Watch Jon Favreau Interview Orci, Kurtzman & Lindelof For Cowboys & Aliens

Cowboys & Aliens opens next weekend and to help promote the film director Jon Favreu has been posting a series of interviews with the cast and crew of the film, three of whom are part of Star Trek’s new core creative team. Today he posted his chat with producer/co-writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman along plus his his chat with co-writer Damon Lindelof. Watch the video interviews below (nothing new about Star Trek, but good insights into the team).


Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens Interview with Orci & Kurtzman & Lindelof

After working on Star Trek Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman produced and co-wrote the sci-fi western Cowboys & Aliens, and they also brought in their Star Trek collaborator Damon Lindelof to help with the script. The film which opens next weekend was directed by Jon Favreu who decided that instead of the usual canned "electronic press kit" interviews sent out by the studio he would interview the main cast and crew. The resulting "Cowboys and Aliens Interviews" have proven very popular with Favreau bringing some of his Dinner for Five style back. The best thing about the interviews is that they are more casual chats with very little promotion of Cowboys & Aliens.

Past interviews include stars Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde plus executive producers Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer. Today’s release has Favreau chatting with Orci, and Kurtzman together and then Damon Lindelof. Here is the full set with the Star Trek team (with a little chatting about Trek sprinkled in).

Orci & Kurtzman "Spielberg Confession" — on how they got started working with Steven Spielberg and how they built their reputation for writing fast (!), and how they "screwed up" on Goonies 2.

Orci & Kurtzman "Send in the Paperwork" — on how they got hired by Spielberg for Transformers.

Orci & Kurtzman "Putting on the Suit" — on how Transformers changed their careers and comparisons with Favreau’s Iron Man.

Orci & Kurtzman "Producers" — on becoming Hollywood producers and Welcome to People.

Damon Lindelof "Collaboration" — On how the Cowboys and Aliens collaboration came together and why the Orci/Kurtzman/Lindelof/JJ Abrams collaboration works.

Damon Lindelof "Brands" — on working with JJ Abrams on Star Trek and Lost and the growth of Bad Robot.

Damon Lindelof "Haley’s Comet" — on working with heroes like Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford.

Damon Lindelof "Western Hero" — on casting Harrison Ford and the western motif in other genres.

Damon Lindelof "Lost" — on working on films vs. a TV series like Lost.

Damon Lindelof "Cowboys and Aliens" — Lindelof on why it took so long to get Cowboys & Aliens off the ground.

For many more Favreau interviews with Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, Ron Howard,  and Olivia Wild check out the Cowboys & Aliens Interviews YouTube Channel.

Cowboys & Aliens opens Friday July 29th. More info at the official site: Here is the latest trailer.


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Next? On to finishing the Trek sequel!

Looking forward to seeing Cowboys and Aliens.
Now back to Star Trek

Here is a Story for Bob. The Aliens of Cowboys and Aliens meet Star Trek. Oh wait. Wrong Thred. My bad!. Lol.

Time for the Trek sequel. I’m not hoping to Cowboys and Aliens to fail, but it if wasn’t a breakout hit, and that got Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof refocused on Trek quickly, that would be fine by me. There is no better motivator than hitting some adversity in your career.

@5. You are probably right, but the problem is no one knows what, if any progress, they are making on the sequel now…that is my opinion based on what little and also conflicting news we have to go by from the Supreme Court.

Dude,I’m gonna go see this flim,I’m looking forward to it! That being said,can move on to the alien with pointed ears and that dude he hangs out with,Kirk? I almost feel forgotten,but I know better……..I think.

Anthony and AJ. Do I have to send you both to your rooms with out any supper.

Anthony, I think MJ is just expressing the frustration of many of us loyal Trek fans. I for one, and probably many others, are sick and tired of coming to a site called “trekmovie” and seeing nothing but endless updates on the various other projects of those involved.

It seems to many of us that the next Trek movie has not only been put on the back-burner, but has now moved back to the refridgerator or freezer. And to place the blame solely at JJ’s feet is not true. Had the writers not had so many other projects on their schedule the script could have been done a year agoor sooner, before production even began on Super 8.

Sure, it’s their right to do other projects and make big money. But many of us resent the fact that they signed on 4 or 5 years ago to reboot and re-energize Star Trek, had a successful movie, gained a new audience, had momentum going, and have thrown all that away, sadly.

Why sign on to and commit to Trek then just throw it aside for other projects? It’s all about priorities, and unfortunately it’s obvious that Trek is way down on that list of priorities for all of these guys, including JJ. Trek fans have every right to resent that. And the lack of updates on the sequel is increasingly frustrating. JJ said “soon” 2 months ago (please define “soon”). We can only take so much lip service. As the saying goes, s*it or get off the pot.

6. MJ – July 21, 2011

“You must have faith…that the universe will unfold as it should.”

Seven years writing the Welcome to People story, a side project! I am curious about this movie and not just because it has Chris Pine in it. A member of my family used to work as a nurse for the Salvation Army here working with alcoholics and drug addicts, so it will be interesting to see how this issue is dealt with in the movie.

I believe that the title of the movie comes from a sign seen on a door of an alcoholics/addicts outreach centre. Is this true, Bob Orci?

#8 At least you are not threatening Anthony or MJ with the agoniser…:)

I have to agree with MJ on the fact that they really haven’t been clear as to when they plan to finish the outline/begin on the script/plan for shooting. Based on the last updates, they were only 80% done writing the outline. There’s only been speculation about a delay in the film’s release, with Paramount hinting at moving up “GI:Joe 2” to “Star Trek 12″s release date.

I think we can all agree that the next Trek film isn’t coming out next year, based on what we know. Now, its entirely possible that these guys have been pulling our legs, (which is possible, but highly unlikely) and have the script nearly done and ready to shoot. But I still think the sequel comes out in summer 2013.

Somebody, either J.J Abrams, or Paramount should just come out and admit the sequel will have to be delayed till summer 2013. Then everybody on this site who is getting impatient will at be able to shut up, while the writers can go and finish the script without any distractions from us.

By the way, I don’t begrudge these guys one bit for taking the offers that have come their way. They have to expand their portfolios. They have done that with great stuff, like “Lost”, “Fringe”, and “Super 8”, along with the upcoming “Cowboys & Aliens” and “Welcome To People”. I think the supreme court have established themselves and as such, are now able to focus on the Trek sequel, knowing that their careers are on track. So I do hope they focus on Trek.


That is MJ, not AJ.

“Your agonizer, Commodore Mike. Your agonizer, please!”


” “You must have faith…that the universe will unfold as it should.” ”

Just a little bit later than expected, that’s all!

11. It is indeed a term from a self help workbook used in various contexts.

Man, Lindelof’s kind of cute.

I hope it’s good. And fun. I hope Ford gets a bunch of screen time. Anybody read the graphic novel(s?) it was based on? I don’t think it’s, er, shooting for Transporters/Harry Potter dominance, is it?

I’m just one guy (this is the contender for the title of my memoirs), but I’m not too bugged by the presumed delay/ lack of news anymore. Not sure why. Although, I’m still hoping for a release (er, of the next Trek flick) in the next 18 months.

9. Yep. Could of, should of. I’ve just turned 40 and, yep, I’ve been busy lately second guessing every second of the last, well, 40 years (could of, should of). And it hasn’t been too helpful. Yep, maybe they could have had the script, or heck, even the film, done already, or a year ago. Or even before the first one.

For the flick, all we know is that there’s been no official announcement that they’re postponing it (but a bunch of speculation that they will be), that Abrams hasn’t officially signed on, that Paramount is reportedly looking for stuff to fill the schedule next summer, and that a draft of the script wasn’t finished a few weeks back. Anything I’m missing?

Boborci take as long as you want I can wait for another Star Trek film but a little update would be nice :):)

BTW, just saw another trailer where a 19th century character wakes up in the desert confused. John Carter looks AWESOME. Some amazing sound coming out of that trailer!


Bob, as long as we’re making obnoxious demands, could you also provide us with daily updates on the NFL talks. I know you’re not involved but you owe us.

Thanks for clearing it up Anthony, though I don’t think J.J Abrams is in a rush. Can’t really blame him, he’s been busy and needs to spend time chilling out with his family. I just hope they get back at it sometime before the end of the year. :-)

Well, I’m not surprised Paramount might be partially to blame for the Trek sequel’s lack of progress. They’ve continually treated Star Trek as a sort of “middle child,” meaning they love it but only occasionally give it their full and undivided attention (See: TMP and Trek ’09—particularly in terms of budget).

22. Sigh.

19. Nice. Ditto with the debt talks.

Love Spielberg. Love westerns. Love Indy. Love New trek. Love aliens. Love James Bond. Love Sam Rockwell…. I have a feeling I’m gonna dig this movie with a capital “D”.


I didn’t say anything about “hate,” and I’m not a conspiracy theorist. Just pointing out that Paramount has many times in the past been somewhat… shall we say “aloof” in its involvement with Trek.

Same goes for MGM and the James Bond film series.

I’m a little vexed with the “brands’ interview and Damon’s comment @ 1:01. “hey is there anyway to make Star Trek cool”

I’m not sure who was on the other line but I don’t think Star Trek was in need of being made “cool”.

Good interviews, but that Favreau sure has gotten big since Swingers.

He’s all blowed up, like Kirstie Alley after Cheers.

Trek sequel news would be great but I guess we have to be patient

They ( JJ, Bob Orci,ect) have to do more then Trek or they will have no good Work after they are done with Trek and Give it somoene new, to keep Trek Fresh and the way it was in Star Terk 09 is not to be in Trek 24/7 or every year

For Trek to Continue for the Future, we need a New fan base and that is what these people have giving us.

Bill but some fans are really frustrated that there has been a lack of developments on the next Star Trek film

This is great. But. Star Trek! If they aren’t interested/don’t have time give it to someone else!

Okay seriously…..not putting anything other than Trek news….this site would never be updated…I for one enjoy the info that is posted in here; and simply put…if you don’t like go somewhere else

*plus I rather them take their time and produce a good Trek movie , than to rush things….btw a lot is riding on this next movie’s success… (TV show?????)

a little bit off topic, but why is there no news for Star Trek Online?
They released Starfleet Academy and revealed the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-F.

Cowboys & Aliens looks interesting, but I still kind of agree with those complaining. It is kind of depressing to read about tons of other projects of the producers/writers, but nothing about the Star Trek sequel.

I just wish, that there would have been only 2 years between the movies. So the first movie in 2009, the next one 2011 and the last one 2013. (It is unfortunately not probable, that the current cast members make more than three movies.) This way we wouldn’t have had to wait so long between the movies and there would have been a nice continually momentum between them, too.

And the faster they finish the movie trilogy, the faster we will get a new live action Star Trek series. I think it is clear, that there won’t be any series as long as the three movies weren’t in the cinemas. They clearly don’t want to risk hurting the movies franchise with a series on TV at the same time. So those long pauses between the movies are also annoying because of this.

I’m just not even gonna bother commenting on the lack of Star Trek progress. It is what it is and nothing I say or do is going to have much of an impact.
I will state for the record I am disappointed. But then a number of elements of ST 2009 had the same effect upon me.

But in the absence of real ST 2012/13 news to keep me going, I have TDKR, ASM and MOS to keep track of and look forward to…

Bob et al, please let’s have a great sequel and please listen to some of what the fans have said about elements which could be improved upon for the sequel. Some of them make sense. Top of my list? A proper engineering set, please…

Did I mention I am a geek/nerd and proud? :)

As Paramount control the movie and CBS the television rights for Star Trek. I am not sure the logic of the films stopping production of a new TV series holds all that well.

I suspect it is more likely that CBS do not want to put money into something which they believe will not get them a satisfactory return.
Just look at the recent slew of science fiction type programming which has not lasted more than a season or two.

The Event
Flash Forward
Defying Gravity
The Cape
No Ordinary Family

There are others. But my point is that I do not think there is the (general) interest in Sci-Fi that there was, say during, TNG’s run. And I believe that is the bottom line why CBS (at the moment) will not fund a new Star Trek series.

However all of the above is out of my own mind and as people do like to tell me from time to time “What makes you right?” :)
What do you think of my theory?

It would be interesting to hear from someone “in the know” though.

I just wish Jon Faveau and Damon Lindelof would stop talking about Star Wars.
I am so sick of hearing and seeing the words Star Wars said by people who had nothing to do with the making of Star Wars but are supposed to have everything to do with the making of the next Star TREK movie.

NB to Damon Lindelof, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, JJ Abrams – you are being contracted to make Star TREK (UFP, Starfleet, USS Enterprise et al, Captain Kirk, Spock, McCoy…., Klingons, Vulcans, Romulans, Andorians,Tholians et al) Star Trek is NOT Star Wars and thank God for that ‘n’ all!

I had forgot that these guys had worked on Herc!

Its funny but I remember reading in several articals where Trek fans would say how much better Herc was than Voyager! Yikes. :>

Anyway I hope C&A does well at the boxoffice and I’ll be going (Still have to see Super8!, maybe I’ll make it a double feature).

These guys are into everything right now and honestly… I cant blaim em. I know I would to, cause in that buisness you can be here today and gone tomorrow real easy. So do all you want I say.

I can also understand the frustration of Trek fans about a delay. Dang I was irked that there was going to be a three year gap to start with. But its all good cause Im sure they will put out a grreat sequel that will blow our minds.

But in the mean time I dusted off my own Trek sequel spec script that I abandoned 1/3 in and will finish that. And hopefully I wont get a C&D letter from Paramount when I post it! :] (Btw does anyone know if thats possible? I mean obviously it wont get produced so its no conflict right?)

And also I say that from this point forward I officially nullify any and all typos in the above and future posts a head of time. :]

@ 38

I am optimistic that a successful movie trilogy will convince CBS to make a Star Trek series. I just don’t think they will do it as long as the movie trilogy hasn’t finished. CBS also profit from a strong Star Trek brand, which the movies hopefully will reinforce. So although they don’t have the rights to the movies, it is still in their interest, that the movies do well. The success of a Star Trek series will be more probable, if the movies are a big success.

Nearly all the series you mentioned are playing on earth. I think currently there is no new science fiction series on the air, which plays mainly in space. There are rarely many new series of that kind on TV. So Star Trek wouldn’t have a lot of similar competition. And some of the series probably were simply crap and got bad ratings because of this. I don’t think you can always blame the “unpopularity” of science fiction for the failure of a series.

And Star Trek has also a big brand name behind it and after a successful trilogy it will be even bigger. None of the series you listed have this advantage. They also repeat old Star Trek series all the time on TV, which shows that you can make money for a lot of years with Star Trek series. The series you mentioned probably won’t be repeated as often.

All in all I think Star Trek is not your “normal” science fiction series. The brand alone would create a lot of attention and the movie trilogy should increase the interest among viewers.

I can of course also only speculate. I don’t know anyone at CBS. I don’t know what they are thinking. Maybe I am wrong, but I hope not. I really like to have a new Star Trek series on TV in a few years. ;-)

Teaser trailers for TDKR and ASM are already in theatres as we speak. ComiCon 2011 is here and still silence from Star Trek producers. We should all admit that clearly the ST sequel is now officially delayed. There is no way they have enough time to even promote a movie of this magnitutude in such a short time. Just two days ago WB announced that “Man of Steel” has been moved from December 2012 to July 2013. They are making way for the Hobbit/Twilight/ 007 jaggernauths obviously.This was done even though this film is already scripted, cast and slated to begin shooting sooner than ST. Go easy on them guys and sit back and enjoy the ride to Star Trek 2013. Said it first, an official announcement to follow “soon”.

I don’t think there’s a conscious conspiracy against Trek. That’s stilly.

I do think that nearly every other big project has a slightly higher priority. Huge difference. That’s all it takes to slip down the priority ladder.

Look at it this way. In Paramount’s eyes, maybe the Trek sequel is an 8 out of 10 priority. But keeping Abrams (and, by extension, some or all of his creative team member(s)) in the Paramount fold is a 10 out of 10. If those two priorities meet, Trek loses. And I think that reality was manifest when they decided to wait three years for a sequel in the first place.

That’s just business. Frustrating for Trek fans, but there’s really very little we can do about it. I do wish we could get some kind of update, but not even that seems much of a priority at this point. Oh, well, we’ll get it when and if we get it.

This seemed to veer off immediately into a lot of complaining about lack of Trek sequel progress/news. These are busy busy people and a little patience and understanding from the fans would be nice.

I really enjoyed the interviews with all the guys. What’s it really like to pitch to Spielberg? Work with Harrison Ford? Get a Blade Runner story out of Ford? Great stuff!

Guys, I think Trek will still be out in 2012 maybe in July to September timeline, but it is the fact that the Producers and Writers need to keep Trek New and feeling new, so they can’t just do Trek, or they will get stuck with hardly anything else to do.

The Days of Star Trek Writers just doing Trek is not coming back, and it kinda has to be that way, they want to give us good Trek not something just slapped together and also I think that they and Paramount want the most bang for there buck with the Sequal, making us Hungry for the Squeal will help make more money and give us a chance at a Third Movie.

Berman and the others who did nothing but Trek, caused trek to lose $$$ and we are lucky that Bob and JJ and the crew came along and gave us the New Trek rather then us not knowing what is going on with Trek.

As much as waiting hurts because we love everything Trek, we also have to think about the life these guys want to live when they are done writing Trek. You don’t want to get typecast even as writers to one thing.


I hear that! I’d love another Star Trek show!

It’s a real shame they cancelled Enterprise when it was getting the most interesting.

Anthony, I can understand Paramount being willing to wait for JJ. What I don’t understand is why he had yet to commit to even doing the next Trek. If he knows that Paramount is waiting I can’t fathom a reason why he won’t even give them an answer one way or the other. If he’s going to be content just to produce then Paramount will need some to find another suitable director who’s available.

To me it just appears that JJ is repaying their patience by stringing them along.

Either way, I know that the movie will be made when it’s made. Not much else we can do but wait. But I agree with the other comments that the momentum generated from the reboot has been lost at this point.


In all honesty, I think the items you bring up validate my point. They trust Abrams and company with Trek, so they won’t pressure him – *because they value the business relationship with Abrams* more than they do getting Trek out. Paramount may not be involved with the other projects of the triumvirate, but Paramount – also – isn’t willing to pressure them to focus back on Trek *because they value the business relationship* more.

Your last point is the candle on the cake: “So yes they probably would have preferred that Abrams went right from Trek 1 to Trek 2 but they are willing to wait in hopes that a later Trek will be better than a faster project with a new team.” Paramount would have *preferred* Abrams go to Trek 2 directly, but deferred to *his* priorities. Mind you, I’m not saying that’s wrong, or unfair, it’s just the decision they’ve made.

Again, this, to me, is merely a consequence of long-range business planning. Paramount knows that Trek is worth hundreds of millions in the next couple of movies, but they also know that Abrams and company may, ultimately, represent even *more* in long-term potential.

Priority “8” versus Priority “10”. It’s just bizness.

#14. No I did not mean to. NOOO!! AHHHHHHHH
In J.J we trust. At least to make a great Star Trek.
In Anthony we trust. To keep the greatest Trek Site going.

Of course Paramount values Trek. It’s proven to be a long lived asset. But it wasn’t always so. When Paramount took over Desilu they didn’t get Star Trek and they didn’t much like it. Today it’s much different, but they do view Trek as a lucrative property which is different from how the fans view Trek. It’s perfectly fine for Paramount to have that attitude, and it works out to the benefit of fans because were it not now made for general audiences, they wouldn’t value it so highly, and we would get low budget half assed Trek if we got any at all, because Star Trek doesn’t have a big enough fan base among Trekkies to support it all by themselves. If there were a billion loyal Trekkies then every Star Trek movie would be rated T (For Trekkies Only), because then THAT’S what would be profitable for them.

ST.09 is proof positive to me that Paramount was trying to make Star Trek reach audiences beyond the loyal Trekkie market while not upsetting its loyal customers TOO much. I think they succeeded.

I also think they can up their game for the sequel.


Agreed, dmduncan.