Video of the Day: Star Trek: The Re-Experience

Today’s video of the day comes from some of the former cast of Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas. The got together to make a special video for the 2011 Star Trek Convention which kicks off tomorrow. Check out "Star Trek: The Re-Experience" below.    


Star Trek: The Re-Experience

Here is the latest creation of Vernon Wilmer and his friends at the former Star Trek: The Experience.


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They sooooooooo need to bring the Andorians back.

Then again, I’d say that about Enterprise too… if I thought I could get away with it! :)

Great job, April. That was very good!

Thanks for the shout out, Anthony!!!

See you all tomorrow!!

@ #1

i hear ya about the andorians and “enterprise.” the 3rd and 4th seasons were actually pretty good, in my opinion.

i would like to see andorians in the new flick…whenever it finally comes along.

Thanks so much for that. Though I hope the sto-vo-kor bit is only fictional.

off-topic I know…

England riots are disgraceful. Today is a dark day indeed for UK. Olympics next year and this is what the world is seeing of my country. Awful and a sign of the times nowadays.
Star Trek and the associated morals and messages has never been more needed.


#6–that was straight from Tom Deishley (Motog). So raise a glass of Klingon blood wine to him. He was a fierce and long-lived warrior.

Been to Vegas 3 times and the Experience about 6, I still feel a sense of loss when I think about no ST Experience in Vegas.

Thanks for he vid Vernon & Co.


Man, I so miss The Experience. I keep scouring the net for souveniors I should have bought during any of my four real visits.

This is really good! haha

I really miss the Experience, too. Great video! Hope they bring it back sometime in the near future!!

I don’t know any of the characters from Star Trek: The Experience, but this video was very well- produced and enjoyable. If/when there is a new Trek television series hopefully the Andorians will be part of it.

Thanks for producing and posting this.

14. But a riff on the original Andorians and not the foreheady, crazed Westmore guys. And, heck, there IS a movie coming out.

The forehead ridges were very hard to replicate on a daily basis, so we decided to scrap them…also tried moving antennae and those couldn’t be counted on consistently so gave up on them too…we made up for it with our obvious charm…;)

Haha very nice. I also really liked the Voyager-esque introduction from the Pilot. Very funny = )

Kind of off topic, but If anyone’s interested– when my roommates and I moved into our last apartment we thought it’d be funny to film a Star Trek battle sequence tribute in our common room, so we put this video together:

Enjoy = )

This is Great!

7. Agreed. Several people have died defending their home, streets and communities from thugs rioting. Utterly mindless acts from those who think they are owed a living, and a lifestyle beyond their means. We all want better for ourselves, but that isn’t the way to do it. At the expense and misery of others. I’ll be selling personal possessions to support my low level of income before too long I imagine. Those morons should’ve had a Dad like mine, drumming into them the fact – You want something in life and can’t afford it? Tough. You get a fucking job and earn it the hard way, like everyone else does. Start from the bottom rung of the career ladder, until you’ve slowly risen to the top and earned it honestly.

7. Matthew B – “Star Trek and the associated morals and messages has never been more needed.”

Forget to quote what I thought matters.

@16 April, I hope someone wises up and reopens Star Trek Experience at a new location. It’s crazy that the only Trek attraction is going to be in Jordan. With the things going on in that part of the world I will never be seeing it.

And I thought GREEN girls were hot… :-)

Props to the Andorian gal – on my few visits to the Experience I recall running into her several times and she was 100% in character and always a blast.

The Experience is done….done for good. No one in their right mind is going to gamble millions of dollars on something that appeals to less than 0.001% of the population. Especially not in this economy.


With the high unemployment in Jordan, I have to think that a Trek theme park attraction would NOT be high on the priority list. But I guess feeding his own people isn’t that important.

April, your the hottest Andorian ive ever seen…

I was waiting for the part where the 1701-E appeared and blasted the Hilton to bits…

Thanx to Vernon, April n all involved-really makes me miss the exerience n convention-That was awesome april-u know that me n sheri luv a 4ever n miss the experience n you n quarks n all the rest of the talented actors n staff and we will never forget you–the experience n you are in our hearts n souls for eternity–u have earned your place in stovakor from all the love n joy you gave us all every day at the experience sharing your considerable talent,sense of humor,fun and love of trek n people with us all-thanks for being there n thanx also to vernon, n company for continuing to reach out n give to us fans-wish i cud of been at the convention n look forward to trekmovies uual excellent coverage–hugs jeff n sheri

Oh yeh—I think April would make a very gorgeous Smurf–she could be the new more beautiful n sexy Smurfette! She is great at being Bluish–Funny she doesn’t look Bluish–hahhah 0ohwell–

That was awesome, many thanks to the crew of the Experience!

I Hope Vernon can add this video to his next series of star trek my experience so we can download the video….loved the bloopers too…was that done at Aprils or Jerry and francine, or Vernons place or all three hahaha…

I was lucky enough to meet April and Vernon last year on the last trek hilton convention… that wa smy 2nd convention attendance. The 1st was two years before, so I managed to enjoy The Experince before it closed. That time I also attended the Experience Actors Panel and realized what a remarkable group of people they are. Last year when we were at the con, I promised Vernon I would send him a spanish subtitle set for his Experience documentary (havent forgotten, just saturated at work, still working on it). Still hope to see the rest of the documentary (only managed to find till part 3 online)… is it still coming out?
Anyway… I greatly enjoyed this new experience video… hope its the first of many!!!
Best wishes from Mexico City!!!
P.S. Last year I gave April and Vernon a couple of burguer king star trek figures that spoke in spanish (hope you liked them)

Nothing beats taking a speech class from April!!!! She is the greatest communications professor in the Federation or at least Las Vegas.

Thanks everyone for your wonderfully kind words & support!
Red Dead Ryan: Your constant negative trolling is going to give you an ulcer.


“Constant negative trolling”? Nope!

I just tell it like it is. Put aside your nostalgia, and you’ll realize that I’m right!

@ Red Dead Ryan – You don’t tell it like “it is”, you tell it like you think – which is your right, but you purposefully troll through threads looking to be the opposing voice, thinking everyone should share your negative views. Look at the comment thread here – you are the troll. If that’s the only way you can get attention, I.E. this reply that I shouldn’t even bother typing, then that is sad and I pity you. Why not spend time reading about and commenting on things you like or agree with – instead of trying to make other people feel bad? What is your problem – bored? Or just an ass? I await your scintillating reply.

Vernon and April,

Thanks so much for this video, didn’t know about till today. Glad to see you are both healthy and vital.

Vernon, very much enjoyed our dinner with Russell and staying up in the SpaceQuest. Sorry to see and hear about the sign not a month later. Hope you are doing well and will keep looking for your documentaries.

April, happy to see you in your native species! Although I think Vulcan suits you more. Also happy that you have been working in education and teaching, a noble pursuit. Be Well!

My family was there 2 weeks before closing and again at the decommisioning, We were the Asian family in costume with my handicapped daughter Lessa and son Brett. You all were so very kind to us during the last day’s operation, the closing, and the after wrap party. We remember you with fondness and gratitude and treasure the momentos we have.

Hope to look you both up along with Russell whenever we are back in LV.

Bart Yee, DO