Video Interview/Preview For Shatner’s “Seeking Major Tom” Album + Bill Going On Canadian Tour

Star Trek’s William Shatner is about to drop his new record "Seeking Major Tom" where he collaborates with all sorts of rockers doing a number of sci-fi themed cover songs. Watch a promotional video below where Shatner talks about the album and reveals some sample tunes. And if that wasn’t enough, Shatner is going on the road (in Canada eh) with an "Evening with William Shatner" tour. Get all the details below.


Preview of Shatner’s Major Tom

Cleopatra Records has released a promotional documentary for William Shatner’s upcoming album "Seeking Major Tom," featuring Shatner discussing the concept for the album and also some samples of the songs. Here is the video in two parts.

William Shatner’s Seeking Major Tom comes out in October.

William Shatner embarking on Canadian Speaking Tour

Bill is also going on tour, but it isn’t related to the album. Fresh off his "Kirk, Crane and Beyond" events down under, Willliam Shatner is headed back on the road (in Canada) with his new "How Time Flies: An Evening With William Shatner" tour. Here is the official description:

Mr. Shatner, best known for his varying roles as Cpt. James T. Kirk, T.J. Hooker and Attorney Denny Crane, will be coming to a city near you this Fall. With a career spanning more than 7 decades, Mr. Shatner’s career in entertainment and philanthropy work is unparalleled by any other Canadian born entertainer. Mr. Shatner will be taking attendees on a wild ride through his life and career and singing songs as only he can.

Bill is heading to six Canadian cities:

  • October 19 – Vancouver, British Columbia – The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts
  • October 21 – Regina, Saskatchewan – Conexus Arts Centre
  • October 23 – Edmonton, Alberta – Shaw Conference Centre
  • October 25 – Winnipeg, Manitoba – Centennial Concert Hall
  • November 3 – Toronto, Ontario – Massey Hall
  • November 4 – Montreal, Quebec – Place des Arts

Tickets start at $79 and there is a special $399 VIP package with seating in the front rows, a private VIP meet and greet and after party, souvenirs, and photo opportunities. For more info and tickets visit

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Shatner and heavy metal?

I dunno…

But he’s the Shat, so that’s that.

Oh and they need to fix that cover.

It looks like the Shat’s neck is really long.

Bad photoshop.


could the album art be any cheesier?

Yeah, the album job is so bad I cannae but hope it was *meant* to be that horrible…

I mean, I could get a 14-year old who was competent in Photoshop to whip something up better in two hours.

He had such a well-received mainstream album with “Has Been”… this seems like a step back.

The Shat just never goes away!! (Which is fine with me!) :)


Why oh why didn’t they just plug in the picture of him floating through space in the “Tholian Web” spacesuit?


Terrible album cover as others have pointed out. His head in the spacesuit is all wrong and it’s a bad sign if you’re only able to read the title of an album because you already know what it’s supposed to say.

November 3rd in Toronto? Gee, I think I’m washing my hair that night! :>)

I could care less what the album cover looks like. What an achievement to get all those famous and talented musicians together! And Bill is clearly leading the way, creatively; the idea to turn this into a concept album was his. This looks like a lot of fun and I can’t wait to hear it!

And doesn’t Bill look great? There just aren’t any other celebs his age who can keep up. Go Shat!!!

Looks like I’ll just have to keep listening to Has Been. I was looking forward to this album, but it unfortunately seems woefully underproduced. Was Ben Folds too busy to work with the Shat again? Has Been is just as much a fantastic Folds album as it is a fantastic Shatner album. It seems that without him it’s the Transformed Man all over again.

Has Been was a tremendous album. Ben Folds did a fantastic job producing and arranging and allowed the Shat to be himself at the same time. Its a hugely underrated cd. It will always be on my ipod.

Am I the only one getting tired of Shatner and his self serving bull. Not to mention the butchery of a TUNE!!!
Common people was a bit of fun, Bohemian Rhapsody is a joke.


No. But why do you call yourself the shatman if you’re tired of him?

Does this amazing octogenerian ever see the inside of his own home? Although is the youngest looking 80 year old I have ever seen, it actually surprises me that he is over weight since he never seems not to be busy with numerous projects at once and is always on the go.
The Shat has somehow figured out how to get more than 24 hours out of a day, or else he never sleeps.
Simply an amazing man.

On November 4 my hair will be washed and I will be at Place des Arts.

Isn’t it well past time to permaban firsters?

Anyway, the CD cover sucks because Cleopatra is a suboptimal choice of label. Unless you want lots of CDs of lame and forgotten 80s artists doing covers of other 80s artists’ songs.

Shatner, you call that a Canadian tour? Where’s Halifax? Ottawa? Calgary?

No Halifax on the Canadian tour. :(

Curious to hear more… 1st CD was awesome! Hope this cover isn’t final…YIKES!

Shat’s Bohemian Rhapsody — OMG, is all I’ll say as I promised Anthony I would refrain from Shat postings…but OMG…..

“…and singing songs as only he can.”

Oh yes, that’s true – and part of what makes him cool! :))

Cool! Shatner jammed with Ernie Watts on this. I played with and backed up Ernie Watts years ago. We’ve got that shared in common.

So, I’ve got that going for me.

And oh yeah, I still love the Shatner.


Are you going to go to Canada for the tour?


Let’s go together.

This is going to be an amazing album! Can’t wait!

Is there anything that Shatner can’t do? Probably not. He’s a genius. He’s King Midas. He’s the man.

Shatner belongs in the next film……only as the villain. Maybe a Klingon.

#21 Bah for being on the East Coast … no Charlottetown date either …

Boy, some of you guys would wet your pants with what’s coming to Toronto on August 25-28th at the Metro Convention Center. It’s Fan Expo Canada with appearances by William Shatner, Nichelle Nichols, Marina Sirtis, Malcolm McDowell, Lee Majors, Barbara Eden, Larry Hagman and many others.

Sheesh, I’d love to have the Geritol concession booth at this thing, I’d make a killing!

I’m afraid this won’t top “Has Been” which was at times a really beautiful and touching confessional album. I have no interest in Bill speaking the words of other people’s songs. Been there, done that, didn’t work for me. But “Has Been” is different, and I encourage those who haven’t heard it to try it out. It’s a surprisingly excellent effort/collaboration.

But if doing stuff like this keeps him out of the next Star Trek film, I’m all for it. And I don’t mean for that to sound as snarky as it probably does. I have a LOT of respect for Bill, but I’ll never be an apologist for his inferior work. I don’t do that for anybody.

32. Harry Ballz – in the vein of my last comment, I must castigate you for your lesser work. A Geritol reference about some older folk. Mister, I KNOW you can be more original than that. I’ll consider that comment to be your Final Frontier moment.

Harry will be hosting the Erica Durance autograph session on the afternoon of August 25th. BE THERE!!!


Hey, c’mon, at least I didn’t try to find GOD!!


Bucking the blame just like Shatner, too.

Hey, Shatner is so old, latin is his native tongue!

Shatner is so old he needs to take his VIagra through an IV ? :-))

Shatner is so old, at his high school prom, the grand prize was FIRE!

Shatner is so old, George Burns was his son!

Shatner’s so old, “Weekend at Bernies” was just Shat taking a break for a few days.

Harry Ballz and MJ are so obnoxious they make the cast of “Jersey Shore” seem like upstanding young heroes!

@43. LOL. True!

Snooky is MY hero!

You know it does occur to me in a sort of a funny yet disturbing and macabre way….given Shat is all over the place doing all sorts of work past 80…well why should even death stop the guy’s career at some point…here is what I am getting it, have it in Shat’s will, combined with a final major studio contract, that immediately upon death, he will get one more final staring movie role in the reboot of “Weekend at Bernies,” playing Bernie? :-))

(P.S. I apologize in advance if my attempt at some dark humor here offends anyone…seriously, “Weekend at Bernies” is a comedic classic, provided you watch it with a friend and with a sixpack. Don’t watch it sober with the wife, kids or mom)


I would suggest smoking some of the “herbal magic” to enjoy that film!

Oy…this looks terrible. Why oh why didn’t he re-team with Ben Folds again…that album was simply amazing! This….oh…this. Please, someone reel Shatner in again…I’m seeing another Shatner on the Mount video being made out of this interview.

For those of you not familiar with the so bad it is funny Weekend at Bernies movie:

I am actually looking forward to this.

I will never forget that one fateful night, surfing youtube…clicking on “Mr. Tambourine Man as done by William Shatner”…

Changed my life forever.