Zoe Saldana Wants Shirtless Kirk In Star Trek Sequel + Teen Choice Photos & New Mag Covers

Star Trek’s new Uhura Zoe Saldana has new suggestions for the Trek sequel, including seeing Chris Pine with his shirt off. We have that video interview below, plus pictures of Zoe at the Teen Choice Awards with her Trek co-star Chris Hemsworth, plus the latest Saldana magazine covers.


Zoe wants more Spock/Uhura and some shirtless Kirk

Zoe Saldana talked to MTV about the next Star Trek. She didn’t seem to know anything (even feigning anger that JJ Abrams has revealed more to MTV than to her). However, Saldana did offer up some suggestions:

I am not a mushy person, but I kind of want Spock and Uhura to get it on – not in that sense, but you really want to see more of that love affair. And I think Captain Kirk should definitely take off his shirt, along with Sulu. And I think Uhura should kick some ass.

Here is the video:

Uhura and Daddy Kirk at Teen Choice

On Sunday Zoe was at the Teen Choice Awards where she presented an award with her Star Trek co-star Chris Hemsworth.

Zoe Cover Girl

Just in time for her premiere in Colombiana, Zoe is gracing the cover of a number of magazines this month.

(excerpt and photo shoot video)


(read feature story)

Zoe in Colombiana August 26

Saldana is the star of the new Luc Besson produced revenge action movie Colombiana, which comes out in two weeks. Watch the trailer below. Visit the official site.


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First comment I get to pilot the shuttlecraft.
I think trekkies are forunate to enjoy Zoe’s personality and have her a part of such a legacy.

I do agree that the first movie left a hunger for more between
Spock and Uhura, but the writer’s shouldn’t make it typical hollywood. The romance should definatly be there, but not emphasized too much.

And seriously, who doesn’t want shirtless Kirk, and Sulu for that matter. Hey, and its also a grand old Star Trek tradition. *laugh*

The Spock/Uhura romance should be treated as something that’s on-going.

How about a Kirk and Sulu romance? Didn’t JJ want to include some gays in Trek? There ya go, JJ, two birds with one stone! And they can still have their shirts off!

I also dearly want shirtless Sulu. Easy way to get the female demographic.

I vote NO for both of the ideas. The Spock/Uhura romance should be ovah early on in the next movie with some throwaway reference to Spock’s betrothed having survived Vulcan holocaust and pon-farr [sp?] still being in play. The scene on the transporter pad was just inappropriate and icky. That’s why they got rid of Rand midaway in season 1 [among others, so I hear]. It just wasn’t regulation for the Captain to be copping a feel everytime the ship was in danger. Try that in the US Navy and see where that gets a Naval Captain…
We have already had a shirtless PineKirk in a scene with Uhura no less, didn’t she recall that?

…One more thing…
I’d rather not see Kirk getting the begeezus knocked out of him every time he is in a fight. Check out the Kirk/Soran fistfight in Generations. Soran hardly laid a hand on a 60+ year old Kirk. Take that to heart, guys.

Since it’s probably going to be a month or more before Paramount makes any announcement about the next movie, late 2013 looks more and more likely. Hope an old fart like me is still around to check it out… among many more important reasons.

I would like to see an Uhura versus Rand catfight.

I vote for Zoe to eat a sandwich or two.

@9: Really? That’s what you want to see in the sequel? :-)

I want more developments on the damn film for goodness sake

@10 Preferably before so that she doesn’t look like a stick figure.

What gives? How come Zoe’s not scratchin’ up *my* shoulders like that! D**mmmm you, Hemsworthhhh!!!


Didn’t Kirk have his shirt off in the first movie? Not that I’m looking of course :)

@14 Yes! He was down to his undies! Not that I noticed of course.

@7 I agree that Kirk doesn’t have to be like Worf and get his ass kicked in every fight but I suppose he needed to be humbled in the first movie.

I agree with what #1 said about Spock/Uhura…..definitely there but sort of in the background. (Sort of makes it a little more intriguing that way too but not intoxicating.)

Kirk did have his shirt off in the first movie actually. However, what’s missing from the first movie and what needs to be in the sequel is the point that Kirk always somehow manages to get his shirt ripped.

Pine has some sweet hair.

I think it’s time to summarize Top Five ‘want’ lists from actively impatient and eager fans. While “Kirk with his shirt off” if far from one of my choices, I wouldn’t mind seeing Uhura kick some ass at the end of the day.

1. A real Engineering Section, please.
2. Pon Farr for Spock
3. Nurse Chapel (and Spock)
4. Proper nasty, brilliant (not drunk) Klingons
5. One nice, juicy TOS ep reference: Gary Mitchell? Talosians? Get it right.

I second #18.

No offense but, Chris Pine can keep his shirt on for all I care.

What I want to see is Bruce Greenwood stripped to the waist. The shirt must come off somehow in the line of duty, it must be ripped in the proper places to show just a hint of nipple and there must be a glistening layer of sweat to show off those rippling muscles. Of course he must be totally oblivious to how hot he really is. Now THAT’S my idea of a captain!

And if somehow he ends up in the sack with Lt. Uhura, all the better.

Captain is what this little spitfire needs. Not the wimpy, passive-aggressive Mr. Spock, not the sociopathic bad-boy, Kirk.


“…but I kind of want Spock and Uhura to get it on – not in that sense, but you really want to see more of that love affair.”

At this pace , and , after Zachary Quinto’s : ” I do think [so]. I don’t see how they could just drop it[the romance]. It may be fraught, I don’t know!”…….


…….I would…”assume” First Officer Spock and Lt Nyota Uhura could be faster than Mr. Abrams at making an ***ANNOUNCEMENT*** ( “soon” ).

Well , OK .


Star Trek 2 needs to play up the Kirk/Spock/McCoy trinity and downplay Spock/Uhura. Period.

Where’s Keachick?? LOL

#6 Icky??? Really??? my jaw dropped when I first seen that particular scene and I looovvveeed it! Why not have a little romance?

Esp. from Spock- I thought it was a great idea to bring out the human side just a little. They gave away just enough to make it work.

All I ask is from the story is they evolve the Triad of Kirk/Spock/McCoy.

I dont mind Uhura being a part of it, but focus more on that and I’ll be a Trekker.

#21,Aurore,hi!! How are you? I agree with your post there,by the time JJ makes an announcement,Spock and Uhura will already be married and have 3 kids!! :)

Gee, she’s deep.

Wow. A big objective is to get Kirk shirtless?

Gotta love that high-concept storytelling to which Trek aspires.


@27: It’s an MTV interview. You were expecting Inside the Actor’s Studio?

Olivia ! How are YOU?!

3 kids (at least)! Renesmee , Giovanna and Marie-Françoise .
Absolutely .

And , by the time the sequel gets done, James Cameron will have revolutionized filmmaking, yet again , with his holographic camera. Forget about “classic” 3D !

Oh, the possibilities!!!


Well that’s nice and brainless of you, Zoe. If I asked for a shirtless Uhura in the sequel, I’d be accused of being a meatheaded sexist.

Not that the actors are dictating terms with the script or anything, but she could think about using her limited input to contribute some decent ideas … instead of “I want to blow stuff up, I want Kirk to get his shirt off”.


More Kirk/Spock/McCoy would be great :):)

#30,Aurore,I’m awesome! Thank you for asking! Not only will there be holographic cameras,but we’ll have med-scaners and I’ll be in the big chair of a starship as well!! :)

Let’s have Kirk, Spock and McCoy go on a very important mission down to some planet where it’s considered rude for males to wear shirts. Can’t offend the aliens!

Then they can get into some deep trouble over a moral or diplomatic issue, and Uhura and shirtless Sulu have to come to their rescue, where they both get a chance to kick ass. Send Chekov with them, too. Anton Yelchin’s abdominals are off the hook.

When all the fighting is over, Uhura and Spock can then have a relieved and tender short reunion scene.

There’s your Kirk/Spock/McCoy, your ass-kicking, your shirtlessness, your aliens, and your romance. All good components of a classic Trek episode. Woohoo!

Mr. Orci , please , be careful next time you “think aloud”.
You remember this ?

10. boborci – April 26, 2011
Hmmm. Sharp tooth aliens might = shirtless kirk…


You’re the one who put those sexist ideas into Zoë ‘s brain, didn’t you ?!

Spock and Uhura “getting it on” completely negates the fact that he is a Vulcan AND an alien with non-human behaviors and requirements for his species (meditation, healing trance, Pon Farr, etc. – see TOS eps). In all the TOS eps he was established as a character who NEVER slept with a woman unless he was affected by outside stimuli (alien spores, time travel into Vulcan’s barbaric past, etc.). And during the run of Star Trek, Leonard Nimoy actively fought for his character, resisting writers’ attempts to “get it on” with women because that aspect of his character had been firmly established. His on-going struggles with the writers in regards to his character have been documented by him in his autobiographies, as it was paramount (no pun intended) to him that his character remain consistent.

The character of Spock in Abrams movie hardly appears familiar in any way to the TOS character, aside from the fact that he can mindmeld like his Spock counterpart (Nimoy). Other than that, the way the writers painted him, he was a human with pointed ears and slanted eyebrows. His motivations, behavior and emotional responses were devoid of any Vulcan influence, and it is painfully apparent that the writers a) just did not comprehend the complexities of this iconic character, or b) did not care about staying true to the character AT ALL.
Spock getting physically involved with a cadet to whom he was an instructor? Not under ANY circumstances, in any universe, or under ANY type of emotional stress. The lack of integrity depicted so casually by the writers was shocking and heart-breaking.

Spock and Uhura “getting it on” – it is disquieting in the extreme that the actors who now inhabit the roles of Spock and Uhura do not seem to know anything concerning the backstory and original, all-encompassing nuances of their characters. A little research could help them see these characters as more than two-dimentional constructs.

She’s too skinny. Learn to eat woman.

I want a story that doesn’t suck and actually follows what we know of Star Trek to some degree. Kirk getting his shirt torn is not needed for that to work, but some senseless red shirt deaths will be acceptable.

She always has such insightful comments into her character ;-)


…..And another thing Mr. Orci.

I never asked ( you directly ) before.
Did you know that , Spock was in fact…… half Vulcan ?
His mother is/was human . No kidding . Or, so I heard .


How on earth was this woman’s pregnancy even possible , in the first place ?
Did you, thoroughly, research that topic?

I’d be interested to know .

Re: 36. Denise de Arman – August 11, 2011

Nice post. Well said.

36. Denise de Arman – August 11, 2011

I didn’t feel that strongly about Spock in Trek 09 like that, but the way you put that point, I have to agree there…good point.

1. charles charles – August 10, 2011


@ 36 Denise de Arman–

“The lack of integrity depicted so casually by the writers was shocking and heart-breaking.

Spock and Uhura “getting it on” – it is disquieting in the extreme that the actors who now inhabit the roles of Spock and Uhura do not seem to know anything concerning the backstory and original, all-encompassing nuances of their characters. A little research could help them see these characters as more than two-dimentional constructs.”

Well-said and to the point. You go, girl. :-)

The only thing I would take issue with is the notion of Uhura’s (TOS) character as being very nuanced or complex. In truth, aside from what Nichelle Nichols was able to bring to the role on the infrequent occasions (mostly during the first season) when the character was treated as something more than a glorified switchboard operator, Uhura was the very template of a female character in a ’60s action-adventure show: an attractive functionary kept mostly in the background.

The point is that a modern-era film with a talented cast and a huge budget could, and should, have done better.

Why is it so hard for people to believe that in different circumstances, Spock and Uhura are in a relationship? My dad and I are watching TOS Remastered and at least in the early episodes there is a TON of flirtation that goes on there. You can tell that Uhura clearly has a thing for Spock. With Spock being so “in control” in TOS he doesn’t give in. But what about in a world where he’s not as in control? He just lost his home planet, his mother, as Kirk said “he’s emotionally compromised”

As for Zoe’s latest movie, probably won’t go see it but I do gotta say that’s the best trailer I’ve seen this year!


Perfectly stated.

I really think Zoe Saldana really needs to go back and watch TOS again. There’s more to the character than just busting balls and getting it on with a fellow officer. Uhura is a communications officer. Translating languages and cracking codes is her job, not making out with Spock and kicking guys in the balls, SHEESH!

She really needs to stop making these kinds of demands and just let the writers write the damn script.

Zoe Saldana has the “Avatar” sequel, and “Colombiana” to be an action star. Why is she trying to hijack the Trek sequel? Somebody needs to remind her that the core of Trek is Kirk, Spock and McCoy!

By the way, I’m not suggesting that Uhura be a background character. All I’m saying is there should be more to these new Trek movies than just the Spock-Uhura romance and that Uhura’s duties need to be shown and specified, while remaining true to the character and not just to appease the action movie crowd. Uhura’s strength came from her intellect and ability to do her job.

Zoe Saldana needs to realize that she’s NOT the main star. She’s a CO-STAR.

Thank goodness Zoe has nothing to do with writing the script. The more I hear her speak, the less I like her. Please, jettison the Spock/Uhura romance. Absolutely hate it. Kirk has already been seen in his underwear in the first film. We don’t need to see any more. If Zoe wants to kick some ass, then, perhaps, she should think about doing another movie.

She seems to be kind of crass and obnoxious and very sexist (in a reverse sexism way). I shudder that she is following in the footsteps of the Classy Nichelle Nichols.

24- I thought is was badly directed, badly acted on both parts- not convining at all- and wholly inappropriate to the situation at hand; again, referent to the Kirk/Rand fiascoes in season 1 of TOS. The moments in the assignment area and the turbolift was all they had to do to establish this badly misinformed ‘romance’.
Romantic moments work best in privacy and this particular one on the transporter pad brought the film to a screeching halt. Bad editorial decision. I’d have cut the movie quite differently.
Speaking of cutting the movie, another bad editorial decision was to cut the Nero/Klingon scenes; it was backstory necessary to the movie, unlike the romance. I realize its inclusion might have cost them a showing a day at the cineplex, but it would have garnered them better reviews and probably more than made up for the lost showing with extra butts in the seats. The main problem reviewers had was the development and confusion behind Nero’s character, making him too one- dimensional. Some people listen to reviewers. These scenes would have filled out the character a little more fully, made him less of a straw man for Kirk and Spock to knock down and made the whole situation more toxic.
My own major major major problem with the movie is moot, it had nothing to do with the tolerable but ill-advised romance or the cut scenes, but that’s a story I have already told.

Since Zoe brought it up- I’d like to see her topless in the next movie.
Go ahead call me a meat headed sexist. I can take it (thanks previous poster who coined that phrase)
We all are wanting stuff injected into the next movie- gay characters TOS refs-
Why not nudity? heh heh

36 Spot-on. Bravissimo.