IDW November Previews: Star Trek #3 To Re-Imagine “Galileo 7” + Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes #2

Next month IDW kicks off their new ongoing Star Trek comic series set in the new movie universe. IDW has just released the cover and synopsis for the third issue. Check that out below, plus the preview for the second Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes crossover.



Star Trek (ongoing) #3 (32 pages, $3.99)
Written by Mike Johnson
Art by Stephen Molnar
Covers by Tim Bradstreet and Joe Corroney (shipped in a 4-to-1 ratio – 4 Tim Bradstreet, 1 Joe Corroney, plus Variant covers: Tim Bradstreet sketch cover and Photo cover)


The adventures of the new Enterprise crew continue in this re-imagining of the classic episode "The Galileo 7"! Mr. Spock finds himself in command of a stranded shuttle crew fighting for survival, in a tale featuring the new cast from the blockbuster STAR TREK film!

Bullet points:

  • Fully sanctioned by Paramount pictures, with direct ties to the new movie!
  • The new adventures start here! Classic Star Trek episodes updated in the new mythology!

Cover A:

Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes #2 (of 6)  (32 pages, $3.99)
Written by Chris Roberson
Art by Jeffrey Moy & Philip Moy
Covers by Phil Jimenez, Steve Lightle (shipped in a 4-to-1 ratio: 4 Phil Jimenez, 1 Steve Lightle + Gabriel Rodriguez variant cover)


The epic IDW/DC Comics crossover continues. Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise have returned to Earth, but discover that it isn’t the Earth they remember. And a group of Legionnaires stranded in the 23rd century find that history has changed around them. But can either team uncover what’s gone wrong in time? And what will happen when they encounter each other?

Bullet points:

  • Continuing the first-ever crossover series between IDW Publishing and the DC Universe!
    Featuring Phil Jimenez covers on every issue!
  • Each issue will also feature a cover by classic LSH and Star Trek artists! This issue, Steve Lightle!

Cover B:

Star Trek 100-Page Spectacular (32 pages, $3.99)
Written by: John Byrne, Scott & David Tipton, Stuart Moore
Art by: John Byrne, David Messina, Federica Manfredi, Mike Hawthorne
Cover by: Corroney


A quartet of stories offer an exciting—and reasonably priced!—introduction to the IDW universe of Star Trek. The first three are stand-alone stories, while the fourth, Spock Reflections, is the first chapter (but one that works well on its own) of a larger series.

Bullet points:

  • John Byrne is the legendary writer and artist on such books as X-Men, Fantastic Four and Next Men!
  • David Messina is the artist of such hits as Star Trek: Countdown, and True Blood!



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So who’s model of the shuttle did they steal for Galileo 7?

I just started reading comics again on the Ipad, hopefully they have electronic versions.

Cover B… are the big three turning Japanese?
I really think so.

How is the 100 page spectacular only 32 pages?

Does anyone know if the 100-Page Spectacular is all reprints?

Since they say they are trying to balance between old and new stories, it seems a bit odd that they are doing two remakes back to back.

As much fun as I think the reimagined stories will be, I’d also like to see some original stories. Isn’t that why the new timeline was created in the first place?

I wish that the shuttlecraft on the “Galileo Seven” cover had nacelles. The rest of the cover looks great. Good to see McCoy there too.

The “Star Trek/Legion Of Superheroes” cover is pure crap! Kirk looks more like Tom Cruise than William Shatner, while Uhura looks like she’s farting in Scotty’s direction!

Has it been announced if these will be available digitally from Comixology? Right now only IDW’s Transformers comics are available that way. I’d love to get Trek this way.

In the case of “The Galileo 7” it will be interesting to see how the writers re-interpret one of Trek’s most dramatic scenarios in the context of the altered crew relationships in the new movie universe. Is the give-and-take between McCoy and Spock as abrasive as during TOS’ first season? Would Uhura’s cool professionalism be compromised by worry over Spock? Is Scotty’s role in the story to remain as the level-headed senior professional–the only crew member who doesn’t chafe under Spock’s authority–or does he provide some comic relief this time out? And will the very different technology of the Abrams universe make any difference in how the events of the story unfold?

I’m no fan of what the “Supreme Court” did with these characters in 2009, but I’m genuinely curious about what Mike Johnson may come up with. Done well, adaptations of a classic in a new context (e.g. APOCALYPSE NOW from “Heart of Darkness” can even give new insights into the original work. And while retellings of stories done well the first time strike me as a real waste of time for the movies (no reboot of Khan, please), in the case of the comics, bring it on.

@4 “How is the 100 page spectacular only 32 pages?”

They are using a new type of math called “Supreme Court Math.” For example, using Supreme Court match gives you advanced equations like this:

81 page outline = major progress being made on script

Some academics have pointed out that Supreme Court Match might be applied to our national debt situation.

Cant wait! Will for sure be getting Number #1. And G7 looks freaking cool! :]

10. … (smiles and chuckles)

#10. Hahaha, that was amazing.

Hopefully they will do some of the stories between “Where No Man” and “Galileo 7”.

I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the animated episodes done as well.

I quite look forward to the comics. What I would love to see is 80 full Novals of Tos Series redone in the J.J verse. Would be kool to read.

It’s four issues. 32 pages includes the cover (if it’s the same paper stock as the interior pages) and likely several advertisements. Since it’s billed as a ‘quartet’, each issue will likely have around 25 pages of story, with four issues adding up to 100 pages. Single issue comics have all sorts of confusing little quirks like this. I draw a title released by Image Comics, and I still haven’t completely wrapped my head around some specs they throw at consumers!

I really don’t see the point of ‘re-imagining’ individual episodes; they were already done (well enough, IMO) in live-action 45 years ago.

If the point is just to draw in the new cast’s likenesses over the same story (with maybe a tweak or two), then honestly why bother? I’ll just save my money, stick with the original versions of these episodes on dvd and just wait (as have we all) for the next ST movie… whenever it eventually comes out.

@17 “If the point is just to draw in the new cast’s likenesses over the same story (with maybe a tweak or two), then honestly why bother? I’ll just save my money, stick with the original versions of these episodes on dvd and just wait (as have we all) for the next ST movie… whenever it eventually comes out.”

I agree completely! Also, the original writers of these iconic stories aren’t getting a penny from this, while Orci and others are getting paid here…essentially making money on the great work of others here. I don’t approve of this one bit and will not be supporting this with my dollars.

Kirk, McCoy, and Scotty have the appropriate “WTF is this sh*t look?!?” for the Legion of Superheroes cover. Funny, that is exactly what I’m thinking.

How I feel about superheroes and Star Trek:

I think this is going to be great series. Face it….many of us have wondered what TOS episodes would be like in the new universe. At least now we’ll get to see how these creators interpret them. (And we only have to wait 30 days between episodes instead of 10 years….or however long it’ll be before Star Trek 2.0 finally makes it to theaters.)

#21. The thing is if they just tweak a little bit here or there, is it really worth it? And if they make drastic changes, they might as well have just spent a little bit longer and actually worked up an original story. This just seems lazy.


IDW’s 100-Page Spectaculars are 100 page one-shots reprinting stories from previously published comics. If you’re unfamiliar with IDW Star Trek comics, pick up a copy and get a taste.

I think retelling the TOS stories is a clever idea. They can build on what they already know the fans enjoyed about the originals, they can re-use popular characters in new stories, and feature sequel episodes. I don’t intend to judge the concept until I’ve read the comic but I do hope that they put in a bit of effort to make the rewrites a bit less sexist. For example the Gallileo Seven were six men and a female yeoman. I think the girls deserve a bit more action than that in the 21st century!

Anyone know if IDW is going to offer a subscription for the ongoing series? I can’t justify pre-ordering/subscribing via the local comic shop which require a minimum of 10 comics a month.

Cool!! I can’t wait to see what they do with Spock’s Brain!! HAHAHAHA!!!

I do not think TREK superhero cross overs are a good idea.


Agreed. Superheroes are more or less all-out fantasies; Trek has always tried to be more ‘scifi’ flavored. They’re opposing genres, really. Like an action packed soap opera.
A bad match.

I still remember the god-awful ‘Star Trek meets X-Men’ thing they did a few years ago.


The new actors are there to stand in for the orginal cast, as they are no longer able to perform their roles.
The drawings in these books should be the same thing; the closest possible represetation of the ORIGINAL cast.

The DC cross over is cool, but I’d rather see a Dark Horse one; Star Trek vs. Predator or Robocop vs. Data…that would be sweet! (sarcasm, you gotta love it)

-JJ’s “Trek-light” being applied to classic TOS stories is a bad idea! I agree, even for those who like the new direction, doesn’t it defeat the point of said new direction by doing this? For those of us that hate it, it further ticks us off to be desecrating the classics like this. Please leave well enough alone!

-Superheroes shouldn’t mix with Trek, ever! The universes are just too different.

-Great question! Why is the 100 page spectacular only 32 pages? Um, what?

All these comics stink. Pass! What they need is a line of “Titian” comics! THAT would be cool!

It doesn’t bother me if they’re doing classic episodes with the “new” crew–as long as it’s comics only. Could be some interesting differences.

The Superhero thing sounds lame. But you never know…

I thought it was a cool idea to reimagine the classic stories with the Abrams universe cast in comic form. Then I thought about the classic episode, “The Galieo Seven.” . What made it classic. Some of it was because of the performance of the cast. Leonard Nimoy as Spock inwardly fighting the criticism of the crew. William Shatner showing the strain of command as he must make a terrible decision to abandon the search for the shuttle. James Doohan’s discovery and delight at Spock’s human moment to send a “flare.”

So it comes to this. I thought about my favorite film of all time. It’s “Casablanca.” How would I feel for commerical purposes if they replaced Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman with Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart? It would erase the pleasure of those great perfomances by Bogart and Bergman all for the cynical need to appeal to a teenage demographic. It’s a dumbing down of art and I agree with the critics of the Star Trek reimmaginings of classic episodes, that it is wrong.

How many times does The Enterprise have to encounter Super Heroes?

nah, it lost me at the cover. The nacelles on a starfleet shuttle are iconic. Still had them in the TNG era, so don’t tell me they are more advanced than the Galileo (TOS version).

@33 There are nacelles on the shuttle they’re just hard to see in that image, you can barely see one on the top left of it (left from the front)

#17 and #21: You said it. What’s the point? Is there a mill somewhere built to churn this stuff out?

@31 “So it comes to this. I thought about my favorite film of all time. It’s “Casablanca.” How would I feel for commercial purposes if they replaced Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman with Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart? It would erase the pleasure of those great performances by Bogart and Bergman all for the cynical need to appeal to a teenage demographic. It’s a dumbing down of art and I agree with the critics of the Star Trek re-imaginings of classic episodes, that it is wrong.”

EXACTLY!!! Not to mention that it is a slam in the face to the original writers of these stories — they are getting nothing from this, while Orci and others are lining their pockets — that is a travesty! This is also worse than Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, since at least that effort was done as a farce, while this activity takes the same Trek stories and repackages them into nuTrek as supposedly canon-like Trek stories.

As Orci seems to have all of these free time on his hands (even with no script done for the new movie?) to develop video games and non-original comic books, then why can’t he at least produce something original in the nuTrek universe instead of this silly “photocopying” of original Trek stories and video games crap?

Cool comics, yet still NOTHING on the progress of the new film. Urgh. There should have been at least a teaser trailer out by now.

Lol – this is why they aren’t pitching these movies at Trek fans. The fan base is too fragmented and dogmatic. If they try to please Peter, Paul cries foul. I’m interested to see where they take it but so many people are giving this the thumbs down before the comics are even out. It’s probably also why they are happy to rehash the old plots – they are cheaper and easier to build on than brand new stuff from scratch. If they are popular, then they might expand on the series with more original stories but if nobody gives them a chance they’ll be a brief limited series like all the other Trek comics. If you want them to think that the Trek you want will be popular then you have to patronise the Trek that there is. If you aren’t prepared to do that then stop whining and go back to watching the re-runs! I will certainly give these comics a read before I decide if they’re terrible.

@38. You are missing the point. Of course they are going to be good, becuase they are fracking copies of original Trek episodes….so the point really is, why should I care about this rehashing, and also why should I support this money grab with not creativity involved and a ripping off of the original author’s story/screenplay work? That is the point!

Of course they are going to be good– we already know that because they are ripping it off from TOS Trek. The question is should we support this “THEFT?” I say NO!

In fact, I think we could all prove a point here by not only not buying these comics, but instead, as part of our protest, by the silly Legion of Superheros Trek crossover comics instead. Wouldn’t that make a great point coming from the fans if the sill Superheros Trek crossover sold more copies than the Orci “TOS robbery” comics!

Do it, do it, do it!

Maybe I view it differently because I bought the comic versions of the movies already, and they were complete (or incomplete) rehashes of the originals. I was a little disappointed in the TWoK adaptation because it was too faithful to the movie but that was probably more becuase I would have preferred a comic version of the novelisation with additional background on Carol, the scientists, Saavik, and Peter.

Those are exactly the sort of additions they could put in these new comic adaptations, although if they are telling the stories in only two issues a piece, I don’t think they’ll have enough time. I’d like to give them the chance to put a modern spin on the old tales. I’d like to see guest characters from single episodes return in sequel stories. I’d love to see Rand get more than a few brief stories at the start of the run. There is potential there and I’m prepared to give it a chance. I’ll give constructive criticism if I don’t like what I see.

As a long time Star Trek fan I would most definitely support something like this and can’t wait to read the interesting twist that they put on these iconic stories. Wouldn’t you want to go see the new Star Trek movie even if it had something to do with khan or any other element from the original series just to see how theses stories are interpreted in the new universe. I would it make Star Trek exiting again and bring back great memories and moments from the show just with different unique twist within this new universe.

I cant wait for the comics, the game, the new movie and the possibility for a new animated Star Trek series. Star Trek is finally getting exiting again.

@41. OK, I do see your point there. It is sad for me to admit it, but despite my criticisms here, I could see myself passing by these at the bookstore and, like the Trek sucker that I am, buying them to give them a try. :-)

Mind you, I should probably also admit that I wasn’t the biggest fan of the new reboot either. The dumbed down science, Trek 90210 vibe, apalling sexism, and going out of their way to include Chekov when Rand could easily have filled a similar role didn’t inspire me even though overall the movie was enjoyable. In some ways I’m hoping that the comics can redeem some of those shortfalls.

It’s probably also worth mentioning that my standards aren’t that high in terms of comic content. I even experimented with my own Babylon5/Aliens Trek alternate universe comic on Youtube and my production values were not high. At lesat I didn’t try superheroes yet, although I haven’t written a finale… snikkt.

I agree with some of the previous comments: The original writers (or their estates) should be compensated for the re-use of their TOS scripts.

Then again, we don’t understand if there already is an agreement in place, if it cannot be discussed or disclosed due to other agreements between the parties involved, etc.

Personally, I AM looking forward to the re-telling of these stories! We get MORE Star Trek comics! We get a new look at these classic stories! New fans have a chance to experience the “magic”!

And if I were Bob Orci, I would probably try doing the same thing. What an awesome idea for keeping Trek alive and thriving! Thank you, Bob!!

And if I were Bob Orci, I would probably try doing the same thing. What an awesome idea for keeping Trek alive and thriving! Thank you, Bob!!

@45 @46. Warning to DiscoVery and cctv camera china — Anthony will likelycancel your access to this site if he catches you posting under different names. “Sock-puppets” are not allowed here.

So no more agreeing with your yourself or supporting your own arguments please — that is lame and weak-minded.

Can’t wait for the re-imagined version of ‘Balance of Terror’.

Oh, wait…

Is that Sheldon, behind Bones?