Video of the Day: Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Sitcom

Is Star Trek funny? Well the video of the day re-envisions Star Trek: The Next Generation as a sitcom, complete with canned laugh track and a new jaunty credits sequence mashup. Check it out below.


Star Trek: The Next Recreation

This video comes via email9354 on YouTube.

Adding some laughs and a title sequence mashup with Parks and Recreation really does seem to work for TNG.

via Buzzfeed – thanks to Jonathan for link.

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Good gravy people, if you’re doing mashups, work on your sound mixing!


Gave me a needed laugh. Very nice.

I. Montoya

That’s pretty cute.


I want 2 minutes of my life back.


Love it

Allen Williams

The actual clip was lame, but I liked (except for the song) the new titles. Its an interesting way to freshen it up a bit. Personally laugh tracks real or not only make things worse. I wish I could watch shows like the big bang theory without the laugh tracks.


Has potential…

John in Canada, eh?

Hmmm. I’m sure there are funnier scenes that could have been used as the opening teaser. But good work with the opening credits – great concept, and not bad implementation.


I think he nailed it. It’s got just the right amount of camp.


Nothing will beat the Day Job Orchestra.

Alf, in pog form

That was a lot better than really bad, but heaps worse than barely adequate.

Jeff O'Connor



Jabba the Hutt, Jabba the Hutt, Jabba the Hutt…


Very good, Thank you for that.

There are dozens of these. I’m working on a webpage on mashups of TNG.

Captain Realistic

15 – Ingenious idea to set up a website that plays videos people have already made.

The title sequence came from a youtube creative commons video that I made. You can check it, and my other Star Trek mashups, out on my youtube channel (url attached).


I liked the title at the end.

16. Captain Realistic, what I have is an indexing website with over 400 complete, ready-to-watch Star Trek Fan Films and over 200 complete, ready-to-listen-to Star Trek Fan Audio shows. The name of my website is Star Trek Reviewed, and I also link to reviews of both the fan films and of Pro Trek. I did some reviews myself, but most people seemed more interested in the indexing aspect of the website, and so that’s my main focus. I also have links to other people’s collections of Trek materials.

The website is organized first by fan v. pro, then by era, (Fan Trek in the Enterprise era are grouped together, Fan Trek in the TOS/TAS/JJA Trek era are grouped together, etc.), with certain types of shorts and stuff separated out, and with pages with all the Trek available for non-English speakers, including separate whole pages for German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and Finnish.

The website can be found here:

If you like watching fan-made Trek, this saves you the hunt. You can spend your time watching, not hunting.

No one in particular...

No, I’m afraid not…the laugh track sounds horribly and embarrassingly out of place and doesn’t make the scene(s) any funnier. It actually made me want to click stop, which of course I did right after I took a peek at the title sequence mash up.

The individual responsible should be flogged for creating this abomination..


Thank you, Barb.

Whatever happened to Elvis Kirk and the ever-changing cast of Phase II? Is that still going on?

CmdrR, yes, Phase II carries on, releasing roughly one episode each year. Yes, James Cawley, to the best of my knowledge, still makes his living with an Elvis Tribute Act (as they are now called). They have a pretty active Forum of their own at their website. Their most recent release was Enemy: Starfleet. A lot of people liked it better than their prior double episode, Blood and Fire Parts 1 and 2, although I personally thought the criticism of Blood and Fire was mostly unjustified. I was also disappointed with and disagreed with much of the praise I read for Enemy: Starfleet. That’s not to say it’s not head and shoulders above the average fan film, but it’s not as good, IMHO, as some of Phase II’s other episodes (Seven in all including the first one which they don’t count). You can find many links to Phase II/New Voyages at the webpage at the website I already linked above (and to my amazement, that link hasn’t been removed…). You can click on the link on the right side of the page, or go to Table of Contents, Golden Age Fan Films, and Phase II is the first Golden Age (roughly 2250-2349) which I list. In post production from Phase II: The Child, Kitumba, Origins, and Mind Sifter. Another unique feature of the website is the Fan Film Production Map, which is on the page which offers an overview of Star Trek Fan Films. The map shows where fan films were and are being made. I am trying to remove locations of fan film groups which have abandon their efforts without completing a fan film over 10 minutes which tells a full story. Finally, as long as I’m guiding you through Star Trek Reviewed, let me point to my Quick… Read more »


It seems the video has been removed from youtube by the user. Hmmm…


check out GeneralGrin’s TNG Recuts for something really hilarious