QMx Reveals $5K Star Trek TMP USS Enterprise Refit Replica

To date the replica maker Quantum Mechanix has only been working on items related to the 2009 Star Trek movie, but that has changed with the announcement of their limited edition Artisan Replica of the USS Enterprise Refit from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Pre-orders begin in September, see below for pictures and details.


QMx USS Enterprise Refit Artisan Replica

Just in time for San Diego Comic Con, Quantum Mechanix has revealed their latest Star Trek product: the Artisan Replica of the USS Enterprise Refit. The Enterprise as seen in the 1979 Star Trek: The Motion Picture is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful science fiction space ships ever designed and QMx say that the replica is their "most ambitious work to date." 

New Artisan Replica USS Enterprise Refit coming this fall from QMx

The QMx replica is about 3 feet long and a bit more than a foot high (when mounted). It has over 130 LED lights and is hand-painted with a semi-transparent pearlescent paint "applied in overlapping layers using multiple masks to create an Aztec patterning." The replica even features interior details seen through the windows (like the botanical garden and an illuminated landing bay).

Each replica is hand-painted to match the original ships famous "Aztec" pattern

The USS Enterprise refit replicas will all be custom-made to order and hand-crafted in the USA. QMx is limiting the number of replicas made to 250 and each ship comes with an individually-numbered, brass dedication plaque on the mirrored base. All this attention to detail comes at a price, specifically $4,995.

QMx are limiting the run of USS Enterprise refits to 250

The attention to detail for the new refit is pretty impressive. These include:

  • Blue LEDs for warp-engine illumination.
  • Warm white LEDs for interiors.
  • Blinking formation lights.
  • Anti-collision lights that flash in a pulse-strobe pattern.
  • An active deflector dish that ramps up to an amber glow and brightens to blue when warp engines are engaged.
  • Firing photon torpedoes that flash red and white.
  • Decorated VIP lounge complete with crew members.
  • Botanical garden with foliage and people.
  • Illuminated cargo/landing bay, including shuttles and work bees.

QMx refit includes interior details through the windows

QMX will be showing off the new USS Enterprise Artisan Replica Refit this week at their booth at San Diego Comic Con (#2994). Pre-orders for the ship begin in September and you can get more details and sign up for the waiting list at Qmxonline.com.

Your USS Enterprise Refit even comes with landing bay and worker bee pods

2009 USS Enterprise Artisan Replica on sale soon

The USS Enterprise refit is the only item that QMx has licensed outside of the 2009 Star Trek movie. QMx are still in development of an Artisan Replica of the USS Enterprise from the 2009 Star Trek movie. They will be showing off the latest version at Comic Con this week. QMx tells TrekMovie that they will be announcing pricing and orders within the next 60 days.

Next up from QMx: Artisan Replica of 2009 Star Trek movie USS Enterprise

QMx also offers additional Star Trek 2009 movie items, including 2009 Star Trek phaser replica (see TrekMovie review), badge replicas and posters. They will also soon be offering animated maquette statues from the Star Trek movie (see TrekMovie preview). QMx also offer replicas, posters, shirts and more for Batlestar Galactica, Warehouse 13, Doctor Who, Firefly, and other franchises. Find out more at QMXOnline.com.

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