Leonard Nimoy’s Emotional Star Trek Vegas Con Farewell + Spiner Reveals Simpsons Role + More From Saturday

Last weekend’s Star Trek convention in Las Vegas included a very emotional moment from the normally serene Leonard Nimoy as hid bid farewell to the Vegas con for the last time. The day also featured a number of other Trek luminaries including Kate Mulgrew, Brent Spiner, Terry Farrell and more. See below for details and pictures from last Saturday.



Leonard Nimoy Bids Farewell To Las Vegas Con

The highlight of Saturday at the Star Trek Con in Las Vegas was an appearance by Leonard Nimoy. The original Spock came with an elaborate presentation taking the audience on a journey through his life from before, during and after Star Trek. This was the same presentation he gave earlier this year at Phoenix Comic Con, and video of that is available on YouTube.

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy explains the origins of the Vulcan salute

What was different this time, was how Nimoy concluded his time. He became emotional, even tearing up as he haltingly said:

Friends, this is a very special event for me. I am saying goodbye to this event – I have been here every year for many years and I am filled with gratitude. To you, and to Star Trek, for what it has done for me – the opportunities it has given, my family, all of us. I thank you so much. May you all live long and prosper. 

Leonard Nimoy gets choked up as he bids goodbye

Leonard Nimoy exits the Star Trek Las Vegas Con stage for the last time

Farrell talks yoga and Worf lovemaking

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Terry Farrell was also in Vegas. The former Dax says that she has been spending her time these days with her son Max and teaching yoga, but she hasn’t totally given up acting as she recently appeared in a play in Hershey, PA noting that she wished she had done stage work before her time on DS9 as it would have given her more courage as a performer.

Terry Farrell

Farrell, who left DS9 after the sixth season, was asked about the DS9 series finale and said she would have been happy to return for that or for a recurring role in the final season, but she wasn’t asked. She also revealed that she was disappointed that Jadzia Dax had to die and that she has never watched the seventh season of DS9.

Terry Farrell

The actress also talked about how much she loved doing the TOS flashback episode "Trials and Tribbleations" as she loved the classic Trek wardrobe (especially the boots) and always had a crush on Captain Kirk. Farrell also talked about how her son was confused watching her kissing another man when watching DS9 and said that she should probably avoid showing her scenes with Worf as it could be too much for him. She also quipped that the scene when Worf and Jadzia end up in sickbay after some vigorous lovemaking may be sending the wrong message to kids.   

Terry Farrell

Mulgrew (and guests)

Star Trek: Voyager’s Kate Mulgrew covered a lot of ground during her time going from Star Trek, to her stage work, to her recent TV work. She talked a bit about the challenge of being the first female captain of a Star Trek TV show, and recalled something whish she said helped her:

Patrick Stewart greeted me at craft services on the first day and he said ‘Listen to me my dear. If you commit 150% over seven years, and give it everything you got, you shall leave this soundstage very proud indeed – as I have. Good luck, I am out of here.

Kate Mulgrew

Mulgrew’s time on stage was peppered with a number of guests joining her on stage. It started with her "stalker" Garrett Wang who came out to give her a hug and take a picture with her. And following that Mulgrew brought out (creator of the comedy NTSF:SD:SUV) Paul Scheer to talk about her work on the show and to show off some clips. Later in her set Warehouse 13 star Eddie McClintock (she recently shot a 4-episode arc) pretended to be a clueless fan at the mic and then jumped up on stage with her.

Garrett Wang with Kate Mulgrew

Mulgrew checks out Eddie McClintock’s abs

NTSF:SD:SUV creator joins Mulgrew on stage

Spiner yucks it up – headed to Simpsons

As is his custom, Brent Spiner spent his time on stage joking around, especially at the expense of his TNG co-star Jonathan Frakes (who had done much of the same the day before). Spiner explained why he and not Frakes was on the stage banner saying it was reserved "for special people." When asked about the death of Data Spiner replied back that what the audience didn’t see is right after the movie ended the Enterprise blew up, killing everyone else.

Brent Spiner

Spiner did get serious at some moments. The actor said that the moment he thought Data was the most human was at the end of Nemesis when he sacrificed himself, something he said was "very human." But Spiner also noted that the more serious the moments on The Next Generation, the more the crew goofed off on set.

Brent Spiner

As for his recent work, Spiner talked up his web series Fresh Hell, which he said will be shooting more episodes soon. He also revealed that he just did some voice work for The Simpsons, saying he played a series of robots created by Homer.

Brent Spiner headed to Simpsons

de Lancie, Crosby, and Plakson

Saturday started off with three recurring guest actors from Star Trek: The Next Generation: John de Lancie, Suzie Plakson and Denise Crosby. de Lancie started off saying that he had a lot of fun playing Q. The actor says that Gene Rodenberry warned him that he had no idea what he was getting into when he was cast. Although he hadn’t seen it until later, de Lancie says he does think Roddenberry borrowed elements of Q from the character of Trelane in the original Star Trek episode "The Squire of Gothos."

de Lancie, Plakson and Crosby

Speaking of Qs, Plakson said that she always wished they explored the relationship between her Q and de Lancie’s Q more on Star Trek: Voyager. As for her role as the Andorian Tarah on Enterprise, Plakson said she liked to don all the makeup as it helped her get into character, including the animatronic antennae.

Suzie Plakson

Denise Crosby talked about how there was a lot of secrecy around TNG at the beginning and she initially auditioned for the role of Deanna Troi, but was happy to get the role of Tasha Yar. However Crosby feels that there were missed opportunities with the character and that she ended up feeling like she was just "standing in the bridge horseshoe." This led to her decision to leave the show which she called "rash," but she didn’t know where her character was going. However, she very much enjoyed all the opportunities to return to the show playing both Yar and Sela. Regarding a Trekkies 3, Crosby says that they are looking into it, but it might not be a regular documentary.

Denise Crosby

John deLancie


Saturday also included another invasion from the Klingon empire with Martok and Gowron joined by the Duras sisters. They didn’t kill anyone, but they did do a rap song so there was still pain involved.

Klingon rap (Photo: Steve Craig/Las Vegas Wire)

More from Vegas con to come

TrekMovie still has the Sunday wrap-up plus some other news and videos to report from Vegas con so stay tuned.

Erica Anderson contributed to this report. All photos by Anthony Pascale/TrekMovie.com unless otherwise noted.

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“Friends, this is a very event for me. I am saying goodbye to this event – I have been here every year for many years and I am filled with gratitude. To you, and to Star Trek, for what it has done for me – the opportunities it has given, my family, all of us. I thank you so much. May you all live long and prosper.”

Thank YOU , sir.
Live long and prosper.

Looks like Ms. Mulgrew has been spending a bit TOO much time at craft services

The Klingons were here to promote a Klingon translation of Monopoly.

By the way, the Klingons were the only actors to show up in costume. And, their photo ops looked awesome!

(However, you are right… the Klingon Rap was painful indeed.)

You know, it really won’t bother me at all if we don’t see Klingons in the JJverse. The five year mission was always pitched as deep space exploration. So point the ship out there, somewhere, tell a good story, and lets see what happens…

It would be nice to think that Leonard Nimoy visits this website on occasion, if only so he may see all the respect and admiration from his many fans.

The man is a class act!

The priviledge is ours, for having the good fortune of watching your performances over the years Mr. Nimoy!

Live long and prosper!

I have to say seeing Terry Farrell showing some gray is awesome.

I wish other women will get the message that gray is not only okay, it’s sexy and Terry Farrell is proof!

I was sorry that I could make it this year. Even more difficult to get over when you are unemployed.

I wish I was there for Leonard’s farewell appearance.

I am under the impression that Nimoy’s final appearance at a con will be in Chicago next month. I already have my tickets and photo op set up !

Yeah, he was supposed to be coming to Dragon Con but just saw the note a couple of days ago that he wont be able to make it now… :( Was hoping to see him once before he left them for good but guess not.

Anyway best wishes to him!

Terry and Suzie are still total knock-outs. I likes em tall.

JJ – C’mon, man. You gotta have a scene that gets these fair ladies in.

I have to say that in his own way, Nimoy is as much of a drama queen as the Shat is! I hope that like his other retirements, this one will also not be permanent.


Yeah, was gonna say, Terry Farrel looks good.


Well, yeah, any GORGEOUS woman looks good sporting gray hair.

Others? Uh………….no.

#4 ditto that!

And as for Mr Nimoy retiring, well, he’s Trek’s very own Sinatra. He’ll be back!

(if not, Happy Retirement!)

Nimoy will be back to cons faster than a Shat at a free cheeseburger giveaway. :-)

14. Yeah, Farrell looks terrific. This new, er, look kind of suits Mulgrew.

The graying at the temples Terry is showing reminds me a lot of how Future Dax looked in The Visitor, IIRC.

I think all the actors and actresses look great. They’re all like fine wines, aging nicely.

Also, if Mr. Nimoy reads this site, I also want to thank him for being, in many, many ways, the heart and soul of Star Trek for so many decades. There’s a reason why the Spock character is so iconic, and a lot of that has to do with Nimoy’s nuanced portrayal of the character. A perfect balance of intellect, emotion, and compassion; everything that Star Trek stands for.

Hearing about this con makes me feel that being a Trek fan is great, since you don’t just have just one hero to look up to, but you have a whole pantheon of heroes to look up to. The bonus is that the Trek actors also are wonderful, awesome, thoughtful and kind human beings off the screen too.

I just finished re-reading “I Am Spock” after many years, and I was reminded of what a truly gifted man Leonard Nimoy is. His intelligence, his keen perceptions, his creativity and his depth of heart and soul are an example of what we could (and perhaps should) aspire to.
Spock was one of my childhood heroes. What a great hero to have grown up with.

umm is De Lancie aware that there was a TNG novel called Q-Squared where it was revealed that Trelane WAS a Q???


Seriously, you expect a guest star to have read the non-canon Expanded Universe book?

He has his greatest success from trek, but I don’t think he is an expert by any stretch of the imagination.

LOL @ 2.

I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Nimoy at a Con in Scranton PA shortly after TWOK came out. I’ll never forget that day.

God Bless and Best Wishes Leonard Nimoy. Thank You for all you’ve given.

Mr. Leonard Nimoy: Giving hope to thousands of nerds everywhere since 1966.

No sir; thank you. LLAP and God speed.

That was a hard speech to listen to and keep from loosing it, my wife and I both had tears when he walked off stage. I like to think that he will be back but I can understand it if he does not return to a CON. It showed that he really cares about the fans and Star Trek. I am glad we got a photo op with him as well as his autograph a few years ago.

Terry Ferrall was very nice indeed, we had a photo op with her and she is tall, about 6′ as Icould almost look her straight in the eyes (beautiful blue eyes) as I am 6′ 4″ and the same for Robin Curtis who is also tall.

All in all, a very enjoyable CON and the Rio was fantastic!!! I appreciate the effort McFaddens went to, to make ST drinks like Quarks had at STTE. It was so nice to be able to order a Tranya, Mind Meld, Borg Sphere and James Tea Kirk again.

Ah,Live Long And Prosper from your Cons Mr.Nimoy! (How much you wanta bet he’ll be back?! :) )

i dont get it – why dosnt Terry F just dye it and shed look pretty much the same as she did in DS9? break out the hair dye baby!

Nimoy is still rockin an awesome head of hair that would make many 20 year old guys jealous….

Q seems to have magiced a load more hair at the front (transplant?)

#4 totally agree

We salute you Mr Nimoy. Legend.

Thank you Mr Nimoy for all the years of joy you brought to my family over the years.

thnx mr nimoy for all the entertainment and insight u are star trek it was great to see you in vegas and will be in chicago to see your last one what a fascinating man LLAP

Mr. Leonard Nimoy …<3<3<3!!!

:-) :-)

Great photos, Anthony Pascale!

:-) :-)

Mr. Nimoy made it possible for an alien to inspire humans. I don’t think the act’s been repeated since.

Spock was my one and only childhood hero. He embodied so much that resonated with how I saw myself among fellow humans (as an 11 yo girl in ’76, yet) and what I believed to be important in one’s human character.

Spock delighted and inspired me, but I know women who, as children, looked to his character to help them get through truly tremendously difficult phases of their lives, with poise, stoicism, and strength. I hope Mr. Nimoy’s aware of some of their stories.

1) We luv ya, Leonard Nimoy. 2) Terry is still rockin’.

God I hate when people say how the actors are getting older and/or fatter. They are human beings, people. Actors get older, they gain weight, lose weight…like all of us. Be polite as you would in person. Would you go up to Ms. Mulgrew and say “You’re fat?”

thx for this wonderful years mr nimoy,you´re always and will be an inspiration.live long and prosper

Terry Farrell looks superb IMO. Nice to see a woman who embraces a little gray. IMO, as a middle-aged man? I think she’s stunning! Between her and Jamie Lee Curtis, it’s so nice to see women who remind the rest of us that over 40 does NOT mean no-longer-sexy. Way to go, Terry! Gorgeous….
Jadzia Dax is still the ONLY Dax in my book…. ;-)

As for Leonard Nimoy’s ‘final’ appearance? Where have I heard THAT before?? Having met Nimoy two years ago at Comic Con, all I can say is that he is a gentleman and I wish him all the best no matter what his plans for the future may (or may not) be…

I could see him coming down from the stage that last time, putting his hand to a security guard’s forehead temple and saying, “Remember….”

^20. I would guess he was asked about that so much he was motivated to watch the TOS episode.

#9 Duncan

Me Too! See you in the photo op line!

Mr Nimoy is a personal hero of mine. I hope he is back involved with Star Trek sometime in the not too distant future.


I call it like I see it. And there’s a big difference between making a relatively gentle comment on a message board and walking up to someone and calling them fat. So get off your high horse.

I call it like it is, too, and if I thought someone was a rube, for instance, I certainly wouldn’t tell him so to his face.

First of all, I wish I could have seen Mr. Nimoy off. As Star Trek was one of the first TV shows I remember watching as a child, and the basis of so many childhood and even adulthood daydreams, I certainly can say that he achieved what all actors seek to achieve, a special memorable place in my heart.

I hope it’s just my evening morbid side poking through, but I can’t help wondering if Mr. Nimoy has some private health issue (aside from just being “older”) that is the reason for his “retirement”. De Kelly’s death took me by total surprise when it occurred, and we all watched Mr. Doohan’s health decline rapidly those final years.

#42 No, you wouldn’t.

Just a little funny moment:

After all us 1040 Trekkies broke the costume record, I was walking down the hall to the Roddenberry Theater, and saw Denise Crosby shouting out the news of our victory in a very celebratory fashion. Made me grin.

We’ll miss you, Mr. Nimoy. Very, very much.

Must agree with all-Leonard Nimoy has been a class act n actor thru all the trek years-i regret never meeting him,but i did get to see him with shat n alone on stage at the 40th ann convention in vegas-like others being unemployed makes it tough to afford another con but am glad for the memories i have-also glad the rio worked out great–and yes us trek fans are lucky to have so many wonderful actors n actresses in trek who care about us fans as we do them–all talented in their own ways–loved denise crosby as tasha and her other roles in tng too n trekkies–suzie plakson-woww that red hair is something else and so is she-so talented n loving/caring–watching her in that gorgeous dress when she was hosting the trek experience decommissioning on the bluray bonus disc made me appreciate hi-def–and when her voice choked up introducing April i almost cried-suzie was always great in her trek roles but her hodting trek experiences goodbye will always leave a special feeling in my heart-i wasnt there in person for the closing but i did manage to visit one last time two weeks before they closed–i daresay we will never see Nimoys like pass our way again,nor the beautiful trek experience n all those who made it come alive for us all—we have a lot to be thankful for–Trek Lives!

There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens:

a time to be born and a time to die
a time to plant and a time to uproot
a time to walk proudly onstage and a time to leave with dignity to the sound of wild cheers
a time to change the world for the better and a time to savor the legacy you’ve left
a time to struggle, to fight the good fight, and a time to encourage others to continue that fight

We’ve had Leonard Nimoy coming out to meet us (and we him) for almost half a century. Nowhere in the history of theater has there been such a bond between an actor and his fans. We appreciate everything that he has done for us and he has certainly shown that he appreciates us.
All we can say to each other is, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Everyone, go back to your first viewing of ST09. When Mr. Nimoy’s voice is heard and his face appears on the screen, was there applause and a standing ovation? There was in the theatre I was in. The only other time I’ve had this happen was the first viewing of Return of the Jedi, when Darth Vader killed the Emporer to save Luke. Iconic charactors like Spock and the incredible actors who portray them come along once in a life time.

I saw Star Trek 09 several times in the theater. Each time I saw it, when Nimoy turned to the camera for the “big reveal”, there were audible gasps from the audience. I think a lot of people, who were just casual fans and went to see the movie just for fun, didn’t realize that he was in it and were really taken aback by the fact that he was there.

It is rare for actors to be associated with a character for so long. In fact, I can’t really think of any other actors (except for the Three Stooges) who played the same character over the course of so many years. Nimoy was 33 when he started playing Spock in “The Cage”, and was 78 when he played it again in “Star Trek 2009”. That’s a huge feat.

I have a great deal of respect for him as an artist. I think he took something that could have been comical and embarrassing (the role of Spock) and instilled the character with a great deal of honor and gravitas.

All of the actors involved with Star Trek in all its’ incarnations did and have done that. I suppose that’s why Star Trek has endured for so long.
Jonathan Frakes once said (this is not a direct quote), “The characters created by Gene Roddenberry and realized by the writers and actors were honorable and noble men and women.” I think that is definitely true.

And yes, Terry Farrell still looks amazing.