Star Trek Las Vegas Con Preview (including TrekMovie Panels) + Watch Panels Streaming Live

This Thursday the annual big Star Trek convention kicks off at a new location with an impressive line-up of celebrities, events and more, including a number or fan panels. See below for a convention preview, plus details on how you can watch many of the big panels panels live over the web.


Huge Star Trek Vegas Con for 2011 w/ amazing guest line-up

For the 45th anniversary of Star Trek, Creation Entertainment has arranged an impressive line up for the big Vegas Con, being held at a new location: The Rio Suites Hotel and Suites. The con starts on Wednesday August 11th and runs through Sunday August 14th. Celebrities lined up include a ton or series regulars and recurring actors:

Original Series stars:

  • William Shatner
  • Leonard Nimoy
  • Walter Koenig
  • Nichelle Nichols
  • George Takei
  • Grace Lee Whitney
New Star Trek movie star:

  • John Cho

Star Trek film guest stars:

  • Robin Curtis
  • David Warner


Next Generation stars:

  • Patrick Stewart
  • Jonathan Frakes
  • Brent Spiner
  • Denise Crosby
  • John De Lancie
  • Gwynyyth Walsh
  • Barbara March
  • Natalija Nogulich
  • Suzie Plakson


Deep Space Nine stars:

  • Nana Visitor
  • Rene Auberjonois
  • Armin Shimerman
  • Max Grodenchik
  • Nicoloe de Boer
  • Armin Shimerman
  • Terry Farrell
  • James Darren
  • Chase Masterson
  • JG Hertzler
  • Robert O’reilly
  • Casey Biggs
Voyager stars:

  • Kate Mulgrew
  • Ethan Phillips
  • Tim Russ
  • Garrett Wang
  • Alex Enberg


Enterprise stars:

  • Dominic Keating
  • Connor Trinneer
  • Vaughn Armstrong
  • Jeffrey Combs


In addition there are many more guest actors and Star Trek luminaries lined up: Eugene Roddenberry, Yvonene Craig, Lee Meriwether, David Gerrold, Beverly Washburn, Jack Donner, Lee Delano, Charles Dierkop, Bobby Clark, Roger Perry, Barry Jenner, Mariette Hartley, Celeste Yarnall, Richard Herd, Garth Pillsbury, Arlene Martel, Musetta Vander, Don Marshall, Sean Kenny, Michael Forest, Eric Menyuk, Olivia D’Abo, Charlie Brill, Luise Sorel, Steven Marlo, Joseph Ruskin, Robert Brown, William Shallert, Clint Howard, Tania Lemani, Alan Scarfe, Daniel Stewart, Lawrence Montaigne, Melvin Caesar Belli, Lois Jewell, Felix Silla, Kitty Swink, Don Marshall, Natalija Nogulich

The stars will be doing panel discussions as well as doing autographs and many doing photographs as well. More details at

Special events + costume record attempt + Star Trek themed drinking

In addition to panels, photographs and autographs, many of the Trek celebrities will also be appearing at various breakfast, lunch and evening party events. There will also be some additional fun events including (some of which have extra fee):

  • Concert with James Darren
  • Rat Pack live show with Max Grodenchik, Vaughn Armstron, Jeffrey Combs, Casey Biggs and Armin Shimerman
  • Leonard Nimoy Photography Seminar
  • "The Captains" screening
  • David Gerrold writing seminar
  • Jeffrey Combs in "Nevermore" performance
  • Poems and Prose with Rene Auberjonois and Nana Visitor
  • John Paladin make-up workshop

Once again Creation will try to recapture the title of largest gathering of Star Trek fans in costume, a record they set last summer has since been bested by DragonCon and FedCon (attempt will be at 2pm Saturday).

And even though the event is no longer held at the Hilton (former home of Star Trek: The Experience), McFadden’s Pub in the Rio will be mixing up Star Trek themed drinks like you used to get at Quark’s Bar. fan panels & events

Last year the panel was a success so this year Creation asked to put together a series of fan-oriented panels, with one on each day. All the events will be held in the secondary ballroom (DeForest Kelley Theater). Here is the full schedule.

  • Thursday 6:00 PM: Star Trek Geek Girls
    Star Trek Geek Girls Star Trek is attracting more women and young people than ever. Join TrekMovie’s Kayla Iacovino, Trekcast’s Brandi Clark, DVD Geeks’ Mary Czerwinski and costumer Susie Vance as they will explore social media, podcasting, blogging and JJ Abram’s influence on Star Trek fandom and the changing demographic of Star Trek.
  • Friday 5:15 pm: Star Trek Captain Smackdown
    Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, or Archer? A perennial debate amongst Trek fans is: Who is the best captain? TrekMovie’s panel of captain advocates including Anthony Pascale, Larry Nemecek, John Champion and Alex Peters will lead a fun audience-participation discussion and debate to work out and vote on who is the ultimate Trek captain.
  • Saturday 9:00 am: Glue Guns and Phasers – Star Trek Crafting
    TrekMovie’s new monthly crafting columnists, Mary Czerwinski and Brandi Clark, will show fans how to make their very own Star Trek keepsake. This activity is free and open to convention attendees. Supplies will be provided. Kids ages 10 and up encouraged to attend. Arrive early supplies limited.
  • Saturday 9:00 am:  Glue Guns and Phasers – Star Trek Crafting
    TrekMovie’s new monthly crafting columnists, Mary Czerwinski and Brandi Clark, will show fans how to make their very own Star Trek keepsake. This activity is free and open to convention attendees. Supplies will be provided. Kids ages 10 and up encouraged to attend. Arrive early supplies limited.
  • Saturday 10 am – TrekMovie explores JJ Abrams’ Star Treks
    The biggest thing going on right now in Star Trek is JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek movie and the planned 2012 sequel. editor Anthony Pascale will lead a discussion of the 2009 movie and give sequel updates.
  • Sunday 5:40 Design the next Star Trek TV series
    Star Trek has been off the air since 2005, but many hope that it will someday (soon?) return to television. Join TrekMovie’s experts for a fan-participation event as we outline what the fans want for the next Star Trek TV show.

In addition to the fan panels, you will be able to find TrekMovie’s Anthony and Kayla, along with our friends from DVD Geeks and more at McFadden’s most of the night’s at the con. Keep track of @trekmovie on Twitter for impromptu meetups.

Tickets still available

Daily tickets for the Star Trek con are still available. More details and a full schedule at

Watch the con Live over the web

If you can’t make it Las Vegas, many of the big panels will be streaming live over the web at Each panel viewed costs $6.99.

Streaming schedule

Thursday, August 11

1:05 pm: Voyager’s Ensign Harry Kim – Garret Wang
1:55 pm: Return to the Sixties – Lee Meriwether, Yvonne Craig and Clint Howard
4:25 pm: Return to Enterprise – Dominic Keating and Connor Trinneer

Friday, August 12

9:15 am: Deep Space Nine Aliens – Jeffrey Combs, Nicole de Boer, Vaughn Armstrong, Casey Biggs, Max Grodenchik & Armin Shimerman
10:35 am: Mr. Chekov – Walter Koenig
11:30 am: Voyager’s Tuvok – Tim Russ
12:05 pm: Deep Space Nine’s Odo and Kira – Rene Auberjonis and Nana Visitor

Saturday, August 13

9:30 am: TNG Panel – Denise Crosby, Suzie Plakson and John Delancie
10:30 am: Klingon Empire Q&A – JG Hertzler, Robert O’Reilly, Barbara March and Gwynyth Walsh
11:00 am: Deep Space Nine’s Jadzia Daz – Terry Farrell
12:40 pm: Voyager’s Captain Janeway – Kate Mulgrew
2:35 pm: Mr. Spock – Leonard Nimoy
5:00 pm: Voyager’s Neelix – Ethan Phillips

Sunday, August 14

1:20 pm: The Three Captains – William Shatner, Patrick Stewart and Kate Mulgrew * $14.99

To access the live streaming at this weekend’s Star Trek Convention, visit, where there will be a panel schedule and the ability to purchase access codes through PayPal. coverage

Look for live coverage of the event both here at and via both @trekmovie and @startrekcon on Twitter. We will also be full reports with photos and more. So stay tuned to for all your Star Trek con coverage this week.

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Argh!! I wish I could be there, it looks amazing!!!

I was so close to getting tickets but then I got the whole “you-can’t-miss-your-only-sister’s-wedding-for-a-Star-Trek-convention” lecutre. Honestly, I think my family’s priorities are majorly screwed up…

I will be there as both a fan, and as a correspondent from Main Event Network. I am looking forward to this event, and hope to be doing some live broadcasting on Friday from just outside the convention. I’m looking forward to meeting folks from when I am there!

I fly to Vegas tomorrow…so excited!!

Just a correction, Natalija posted today on Facebook that she had to cancel as she is doing some work in NYC (with Al Pacino and Dame Helen Mirren). Sad! Bularian canapes on ice until next year!

I’m happy to see that Armin Shimerman will be attending twice.

I see that only John Cho is attending this convention. Hopefully by next year a lot more of the newest cast of Trek actors will be attending, even Chris Pine. I can’t imagine it is the same people organising these latest Star Trek conventions were also the ones organising the Chips convention that his father attended many years ago… (Hope not.)

Chris Pine – That was then. This is now… Take a deep breath and have faith.

Ill be there cant wait b 4th year in a row wish some more of the new movie actors were coming

Can’t believe each view of the streaming panels is 6.99 that’s 105 bucks if you include the three captains at 14.99

hope someone torrents it

Wish I could be there, but I’m still recovering from San Diego Comic Con. One year I’ll make it down to the Vegas Trek convention I hope.

Kind of sad that only ONE star from new Star Trek is attending…

I’ve wanted to go to this one for some time. Don’t know if it’s going to happen ever though.

Wish I could be there, going to be an amazing convention!! Look forward to reading all about it :-)

More Kreation Krap!


Your family really did that to you? They’re all Herberts–all of them!

Driving to Vegas on Thursday…still trying to get my TOS yeoman’s costume straightened out…

And now…to watch TWOK for preparation…


Wow. I wish I had the dough to make it. All that stuff sounds great.

Joe has a sad. Joe stuck in Sydney working. Joe miss all of you. Have a drink for Joe. Have fun for Joe.

I’m in Vegas now – arrived a little while ago after a Delta delay.

I’m excited to visit my first Vegas convention. Got picture sessions scheduled for Nimoy/Spiner and Nichols/Takei. I am not happy however that during panels and speakers the audience CANNOT do video recording. Pics are ok, but videos are not allowed. If I were home I could pay 6.99 per session to watch but I’m not home and I’m going to be there and can’t record anything. Something about this is not right. I’m paying 80.00 a day for a ticket and not allowed to videotape? That’s crazy. This will probably be the last time I come to this event because I do not support that restriction. Am I bitter? yeah probably a bit. I feel like I’m getting nickeled-and-dimed to death here.

I will also be covering this convention in my column with my usual amount of images and possibly some interviews! Anthony-I am sure we will meet up there and goof off also! I am looking forward to it. For interested fans-here are my links as I always welcome new readers! Cheers, everybody!