Great Links: Olivia Wilde A Trekkie + Pawn Stars Trek + TOS Caricature + Craigslist Picard Head + more

Time again to check on Star Trek in the zeitgeists with some Great Links, starting off with actress Olivia Wilde revealing her inner Trekkie. We also have Trek on Pawn Stars, a crazy TOS caricature, Picard’s head found on Craigslist, plus more fun Trek pix, mashups and links for the week.  



CelebTrekkie of the Week: Olivia Wilde

Time to add another name to the list of actresses who want some Star Trek. In an interview with io9, Olivia Wilde (who just worked with Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof on Cowboys & Aliens) revealed her inner Trekkie:

You’re in Cowboys and Aliens and had a massive role in Tron. Are there any other science fiction roles you would like to tackle?

Oh, gosh. I grew up as a Trekkie, which is really funny. I think Star Trek, they were always great female roles, but there’s no reason the captain shouldn’t be a woman. I think we could do Captain Kirk as a woman.
The role of Captain Kirk is taken Olivia – but there are more ships in the fleet for you to command

Reality Show Clip of the Week: Star Trek collection on Pawn Stars

This week the History Chanel show Pawn Stars featured a Trekkie with an impressive Star Trek collection, including many signed figures. He was selling to pay for his wedding – watch video below to see how the haggling went.

Art of the week: Star Trek Caricature

French Caricature artist Michael Achard has taken on Star Trek, with the crew toking a tribble. If you like it, you can buy a print from his site.

Hopefully this is not canon

Craigslist find of the week: Picard Head

If the one thing your place is missing is a replica head of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Patrick Stewart, then for $80 (or trading a mountain bike), a Phoenix Craiglist seller can set you up. According to the listing the seller bought a few of these heads on E-Bay and doesn’t know where they came from. Each life-like Stewart head weighs 5 pounds and "shows wrinkles, bumps, creases, clefts, etc."
What would you do with Picard’s disembodied head?

WTF Cosplay Photo Of The week

The site Dorkly dug up this unique cosplay Star Trek group.

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combin…OK what the hell is going on here?

Mashups of the week: Denard Heisman Trek & (Another) Trek v Wars

We have seen tons of mashups based on the trailers form the 2009 Star Trek movie, but this week we have a unique one which combines Trek with college football. The Michigan Football blog takes a Heisman Trophy campaign for player Denard Robinson to the 23rd century.

Star Trek v Star Wars is a big sub-genre for Internet mashups, but this week there is a well made new entry from 2SunsNoWomen, check it out:

More linkage

Send in your links

If you spot something interesting or fun related to Star Trek, please send them in to You can also send in links to @trekmovie on the Twitter.

Thanks to Jessie and Mary for links this week.

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Olivia Wilde’s a Trekkie?


Olivia got as close as she could get to (being) Kirk. She played Hannah in Welcome to People, Sam’s girlfriend. Sam was played by Chris Pine. Lucky girl and I think I can hear Harry saying, Lucky Chris.

Re: woman being a Starfleet captain – I remember reading all the hoopla and controversy over the notion of the Voyager ship having a female captain. I could not believe that in the nineties, sexism (a lot of it intellect-defying stupidity) was still so rampant among so many people. Thankfully, the studio ignored the crap, and made the captain female! All credit to Paramount and Trek producers!

I love, love, love Micheal Archad’s caricature! :D
Especiall the little cameo by the “salt monster. ;D

I will watch anything and everything featuring Olivia Wilde… :) She was one of the redeeming featurews of Cowboys and Aliens and her resurrection scene gave me a rhyming word…

“… do Captain Kirk as a woman”??… no way… think another character, Olivia!!! …LOL

I loved the caricature!

:-) :-)

Hmmm. That Trek vs. Star Wars trailer makes one realize how closely the last film echoes the George Lucas franchise, thematically and visually. Dialogue from Trek 2009 could have been lifted from the Star Wars prequels, and vice-versa.

That’s just an observation, not a critique.

It was ironic that Jeffrey Hunter’s decision not to do Star Trek is probably what ultimately cost him his life….

Dear God, please don’t let Orci rewrite “Turnabout Intruder” to work in the hottie Flavor of the Month as Kirk…

Hey, I’m in Phoenix! I think I’ll go get some Picard head!

Wait, whut? That didn’t come out right.

Olivia Wilde as “Nurse Christine Chapel.”

You would think I’d be happy that Star Trek was a lot more even matched against Star Wars, wouldn’t you? Feels like an empty victory however…

I’d love to see Olivia as a fellow Captain.

All this time I just thought she was a hybrid.

As if Olivia Wilde wasn’t hot enough already, now you tell us she’s a Trekkie.

You’re killin’ me, man.

Next you’ll tell us that she listens to Rush and has a Ph.D.

Olivia Wilde as T’Pring!

Or that Romulan Commander a pronovel named Charvanek…?

Oliva Wilde could dock my shuttle craft. (wow that was bad)

PS: Olvia Wilde as captain jainway in Star Trek: Voyager 2014

I’m thinking Chekov & Sulu are looking pretty friendly there. Pavil might wake up in Sulu’s quarters in the morning with some embarrassing regrets. :)

Kirk would never have been able to deal with Q? I call bs on that one, Entertainment Weekly.

#8 So could Pine/Kirk do Olivia Wilde/Lester and Wilde/Lester do Pine/Kirk?

Wow. That came out wrong…

I saw that Pawn Stars,it was fun,but then,I like the Pawn Stars any time!

It would be awesome if they could get Olivia to play Christine Chapel, but I don’t hold out much for that character to be included in this film series

“I think we could do Captain Kirk as a woman.”

Uh, no. Captain Kirk is a symbol of masculinity, up there with James Bond, Superman, Indiana Jones and Han Solo.

Perhaps in a fan production where experimentation has no boundaries, but the thought of James T. Kirk being played by a woman on the big screen requires too much suspension of disbelief. Just like a male actor playing Uhura would be inappropriate and absurd.

Olivia Wilde could play a security officer or another starship captain with some of Kirk’s qualities and yet remain feminine instead of merely acting like a man with breasts.

Plus you can’t have a female actor playing a character who often tears his shirt on away missions without an “R” rating! ;-)


mila kunis: i’m a trekkie.
olivia wilde: i’m a trekkie, too.
i wonder who’ll be the next hollywood ‘it girl’ to reveal her love of star trek

loved the vid! any fan film news? seems like its been forever since we’ve had a fan film to watch.

wilde as Dr. Janice Lester. or. she can play another star fleet Capt.
But. She would make a great Dr. Carol Marcus.


Mila Kunis as T’Pring. Olivia Wilde as Sexy Romulan Commander.

Now, let’s go get high on some Tribble…

NIIIICE Olivia Wilde pic!!! Such a natural pose ;-)

@16 ster j, OW as T’Pring! Oh yeah, I’d like that…very much.

re: the Dorkly cosplayers-

as it were…

dont forget rosario dawson!!!

Caricatures are great. Especially the Doohan. Oddly enough I feel the Spock is the weakest. Still…!

Olivia Wilde might be angling for a part in Star Trek 2013 but I have called upon her to be cast for the next one anyway as Saviik. Check out the story below where Bob Orci drew Vulcan ears on an unamed actress. See post @ 193. So Olivia if you’re in the next one, do I have your gratitude? :-)

On Io9’s ten things you didn’t know about Star Trek, I admit it, I didn’t know most of them. So, demote me to Trekker, junior grade.

And as for the poll at the bottom of the page…Kirk wins in my book. But then you’re talking to the man whose 5 yr old son is way into The Six Million Dollar Man. And I’m thrilled about it.

Olivia Wilde should play the Romulan Commander.

Hopefully the sex scene with Spock will involve a lot more than just brushing fingers!


@ 36

Hey Harry. Just thought you should know a couple of facts about Olivia Wilde. She has dual citizenship, which is both American and Irish. She got her stagename from Irish writer Oscar Wilde. Her real name is “Olivia Cockburn.” I’m not kidding Harry Ballz.


Olivia Wilde as T’Pring. Have T’Pring and Uhura battle for Spock!


BB, yeah, I knew her real name. Thanks for keeping me in the loop.


I’m usually all for preserving the canon and not screwing with Trek. But if Olivia Wilde wants to be the captain I say move over Pine. :)

Having Wilde as the captain would be, well, um, wild!

If Olivia Wilde’s a Trekkette, I officially volunteer to help bring about The Next Generation.

Yeah, I see the line, but all you other guys are pigs.

“I think we could do Captain Kirk as a woman.”

…….sounds good to me.

The Federation wouldn’t fight the Rebel Alliance. Rather, it would take the side of the Alliance to fight the Galactic Empire. The trailer doesn’t seem to realize this.

Also, Olivia Wilde is hot.

You’re welcome.


Unfortunately the Rebel Alliance hasn’t been formed yet in the prequel trilogy, so the Federation is fighting against the corrupted Republic.

Agreed. So the Federation would be fighting with the Jedi forces, then.

I think Starfleet Intelligence would pretty much gather that the Galactic Senate is being led toward some kind of horrific war by means of some kind of phantom menace. Section 31 is good at these things, if DS9 is to be believed. They’d be way ahead of the game. They might even be able to drill down to the individual level, recognizing the roles of Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan, and the future Luke. (Section 31 in my mind is conflated with the idea of future history, like Hari Seldon of the Foundation novels. Maybe I’m just bringing in elements of the Temporal Cold War in Enterprise, but those elements do exist.)

^^I mean fighting on the side of the Jedi forces, against those allied with Palpatine.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put Ms. Wilde in the next movie!!

Since JJ’s not gonna give us this movie until Christmas 2013, cast Olivia as Dr. Helen Noel.