Orci & Kurtzman: Star Trek Sequel To Shoot January 2012 + More On Trek From Lindelof & Cho

More news on the Star Trek sequel has emerged from SDCC. Co-writer/producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman say they are now hoping to start shooting January 2012. And for his part, fellow co-writer/producer Damon Lindelof revealed the sequel is "consuming" him currently and the team will not settle for anything that isn’t "mind-blowing". And Star Trek actor John Cho has no idea what is going on. Watch SDCC videos from each below.   


Orci & Kurtzman – Star Trek sequel targeted to shoot in January 2012

While a delay is expected, Paramount has yet to make an official announcement for a new release date for the Star Trek sequel (currently scheduled for June 29, 2012). But on Saturday night at the the San Diego Comic Con Cowboys & Aliens premiere, Trek sequel co-writer/producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman made it clear their schedule has already moved as they talked to Cinepremiere about when they formed the idea for the film and when they plan to shoot it:

Orci: We had ideas when we did the first [Star Trek] movie – we always think it is bad luck to think of the sequel – but we had some ideas for the sequel way back then and actually we are doing some of those ideas now and pitching and pitching them to the studio and JJ [Abrams] has been developing them with us. The idea’s that we had have stuck so we feel pretty strongly that we have an amazing story and we are going to be shooting very soon.

Q: How soon?
…Early next year.
I think probably in January, but every time we say "we will be shooting any second now," we are not, but it is going to be soon.

Orci is right about the moving target. The original target was May or June 2011, which later became August, then September and most recently reported as November. With shooting in January of 2012 there is no way the film can be released by the summer of 2012, leaving holiday 2012 or summer 2013 as possibilities.


Lindelof "consumed" by Star Trek sequel  + Dark Knight is standard

In a pair of San Diego Comic Con interviews, Orci and Kurtman’s collaborator Damon Lindelof revealed just how hard they are working on the sequel and how they are keeping a high standard. First up in comments to with OTR:

Lindelof: Right now my days and nights are consumed by Star Trek 2. We were supposed to dive in on that as soon as I finished Lost, but JJ [Abrams] was so busy on Super 8, Alex [Kurtzman] and Bob [Orci] had their own sort of empire to manage. Now finally the four creative minds that made the first movie what it was are all back in a room together and that was the only way we wanted to do it. And we have been doing it and I think that the bar is very high. We are not going to be satisfied with "oh this is fine." If an idea isn’t mind-blowing or super-cool or doesn’t present the Star Trek universe in a way you haven’t seen before, but you also have to pay homage to the fans who have stuck with this amazing franchise for 40 years. So it has been very very tricky, but I think we have finally broken through and figured out what the movie is going to be.


And then with G4:

Lindelof: We have been working very long and very hard on the scirpt. It is our challenge, we have to make it better than Trek 1. We hold The Dark Knight as a sequel that really transcended the original and now that we have gotten the crew together the "what happens next?" question is something that we are taking really seriously. It has been a lot of fun but it has been really hard.


John Cho not sure what is going on

Finally here is SDCC video from IGN with Star Trek’s new Sulu John Cho (sporting a mustache for his role in Total Recall) talking about the Trek sequel and revealing that the actors have still not been told when they will be needed on the set:

Q: When will the Star Trek band will get back together?
Cho: I’m not sure. I know we are getting back together. Scribes are working writing this thing. So we will see. 

Q: Do you think Sulu will be rocking that sweet ‘stache?
Cho: I don’t think so. Not my choice.




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Well, let’s see what happens……

About time! Full speed ahead!


I still think that it will come out in the Fall of ’12

I want Scotty to be less Jim Carrey and more serious. Like a seasoned WWII Army sergeant who manages the men. ALSO, do something with Kirk’s precipitous promotion five ranks up. Still bugs me.

I know i’m beating a dead horse here, and no one should take my comments as i hated the film, i loved it and bravo. Most other people would have destroyed another Star Trek film. BUT would it have been so hard to have Kirk go to another ship at the end of the film, raise in rank between films, and come back in the sequel as the new captain? I feel that would have made more sense.

So between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2012…let’s just say Holiday 2012.

The single most important thing in all of this hulabaloo is that they don’t miss their mark on story. Deliver unto us a mind-blowing, relevant and engrossing story in which the characters we know and love say believable things, do things within their powers & abilities, and not have a technobabble Mary Sue -fest. (for those who don’t know what a Mary Sue character or story is, do a quick google search for Mary Sue Character).

It sounds like the team at Bad Robot has their fingers in too many projects.

Summer of 2013? Are you serious?

Four years between releases is a bit much. Yes, yes I want it to be good but for crying out loud… talk about losing momentum following the huge success of the 2009 release.

All the more reason to bring Star Trek BACK TO TELEVISION where it belongs.

So summer 2013 it is. If they start shooting in January, getting it out that same year would be really rushing things.

Next May would have been nice, but it is what it is.

It’s okay though, I have a hard time hitting planned targets also. ;)

I’m not sure if it’ll be summer 2013 – the Superman film just got delayed out from December 2012 to summer 2013, so I think it might be a good thing to aim for holiday 2012. I have full faith in the film, but the less competition the better is always the case no matter what. I want a third one, too.

January 2012?!?!

We’re talking serious delays here… like summer 2013 release pushback! We’d be lucky to make christmas 2012… assuming the world doesn’t end!

3. Bill Peters

You’ve moved your prediction back several times now. You were steadfast until just recently saying that it would make the release date (no problem). Then it was July until Sept., 2012. Now you’re saying Fall, 2012. Will you next predict “no later than Summer 2013”? LOL.


“assuming the world doesn’t end”. I thought that trekkies were a more intelligent bunch. But this is the second time I’ve seen a reference to the 2012 armageddon on this board. Eeeeek!

Orci: “we are going to be shooting very soon”

Kurtzman: “early next year”

WTF? Again, completely different answers from two Supreme Court standing right next to each other.



The only reason the Mayan calendar ends at 2012 is because they ran out of space—only so many dates you can fit on a stone wall! And since the Spanish wouldn’t lend them any paper….


A chunk of Starfleet ships and staff were killed in the initial encounter with Nero and crew. I always felt Kirk’s promotion was out of necessity. So no trouble believing it.

Aww man, first Man of Steel pushed back and now Trek 2. And 2012 was shaping up to be the best genre year ever.

At least there’s a sequel. If I’ve waited this long, I can wait til any point in 2012 since this year’s gone by so fast as it is. 2013, on the other hand, is a bit ridiculous…putting all that time in between 2 films. When did the last one started filming, late 2007? Now 2012. Over 4 years in between production is a bit more than Trek fans are used to, that’s all.

Sure, we were spoiled by 5 movies in 10 year periods with the first set of Trek films, but I’m not asking for 5, more like 3-4 in a 10-year period would be good. Anyway, it is what it is and that’s just one opinion…I’ll see it whenever it comes out, but I would be disappointed if it takes them until 2013 for Trek XII. The fans aren’t getting any younger lol, especially the first generation! Trek XIII (jumping the gun) would make a great launching pad for the 50th anniversary in 2016, and it’s gonna be hard to make that happen with a 2013 release, but now I’m just imagining ahead…..let’s get through the next film first!

Best of luck, guys. Looking forward to following the future production as it moves ahead.

Everyone involved in the Trek production is saying all the right things.

I’m a happy camper.

Hoorah! Some positive news at last. A very nice way to start my Monday morning.

You know, I’m fine with not having it out in Summer. I hope it hits a Christmas release instead because there’s already SO MANY hard hitters coming next summer. This summer was bad enough with TWO pre-avengers movies, TWO DC movies, Super 8 and Cowboys and Aliens, Tranformers 3…next summer will be just as hard hitting with The Dark Knight, Avengers, Spider-Man, among others.

Just reading other’s post’s…… so is December ’12 not a realistic proposition? It sounds do-able to me, but I’m only a viewer not a movie maker.

May 2013 would be awesome, im willing to wait as long as it is epic and timeless.

I am beginning to believe there is no Star Trek 12…

But, if there is..when January rolls around…

Punch it, will ya?


Still giving 30% odds that the cameras never roll due to poor performance of other JJ movies, and that unresolvable cast defections or schedule conflicts from the delays cause a recast or two.

75% that a third one is never made, and if so, includes some recasts.

100% that this crew never does any Trek service again after these (maybe) 3 movies take 10 years to come out and suck all the energy out of Trek.

Hope some cool sci fi concepts like earths rotation stopping, moving planets into different solar systems, murder mysteries, ancient relic quests, conspiracies, betrayal, ancient astronaught theory etc.

Excited to see the sequel…..but would love to see a Star Trek Vanguard TV series. Or lets see a couple of star trek Mini Series/ Specials.

@24. Odkin, dude, you got me again. Fracking hilarious. You are the supreme joekster on these boards. Well done, once again, my friend.

God, its been so long, have they reached the Motion Picture era yet!


I hope it not delayed past eaarly dec 12 since most ofus wont be around after dec21–tough audience after armageden ya know hehe
I also agree that kirks promotion doesnt bother me-saving earth n pikes life by original thoughts n actions proved leadership skills and kirk always was the youngest starfleet captain now we know why–

Best wishes for your (future) endevours (regarding the Star Trek sequel) , gentlemen!

Hooray. They’re going to back filming Star Trek on my birthday. January 12th That’s a good sign of success.

To be sure of always hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.

So, it’s the Klingons again. The opening shot is of Qo’noS: Klingon homeworld. They’re going to present the familiar in an unfamiliar way by having various different varieties of Klingons…some will want war and others will not…

I hope they use the Klingon theme. They won’t find or create better music than that. I hope to see Bird of Preys, battle cruisers activating their cloaks…I hope to see bat’leths and bloodwine. For inspiration, look at the ‘Klingon fan collective’ DVD and Star Trek 6: TUC. If they match that, I’ll be one happy Trekkie.

I think the studio’s (Paramount & CBS) will want it out sometime in 2012 – its looking like it may be fall – because I get the feeling that they are beginning to get licenses together for next year… we have that video game thats coming and who knows, a animated series too?

If it’s out in 2013 – if the world is still here :P – I think they need to take a break but then organise their time far better and be back doing the final Star Trek so that it hits the studio’s release date.

oh never mind about their delays… we’ll have this
next year.

I do not like ST being treated like a nice to have project by this gang and getting delays, although there is the impression of delaying-to-get-the-best veil being pulled in front of our eyes. Super 8 was not so good.

I hope the enterprise gets back its decents looks, and it is not another 90210 out in space.

by the way, action sequences lined one after another, and art direction hardly makes a good film. have you guys heard of character depth? and not like a 2 minute “this guy is this” part but with things interwoven into the fabric of the story? I really have low hopes for ST2. A NG comeback would be more awesome than whatever glitz-effect perfect candy this team will serve.

What can I say, it is what it is. I cant make em shoot it faster!

But the way the guys are talking this up its gonna have to be the next best thing since Alien, Blade Runner and other sci-fi classics.

Can they do it? I think so! Only time will tell………lots of time.

AGAIN… don’t rush it. If we have to wait, give us something worth waiting for.

And, Mila Kunis as Rand taking a sonic shower is worth waiting for.

Ok Bob Orci and the court. Here is your orders. Red Alert. All Engines Ahead at Maxinum Warp for the best Trek Movie Ever!!!.

34. I’m fine with that… but had hoped the new movie series would treat Klingons, the way the old one treated the Romulans.

The bumpy headed, blood-wine swilling, bat’leth welding barbarians have been done to death. While by comparison, what know about Romulus can be fit onto the back of a postage stamp.

40. (supplemental) Fan reaction to the reappearance of the Klingons back in 2001 for Enterprise ‘Broken Bow’, just attracted yawns and the obvious question about their ridges. Although that show did finally provide an answer by Season 4.

Somewhat ironic that Star Trek III was to have originally provided Romulans as the villains, the switch in Search for Spock to Klingons kicked off the whole pop cultural thing.


These guys don’t care about Trek.

Only money and other projects.

I’ll be so glad when TPTB state that Star Trek is being filmed NOW and all the cast, including Pike, are hard at work! Hope to read that soon because I’m not getting any younger!

Until then i’ll just continue to cross my fingers.

I for one prefer they take their time and do it right as opposed to rushing out a mediocre product. These guys are in demand for a reason. Waiting six months to a year isn’t going to kill anyone or make people like Star Trek any less.


Oh yeah, now thats a movie I am geeked for! R. Scott back in a sci-fi themed movie.

Im reading Shadow 19 right now. That would make a great sci-fi movie as well.

Good God,just when I think I might be getin’ up soon,they tell me I have to sit alittle bit longer. Ay me,I’m ok about waiting,as long as it’s good,I think they won’t let us down on that,it’ll be awesome!


I don’t think its fare to say that. I Think they care if they didn’t they would have past over the Star Trek in favor off other projects. The fact that they are taking there time trying to get it right says something. Damon himself said they have been working long and hard on this project and that they that take it very seriously. Its obviously not easy trying to create the perfect story. I say just give them time and let them work this thing out.

#12 I still have faith that they can get this done in 2012 and to us in fall 2012 though it is Disappointing that it has been delayed so much.