Gene’s Journal Webcomic Being Turned Into Kid’s Cartoon TV Series

"Gene’s Journal" the ongoing webcomic which humorously chronicles the “untold stories” of the adolescent years of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, is being turned into a new animated kid’s cartoon for television. More details on the Gene’s Journal series below.


press release


Series Based on Gene’s Journal® Web Comic, A Chronicle of Gene Roddenberry’s Adolescent Years

TORONTO – (July 20, 2011) – Skywriter Media and Entertainment Group, and Roddenberry Entertainment are joining forces to develop an animated kids’ comedy series, Gene’s Journal®, based on the hilarious web comic created by Trevor Roth and illustrated by cartoonist David Reddick; it was announced by Skywriter Media and Entertainment Group CEO Kevin Gillis.

A chronicle of legendary science-fiction icon Gene Roddenberry’s adolescent years, the new animated Gene’s Journal will be targeted to Kids 6-11. Alex Galatis (Atomic Betty, Jimmy Two Shoes) is attached to the project as head writer of the new series.

“We are beaming with excitement at the opportunity to bring television audiences a glimpse into the life and experiences that shaped a young Gene Roddenberry into one of the greatest and most imaginative storytelling minds of the 20th century. Roddenberry’s successful web comic offers a wonderful foundation for this fantastic journey and we look forward to expanding on it in an animated series worthy of the Roddenberry tradition,” said Gillis.

“It’s fun to play with the what-could-have-been part of my father’s life. Gene’s Journal is a concept full of imagination and possibility. I’ve always thought about what the idea could become when it’s able to really spread its wings in a new medium. I couldn’t be more thrilled than to see it making that evolutionary step, and I can’t think of any better place to announce it than here at Comic Con,” said Rod Roddenberry.

“There’s nothing better than working with people who recognize the true potential of a concept you created. Gene’s Journal has always been the story of a unique young boy trying to reconcile the trials and tribulations of adolescence with the hilarity that science fiction has to offer. To adventure into the childhood of such an extraordinary character alongside Alex and Kevin is going to be a real treat, for Roddenberry and for TV audiences,” said Roth.

Gene’s Journal® is the untold, true story behind the adolescent years of Gene Roddenberry. It was during these years that Gene was continuously abducted by aliens for the extraterrestrial purpose of studying human beings – all of his experiences recorded faithfully in his boyhood journal.

The fantastic stories detailing the alien wonders he encountered would later inspire Gene to create some of the greatest science fiction television the world has ever seen. However, in the childhood moments of these experiences, Gene found them to be less than inspiring. Young Gene is constantly trying to reconcile his earthling life with the hilarious alien encounters. After all, it’s quite hard to do your homework, meets girls, play on sports teams, etc., when aliens from the future continue to abduct you for their outlandish needs, missions and entertainment.

About Skywriter Media and Entertainment Group

Headquartered in Toronto, Skywriter Media and Entertainment Group is a fully integrated producer and distributor of original programming and content for all forms of traditional and digital media worldwide. Skywriter was launched in August 2009 by distinguished entertainment industry executives Kevin Gillis (Chief Executive Officer), Michael McLaughlin (President) and Michael Iscove (Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer) as a company committed to the creation, development, financing, acquisition and distribution of quality children’s and family entertainment for the global marketplace. In addition, Skywriter focuses on the production, distribution and marketing of advertiser-supported content for all emerging media in association with leading advertising agencies, technology and digital media companies. Conceived as a destination partner for the entertainment community, Skywriter is a one-stop source for producers of programming and broadcasters alike that nurtures the
creative process and delivers the highest quality product to the global marketplace. For more information about Skywriter Media & Entertainment Group, please visit

About Roddenberry Entertainment

Roddenberry Entertainment is a science-fiction leader with a tradition of groundbreaking entertainment. Originally founded in 1967 by Gene Roddenberry, the company has since led a steady stable of science-fiction successes including Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict, Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda and, most notably, Star Trek. Roddenberry Entertainment continues to produce entertainment for all audiences, employing a viewer-centric creative process and resulting in insightful explorations of humanity. The company’s mission is to make good on its namesake’s promise of superior science-fiction while utilizing new and varied vehicles of delivery. Building on its television roots, this entertainment pioneer has also successfully ventured into graphic novels, documentaries, and comic strips, all the while continuing a long and unique tradition in quality merchandising. Roddenberry Entertainment has set itself apart by creating content that surpasses mere entertainment; it challenges
its audiences to think, question and explore the world, as well as those beyond.

For more information on Roddenberry Entertainment please visit Roddenberry Entertainment can also be found on Facebook ( and Twitter (

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Even after his death, his leggacy lives on!!

I will have to check it out!

Would prefer a new Trek Animated Series. It’s been too long.

a new trek animated series would be great…..would love to see it. put a serious minded half hour show on ADULT SWIM on sunday nights, and it would do great. put it on just before Robot Chicken.

It would be another treat if there were “Rod & Barry” shorts during the series epidodes.

Seriously, considering the comments from legions of fans who had their collective undies in a wad over the Robot Chicken comments, this is the best we can come up with? Gene Roddenberrys adventures as an alien abductee during his teen years??

Umm..when will it be on and what channel?

“…that shaped a young Gene Roddenberry into one of the greatest and most imaginative storytelling minds of the 20th century.”
Will canonization be far behind? I guess Star Trek 2009 can be perceived as a first miracle. But it’ll take a few more before Papa Benedetto can beatify him.
I think I’d be more interested in the adventures of young Ike & Artie, and Philly & Bobby (Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, and Philip K. Dick, Robert Heinlein) who actually were some of the greatest and most imaginative storytelling minds of the 20th century.

Set phasers to WOOT!!

Be sure to check out the webcomic here: !

Very exciting news – congratulations to all involved!

looks like the skywriter site died…that’s a bad omen considering

How about a bully for the series – come on, A kid name “Eugene” has to get beat up a lot with a name like that! :)

Seriously, hopefully they’ll show him having an interest in being a pilot and a police officer when he grows up. :)

This is a great day for Gene’s Journal, a fun and entertaining webcomic. Phasers to Woot! Indeed. With the amount of content from this comic I’m sure the show will be on for many years to come.

Was the real Roddenberry’s head this much swollen when he was a kid? :-P

Anyway, the Roddenberry family apparently boldly crosses the final frontier when it comes to capitalizing on a famous dead relative. I sure wonder why they aren’t already selling the canned ashes. :-P