Rod Roddenberry’s Trek Nation Documentary To Premiere On Science Channel In October

Rod Roddenberry has been on a journey of discovery for the last decade, talking to regular fans and famous personalities about the impact of father and his Star Trek creation. The result is the documentary Trek Nation, which is now finally going to be released. Today it was announced Trek Nation will air on the Science Channel in October.


Trek Nation Airing On The Science Channel in October

Today TV Guide is reporting that The Science Channel has picked up Rod Roddenberry’s documentary Trek Nation. The feature-length documentary documents Rod’s journey to learn more about his father, Star Trek creator Gene Roddneberry. Along the way Rod talks to regular fans and famous personalities including George Lucas, JJ Abrams and Stan Lee.

The documentary also includes interviews with original cast members from Star Trek as well as include Star Trek clips. It also promises "never-before-seen footage" including Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett’s wedding and the first Star Trek conventions.

Roddenberry tells TV Guide about his journey and why he made the doc:

My father passed away when I was 17. I was a rebellious kid, and he was more of an authority figure than a father. I didn’t understand Star Trek until he passed away… but then I went to Star Trek conventions, and talked to people, and eventually became so proud of the name ‘Roddenberry.’

Trek Nation will air on the Science Channel in October. Here is the latest trailer. 


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Finally! Been looking forward to it since first announced.

I can’t wait for this to come out! Roddenberry has inspired us all!


Hope the DVD is close behind!

Definitely looking forward to this!

Can’t wait to see this!

Can this godlike worship of Gene please stop

By which I mean i appreciate that he created Star Trek but I’d much rather see a documentary closer to the truth, like the book Inside Star Trek. He was not a perfect person.

It looks great. It makes me think of all those ideas that Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek wanted to show and talk about.. War. Arms control. Racial prejudice. Tolerance. Science.

Memo to Wiliam Shatner:

The Science Channel is a “real” TV channel that most of us have.

All the best, Rod!!

Rod, his looks fantastic — congratulations on wrapping this up!!! I can hardly wait for the premiere. Best Wishes to you and your family!

Rod, I wish you all the best!!

I was one of the luckly ones who met gene many years ago. A big man with a big heart and was wonderful to talk to. He’s truely missed


There was no need for that.

And wasn’t this the same trailer that was released last year? A lot of it seems familiar.

Sounds a lot more interesting and authentic than Bill Shatner producing a documentary about things he truly don’t give a s**** about.

@15. RDR, see post @16. :-)

Let’s see it.

MJ, Opcode,

Why don’t you go share a motel room somewhere so you can bash Shatner all you want in privacy?

@19. Would do that, but that motel is fully booked up with Shat butt-kissers right now, and they are all drinking Shat Kool-Aid. :-))


Well, there is, fortunately, many, many motels around the world. Most of them are vacant, I hear. Trek isn’t as popular outside of English speaking countries, and as such, no one in a place like Brazil would care about your Shat-bashing. You two would get a lot of privacy there. ;-)

@21. Good suggestion, but it is going to be real hard to find one with a TV that has the Epix channel, since practically no one carries it. But assuming we can find one, I will be bringing Opocode an extra pair of my “They Live” Sunglasses, so he can truly see beyond the Shat facade as we watch him on Epix. ;-)


Why do you even need to bother with a television? You and Opcode can just lie together on a vibrating bed and reminisce about the Shat’s so-called antics!

Just make sure you get out every ten days or so to keep your muscles from atrophying. ;-)

RDR, did you see this today:

“Later Shatner also revealed he has still not seen the 2009 Star Trek movie, but he did see a clip from the film with Leonard Nimoy and Chris Pine.”

Sheesh, and since we know Shat is previously on record for not seeing the TNG, I doubt he has seen Enterprise, DS9 or Voyager as well. What a sham of a dude — the gull and hubris of him to do a Trek documentary based on this astonishing lack of preparation and knowledge.

But I am sure that you Shat apologists we no doubt have an explanation for this, as you find reasons to explain away everything else regarding this phony-baloney.

Wasn’t this article about the Roddenberrys?

@25. You have a point there!

@8 I hope it is less about the flawed human and more about his magnificent vision. Obviously Rod is perfectly aware of the flaws of his father but I find it wonderful that he and Gene were able to posthumously come together over his greatest achievement.

This looks fantastic, Rod. It can’t have been easy growing up with a father that so many people idealized and in some cases, canonized. You chose an awesome way to face the issues. I look forward to seeing your documentary.

Not on EPIX? LOL!

Rod has put a lot of work into this. Should be great

Yes i think everyone realizes gene r was human n flawed-i dont see this worshipping of him anywhere n he would have been one of the first to say he was not perfect—what he did was inspire many of us with his daring to dream of a positive, fair to all future n share that with us all—i remember seeing him speak at the seattle ctr twice-he was a electric speaker telling the audience how the people have superior intelligence n humor to tv networks, the government etc–and to state how the future will be better because we will make it better-got to see the blooper reels n original cage pilot too-it was awesome n gene,the great bird of the galaxy was wonderful–and he even dared to dream bigger with tng n proved that trek was popular and mainstream as gene n his vision was ahead of its time-i am sure eugenes doc n quest to learn bout his dad was a worthy quest n i cant wait to see it-congrats to rod!


Rod gotta eat.