Entire Star Trek TV Library Now Streaming On Amazon Prime

Last month Amazon and CBS announced they will be adding Star Trek to the Amazon Prime streaming video offering. And this week the entire Star Trek TV catalog went online. More details below plus an early review/comparison between the Amazon and Netflix streaming services for Star Trek.  


All of Star Trek available on Amazon Prime

As of today, the entire Star Trek TV library (except the animated series) is available for streaming at Amazon.com via their Amazon Prime service. This includes every episode of the original Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise. Like with the similar offering on Netflix, both the original series and Enterprise are available in HD. Amazon has one advantage in that DS9 is not yet available on Netflix (it is coming in October).

Star Trek now available via Amazon Prime

While Amazon has DS9 earlier, Netflix still has advantages most notably of which is navigating the available titles. Both the website interface as well as using Amazon Prime ready devices is still cumbersome and it is difficult to browse the different series. Amazingly not every Star Trek show even comes up when you do a search for "Star Trek," plus you need to wade through many non-Star Trek shows. Netflix streaming is also available on more devices, especially mobile devices.

Search results for "Star Trek" via Amazon Prime interface on Sony Bravia TV

As for the picture quality on Amazon, the HD streaming for the original Star Trek and Enterprise is excellent and looks just as good as Netflix. However the standard definition streaming for Next Generation and Voyager looks a little better on Netflix (at least for now).

Star Trek Enterprise streaming via Amazon Prime on PC

Amazon Prime is the premium service from Amazon that offers free and discounted shipping on Amazon purchases along with a streaming video service. The service costs $79/year which works out to cheaper than Netflix’s $7.99/month streaming-only subscription account. However Netflix still offers a much larger catalog of streaming video and is also available on various mobile platforms. Amazon Prime is available via web browser streaming and a growing number of connected TVs and Blu-ray players from Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Vizio and the popular Roku HD series of streaming boxes.

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Let’s all go to the library!

I wish I had ENT in High Definition.

I’m both a PRIME member and a Netflix subscriber and I’ve found the streaming quality of Amazon to be better than Netflix.

Harry. I’m with you. Libray of Trek here we come.

It’s not the ENTIRE TV library. They don’t have the Animated Series.

4. “Libray of Trek”

Er, uh, yes, Ens Mike, I think a visit to the LIBRARY iS in order!

How much is membership?

Im keepin netflix fer now-besides streaming thru my wii and ps3 it also streams on my 3ds too–too bad doesnt work on my psps as well—anyway good news everybody!

Some great ENTERPRISE sampler episodes.

Broken Bow (S1)
Cease Fire (S2)
North Star (S3)
The Forge/Awakening/Kir’Shara (S4)
Observer Effect
Babel One/United/The Aenar
Demons/Terra Prime

I’d steer clear of the whole of Season 3, until you’re ready or going through it from start to finish – which can be a bit of slog – the quality being up and down late S1 and mid S2. Which is kinda why its important to see more great stuff to begin with. Knowing there’s a light at the end of a tunnel, when you go back and fill in the gaps.

Amazon Prime probably does a 30-day trial or something they do here in the UK. Although they’ve yet to adopt this live streaming for us AFAIK.

Oh thank goodness there’s a new way to pay money for a franchise I’ve been watching for 45 years.

I know $ rules, but I almost feel like most of these should be public domain.

@11 If you want to watch Trek for free, then check your TV guide for a marathon. If you went to be able to turn on the episode of your choice, from the series of your choice, at a time of your choosing, it may cost you $12.99 a month. WOW, it practically is public domain at that price.

@12 “If you want to watch Trek for free, then check your TV guide for a marathon.”

You should be in comedy, sir.

13 posts in 2 days. Yep, everyone’s excited about buy Trek in yet another form.

It used to be free, and offered weekly. My only point.

Actually Amazon Prime streaming doesn’t work on TiVo.

Amazon’s video service works on TiVo, but it doesn’t support streaming, only download-and-play. The Prime service only works on a subset of the Amazon-capable boxes that support streaming.

The Amazon website is really confusing about this; the link about prime streaming links to a site that lists ALL the equipment that Amazon works with, but it isn’t clear up-front that the prime streaming thing only works on a subset of those.

(I’ve got a TiVo, I’ve got a free prime trial, and when I went to try to use it I found out it won’t work. Sigh.)

Oops that’s right stupidly the TiVo only does Amazon downloads, Prime is streaming only. I’ve updated the article to take out the TiVo as a supported device.

@4 Hopefully Mr. Atoz is the caretaker of the Library of Trek.

I mentioned this last week when i discoverd all 7 of ds9 seasons on amazon prime but my post was deleted from the thread i posted it in.
And its pretty easy to find the seasons, not cumbersom at all.
with amazon prime student i also get it for 39 dollars a year :)

hey anybody have any advice-just got a netgear wifi router-set it up-it works-seems to work great on my wii n dsi/3ds but i keep getting errors on my ps3 streaming-netflix stop playing n it says cant connect then i start the movie again–sometimes it works well but just watching a 45 min show tonite it stopped about 5 times-also seems slow to load or download–we live in a 2 bedroom apt cant believe i cant get a good connection–we have comcast cable internet-the netgear is a rangemax wireless router wpn824 i have no idea how to adjust the router–

I already have Prime for the shipping, so this is a Bonus. Trek, Dr Who (free apart from the most recent season) Red Dwarf, etc.

haven’t seen Enterprise in actual HD since it first aired here. Even SyFy ran it in SD in a letterbox (on their HD channel)

I’m so glad I spent multiple hundreds of dollars and scored all the tv series’ & movies on boxed dvd & bluray sets and can watch them anytime, and don’t need to be nickol & dimed to death trying to pay & view every movie/episode.

@21 I’m with you, though sometimes I feel foolish. I bought (starting with TNG) all of the seasons as they were released at $100 each. With sales tax, I have almost three grand invested in my Trek DVD collection. I have to admit I did not buy TOS when it was remastered. I downloaded my favorites on Xbox live. Having said that, if I could do it over, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Never would have thought in the 1980s that all of the great Trek episodes and movies I started to collect on VHS would have been made totally obsolete in that format. They are and it is quite a revelation to see Trek in higher quality than any VHS can deliver streaming over the internet.

it freaks me out that I will one day i will have to explane to children what a video or cd or usb was

Animated Trek now available on Netflix.

Star trek the animated series is now streaming on Netflix and Its in HD.

#14 most people who are amazon prime members are paying for the unlimted 2 day shipping thats included at no additional charge on every order they make for being a prime member.
the streaming service on prime is still relatively new, and there is quite a bit more on there than star trek programing. its kind of rediculous to believe that the only people who are going to be amazon prime members are people wanting to watch star trek.

Ive been a prime member since day one, so the streaming service and the trek episodes really are free to me as iam not paying anything additional for the ability to watch them. further more since iam now back in college going for a second degree iam actually getting prime for only 39.99 a year now for the next 4 years thanks to my amazon prime student standing.

21 how is being given the option to watch star trek (at no extra charge) via my amazon prime account ive had for years and am in fact paying less for now than when i first started my prime account, being nickle and dimed?
like i told 14 most prime members are not signing up to see star trek they are signing up for the very valuable unlimted 2 day shipping on every order we make. think about it you spend 79 a year (39 if your like me and are a amazon prime student member) and you get 2 day shipping for every order you make each year. as someone who gets new bluray releases every week that saves me hundreds a dollars a year on shipping.
this streaming option is something amazon is giving members as a additional service at no EXTRA charge.

if you honestly want to sit there and complain about something that is being offered as a benifit to something that is an incredible value on its own then i feel sad for you.