JJ Abrams: Star Trek Sequel Going To Stand On Its Own + Announcement Within Month

Now that Paramount has officially delayed the Star Trek sequel fans are awaiting an announcement of a new date and if JJ Abrams will be directing. In a new interview the man himself says that the announcement will be within a month and he also says that they view the sequel as "starting over." Watch the video below


Abrams: announcement within month + sequel has to work as stand-alone film

At the TCA CBS promoting one of new fall show Person of Interest, Star Trek sequel producer (and possible director) JJ Abrams gave a Star Trek update to MTV.

Transcript excerpts

JJ Abrams on status for the Star Trek sequel:

We met yesterday. We had a big endless meeting, it was great. I think we will have something to talk about really soon…Within the next month or so we will be able to tell you what is going on and when and all of that.

We are working really hard. This is all to make sure that everyone, cast, crew, and the audience isn’t disappointed by what we do. That is the only master we are serving.

Abrams on the biggest challenge for the sequel:

The odd thing about the first one is that it was already a sequel in a weird way. It was a reboot, but kind of not. I think the most important thing is that it doesn’t matter if you have seen the first one or not. It doesn’t matter what the first one was in a way. This has to be a movie that is going to stand on its own. You can’t assume everyone is going to love the characters because they are played by great actors or they might have seen the first film. It is really about starting over and at the same time, but at the same time you want to make sure that you hold on to those things that worked in the first one. So it is the obvious stuff



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Looking forward to the announcements. I have a feeling that the movie will be worth the wait.

Starting over? Didnt we do that with the last film?? Idk.. I hope this isnt just drawn out because they figure if we wait long enough.. we’ll all be crazy to go opening weekend and their numbers will be high.. I know.. i am being cynical.. Just I have hopes that the movie will be good and we will see a return of Star Trek to TV. Where it really belongs..

I like the idea of the movie being able to stand alone in this sense: Pirates of the Caribbean 2 sort of left you hanging in such a way that you didn’t feel like you had enough closure unless you immediately put in the third one. I don’t want the Star Trek sequel to do that (although I’m all for a third one to make a nice trilogy).

The only thing that might be a little bit tricky to ignore is the fact that Vulcan no longer exists…..

But I trust JJ and the rest of the group. Can’t wait to hear details!

I realize this was probably nothing more than a non-comment comment, but things like this make me wonder how much, if anything, they really have nailed down for this project. I’m just scared they’re going to end up running back to a “big” TOS villain like the Klingons or the Romulans and have a Federation war, which IMHO would be such a cheat.

Oh, well, ’tis what it is, or will be what it will be, I suppose.

Well, there goes any point in playing the new game for it’s “bridge between movie” moments.

I liked the original movies Star Trek 2 and 3 were connected. Star Trek 4 was some what connected and the rest were on their own. I would like to see the new universe dealing with the loss of vulcan. Losing a major ally would have major consequences. The klingons may seize this opportunity, the Romulans might form an alliancewith the klingons. During the cold war if Nato lost one of its allies to a future alternate time line angry soviet with some kind of super weapon. It would change everything. So the next one hopefully will be related in some way. Don’t forget about how the loss of vulcan would change everything.

I wanna bet with everyone on this msg-board that the sequel will take place 10 years after the events of the first movie ;)

I don’t know how I feel about “starting over” every time they do a sequel routine. Doesn’t that kind of cheat the audience into a false sense of progress where if something drastic happens in the story, it will somehow work out and everything will be back to the way it was so the sequel won’t have to pay it any attention? Is this their attempt to avoid giving Star Trek a history? I’ve read a lot of articles on this site where Leonard Nimoy and Ron D. Moore both say that history for Star Trek is a very bad thing.

I have to stop reading all this non news, it just frustrates me.

We making another trek movie.
We’re hard at work.
We’re waiting for JJ
We’re hard at work.
We have a date.
We’re hard at work.
We’re waiting for JJ
We’re hard at work
We’ve been delayed.
We’re hard at work.
We’re waiting for JJ
We’re hard at work
To make an announce in a month.

Since I doubt they’ve been hard at work since Trek 2009.
Read all the above lines removing “We’re hard at work”

No kidding the movie will be all on it’s own.
All those who liked the first one will be dead by the time the next one comes out and will have to do a reboot again.

There might be new instability within the federation. I want to see a crazy lord garth going to seek some revenge on the romulans. Now kirk has to save the romulans from a crazy lord garth’s fleet. That would be a cool story line.

If its set 10 years after the original isnt that like around Star Trek 5 or 6 or later? TMP was 2 years after the first 5 year run. 2-4 happened a couple years after that? I dunno never was good at math.

This M/U timeline stuff has me all messed up dang it lol

Confusing, thread-bare story aimed at teenage boys… awkward double-Spock… a brewery as engineering… Scotty’s stupid pet… Yes! I hope JJ is right that the second film stands alone and distances itself from the first one as much as possible. That’s the most hopeful thing I’ve heard.

@6 Agreed, I’ve thought of the same thing myself – it would seem a natural place for the Romulans to ally with the Klingons with the “vacuum of leadership” created by the Abramsplosion of Vulcan.

Just seems a giant leap to just a Star Wars shoot-em-up….or, I guess, you could write an incredibly rich story arc that would tie in roughly in the way Spock’s outreach to Romulan did in TNG, but that would only appeal to core Trek fans, not so much the outside world…

14 — LOL and agreed!

Delays happen constantly with movies, but usually no one ever hears about it because the writers/producers/directors of most movies don’t care enough to consistently make that known to the public. Star Trek fans are finally lucky enough to have that dialogue with the movie runners. Yes, delays suck, but they suck less than obviously rushed movies.

OH BOY!! An announcment of making announcment!! Now that may sound sarcastic, but I’m totally serious!! Any progress is good progress in my book; I haven’t lost faith yet. I’m just happy to hear that they are still moving forward no matter how slow people might preceive it to be. Think of it this way, they could just scrap the whole thing and then where would we be? Yes, I know that is HIGHLY unlikely, but wouldn’t that suck?!

I hope they don’t stray too far from what they established in the previous movie becuase I think they were off to a really good start! I understand that they want each of these movies to stand on it’s own but I hope they revisit some of the issues brought up in the previous movies if nothing else than just satisfying curiosity…I’ll just keep my fingers crossed!

What a mess. If it’s not any better than the first movie then count me out.

Bob Orci for crying out loud why dont you direct it? :]

I think what he means by “starting over” is that there wouldn’t be one of those sequels where if you didn’t see the last you’re screwed kinda deals. Sure there will be elements from the last movie like the new timeline and (probably) the rebuilding of the Vulcan civilization. We’re not going to be hearing anymore from Nero or any of that kind of stuff. So basic references to the last one but no major plot points left overs.

As for the announcement, I’m predicting a birthday present (so around Labor Day weekend) from Mr. Abrams where he announces he’s directing with a release date of November 21, 2012.

“Starting Over” and “Stand Alone” don’t mean the same thing…I think what JJ is saying is that the movie needs to have it’s own identity…it can’t ONLY be seen as a sequel. Again, very much like what Nolan did with THE DARK KNIGHT…which is very much a “stand alone” movie.

Another interview about nothing!

“Within the next month or so we will be able to tell you what is going on and when and all of that.”

Didn’t you say that last month? And the month before that?

Here’s an idea: Work on the script and stop with the no-news interviews. Once you’ve done the script, then make your announcements.

I get the sense that the script isn’t going so well. They must be either having problems with coming up with a plot, or had to start over.

At this rate, they’re not going to make it for summer 2013!

I think what JJ is saying its not going to be a story arc like they had during Season 3 of Enterprise which is what some fans think doomed the series because if you missed a couple of episodes of Season 3 you wouldn’t know what was going on.


Im thinking along those same lines. This is going to be Star Treks “Dark Night”. Not literal of course, but a stand alone story.

Not really tied into the first story much.

Sounds cool to me.

Come on 2024! I wanna see what these guys come up with. :]

it has to stand alone anyway thanks to all the delays it has lost all momentum from the first film

so dissapointing

They must be having a tough time convincing Lucas to let them use Darth Vader as the villain.

So let me get this straight. The “big news” is that JJ is
rebooting the reboot.

Good grief, there are some cranky people on this board!

A stand-alone story is a GOOD THING. It means the film can attract a non-geek audience — and by “non-geek” I mean anyone who hasn’t seen any of the several gazillion incarnations of Trek, including the last one.

Also, I’m not sure why everyone complains about the filmmakers’ apparent insistence on spouting non-news. They’re only answering the questions being asked of them. And Anthony’s only doing the job we ask of him, i.e., feeding our lust for All Things Trek with a constant stream of updates big and small.

So stop whining, or leave and head to some other nerdy gathering place!

Also, I’m still waiting for my JJ bobblehead.

Guys (and gals) I have to be honest with you. I’ve been a Star Trek fan for a long time, but I have not seen the 2009 movie yet.

There are just so many other great movies out there to see. I would like to get back into Trek when JJ releases the next one. So I hope that it’s something original and not just a replay of stuff we’ve seen before.

Please, no Kahn, Soren, Borg, Whale Probe, etc. Don’t just copy an old script from TOS and put in the new guys.

@27 & 11 How about Lord Garth Vader, huh? Get it in the script before JJ signs off on it!

Oh man just get on with it!

Hey look, another reboot.

I could see the sequel like #6 suggests.

Captain’s Log, Stardate 2741.8. JJ A-Brahms has announced that, owing to his very long life, he will finally be able to complete his second entertainment micro-tape entitled Star Trek: Something Something. I find it odd that he has labored for three centuries to create what is now a historical drama. Fortunately, Mr. Scott and Mr. Spock have tied in the warp engines and dilithium matrix to filter out the annoying lens flares. A-Brahms, who also goes by da Vinci, Solomon, Alexander, Lazarus, Methuselah, Merlin, Spielberg, insists he did not lose any time while making the side-project ‘The Thing That Ate My AMC Pacer, 3-D.’

@29 Agreed, a film that can stand on its own is all Abrams is suggesting, and it makes sense.

Is JJ hinting that he’s re-rebooting after one film? Just like the Hulk movie? Well, why not.

@38 I doubt they’d reboot, there’s no reason to and it would be a bad idea to set up a universe just to retcon it…

I think the story shouldn’t be laboured by the first film, like First Contact wasn’t obsessed about the destruction of the Enterprise-D.

Also JJ should cameo as a Vorta :P

to be honest i cant see it hapending untill 2013 so i am accepting that and any quicker is a bonus

i am disapointed film get delayed but twice if you recall we should have seen this by now

stand alone movie how can jj say that they have set so much up in the first film and if they are only going to be three how many story will not be wrap up

fans knock berman however at least he had the good sence to have an ending ok they may not have been all that good however an ending

Good. Each film has to stand on its own. Something like the Genesis trilogy, as really good as it was, is designed for fans above all others: the mainstream might not have seen the first one or have forgotten what happened without having any desire to buy the DVD…

Now that Trek is striving for full mainstream appeal, they have to see each film as an enclosed story. Star Trek isn’t yet like LOTR or Star Wars, where the audience for the sequels is pretty much assured.

Let’s start afresh. Forget Budgineering. Forget the Spock/Uhura whatever that was. Forget the soundtrack. Do better.

Nothing to see here. Move along now.

“It doesn’t matter what the first one was in a way. This has to be a movie that is going to stand on its own. You can’t assume everyone is going to love the characters because they are played by great actors or they might have seen the first film. It is really about starting over and at the same time, but at the same time you want to make sure that you hold on to those things that worked in the first one. So it is the obvious stuff”

Makes sense to me.

41. Although I wonder whether it would still mean visual consistency with the last one. And. am I the only person who liked that score?

PS I wonder if Trek movie staff is purposely stirring things up with misleading headlines. Starting over, taken out of context, makes it sound like a reboot, which is not what the rest of the quote says.. This happens quite a bit here.

“It is really about starting over”

That’s the best news I’ve heard on the Star Trek front since May, 2009.

Oops. It wasn’t in the headline. But I still say it was misleading.


Do you have anything to add to what JJ said?

Bob Orci. If J.J does not Direct then you should,

To all the whiners: You’re standing with your nose against the tree. Step back and look at the forest goddammit!

Niiiiiiiiiiiice! That is exactly what I want to hear from JJ. More details by next month and a film that stands on it own, perfect, can’t wait!

@ 7. jas_montreal I say 5 years.