Star Trek Burlesque Shows In NYC (Friday), Milwaukee (Saturday), Toronto (Sunday), & Chicago (September)

If you are an adult and like to mix risqué performances with your nerd passions, then there is some good news for residents of NYC, Chicago, Milwaukee and Toronto.  Summer is coming to an end and apparently that means it is the season for Star Trek Burlesque. There are four burlesque companies putting on Trek-themed shows: New York (tonight), Toronto (tomorrow), and Chicago (starting in September). See below for details [ADULT CONTENT WARNING].


Note: The events described below are for adults only

Star Trek v Star Wars Burlesque in NYC Friday Aug 26

New York’s Epix Win Burlesque is once again holding their "Star Debate: Trek v Wars" show. This year it is part of New York’s Fringe Festival. Here is the show description


The geeks of EW! will clash against one another in civil war to settle one of the most impassioned nerd arguments of our time: Which science fiction franchise is superior, Star Trek or Star Wars? Leading the arguments for Team Trek will be vaudevillian Nelson Lugo, with "evidence" provided by Trekkie hotties Bonnie Voy’age, Lefty Lucy, Miss Mary Cyn and special guest Fem Appeal. Arguing on behalf of Star Wars will be nerd rapper Schaffer the Darklord and his team of sultry Siths BB Heart, Victoria Privates, Magdalena Fox and special guest Rosey La Rouge. Since our hosts will be playing the parts of opposing counsel, our audience will play the part of jury. Indeed, the "winner" will be determined by your vote.

EPIC WIN Burlesque presents "The Star Debate: Trek vs. Wars." This sexy symposium will settle the great nerd argument once and for all. Phasers will clash with lightsabers. Klingons will battle Stormtroopers. Tribbles will wrestle Ewoks. And although there can be only one victor, all of the nerds in attendance will unite and rejoice in the majestic spectacle of space boobs. The battle has begun.

May the force live long and prosper.

The final show is tonight at 9:15PM at the Ellen Stewart Theater (click for more info and tickets). The Saturday show has been cancelled due to Huricane Irene.


UPDATE:  Geekesque in Milwaukee Saturday

The Brew City Bombsells in Milwaukee have a general geek themed show planned for this Sunday, including Star Trek. Here is a description:

Let’s face it, geeks are responsible for all that is awesome. Geeks gave us Star Wars, Dr. Who, Star Trek, and Monty Python. Geeks made suspenders, argyle socks, and glasses with heavy black frames fashionable. And where would we be without nerdy sex symbols like Marie Curie, Nikola Tesla, Mr. Wizard, and Bill Nye?

So join us as we commit a little…nerd revenge…of our own. You won’t be sorry! Along with the Bombshells you will see special guests from the Miltown Kings as well as the newly formed manlesque group, the Brew City Bombshafts Burlesque!
*Just announced: The Bombshells welcome Queenie von Curves to the stage, all the way from Minneapolis. Also the MUTES from Milwaukee!

Show at 10pm, $10 or $7 if you wear your nerdiest best. The Brew City Bombshells Burlesque is sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon, The Tool Shed: An Erotic Boutique, and Hot Head Hair Salon.

The Geeekesque show is this Sunday  at the Times Cinema in Milwaukee. (click for more info and tickets). 

Wrath of Thong in Toronto Sunday and Thursday

And Toronto’s Red Herring Theater company are also doing a Star Trek v Star Wars Burlesque show this weekend. Their "Babes in Space the sequel: The Wrath of Thong" is in conjunction with Fan Expo.

One show will be on Sunday August 28th, with the second show on Thursday September 1st, both at The Revival Theater in Toronto. (click for more info and tickets). 

Boobs of Khan on Fridays in September and October in Chicago

Finally Geek Girl Burlesque in Chicago has an entirely Star Trek themed show running next month. Here is the description:

Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the Enterprise crew are transformed into beautiful, sexy women, a bizarre consequence of the use of the Genesis Device. Khan, ever the opportunist, seizes this moment to attempt to make the crew his harem! Only advanced technology can revert these changes, so the crew goes back to the future to visit "The Next Generation." Yet, before Data, Worf and Picard can help our heroes defeat Khan, they must face an assimilating new evil and have at least a few moments with their new alluring female selves…

The Boobs of Khan show runs every Friday starting September 9th and runs through October 28 at the Gorilla Tango Theater in Chicago. (click for more info and tickets). 



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Now thats what we want to see!!!!

Rumor has it that Harry traded in his Toronto Shat ticket for this event instead.

New rule — no fat chicks doing Star Trek burlesque videos. :-)


Anyway, Anthony, did you take any pictures on Sunday at the Las Vegas Star Trek con? So far, all of your pictures came out way better than mine. And, your summaries brought me right back to the event! Still looking forward you another post?

Yes I like the chubby blonde in the black cat suit

But I don’t live in any of those cities. :-(

Do you have to be 18?


Typical for the Empire

Give me that red head in the engineering get up and hold my calls. Damn that’s a fine woman.

And I’ll second Soran77. Barring the red head, the full figured blonde is pretty awesome.

not sure what to think

The reason why Harry Ballz is not posting comments is because he’s at the Toronto burlesque.

On a related note, if anybody lives in or near the Milwaukee area, they may be interested to know that the Brew City Bombshells are also going to be doing a “geekesque” show tomorrow night, the 27th. I assume this will encompass a broad range of so-called geek themes, though I’d be surprised if Star Trek wasn’t represented in some way. In any event, it should be fun.

……..and we’re back!


People should probably be able to figure this out on their own, but to make a correction, the Milwaukee show is Saturday, not Sunday. Thanks for incorporating my info into the article, though.

Revenge is a dish best served… Hot!

Lust in Space!


Data kissing C3P0! HAHAHAAAA!


And I noticed that when the “Star Wars” “dancers” came out, the TOS Enterprise backdrop wasn’t replaced by something from “Star Wars”!

Plus, some of those chicks were too fat for the skimpy costumes.

One fat chick had loads of cellulite on her legs! Gross!

As if we needed further proof that hot chicks aren’t into sci-fi…they can’t even get good-looking women to do THIS.


That’s not how Scotty looks

Can we knock off the sexism and fat shaming? I’d hope for a better attitude from Star Trek fans. I guess IDIC doesn’t cover people of different sizes.

@23 – Thank you, I was about to say something, but you beat me to it.


#’s 23 & 24.

Look, the fact that some ugly and fat women decided to stuff themselves into skinny outfits doesn’t mean we have to sit here and accept it. They chose to strut themselves on stage, and thus, have opened themselves up to criticism.

By the way, the whole idea of a “Star Trek Versus Star Wars” burlesque show is stupid in the first place. It has nothing to do with either Trek or Wars!

Yes, there was one woman, maybe two, who had cellulite thighs, but the others looked fine. In other times, most of those women would have been seem as healthy, buxom and beautiful. They are not film stars or models, nor do they present themselves as that. Many film stars and models are underweight anyway.

WoW that was interesting. This just goes to prove sex goes good with ANYTHING!

Well, I attended the Brew City Bombshells Geekesque show tonight. There were three different Star Wars-based performances, while Star Trek was only represented in one number, with one of the girls dressed in a 7 of 9 style silver catsuit, with delta shield pasties underneath, of course. However, in between acts, the MC brought out several sci-fi props from her personal collection, which included a Klingon dagger and a tricorder. The other numbers in the show were based on a variety of different sources, such as Doctor Who, Napoleon Dynamite, Firefly and The 5th Element. I’ve been to a few of this troupe’s shows, and to be honest, they can start to feel a bit samey after a while, but this was a fun theme, and I’m not sorry I went. Frankly, I’d been needing something like this to perk me up.

I can’t say I’m impressed with the disrespectful and misogynistic attitude displayed by one individual here. Yeah, not every burlesque performer is model quality, but I believe most of them aren’t trying to make a living at it; they’re mainly just doing it for fun. Those people don’t deserve to be belittled. I admire the courage it takes to put oneself on display like that, especially when one doesn’t conform to the unrealistic physical ideal we’ve been brainwashed to accept.

Wow, a bunch of slobbering, online overweight basement-dwelling Trek fanboys making snide comments about slighty plump burlesque girls… the irony is causes reality to explode.
Sorry, gang, not all women are like the “girls” you like to look at, online. No wonder many Trek boys can’t get a girl.

What is…I don’t even….

That’s a *lot* of redshirt =[

Well said rocketdave.

#29 – Nicely said.

My only critique of any of the above videos is…. the gal who did the voice-over for “Boobs of Khan” is TERRIBLE. If you’re going to promote your event … get someone who can do a dramatic reading!

“Boobs of Khan”… *snicker*

@23 @30 Look dudes, I am a tad overweight myself, and I would not let a video be taken of me with my gut hanging out for all the internet world to see. If you are really out of shape and you strap on sexy clothes and let videos of yourself go on the internet, then don’t act surprised or upset when people make some irreverent comments. Duh!

I have just watched the video again and I could see only two women who I thought were overweight and there was only one woman with cellulite thighs. The rest looked just fine. Given that the majority of the women were a good healthy average weight, I find some of the comments here to be nitpicking and rude.

Without getting personal, unfortunately anyone can have cellulite. It just becomes more obvious the more weighty you are. I have had some cellulite on my thighs since about 12 or 13 years old…:( Yet a couple of doctors told me that I was actually underweight when I was about 21. I was not dieting or anything. It was just how I was then, cellulite and all.

There are so many people who desperately need to be part of a naturist (nudist) community so that they can come to a better and more healthy acceptance of who they are, as well as of others and maybe even learn to appreciate better all the various shapes and sizes that human beings can come in. Being (near) naked is not about sex per se. It is about being content and accepting of the bodies we have and those of others.

There is usually nothing to stop anyone from doing more walking, swimming, yoga/pilates, doing a workout at a gym sometimes (gyms can be expensive though) and eating less and better.

@35. I accept obese people, but I don’t need to see them in online videos in burlesque attire to provide my acceptance of them. If they expect me to say, “you look great,” well, that ain’t going to happen unless you want me to lie?

And if I was obese, the last place I would want to hang out would be a nudist colony…what would be the point of that? So that maybe if other nudists are nice to you, then you can feel good that you weigh 300 pounds and can’t touch your toes? That’s ridiculous.

“A man’s got to know his limitations.”

Let’s face it, the truth hurts. One of the problems with political correctness is, some people are going to get a false notion of themselves because we are taught to never criticise another person’s appearance. Therefore, any problems that a person has isn’t going to be dealt with because he/she is under the impression that they are perfect the way they are when in fact, that could not be further from the truth.

I have nothing against fat people. They are fat. It is what it is. But fat people shouldn’t try to squeeze into tight clothing, lingerie, bikinis, Speedos, etc. Some people can pull off certain looks, and others can’t. All things are not equal.

I’ve been called fat myself several times. I’ve also been called ugly. I got upset. I was shocked. But I realized those people were only telling the truth. And the truth can and often does, hurt. A lot. But it’s better to be told about your flaws instead of being told how great you are all of the time.

Free speech and expression means anyone of ay size can wear whatever they want in front of as many people as they choose. Free speech also means that no one has a god-given right to never be offended by those who respond negatively.

“And if I was obese, the last place I would want to hang out would be a nudist colony…what would be the point of that? So that maybe if other nudists are nice to you, then you can feel good that you weigh 300 pounds and can’t touch your toes? That’s ridiculous.”

You really have no clue, though what I am sensing here is a little vanity and conceit, if I might be so bold.
Curiously, my impression is that many people who frequent naturist holiday places tend to be fitter and more content generally. The holiday/clothing optional camp here offers a wide range of physical activities – walking/hiking, swimming, tennis, petanque is apparently quite popular, etc. Sure many may see themselves and others wobbling about sometimes but they are engaging in healthy active recreation and having fun. They don’t have to worry about what someone else may or may not see. It is no longer relevant. It is worry and baggage they don’t have to carry, at least while they are there. That alone must be a weight off…

The fact is that if a person is overweight to the point where they can no longer touch their toes, then they are not feeling physically comfortable. The extra weight may also be causing them obvious health problems like heart/breathing difficulties, blood pressure problems (highs and lows), blood sugar imbalances (highs and lows) and sore and aching joints. Visually they will also realise they are not looking their best.

#37 I did not say that everyone on the video looked great. I noted that two of the women were overweight. They did not look as good wearing what they wore as the ones of an average, healthy weight. Your body knows when there is too much weight – rarely, if at all, does anything fit as well or look as good, even if you go up a size or two. Unfortunately, in our society, too few people appear to be able to have enough self-body awareness, knowledge (and appreciation) and that not only goes for those carrying more weight than they should, but also to those who really could use some extra healthy weight around their bones.

However, there are ways of being telling the truth without being downright rude.

Given social norms, most people aren’t accustomed to seeing fat folks in a sexualized context. I use the term ‘fat’ because ‘overweight’ negatively implies bad health in all cases of heaviness, which isn’t the always the case. And when I say ‘not always’ I don’t mean that there are a few exceptions, I mean that genetics have just as much if not more to do with body shape and size than bad habits.

Ask a doctor which is healthier: a fatty who exercises or a skinny who doesn’t. I’m a skinny guy who drinks a six-pack of coke every 10 hour work day in front of the computer, and I wish I had half the energy of my fat friend who hikes a bit.

I don’t enjoy seeing fat people in sexual situations. It’s not to my taste, and I don’t care to be PC enough to keep it to myself (after all, the so-called ‘obesity epidemic’ is a very PC notion). It’s entirely up to you what you find attractive, but don’t delude yourself into feeling healthier than someone who doesn’t fit your idea of beauty.

@39 “However, there are ways of being telling the truth without being downright rude.”

Gravity challenged?

36. “A man’s got to know his limitations”


Ah, a Dirty Harry fan, I see! Me, too! :>)

@42. Do you feel lucky today, punk? WELL DO YOU!



I am…slightly…baffled…at this.

Well, the only positive about seeing a fat man naked is the probability that his stomach hangs down far enough to conceal his junk!


Go ahead. Make my day!

I am holding out till they make “The Wrath fo Crotch!”

OK, a better term here:

“Gravitationally challenged”

And a space-related complement:

“You are very light in weight as compared to a Black Hole”



A cynic would suggest that many fat people ARE black holes, at least when it comes to food. ;-)

What a bunch of crap… I think I just threw up a little…