Watch: Shatner On “The Captains” Journey + More Clips [UPDATE: Shatner SDCC Psych Panel Video]

Today William Shatner was a guest on Access Hollywood Live to promote tomorrows premiere of his documentary The Captains. He talked about his journey making the doc and showed two clips: Armwrestling with Chris Pine and talking divorce with Patrick Stewart. Watch the segment below, plus more video of Scott Bakula and behind the scenes on The Captains. [UPDATE: Shatner video segment from Thursday SDCC Psych panel] 


Shatner Talks The Captains + Shows More Clips

Here is Bill Shatner on Access Hollywood Live from this morning.

More video: Scott Bakula talks "The Captains" + Behind The Scenes

The guys at The Shatner Project have released a new video with behind the scenes on the day Scott Bakula was interviewed by Bill for The Captains.

Captains Premieres Friday + Shatner live Q&A on Friday

On Friday at 6PM ET/3PM PT (following his SDCC panel) William Shatner will be doing a live online Q&A to talk about The Captains. You can watch it live at . TrekMovie will also be hosting  the video and social feed from the event here at

Also remember you can watch The Captains for free online by signing up for a 2-week trial at (You don’t need to sign up to participate in the online Q&A).

UPDATE: Shatner’s Video Message To SDCC Psych Panel

William Shatner has a guest role on the upcoming season USA’s comedy-drama Psych, where he will be playing the father of Maggie Lawson (Juliet O’Hara). And today at the Psych panel at San Diego Comic Con Shatner beamed in via a recorded video segment. Here is the video (via THR).


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“He’s everywhere! He’s everywhere!”

#1,Harry,LOL!! :) But it’s true,he is,and I love him for it!! :)

T minus 4:11 … LOL.

Let Shat be Shat. Is an amazing Man with a great actor. Long Live the Shat

#1,Harry,LOL :-D :-D Yeeeeeeeesssss!


Yeah, but he ain’t no Chickenman!

I don’t know about shouting “KHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNN!”

I reckon more should be riffing off his evil Kirk moment from The Enemy Within.

(quietly) “I’m Captain Kirk.”

(a teensy bit louder and growling) “I’m Captain Kirk.”

(Let it rip)


I guess I won’t be seeing this for a while yet (in the UK), but it looks great…

So I’m relying on you guys to let me know how it goes!

Shatner has got a zest for life, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

That interview would have been half the length without three separate sections spent shilling for “epix” cable TV.

random thought for the day: what was up with captain harriman? i get that he needed to come off as dumb so that kirk could swoop in and save the day (btw, if excelsior had a tractor beam installed before it went out on a trial run in Trek III, WHY wouldnt the B have theirs installed???) but why would starfleet leave the newest most advanced ship in the hands of an idiot who didnt know how to command? the more i think about it, the more i want to rank generations behind nemesis and insurrection.

I’m giving 8 to 5 on Shatner in the arm wrestling


I had to laugh from my heart. “I am the captain”. Man, Bill, you are great. Really, without being ironic. But also Scott Bakula is an interesting man. I hope also in germany “the captains” will be available.

Scott Bakula is o ne of the nicest actors I’ve ever met.

Creation charged a bomb for his autograpgh but when he found out how much they were charging he INSISTED on personalising everyone’s photo as a result, when Creation are not happy with the actors doing that.

At the photo op he took the time to shake everyone’s hand. He was very gracious and very down to Earth.

This doc looks great

Goshdarnit! I want to see this….. But I’m not in the US.
I can only hope that this becomes available on DVD like “Mind Meld” did.

Let’s hear about it on Trekmovie after airing….

Actually I still haven’t seen that other Captains documentary, the History Channel, CBS or whoever did. You know the one I’m talking about. We read about it here a year ago maybe?

Either would be incentive enough for me to buy, even bundled as part of another Fan Collective/Best of 5 series set or whatever.

Gosh, I haven’t been so excited about a documentary since… oh wait, just a few months ago! #17, if you can track down that other documentary it’s worth a watch.

When I was younger, Shatner was my hero because he was Captain Kirk. These days, Shatner is my hero because he’s himself: a man who pursues every creative idea he has with all the passion and relentlessness of someone half his age (or younger!). He’s providing a model for how people can age and not lose enthusiasm for new ventures and discoveries. He defines the term “joie de vivre!”

Go Bill! Can’t wait to see The Captains!

12. Andrew –

I put 2500 quatloos on Pine! ;)

The guy is a workaholic. How anyone cannot respect Shatner for what he has done, his humor and his tireless continued service to his fans needs to cheer up.

I love Bill’s energy. The guy looks at sleeping as a waste of REM time.

Whoo-hoo!!! Shatner on Psych!!!!