CBS Launches Ultimate Star Trek DVD Collection Sweepstakes

Would you like to have every bit of Star Trek on DVD? Or second copies if you already amassed your collection? Well CBS has a new sweepstakes going where you can win the ultimate Star Trek DVD collection worth over $2000. Details on how you can win below.


CBS Sweepstakes: Win Ultimate Star Trek DVD collection

CBS has a brand new sweepstakes for the ultimate DVD collection that includes complete DVD sets of:

  • Star Trek (original series)
  • Star Trek: The Animated Series
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Star Trek: Voyager
  • Star Trek: Enterprise
  • All 11 Star Trek movies

You can enter to win (USA only) at the official Star Trek Facebook page

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Worth a shot…I’m in!

My favourite part of the franchise isn’t even pictured.

No Blu-ray? Hardly “ultimate” if it’s in an obsolete format.


PS: I know all the material isn’t available in BD format yet, but a lot of it *is* and should be the format of choice.


I dissagree. While I prefer blu-ray, certain (at least mine) BD players upscale DVD’s. Besides, people are just starting to warm up to Blu-Ray (suck as George Lucas), so most people will have DVD players (they’re like 30$ now!).

It may not be “Ultimate”, more like “Expensive”.

BAD NEWS – Requires Facebook account to enter…


I agree with #3. TOS Remastered and ST09 both deserve to be witnessed in high definition. The movies look nice in HD too. And this is old news actually, signed up last week but I wish you guys wouldn’t announce these things because that means more people will enter the contest and that decreases my chances of winning :(.

Don’t really care if I win though because I already have every on DVD and everything that is currently available on blu ray. Also, I assume that blu ray or not, the TOS version is the remastered release….

Entered! Muahaha!

Wait? The collection includes the single disk version of “Star Trek”? You’d think that if CBS is willing to give away a very expensive collection, they wouldn’t be so cheap as to include the version with only a few special features!

‘Enterprise’ on Blu Ray. Just tell me where to send my money.

Victory is mine

Hmm I already have all the dvds and all the blu rays so far also….I wish someone could get Paramount to release all the Blooper reels for any and all st movies and series ….would make a great companion to the trekkies dvds—-
All I have ia a horribly blurry vhs fan tape gotten at a convention many many years ago….hardly even watchable…I know it probably will never happen cuz Paramount would have to pay royalties to the people in the videos..oh well sigh…

I also agree they are only giving ya the single disk version of trek 09 is lame…..

Don’t like the fact that I’m signing up for junk mail, however temporarily. Still…

CBS/Paramount should do a Vulcans & Romulans Fan Collective…

Disc One – Vulcans
ENT The Forge/Awakening/Kir’Shara
TOS Amok Time

Disc Two – Vulcans
TOS Journey to Babel
TNG Sarek
TNG Unification (TV Movie)
extra: TAS Yesteryear

Disc Three – Romulans
ENT Minefield
ENT Babel One/United/The Aenar

Disc Four – Romulans
TOS Balance of Terror
TOS The Enterprise Incident
TOS The Neutral Zone
TNG The Enemy

Disc Five – Romulans
TNG The Defector
TNG Face of the Enemy
DS9 Inter Arma Silent Leges
VOY Eye of the Needle

This line-up would make even more sense, if the next Star Trek film follows up on any of their plots – or explores what happened next for either of the pointy eared races.

14. *correction* Disc 4 – The Neutral Zone is a TNG episode, not an Original Series one.

US only, that’s what I had expected. OK, for CBS it makes sense regioncodewise. But I guess there’s never going to be a European sweepstakes (or Japanese, or Australian, for that matter, counting only strong Trek markets).

Just download them…it is FREE!


That’s a good idea, though I don’t think we’ll be seeing anymore fan collective dvds. Too many of them, and people will stop buying the season sets.

And you forgot about “In The Pale Moonlight”.

18. I had it right on the list until the last minute! :)

Then figured I had to sacrifice at least one, based on a rough idea of disc space.

“In The Pale Moonlight” is on the Captain’s Log collective however. Of course, so are “Balance of Terror” and “Enterprise Incident”.

I had real trouble weighing up which was the more important Romulan appearance and gave it to “The Neutral Zone”. The DS9 story being more about Sisko & Garak, and the TNG reintroducing them (and their D’deridex ships) after many years.

Putting Vulcans and Romulans together in the same set, is a bit of space saver. They’re more than worthy enough of individual ones – if you consider the best Spock, Tuvok, T’Pol episodes for a Vulcan set.

My wife has the FB account so I will get her to enter for us. It cannot hurt to try. While I have some of these sets, I do not have them all.

Make them all Blu-Ray and you have yourself a contest. DVD’s in 2011? Weak.

good luck to all who enter this contest , i just did

Requires membership in FaceBook to enter, so I guess I’m out. Most unfortunate that CBS/Paramount didn’t come up with an alternative…

Speaking of which, every time I type CBS alongside of Star Trek it just feels so… wrong. CBS was the network of Lost In Space, Petticoat Junction, My Favorite Martian and other twisted forms of low-brow science fiction.

Trek was at home with NBC, along with the animated series. They many treated it in a boneheaded fashion, but it was home…

yah weird how things work out–trek is now cbs–kinda like disney absorbing pixar(or was it the other way around) which was a lucasfilm co and ironic since pixar has kinda killed traditional animation too–least disney was smart enuf to know the couldnt compete–heck head of pixar is now also head of disney animation-irony-

# Correction, I meant “Such as George Lucas”. Sorry for the error.

Yeah, already have it all so I’m not going to enter. Blu-Ray would be nice or a new TV show.

Or a Direct-to-DVD (Blu ray, download, cable TV) movie wrap up for Star Trek Enterprise.

I have the 11 star trek movies ,it would be nice to have the DVDs of the five series episodes & the animated trek sence i dont have them yet .
so again good luck to all who entered.

Why do want only people with facebook to sign up? Is it because they want yp see your face and for perhaps to catch criminals. I guess. I’m sorry, but I am Old School.

30. A waste of effort then, if its to gather information. Like twitter. The only reason some have accounts for those, is just because they’re manditory in order to enter. The rest of the time, their social media accounts are basically inactive… real life not revolving around the need to tell the world what you’re up to, every minute of every day.