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Previews of Jeri Ryan and Wil Wheaton On Tonight’s Warehouse 13 & Eureka + First Look At Kate Mulgrew on W13

As reported before, Syfy’s Monday nights are now full of Star Trek guest star appearances. Last week Star Trek: DS9’s Rene Auberjonois joined Warehouse 13 and this week it is Star Trek Voyager’s Plus Star Trek: TNG’s Wil Wheaton is back on Eureka tonight. And later in August Voyager’s Kate Mulgrew heads to Warehouse 13. See video previews of tonight’s episodes plus the first image of Mulgrew on Warehouse 13 below


Previews of Jeri Ryan and Kate Mulgrew on Warehouse 13

Star Trek: Voyager’s Jeri Ryan guest stars in tonight’s (Monday August 1) episode of Warehouse 13 on Syfy. In the episode "Queen for a Day" Ryan portrays Amanda, whose planned fairy tale wedding is derailed when exposure to an artifact threatens her life and the lives of everyone around her. Here is a preview.

TrekMovie participated in a conference call with Ryan where the actress revealed more about her role:

She’s a Marine. She is Eddie’s ex-wife…which is a bit of a surprise to everyone else at the warehouse. And she is getting remarried and things sort of take a bit of a turn without giving away too much of the story. And she sort of needs Eddie’s help to get out of a bit of a problem.

Ryan also said that the episode leaves open the possibility of her returning to Warehouse 13, which she said she would love to do. Jeri also sent out a tweet with this image of herself and McClintock.

Warehouse 13 airs Monday nights on Syfy at 9PM.

Jeri Ryan poses with Eddie McClintock on the set of "Warehouse 13"

UPDATE: Kate Mulgrew

Later this season Star Trek: Voyager’s Kate Mulgrew will be joining Warehouse 13 for a four-episode arc playing one of the Warehouse regents. TV Guide has a new inteview with Mulgrew where she describes the role:

She has mystical and magical powers beyond all articulation. I play an important part regarding the future of the Warehouse, and also its history. You will increasingly understand her mysterious value to the warehouse and everybody in it.

Mulgrew’s first episode "The 40th Floor" airs Monday August 29th on Syfy.

Kate Mulgrew on "Warehouse 13"


Wil Wheaton on tonight’s Eureka

Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Wil Wheaton has returned to Eureka this season for a recurring role as Dr. Isaac Parrish. Wheaton appears again in tonight’s episode "Up in the Air."  Here is a preview.

Eureka airs Monday nights on Syfy at 8PM.

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Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire

Wherehouse 13 is getting better and better. Really starting to get into this show.

damn Trekkies :P

Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire

Oh. Jeri Ryan looks Stunning in the Wedding Dress.

Nice to see Trek actors show up in other shows. Too bad CBS will not do even a web series of the Trek Prime Universe, how could that hurt the Abrams Trek alternate universe?

some times not having tv sucks…. like the nights euraka is on

Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire

#5. No Tv, You must be living in the Dark Ages. Lol

3. “Oh. Jeri Ryan looks Stunning in the Wedding Dress.”

Damn. I was going to say that. Guess I’ll just have to wait for the annulment! :)

I love both Eureka and Warehouse 13. Is it just me or does it seem like the creators of those shows are real trekkies?

hello…didn’t see anyone mention the fact that Star Trek 09″s Faran Tahir was on Warehouse 13 last week….Great show BTW

all my best


That was a recap of his appearance from last season.

Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire

Hey. Star Trek is well Represented on Where House 13. that is all that matters.
You know. Jeri Ryan would make an Excellent Lois Lane for Harry.

Mulgrew’s “essential” character is also set to return next season

What is Warehouse 13 — never heard of it?

Warehouse 13 = the Star Trek of this generation

Bearded Wil Wheaton fun fact: same age that Jonathan Frakes was in TNG’s “The Game”

# 3.

Amen to that. Breathtaking, she is… ;-)

LOVED Eureka tonight! The theme music to the show when Carter discovers what’s going on to the town was classic!

@ 10

No, he was in an episode this season too, but not last weeks, the week before that.

14. MJ, “Warehouse 13” it´s (unofficially) the warehouse shown in the end of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

It´s like “Diet X-files”.

@ #4 Abrams probably has it in his contract. No Trek series while he is in charge of developing Trek movies. They look the other way on Phase II.

@19. Thanks. May have to check it out. Have been boycotting that station since the ridiculous name change.

So Brent Spiner is going to be on “Alphas” on September 12.

Interestingly W13, Eureka and Alphas are now established as being in the same universe. Marvel moment?

*happy dance*


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