Happy Birthday, Chris Pine

Today is the birthday of Chris Pine. Star Trek’s new Captain Kirk is turned 31. All of us here at TrekMovie would like to wish the new Captain a Happy Birthday. TrekMovie also takes a look at what’s next from Pine and we have some pictures of Chris from the summer showing he has been doing more facial hair experimentation.


Happy Birthday, Captain

Chris Pine took on a big challenge when he signed on to play James T. Kirk in the 2009 Star Trek movie. The actor had been getting some good buzz and was juggling offers, but decided to take the risky move of taking on a role that some said could not be done. But as this clip shows, the actor was able to make the role his own.

Lots of Pine for 2012 (and beyond)

Chris followed up his role on Star Trek to work with Tony Scott and Denzel Washington on the runaway train movie Unstoppable, which came out last fall. Chris wont be seen on screen in 2011, but he has already shot two films coming out in early 2012. Chris stars alongside Olivia Wilde, Michelle Pfeiffer and Elizabeth Banks in the family drama Welcome to People which was written and produced by Star Trek scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman and directed by Kurtzman (his first time directing). Chris will also be seen in the McG-directed action comedy This Means War where he fights Tom Hardy for the affections of Reese Witherspoon. Pine is also voicing the role of Jack Frost for the animated film Rise of the Guardians which is currently in production and comes out November 21, 2012.

Of course Pine will also star in the Star Trek sequel which (in theory) could also be coming out in 2012. His next project is reportedly Paramount’s reboot of the Jack Ryan franchise, but  that project is currently delayed. And with Pine’s regularly reported to be on the short list of casting agents and directors, there will be much more to come from Chris.

Pine’s summer of the beard

This summer Chris has been experimenting more with his facial hair. Here are photos from June and July with the actor.

Actor Chris Pine (L) and writer/director J.J. Abrams attend "Super 8" Los Angeles Premiere after party held at Regency Village Theatre on June 8, 2011 in Westwood, California. (WireImage)

Chris Pine, Daveigh Chase, Danny Masterson and Ben Shulman attend the Rebecca Minkoff Shop In Shop event at Confederacy on July 19, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. (WireImage)


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happy birthday, so far I’ve seem him in two roles and liked em both

Happy Birthday Chris! That is a grand beard.

In my best Marilyn Monroe impersonation:

Hap-py Birth-day to youuu Mr. Captain…

Happy Birthday!
And please shave. It looks better. ;-)

He looks a bit like Charlton Heston with the full beard — at least, as Heston appeared in “Planet of the Apes.”

Happy birthday handsome!! May you Live Long & Prosper!

PS~ Just go with the scruffy look, not the full blown beard look :-P

Thank you, trekmovie staff.

Here goes:
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Christopher
Happy Birthday to you!

Why was he born so beautiful?
Why was he born at all?
The angels brought him down from heav’n
To shine a light for all!
(Old English version of birthday song)
And so very true.

Many happy returns to you, Christopher Whitelaw Pine. All blessings and love to you!

NB: Bad Robot – Chris Pine/Kirk needs to get back into that captain of the Enterprise chair without any further delays. Make it so, please!

I wonder if Chris Pine knows this –


“In other cases, Pine originated as a nickname for a tall thin man, supposedly resembling a pine tree as in Henry le Pyn, the 1332 Subsidy Rolls of Sussex.” Remind you of anyone we know?…:)

On other sites, the people who came to have the name Pine were said to be ones living in or around pine forests.

Chris did a fantastic job on Unstoppable. he is an Action Star and that can only be good for Star Trek.

By the time the next S.T. film comes out, Chris Pine might be the same age as Bill Shatner was he started playing Cpt Kirk on TV.

Anyway…Happy Birthday and many more to come!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Chris Pine… CP …Captain Fine!!!

CP looks AWESOME … with the atomic beard on his face …because there is a legend on the internet …..”vaginas explode only look at him” …of course I’m talking about pine-nuts …Keachick understand me, surely …LOL

:-) :-) <3

3. Aurore – August 26, 2011

You nailed it!

Happy Birthday Chris! You were outstanding as Capt. James T. Kirk.
Have a wonderful day.

The scruff is okay, but not the beard.

Happy Birthday, Chris Pine!
You were great as Captain Kirk.

Hope you see you reprise the role… one of these centuries. ;-)

#12- Zee … praise enough the beard… perhaps he shaves… but it’s just a theory… did not work right until now at least… as far as I know he shaved his beard for a moment this summer just to make additional scenes of Welcome to People…

hmmmm…maybe CP is living a “mountain man” moment …a”retrosexual thing”… whatever that means …LOL … just kidding a bit….

:-) :-)

#10 Oh my, Dee! LOL Although the first time I saw him in Unstoppable I had goosebumps and blushed at the same time…cripes! Still do sometimes. What’s that about?

Yes, from deep down inside the unfathomable darkness out of which came a boy child nine months later to shine a light for all – that day, Tuesday, 26 August 1980, Los Angeles, California, USA, to Gwynne Gilford and Robert Pine!…

I hope Chris has a sense of humour. From what I have seen, I’m pretty sure he has. He should also realise that us (hopefully most) pinenuts are really good, sweet, innocent females (well, most of us are female, I believe) who love the fine Pine to bits (without any truly sensible rationale as far as anyone else can work out) and only want the best of him, and the best FOR him as well, of course.

(This paragraph is also meant to be genuine self aggrandizement for MJ’s benefit)…;)

Dee, you mentioned the word ‘retrosexual’ again. What is ‘retrosexual’? Anyone? LOL

Happy B-day, Captain!

#16- Keachick…

Retrosexual if I get it right is the opposite of metrosexual… a friend mentioned it the other day and I went to google… I found this:

“Think of him as the anti-metrosexual, the opposite of that guy who emerged in the 1990s in all his pedicured, moussed-up, skinny-jeans glory. That man-boy was searching for his inner girl, it was argued. The retrosexual, however, wants to put the man back into manhood.”

Well… thanks God … CP is still wearing skinny-jeans! …

Yes,I hope he has a lot of sense of humour …LOL

:-) :-)

Happy B-Day Chris!! I love you!! :) :)

Thanks, Dee. I don’t remember guys wearing skinny jeans. What I do remember were those awful baggy, see-your-butt-crack pants. Chris as Jake Hardin was wearing some baggy pants in Just My Luck – just not show the butt crack style, thank goodness.

I like the skinny jeans he wears. He has the physique for them. About the pedicured metrosexual male – I was not aware that guys up your way wore jandals or flip-flops and were much into wearing sandals so how did anyone know how well pedicured those feet were? Having well manicured hands – Yes. I notice that Chris also has nicely manicured nails – see photos taken of him while doing William Shatner’s Captains Documentary. (Got a nice picture of him from that set of photos on my desk top).

(Jandals or flip-flops are a form of summer footwear more popular downunder in NZ and Australia. I live in my rubber jandals all year round when I am at home – better than slippers. I won’t wear any other kind of footwear when I am at the beach in the summer.)

The real difference is the growth of male facial hair which is meant to “put the manhood back in the man”, although keeping off steroids while doing gym workouts will do more to making sure the manhood remains very much part of the man than any tribble taking up residence on a manface….:)

Of course, I’m all for the rise of the manhood…

happy birthday captain

Yikes. TREKMOVIE found the absolute worst Pine pics!

Daveigh Chase? Lil’ Lilo’s grown up.
Of course, there’s the cigarette. An actress most famous for a voice over now ruining it with smoking. Sheer idiocy!

Happy Birthday Chris!

You did a fantastic job filling in the shoes of William Shatner as Captain James T Kirk!

Q will be in the next movie and will say to Capt Kirk: “You were never like this before the beard”.

Kirk with a beard? Hmmm. I like it. But only if when he enters the bridge he shouts “ahoy there, maties.”

Happy birthday!

Now kill that beard. Kill it, I say (what is this, the playoffs?)! ;)

Oh yes, the beard. However, we now know that having a beard (all the younger actors have one) is part of the new retrosexual look…:)

When he grows it too long, it has the effect of aging him, as I think it does on most men. Apart from movies like Star Trek, I have never seen Chris Pine of late clean shaven. He has always worn a “shadow”, stubble. This has also been fashionable among young guys. In his case, he may find it easier as the facial hair hides his acne scars and means he does not need to shave as often and so maintains continued healing up of the scars. It is likely that a lot of shaving irritates his skin more than it might on another man.

On other sites, there have been some rather rude comments made about the look of his unshaven skin. Someone called him “Captain Craterface” which I know I should not repeat, but it still gives me a giggle in a very cringing sort of way. Sorry, Chris…Chris Pine has said that he suffered from severe acne when he was younger, hence the scarring.

When you google severe acne, you get words – “nodular acne” or “acne cysts” which can be very painful (as well as itchy, in many cases). The condition is often difficult to treat, as in the person needing repeated antibiotic treatments etc, which is hardly good for the person’s overall immune system function longterm. I have read that in a few very severe cases, even facial surgery may be required.

Anyway, hopefully, by the time Chris gets to be captain (JJ/PARAMOUNT?!) again, we will see a clean shaven Kirk with a better looking, properly healed skin. If he has a beard similar to the one he has when photographed with William Shatner, that will be OK too. Nothing any longer though. No way.

happy birthday bra

Happy Birthday, Chris! May you live long and prosper.

#28 Did you mean to write “bra” as in brassiere or did you mean “bro”?

OK – silly nitpick on my part. However, I have a notion that there is a picture somewhere of a young Chris Pine at a party doing the transvestite look…:)

What’s not to love about the fine Pine man?…

Chris Pine is only 31????

In the words of my friend: GASPERDOODLES!!! :P

I remember seeing him in Bottle Shock a few years back–that was an awesome movie. Then last November in Unstoppable, while stuck in rainy Eugene, OR–that movie pretty much saved us from going crazy in that tiny town.

And then…in Star Trek XI…that was a trip.

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Happy (belated) Birthday Chris! Hope you had a great day!!

You know, I always thought (for some reason) that he was still in is 20s…sorry if I just insulted you Chris, but the beard helps with my confusion :)

Chris has been able to play characters who were much younger than himself. I think he played 15-16 year old teenagers at high school in (made for TV?) films – Confession and Surrender Dorothy. He was about 22-23 at the time. He also played a poor, unemployed 17 year old teenager running from a violent home life and on the edge of criminality in an episode of the Guardian with Simon Baker, around the same time period.

Chris Pine graduated from the University of Berkeley, San Fransisco with a degree in English and after that started working as a professional actor in 2003 – aged 22/23.

He can often present with quite a youthful energy and appearance…Just what’s needed for a bright, adventurous star ship captain!

Happy Birthday Captain!

So I’m not the only one who can rock such a beard. :P

“So I’m not the only one who can rock such a beard. :P”

Do you mean by “rock” as in – like?

I have got used to seeing Chris with a beard and he looks better with it shorter rather than longer. Whether by design or coincidence, all the latest pictures (not many unfortunately) show him smiling and generally looking more contented than pictures shown of him without a beard. Some pictures of him in June (when he was doing some work on Welcome to People) show him shaven with his head down and looking very serious.

So long as the beard does not distract from his lovely eyes, lips and facial features, then it’s OK with me…like I have a choice anyway…:)

Hmmm…I kinda like the beard.

Maybe mirror universe Kirk will be in the sequel & this time, he’ll have the goatee.

Or maybe they’ll all have goatees.

That would be sweet.

Beards for all!


Zoe could rock a chinstrap.

#37 I hope you don’t have a goatee (Oops), because I think that guys with goatees look like proper dicks…

:( I don’t want to look like a proper dick (I’m still not shaving, trimming but not shaving)

Oops. Sorry.

However, I have found that “dick” can have another meaning also (at least it does where I come from) and possessing a “proper dick” is something to be proud of, to be taken care of and treasured. Visually, this other “proper dick” is generally rather appealing, at least to me…:)

Happy Birthday,Chris…..you make a handsome 31 year old….Hope you have many, many more to come….oh, and one more thing – shave the beard and go scruffy…looks much better….& hotter…

#40 yeah, having a poper dick and looking like a proper dick are different :P the former I quite happily live with

Pine did a nice job in Unstoppable with Denzel Washington. It was a tough assignment I think, because Denzel is pretty over the top, difficult to get yourself noticed.

hm, I find Denzel Washington very forgettable


N, me too. Denzel Washington is HIGHLY overrated as an actor.