Syfy Kicks Off Labor Day Weekend With Star Trek TNG Viewer’s Choice Marathon

If you aren’t going to Dragon*Con and looking for something to do this Labor Day weekend, you can stay home and visit the 24th century as Syfy is once again holding a Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon. And this time they are looking to the fans to help pick the episodes. Details below.


Syfy Viewer’s Choice Marathon

On Friday September 2 Syfy kicks off their Labor Day extravoganza with a Star Trek: The Next Generation viewer’s choice marathon running from 8AM-8PM (ET/PT). Fans can choose up to 10 of their favorite episodes at

The rest of Saturday and Sunday on Syfy will be taken up with two days of theatrical blockbusters and an all-day festival of werewolf and vampire movies. The Road Warrior at 7PM and Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome at 9PM are among the highlights of the Saturday, September 3 marathon, while The Fifth Element will anchor the Sunday, September 4 movie extravaganza at 9PM. The Labor Day monster-thon on Monday, September 5 will showcase Underworld: Evolution at 7PM and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans at 9PM.


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Boy, they play TNG to death!

Only at Trekmovie can a thread about TNG on TV start out with someone COMPLAINING that they’re playing TNG on TV.

Brought to you by NASCAR and Wrasslin’!

Maybe they’ll cancel the marathon at 1pm because of ratings? ;p

SYFY sucks at programming … those jerks deserve to get fired. We should boycott the marathon!

Siffy is putting on a marathon of a sci-fi show? That’s pretty out of character for them, isn’t it?

Could someone let SyFy know that Star Trek: The Next Generation is not the only Star Trek series? Of course, I own all the series on DVD/blu ray so I can have my own marathon of any series without SyFy’s (or DirectTV’s) crummy commercials interrupting.

Not that I’d watch it either way, because following Eureka and Stargate’s cancellation, that network is dead to me.

In no particular order…

The Defector
Yesterday’s Enterprise
The Offspring
Sins of the Father
The Best of Both Worlds
The Wounded
The Inner Light
All Good Things

Good, I have the entire series on DVD but I can’t wait to see which ten episodes will be selected!

TNG is one of the best shows ever and should be repeated as often as it can..
God the one constant on this site is the TNG Bashing.

6. I love TNG but agree with everything you’ve said.

Don’t misunderstand….I LOVE TNG, but I simply meant it would be nice to see a marathon of the other Trek series once in a while. That’s all.

1. Chain of Command. Parts One and Two
2. The Best of Both Worlds. Parts One and Two.
3. All Good Things. Parts One and Two.
4. Relicks.
5. Cause and Effect.
6. Darmok.
7. Yesterday’s Enterprise.
Thats my Picks.


I agree, Harry. I love TNG, but it would be nice to see DS9 and TOS on the tube regularly again.

I have to agree with #3 & #4, their programming stinks! The Sci Fi channel opps sorry, SyFy Channel ( what moron thought that up? The play on words is not fresh and orginal but downright lame…I digress) Why does the “SyFy Channel completely forget about programming from the 60’s 70’s & 80’s? As if it never exisited? Yes you guessed right reader I am over 40. It would be nice to see some of these shows from that era.

How about this? Convention attendance hase been down for many years, why not do a LIVE program from from say, Grand Slam or the current Vegas Con?

Just a thought and a gripe…

I also would love to see a Remastered Tos Fan Fave.
1. Enterprise Incedent.
2. City on the Edge of Forever.
3. Amok Time.
4. Tomorrow is Yesterday.
5. The Doomsday Machine.
6. The Trouble with Tribbles.
7. Mirrior Mirror.
8. The Corbomite Manuver.
9. The Managerie Part’s 1 and 2.
Come on Syfy. Get with it.

When is the DS9 marathon?

…umm, yeppers. looks like the same thing as it was in previous years like some miraculous changing in the poles would take the programming director doesn’t know it’ll be same eps as before…like this is some fresh, new idea.

How bout mix up all the series, pick the tops from each one…IMO.

one of the best things that could happen to the ‘syfy’ channel (of which even @wilw said wished they’d go back to SciFi)…is for this channel to be separated from USA Network and all the NBC stuff, NBC Universal.

“Fresh minds, new ideas…”

Just one more new series and Star Trek would rate a channel all by itself. You saving your pennies Anthony P?

Well, the great thing about dvds is that one can have their own marathons featuring any of their favorite episodes from their favorite series with NO BULLSH*T commercials, no annoying pop-up ads for shows you couldn’t care less about, and the ability to go take a wizz or a dump without missing any of the action!

Just that easy!

Oh, and I agree with Harry! They should do a marathon featuring the best episodes from ALL of the series!

Why all the complaining and misery here? I would love to see a marathon from the other series as well but by complaining and don’t watch it or don’t vote we don’t fix the problem. If this marathon proves successful maybe the other series will follow. If not what are the chances for the other series (maybe with the exclusion of TOS)? Because let’s face it TNG is the most popular series of all and the highest in ratings.

I have a Crazy idea. Someone at Syfy should get the license to do a

What a shocking level of whining on this thread. Sad.

(22. That was funny! Thanks!)


SyFy would screw up any new Trek series. I now see why the Terran Empire demoted you. :-)


That was uncalled for.

As TNG is my favorite Trek series I had to vote. Just for fun I’ll post which episodes I voted for.

“The Enemy”
“The Defector”
“The Mind’s Eye”
“Redemption” (Parts 1 & 2)
“Unification” (Parts 1 & 2)
“Face of the Enemy”
“The Drumhead”

Most of the episodes I voted for deal with the Romulan Star Empire as I’m also a huge fan of the Romulans. I picked “The Drumhead” because of it’s message of the importance of freedom and the importance of ensuring that an overzealous government does not take that freedom away out of fear or for any other reason. “Conspiracy” also made my list because it was an excellent episode, without a doubt the best of the 1st season, and because of it’s ending which, unfortunately, became a lost opportunity for the rest of the franchise. “Face of the Enemy” is one of my favorite episodes of the entire Star Trek franchise if not my favorite.

Anyway, I look forward to the marathon on Fri. Sept. 2nd.

SYFY Channel is a joke. Until they start showing DOCTOR WHO, I’m outta here.

I think these are the 10 I chose…is airdate order:

-“The Measure of a Man”
-“Deja Q”
-“Yesterday’s Enterprise”
-“The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1”
-“The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2”
-“I, Borg”
-“All Good Things…, Part 1”
-“All Good Things…, Part 2”


Great list! I just watched “Face of the Enemy” last night. One of the best indeed! It finally gave Troi something to do besides sitting around looking pretty and giving the occasional bit of psychobabble. And the performance of the Romulan captain (sorry, can’t remember the name of the actress) was one of the best in all of Trek.

#24. I was demoted because I failed to Kill a certen commodore who shall not be named. But. i’m not done yet.

Great,,,just what I wanted to do…sit in the house all weekend watching 80’s TV as if I have nothing else better to do…oh wait, I do have something better to do!!! Wheww…

Get SyFy to put DS9 on for once, all they show is TNG and Enterprise.

So all you suckers are going to watch SyFy this weekend after they canceled Eureka? Come on, show some backbone and boycott this lame station. I have boycotted it since the asinine and insulting name change, and you know what, I don’t miss it one damn bit. I would rather watch Oprah’s network then give those losers at SyFy my business.

I guess it’s personal preference, but a lot of people here seem to always choose the same episodes…Mines would be… (slightly left of centre but..)

The Defector
Night Terrors
Data’s Day
The High Ground
Inner Light
The Chase

It’s nice to see that a few of you picked “Relics” as one of your top 10 episodes.

Not watching Syfy and bragging about it on a message board doesn’t hurt Universal/Syfy… not patronizing the sponsors of the dreck they run and using message boards to encourage others to do the same, that hurts Syfy. The network itself sees penny ZERO from you tuning in to watch a TNG marathon and going to the potty every commercial break. They do succeed if you buy the products they advertise during these sponsorship breaks. That’s how television advertising works, and it’s all about the advertising for ALL of these broadcast and basic cable networks.

It creeps me out when people say they will watch even though they have the series on dvd.

Reason 1: It will be watered down and edited for commercials.
Reason 2: It will have commercials.
Reason 3: You own the DVD
Reason 4: You are wasting 60 minutes of your life on something you have scene before rather than watching them on DVD and just wasting 42 minutes.

It creeps me out man.

#22: “The will be NO vaccine, and no Lt. Yar!!!!!”

im in Norfolk with Family visiting the old haunts for the bit. Why TF would i want to waste my time on WyFi when they no longer play Science Fiction as their primary income?

I am still not watching anything on “SyFy” after they cancelled Stargate: Universe (that was the last straw for me)!
Besides, now that I have all 5 series on DVD and all 11 movies, I can pick and choose which episodes to watch that day, without their commercials :-P

Shades of Gray FTW!!!

41. Oh, that was good. ROTFLMAO!!!

@34. Of course, that goes with out saying. When I said that SyFy was not getting any more of my business, I meant that as I am not watching their shows, I am not seeing their commercials…that is why I used the term “business.”


Yeah, but to use the term “business” means that you would have had some sort of financial transaction with Sy Fy. Not watching their commercials doesn’t make it a business decision. It’s a straw man arguement. Plus you don’t pay Sy Fy anything anyway. Advertisers do. The same advertisers who plug their products during shows YOU DO watch. So in a way, you’re still supporting Sy Fy, if indirectly.


the production of the new Superman movie is filming in B.C. from late September through January 2012. They have an open casting call for people to be in the movie while filming on Vancouver Island! Sign up now, pal!

@42. Audience viewing is certainly an indirect business transaction, becuase the # of viewers determines the advertising rate they can charge. Sure I don’t have a direct business transaction with them, but collectively, the level of viewership of their shows directly translates to their bottom line through advertising fees — this makes anyone that watches scifi a “customer” in terms of defining the market for this show.

…the market for this channel.

@43 “Truth, justice and the Canadian way.” ??? :-)


Thanks for the heads up! Though I just used up my vacation time so it might be hard to find the time to go sign up.

And if you could tell me which site this info is on, I’d appreciate it!


Technically, to be a customer, you have to pay for something from Sy Fy. You don’t, but advertisers do. They buy spots. And it doesn’t necessarily depend on ratings. If it did, Sy Fy would be out of business. Anyway, I would have to think that advertisers would negotiate with Sy Fy’s parent network, NBC. NBC would presumably put the same ads on its various networks for a fee.

Also, ad revenue has dropped in recent years due to the economy, not ratings.


Hey, Superman recently gave up his American citizenship so you never know!

I think you all have it wrong. Syfy should be tricked into playing the worst of the worst. Number 1 should be the clip show with Riker. There are some really bad ones to vote for and a marathon of the worst would be great!

I’d say the worst TNG episode would be a toss-up between “Shades of Grey” and “Code of Honor.”

Thankfully, the best episode is a tough choice… because there are so many good ones! :D

@47. You are kidding yourself if you don’t think that their is a directly correlation between the ratings of a given network and the rate that that network is able to charge advertisers. Generally there is a direct correlation between ratings and advertising rates for commercials on a network, and it is broken down by the individual success of the time period and the particular show. The ultimate customer is the end user who buys goods and services of the companies doing the advertising on the show(s) you are watching…i.e. you and I.