Video of the Day: The Federation Will Not Be Televised

The Star Trek viral video of the day comes from the San Francisco theater group The Dark Room who have re-imagined a classic Gil Scott-Heron song into the video "The Federation Will Not Be Televised" all to promote their upcoming live Star Trek performances of "The Way To Eden." Check it out below   


The Federation Will Not Be Televised

Check out this promo video from The Dark Room.

The video is a viral promotion for the San Francisco theater The Dark Room who will are gearing up for live performances of the classic space-hippies episode of Star Trek ("The Way To Eden"). Shows will be Fridays and Saturdays in September.

More info at the official Facebook page and you can also buy tickets online.  


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This is why I love being a Star Trek fan.


I’m stepping into Eden…

That… was epic awesome. :D

I am not Herbert?!

sound kills

I’m guessing this would mean more to me if I was familiar with the song on which it is based.

Anyway….good on ’em.

@Adam Collings…
It’s based on a poem by Gil Scott-Heron. There’s a video somewhere out there but i didn’t find it right off.

Personal taste aside (it’s not that funny) isn’t a video only viral after it has caught on and lots of people have seen it?

Love “the way to Eden” . Would like to see this. Heck, would even like to be part of it. We recorded our own versions of all the Eden songs back in college. You should hear our groovy jam session version.

Tracks included:
“gonna crack my nuckles…”
“Stiff man”
“Is it Vulcan, can I try it?”
“Hey out there”
“Vulcan lyre, hippie chick bicycle rim jam session”
“Heading out to Eden”
“Steppin into Eden”

I reach that brother, I really do!

See what happens when we have to wait too long between Trek movies.

love to see trek going viral but this…no, no, and no.

Great White Captain upstairs, he don’t reach us…

The Federation will not be televised.

Truer words were never spoken.


#10 – “You should hear our groovy jam session version.”

Are you sure? Do we really have to?…:)

Far out!

#11, Pizza. You got that one right on!!



Are you serious? Man, I envy you.


Absolutely. Our creativity goes insane.

For some reason I absolutely lost it when Spock threw the soup in the backround. Why…?

Spock looks sexy playing bass. Nuff sed.

#7 & #8 LMAO – this actually puts in in perspective, once you hear the original this parody is even, dare I say it even funny!


16. Keachick (rose pinenut) – July 30, 2011
#10 – “You should hear our groovy jam session version.”

Are you sure? Do we really have to?…:)

I liked it. Never know. To quote one of our favorite books at my house…”you may like it you will see, you may like it in a tree” – Dr. Seuss

thanks for all the comments!! This awas fun to rewrite and shoot. Our show will be lots of fun too.

for anyone in the bay area: