Paramount Officially Delays Star Trek Sequel – GI Joe Takes 6/29/12 Spot & No New Trek Date Yet

Well Paramount has made official what we all knew was coming. The Star Trek sequel has been officially delayed and will not be released on June 29, 2012. Paramount has now put their second G.I. Joe film into that slot, but they have not yet picked the date for the Star Trek sequel. More info below, plus a poll on when you want the sequel to come out.   


GI Joe 2 takes Star Trek’s summer 2012 spot

Today TrekMovie confirmed that Paramount has shuffled their schedule around and put G.I. Joe 2 (now called G.I. Joe: Retaliation) into the June 29, 2012 slot previously occupied by the (still untitled) Star Trek sequel. The G.I. Joe film was previously slated for August 10th. Paramount also made a small change with Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol (also co-produced by Star Trek’s JJ Abrams and Bryan Burk), moving it from December 16, 2011 to December 21st. This was to avoid a head to head with Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows on the 16th.  

Paramount has yet to pick a new release date for the Star Trek sequel which should start shooting in January 2012. TrekMovie sources indicate that a decision has not been made and that it is in the hands of Paramount. The Star Trek team are ready for either of the choices on the table: holiday 2012 or summer 2013. A decision and announcement on that and on JJ Abrams directing should come in August.

As for why the Star Trek sequel has been delayed, much of this has been covered here at TrekMovie for the last few months but the simplest explanation is that in the end JJ Abrams (and his Bad Robot producing partner Bryan Burk) had too much stuff on their plate at once. In early 2010 when Paramount picked the June 29, 2012 release for the Star Trek sequel they had also tasked Abrams and Burk to produce both Super 8 and Mission Impossible IV (with Abrams also directing Super 8) by 2011. However, by the time the writers (Bob Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and Damon Lindelof) were ready to finish up the Star Trek script to move the film into pre-production earlier this year, Abrams and Burk could not devote the necessary time to Star Trek. So essentially the Star Trek project was put on a very slow burn for the last six months, but it is now back to the front burner for the entire Star Trek team of Abrams, Burk, Lindelof, Orci, and Kurtzman.   

So when could it be?

As noted there are two choices for the Star Trek sequel release with the holiday season of 2012 or summer of 2013. Looking at those times there are a few weekends without a big tentpole in them. Recently Warner Brothers moved the next Superman film (Man of Steel) from December 2012 to Summer 2013, making the holiday 2012 season a bit less competitive.

 Here is how it is shaping up:

Holiday 2012

  • Nov. 9: Bond 23, Ouija
  • Nov. 16: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part Two)
  • Nov. 21 (Thanksgiving Wed): 47 Ronin, Rise of the Guardians
  • Nov. 30: OPEN
  • Dec. 7: OPEN
  • Dec. 14: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
  • Dec. 21: Hunter Killer, Life of Pi, Lone Ranger
  • Dec. 25 (Xmas): Django Unchained

Summer 2013

  • May 3: Iron Man 3
  • May 10: OPEN (except for comedy Mommy and Me)
  • May 17: Singularity
  • May 24 (Mem. Day wkd): Fast & Furious 6
  • May 31: OPEN
  • June 7: Turbo
  • June 14: Man of Steel
  • June 21: Monsters University
  • Jun28: R.I.P.D.
  • July 3 (4th July wkd): Despicable Me 2
  • July 12: Pacific Rim
  • July 19: Oblivion
  • July 26: Thor 2

POLL: When do you want Star Trek sequel to open?

Of the two choices, which do you prefer. Sooner is great, but summer 2013 would give them more time and potentially be better for box office (although films like Avatar have shown there is plenty of money in the holiday season).




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