Anthon Yelchin Still Waiting For Star Trek Sequel Call + Talks Comparisons With Koenig’s Chekov

Anthon Yelchin has been keeping busy since appearing as Chekov in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek. He voices "Clumsy" in the new Smurfs movie and stars in the vampire film Fright Night opening on Friday. In a new interview promoting the film, Yelchin says that he doesn’t know when he will be needed to return to the bridge of the USS Enterprise, but he is ready to go when called. He also talked about comparisons to Walter Koenig.


Yelchin waiting for news on Star Trek

So Anton Yelchin appears to be waiting like the rest of us for news on the Star Trek sequel. In a new interview with the official Star Trek Yelchin said that although he doesn’t know when he will be needed, he is ready to suit up:

I’m ready. I’m ready. It’s been a while, but whenever they let me know, I’ll be there.

While he waits he may try to fit in another project, saying:

I don’t exactly know when Star Trek is going, but if there’s space I’d like to do, probably, a smaller film.

In discussing his portrayal of Chekov, the actor also noted that it was "huge" to get the blessing of the original Chekov, Walter Koenig. And even though his Chekov is somewhat different, it is important for Yelchin to have a strong connection with the original, saying:

I don’t know if it builds to Walter’s Chekov, that if we make more films then suddenly it’ll totally become that guy. I just think that I tried to capture as close as possible all of the great qualities that Walter brought to his Chekov. So I hope there’s a continuity. I don’t know if it’s necessarily an evolution, but I hope there’s a continuity where you can say, “Oh, yeah, I buy that person being that age.”

For more from Yelchin on Fright Night, Star Trek and his other projects, read the full interview:  Part 1, Part 2.

Yelchin as Chekov in "Star Trek"

Fright Night Opens Friday

Anton Yelchin has to deal with his vampire neighbor in Fright Night, opening Friday August 19th. Here is a clip with Yelchin and David Tennant.


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Pretty good casting, here. He’s believable.

Ya know, the new Trek movie has a great cast. They couldn’t have cast a better bunch of actors and its great that they’ve all found good work in the interim. Anytime I see these guys in other movies I always enjoy watching them, even if its not a great movie.

Pretty much everybody cast in Star Trek 2009 was great. Physically, I could’ve totally bought into each and everyone being the same folks I’d always known. That’s not to devalue the original actors in any way. But if the writers had wanted to go with a traditional prequel, and this gang gradually bit-by-bit arriving on the Enterprise… the last picture being the first adventure in the 5-year mission, I would’ve bought into that.

Oh, I’m guessing there will be time for a few projects. Would not suggest any of the performers be waiting by the phone for the call anytime soon. Given the substantial backpedeling that has occured regarding the status of the script, I doubt any of the rumored “soft prep” has occured, either. Can’t envision a studio making that committment when they can’t even set a date for the movies release.

Isn’t Anton appearing with Zoe on Jimmy Kimmel this week?

Correction. Tonight.

#4. Phil …

Well, “soft prep” was not exactly a rumor… Bob Orci after all, mention that … if I remember right!

But you’re right… if Anton is thinking about making another movie before the sequel… “soon” it was! LOL

:-) :-)

Anton did a great job in Trek. All in all all of the Actors did a great job.

I thought Yelchin was just fine, if not maybe a little too heavy on the accent. Almost every alien speaks better English than Chekov! Even Spock has no accent!

All funning aside, I liked him. It’s a little hard to accept the coincidence that put him and all the other crew of canon onto the bridge at the same time. Heck, Chekov wasn’t even on the Enterprise in the previous timeline until Kirck and crew were a few years older…

But that was another timeline, I suppose. As my name implies, I’m not that concerned with canon, so I have to try and shrug this stuff off. It wasn’t worth the writers’ time to explain how it could be that everybody was on board. I get that.

Great cast, and to a degree I think Yelchin’s comments even suggest a certain level of frustration over the lack of movement on the Trek follow-up movie.

The decreasing chatter from even the rumor mill makes me less and less faithful that we’ll even GET a “next” Trek movie, or at a minimum, my enthusiasm for it is waning. Put another way, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Can’t wait to see Fright Night! Looks like a nice return to the vicious vampire of yore. Plus David Tennant!

Back in the day we used to get an episode per week. Now it’s every couple of years? Ugh. I hate waiting.

BTW, at VegasCon11, John Cho basically said the same thing. He hadn’t read a script but was ready.

I really like Anthon and am even thinking about seeing Fright Night! I do love me some blood suckers!! :) Anyway,like all the actors have been saying,I have not seen the script,but I am ready to go!! :)

5 he is appearing tonight, both him and Zoe just signed for all 90+ of us fans standing outside in the back alley behind kimmel just a little bit ago

Anton was allready a rising star before Trek XI, and since then he has gone on to even bigger roles.
this is the problem with the long break between films, (correct me please if i am wrong) but dont most of these new actors only have 2 or 3 film commitments? actors like Zoe and Anton and Chris are pretty big stars now, especially Zoe with Avatar and all. I have the feeling the longer it takes between movies the more likely we are to not go beyond 3rd movie with these actors.
which i am fine with if they decide to repair the time line at the end of three and move on to a new crew in the prime universe that we havent seen before. but i definately dont want to see the characters being recast a 3rd time each because chances are they wont be lucky to have that lighting strike 3 times for these iconic roles.

I’ve said it before(Google me/it),……..this guy was my favorite part of the movie.

My only suggestion for Anton in the Star Trek sequel, is to try and tone down the “Wictor, Wictor” part ever so slightly. He did a fine job in Star Trek 2009, but the Wictor, Wictor bit was just an added “comic relief” moment.

Also, the original Chekov never strook me as much of a “wunder kind” as Anton’s Chekov seemed to be. I would hate for his Chekov to become a “Wesley 2.0” type character.

I loved most of the cast of the new film, I didn’t mind the AU and I enjoyed the story. The only thing about star trek 2009 I didn’t like was the bridge of the Enterprise. I hope they make some changes in the design for the next film.

Yelchin was great. The only weak acting link in the first movie was Quinto.

Nevetheless, not having actors like Yeltson committed at this stage is another bad sign. By committed, I mean lock-down scheduled, regardless of how many pics for which they are optioned contractually. I’m more convinced than ever that this project is cracking up, and at the very least we’ll see 2 or 3 new actors due to the inability to get the ball rolling. If I’m an actor hitting my stride, I’m not going to be keeping my calendar open for 2 years waiting around for these dilittentes to get their collective asses in gear.

All this “we’re working on it” sounds a lot like the noises from the Brian Singer camp about a “Superman Returns” sequel. The studio eventually ended up cleaning house on the whole project.

@7. Yeah, he also said they were banging away at the script, which turned out to be a working outline.

Between a really fuzzy idea of what “soft prep” means, JJ hemming and hawing about if or when he will direct, no one actually comitting to when a script will be ready, and Paramount not releasing a new opening date, all that tells me is that when Paramount called these guys in and asked for an update, all they got was “it’s gonna be great, we are working on it really hard now”. The studio suits said, “great – come back when you got something to show us”.

@20 “Between a really fuzzy idea of what “soft prep” means, JJ hemming and hawing about if or when he will direct, no one actually comitting to when a script will be ready, and Paramount not releasing a new opening date, all that tells me is that when Paramount called these guys in and asked for an update, all they got was “it’s gonna be great, we are working on it really hard now”. The studio suits said, “great – come back when you got something to show us”.”

But they are working on it for real now. Seriously. Right? Hopefully? Maybe? Conditionally? Possibly? Working on it while not Star Wars Planking? Working on it while not creating video games? OK, nothing is happening….

It is kind of funny Phil that several months back you and I were considered pariahs on these boards for bringing up our legitimate and documented concerns and questions as to the continued lack of progress of the sequel by the Supreme Court. Well dude, you and I are now the MAINSTREAM with this viewpoint. Funny how vindication works. But you know what, I wish we had been wrong and the sequel was still on track for next year. :-(

Hopefully they won’t be rehiring this weak link.

This actor gives me the creeps every time I see him. No offense to his acting skills but he’s just one of those persons who feel… weird. Hope he gets to tone down the accent in the next installment, cause it wasn’t funny at all. I kept on expecting a laugh track to come on when ever he attempted to say a word with a “v”.

Fear Not, they are “working” on it

AUGUST 9th ” JJ Abrams: Star Trek Sequel Going To Stand On Its Own + Announcement Within Month”

Casting was fantastic in JJ’s Star Trek. Each character had the great balance of keeping the wonderful things about the original characters but didn’t mimic them so much that it would have become comical or just plain ridiculous. That was a hard hurdle to jump, but each character did a superb job in my book.

Well, I’ve been saying for several months now that the sequel will be delayed till summer 2013.

I figure summer 2013 or bust. I don’t think Paramount will allow for any more delays. If the writers don’t have a script done by next spring, the studio will shut the project down and we’ll have no new Trek for the rest of the decade.

But I’ll stay positive and say we’ll get it in summer 2013.

As for Anton Yelchin’s accent, I found it annoying and not really Russian. I’d prefer him to go for a realistic accent instead of mimicking Walter Koenig. His accent was so goofy. It might have worked in the past, but not anymore.

@19. I’m struck by your comment that Quinto was the weak link. I thought he did a good job capturing the conflicted side of Spock; emotion and logic fighting one another. I enjoyed that exploration of Spock’s character. Tell us more about why you think he was a weak link.

@27 I agree with you in wishing that Anton Yelchin was not trying to mimic Walter Koenig. What I liked about Chris Pine’s performance was that he managed to capture Kirk’s personality without mimicking Shatner’s mannerisms. However, I do have to admit, I like how Karl Urban channeled DeForest Kelley.

@28 I’ll tell you why *I* thought Quinto was a weak link. Too much of the time, Quinto portrayed Spock as having a superior, passive aggressive attitude that too barely concealed his emotional pain. Nimoy portrayed Spock as much more cerebral and aloof. One of the things that made Spock so popular and cool in the original series is that he seemed so unflappable.. his emotions were buried much deeper than how Quinto portrayed them. Nimoy also had a bit more charm and humor when revealing Spock’s human side (especially in his dealings with McCoy), but Quinto came across more as a grump.


I agree that Karl Urban really nailed McCoy. It was like he has DeForrest Kelley’s “katra” in him!

That’s why we need to see more McCoy next time! He’s too important and Karl Urban is too good to be just a side character!

#18- I’m right there with you, except for me it wasn’t the “iBridge”, it was “Budgineering” that I didn’t like. That’s what I hope they change up with the next film.

@29: re spock… yes, but as of the second pilot, he had already become that… in the cage, he actually smiled a little and was a little more emotional, closer to the Quinto spock… its those kind of touches… i think we get the more aloof cerebral spock in the next one.

Movies are a business. The color of the blood that the heart of every business pumps is green, and it ain’t because it’s copper based. If something is happening or not happening, 99% of the time, the reason is money: someone is holding our for more, in someone’s opinion the script is crap and the movie won’t make anything, someone thinks there isn’t profit enough in picture, too much competition means movie x will not recover its costs of production, etc. etc. etc. When the “secret history” of why ST 2 is not moving forward is written, the reason will be traceable to some financial cause – nothing more or less.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

He shouldn’t worry about his character “building” to Koenig’s version in my opinion. His own life and early experiences on the Enterprise seemed different enough from the original character that he can be most justifiably the most different in the new universe.

33. “The color of the blood that the heart of every business pumps is green, and it ain’t because it’s copper based.”

good post. could money driven thinking be good for the product – ie they don’t want it to suck… as long as that “Hey, I know… Eddie Murphy!” memo from 1985 still isn’t floating around .

27: Well, Yelchin *is* Russian (which doesn’t guarantee anything, but…)… and he kept the v/w thing, I’ve heard here, because JJ wanted it there (and “nuclear wessels” is classic) as an homage to TOS/Koenig.

As for early TOS Spock — he was a bit different in each show depending on the director… I think he was nearly smirking, smugly, in Mudd’s Women, if I recall… and he was yelling a heck of a lot in the Corbomite Maneuver. And he was clearly enjoying himself, quietly, while playing the lyre in those scenes with Uhura. He wasn’t quite the cold Spock that he’d become.

But, I agree… Quinto just seemed incredibly pissed off for pretty much the whole thing (I think that’s kind of his schtick). But what worked beautifully was the scene when his mother was killed, he looked exactly like the haunted little boy in that earlier teasing scene. It was remarkable.

i liked where this chekov is going. dont get me wrong, i really like the original but even in the films he never seemed to be written as a 3dimensional character. people who complain about this chekov should note the original was used very often for comic relief up through trek 6 and even slighty in trek7. and again for those complaining about the accent, everytime the original spoke it was as if the writers wanted to play up the faulty accent. cant count the number of times “wessels” was said, so compared to the stand out “wictor wictor” line it just doesnt bug me. i wish they had gone with a straight forward true accent the way anton wanted to from the get-go (as they did perfectly with pegg’s scotty).

not trying to pick a fight with anybody, just voicing my oppinion.

As overdone as the Russian accent was, I found it as endearing an homage to Koenig’s performance as Urban’s portrayal of McCoy was to Kelley’s. To me, this interpretation of Chekov was quite entertaining!

I’m late coming back to this thread, but others have stated similar reasons to mine as to why Quinto was weak. Put aside the early TOS episodes where Spock’s character just wasn’t well-defined yet. You can pretend there are canon reasons why he yelled or smiled, but really, he just wasn’t figured out yet. That was 45 years ago, and certainly should not have factored into Quinto’s performance.

The petulant “badass” SNARLING of “Live Long and Propser” to the Council was a good example of him not getting it. Nimoy would have read it with a bemused irony, sort of like a jewish lady saying “he should live and be well” when she really means “he should drop dead”.

Quinto never seemed to capture Spocks undying curiosity. Try as he might to mask emotions, NImoy’s Spock would get a little excited about a puzle or challenge, kind of like a kid trying to behave but you can see him getting antsy. Quinto was just sort of sleepwalking through three moods – dull, peeved, and witless romantic.

The writing It didn’t help. Spock would NEVER allow himself to be kissed by Uhura. Spocks appeal is lonlieness.. How many times did he essentially turn his back on Chapel begging him for love? He doesn’t WANT to feel love. Spock is AFRAID of love.

39. Maybe something switched in him when Vulcan was wiped out? I know…

Or, maybe he’ll be afraid of love after this… Maybe he’ll have to choose logic and duty over love? Heck, maybe Uhura will die. Anything’s possible, thankfully.

Prime Spock was not afraid of love – he simply did not understand the logic of it. Anyway, fear is an emotion and a very powerful one at that and by the time we see him in TOS, he had better mastery over his emotional states than we see in the younger alt. universe. Spock was not lonely. It was Kirk who was lonely much of the time.

Did anyone ever consider that it is possible that Spock simply was not attracted to Nurse Chapel and knew he could never give her what she thought she wanted and needed, so did not try to? However, in the case of Lt Uhura, he did feel an attraction…and Uhura did not appear to have a crush on him, which makes giving a reasonable and honest response to such a person with a crush difficult at the best of times.

There is an expression that goes: Never say “Never”. Spock in this movie had decided to embrace his human side and when engaging with an intimate friend/lover, kissing (albeit rather chaste kissing in Spock/Uhura’s case) is part of that process. As a Vulcan, he may never have allowed himself to be kissed by Uhura, but he was attempting to be his human self. The problem that Spock has is no different from what he had in TOS. There he attempted to totally embrace his Vulcan side and had difficulties. In this alternate universe he’s attempting to totally embrace his Human side and has difficulties.

Why is so difficult for some people to understand?

I really wish Yelchin has chosen to do a more realistic Russian accent than the ’60s, cold war caricature that Koenig adopted for his Chekov. It seemed like a parody then and even more so today. I’ve seen Yelchin in other things, and I know he’s a very talented kid, but it appeared he worked under an unnecessary restraint in the Chekov role.

I understand he probably felt compelled (as did Abrams) to pay homage to what had been done before, but then again Chekov didn’t have curly hair or blue eyes, either. One more change (for the better, in this case) wouldn’t have hurt….

You know, I think this is the first time I’ve seen people tear into Quinto’s Spock. A shame, really, I think he did a decent job dealing with his “disadvantage” as a character. It appears he was still dealing with his dual heritage – having been sheltered, somewhat, in the halls of Starfleet Academy, I’d expect that turmoil to come to the surface when confronted with real world situations.

The tearing into Quinto is lame and uncalled for. It is generally agreed upon by even the detractors of nuTrek that Quinto did a great job in the role, even if they did not like the story. What better vote can you get then Nimoy’s resounding endorsement of Quinto.

@39 “The petulant “badass” SNARLING of “Live Long and Propser” to the Council was a good example of him not getting it. Nimoy would have read it with a bemused irony, sort of like a jewish lady saying “he should live and be well” when she really means “he should drop dead”.”

Great, now we are getting asinine remarks involving out-of-date Jewish stereotypes. I would bet that this person has “other” reasons for not liking Quinto beyond his performance.

This outdated kind of thinking does not belong on these boards.

I thought that Quinto/Spock’s response to the Vulcan Council was absolutely brilliant! Totally spot on. When I first saw that scene and his subtle, but brilliant verbal and facial expression, I gasped, thought “Whoa!” and then laughed. I think Quinto is fine as Spock.

Before the movie came out, all the talk was about how Zachary Quinto looked like a young Leonard Nimoy. People were really high on ZQ, after witnessing his performances as Sylar on “Heroes”. He was really good in “Star Trek”, but it was Karl Urban who really blew me away. He really channelled the late, great DeForrest Kelley perfectly. All of the other actors were great as well, though next time I’d prefer less comedy from Scotty, and a less annoying accent from Chekov.

Also, while I didn’t mind the Spock/Uhura romance from the first film, I’d prefer that they DON’T repeat it for the sequel. I would like to see Spock battle his human and Vulcan halves, especially after the destruction of Vulcan and the death of his mother. This would provide a great set up for his inner struggle, and results in him breaking up with Uhura, although they can still remain close friends.

I think it should be Kirk who gets the girl next time, if the writers choose to keep a romance. But I don’t think a romance is necessary.

As for people criticising Zachary Quinto, I agree its uncalled for, and reveals a lack of intelligence and maturity from the posters who stated their contrarian views. Zachary Quinto is a great Spock. Worthy of succeeding Leonard Nimoy. Mr. Nimoy has said so himself. There can be no debate about it. Anybody who disagrees with this doesn’t deserve the right to call themselves a “Trekkie”. Just that simple.

@MJ #45
Are you being deliberately foul, or just an idiot? Are you implying these “other” reasons you imagine for my not liking Quinto are religious or racial in some way? WTF are you talking about? The rumor he is gay? I couldn’t care less.

And it is well known that “live and be well” is a sly Jewish curse. It is not some sterotype anymore than the Asian curse “you should live in interesting times” is.

You post twice in a row to tell me what is “uncalled for”? Why? Who are you?

@41 – Keachick
You like to post a lot of dramatic scenarios and interpretation on these boards, but honestly, I have found you off base EVERY TIME when it comes to understanding characters, theme, plot, dramatic structure…. Are you an amateur fanfic writer? I’m not going to get into personal critiques (although I am available professionally for editing). You saw Quinto snarl “Live long and PROSPER” and said “Whoa!”? I thought it was cheesy, unsubtle, badly written, and without nuance. Teen-level bad-ass attitude crap.

@47 Red Dead
I personally think that anyone who makes an asinine statement like “Anybody who disagrees with (me) doesn’t deserve the right to call themselves a “Trekkie”. Just that simple” deserves a permaban. What colossal arrogance. Disagreeing with you is “uncalled for”, unintelligent, immature, undebateable and reason for banishment from Trek? Yeah, well, Live Long and Prosper, and the horse you rode in on.

I like Nimoy as much or more than anyone here. But he is a professional man with compensated promotional duties for a movie. I’m sure he lfeels very mentor-like to Quinto. and did everything he could to help him. He is never going to offer public criticism. Why would he? What’s to gain?

And let’s say Nimoy really does think Quinto is a great Spock. Most actors don’t even like to look at their own performances because it affects them and they start imitating themselves. I’m not sure ANY actor is in an objective or emotional place to say “wow, that guy captures the real me!”

Now go work on your social skills.