t.

“Even making the Nov./Dec. 2012 timeframe would be too tight a schedule.”

No it wouldn’t.

#’s 45, 46, 47.

The outline still isn’t done yet. A first draft of the script can take several months. There is no budget yet. I honestly don’t know how you folks can still stay with the mindset that the new movie will be released next year. It’s wishful thinking.

The new Jack Ryan movie will likely start shooting BEFORE the Trek sequel does. Once they work out the kinks in the script, they can shoot the JR movie in just a couple of months. The movie will take less time to complete since its an action thriller with no need for sophisticated visual effects, make-up, sets and costumes.

There is NO WAY this movie is going to be ready to shoot this year, if all the boys have at present is an outline, even a very complete outline. This is not some hand-held camera kind of job where you can just wing it.

An outline is not a script. All of the scenes have to be carefully plotted, timed and storyboarded before they can even begin to shoot. The script has to be completed before any of that can happen. And for a movie like this, it has to be absolutely tight. None of this ST:TMP stuff for Bad Robot.

Concept art has to then imagine what production design, CGI, and other special effects departments can or will do. Even if all of that gets done this year and principle photography gets started early next year, you still have a loooooong way to go in post-production.

So count on 2013.2013.2013.

If they thought for one minute that they would have something, anything ready for 2012, even holiday 2012, they would have been flogging the hell out of it at SDCC.

Now suppose all of this fooling around is just a big joke on us. That JJ Abrams and the boys really do have the completed script in hand and all of these rumors about not having a script, blah, blah, blah, is just disinformation to throw us off the trail, then what does that say?
That they would deliberately let CC go by without saying anything? That doesn’t make any sense.
That they have so little respect for us, that they would play some kind of trick on us. How are we supposed to feel about that? Even if we are pleasantly surprised at the earlier release of the movie it kind of feels insulting.

No. I prefer to believe the most logical explanation, that someone over at Bad Robot is having a mild nervous breakdown or a series of panic attacks and needs a little break.

Instead of attacking MJ ‘s ideas, we should be listining to him. See his posts at 32, 36. He backs his arguments with the facts reported on this website. He supports those who are unhappy with the progress of the new film. And what makes his thoughts more compelling is that he’s a staunch supporter of the Supreme Court.

There will be some kind of J.J. Abrams presence at SDCC. According to Entertainment Weekly, (7-22, pg. 47) Abrams “Person of Interest” will have some presentation. The films “Total Recall” which has released a production still and “Underworld: Awakenings” will also be there. Id. at 39, 40. Some company called Lucasfilm will have a huge booth. Pg. 42. The magazine notes that 2012 will be the “geekiest: year ever. Listing Batman, The Hobbit and James Bond. Alas, no Star Trek in the article. Pg. 41.

Look, it’s better to have Trekkers expressing their unhappiness than not. Why? The worst thing you can have happen to any franchise whether it’s an entertainment or sports franchise, is to have the fans become apathetic. An apathetic fan won’t rush out to buy that Star Trek t-shirt or toy. She won’t care. And worst yet, an apathetic fan may not care if he sees Star Trek. See I have become resolved to wait till 2013 but have lost some excitement for the movie.