Jim Beam Me Up! Jim Beam Sends One Lucky Trekkie to Star Trek Las Vegas

Jim Beam has answered the prayers of one enterprising Trekkie who had launched a Twitter campaign to convince them to send him to the big Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. David Taylor, aka @SciFi_core is the first unofficial official Trekkie sponsored by Jim Beam to attend a con, and he’ll be in Vegas this August asking people how bold choices in their life have landed them where they are today — a Trekkie twist on Beam’s current ad campaign.


It all started with a simple tweet; a plea to @jimbeamofficial to send David Taylor to the annual Star Trek convention held in Las Vegas this August 11th. After initial tweets from David, Jim Beam’s official twitter page took notice, prompting the Seattle-based graphics designer to swing into full gear and create an entire ad campaign of his own based on Jim Beam and Trek. He even began producing Beam/Trek drink recipes and creating graphics for them.

“A dream that spread throughout the stars”
Last week, Jim Beam tweeted with much fanfare that they would be sending David to Star Trek Las Vegas! Support came pouring into Beam’s twitter account from other Trekkies saying thanks for supporting a fellow nerd and his dream. Some have even pledged to switch from other brands in support of Beam’s “bold choice”. “A dream that became a reality and spread throughout the stars (Kirk),” reads a tweet from @jimbeamofficial, “- Congrats @SciFi_Core! You’re going to the LV Star Trek Conference!” To which they later added, “#JimBeamMeUp!”

No one was more surprised at Beam’s decision than David. “They’re risking their image on a total stranger… a total Trekkie,” he said. But, Jim Beam has made it clear that they want to reward David’s passion and creativity, and they’ve decided to make a bold choice.

@jimbeamofficial’s twitter announcement

Plans for the Con
Now that David has his convention tickets in the bag, he doesn’t plan to stop there! He intends to spread Jim Beam’s message that bold choices take you to where you’re supposed to be by interviewing fellow Trekkies in Las Vegas and asking them how the bold choices in their lives have lead them to the convention. In fact, he has an entire social marketing campaign in mind. “I’m going to shoot youtube videos, blog, and tweet during the con,” David told TrekMovie. “Then take the footage and make a mini documentary about choices. How the little things affect who we are… who we become. [Beam’s] Parallels ad fascinates me for the same reason I love time travel stories. Who could I be if small things had changed in my life. I think the campaign is really positive… Anything is possible if you make bold choices.”

Beam’s Bold Choice ad with Willem Dafoe

Like the parallel Star Trek universe created by JJ Abrams Trek, David sees Jim Beam’s Parallels commercial as a representation of the different universes we create each time we make a decision. He wants to embellish on this theme for his mini-doc. But, what if he had never sent that first tweet?

More #JimBeamMeUp
TrekMovie will be there in full force once again at Star Trek Las Vegas this August 11th at the Rio. And, we’ll be reporting on David’s adventures throughout the weekend. Watch this space for updates!


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